Cousins lil boy toy

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I never expected to be fucking my older cousin
This bitch gets on my nerves but the way we fuck
Is wild. I’m 23 she is what in her 30’s…

Anyway it all started when I was getting home passes from placement no sorry group home. I was 17 she was late 20s ,she ended up living back at grandmas with her children.

She Always sent me letters brought me things I needed

The guys would mess around n say damn you got bad bitches dropping you off items you gotta be fuckin bro. So that got my lustful thinking started I mean who would fuck her..she stupid, always In my business calls me a pervert because I came at her friends Only thing we had in common was killing zombies and 1998 capcom games..but I gotta admit she is hot fuck am I saying. Meanwhile I get the home pass surprise the family like I just got made in a Italian mob, greet nanna n boom I get tits on my back n it ain’t grandmas… I missed u why u awol she said playing around I said stop playing n give me a real hug turning my self n pulling her in. we talk about how my life changeD n my senior year n prom n ect,
After dinner instead of the couch I was offered the bottom of her bed like the dog I am.. No she literally said that..
so I get up there n she’s playing drake got the game ready for me weed rolled.. she offered me a perk I took..that was my first k9 I was fucking fried she playing drake we smoking

And sipping wine n enjoying each other’s company until she says I missed you so much.. I play I said it back. She says no I fucking missed You N I said prove it and she falls on me n bites my ear really hard I yell quietly n Surprised
She laughed he began sucking my ear n mumble told you I miss you n began to grid on me.
She then puts her hand on my neck n says I want the real thing. But ima be real guys I folded I told her the truth n told her I was a Virgin yes I’m not going to cap n my lifestyle n I was saving It for this bitch I knew but that was 18 I told her
I wanted my dick sucked

N I got what I asked for After she laughed for a min….but somehow her pussy I was rubbing on Ended up on my face. She pops my dick out her mouth n says why aren’t u eating.. you thought you was just getting head.. eat up boy n continues to eat my dick. I start the licking N mopping n she’s just bouncing cum on my nose. I do my lil special move wit my Tongue n she bus rite on my face.

She continued to mop me till I buss in her mouth I wa done fried n soul sucked we went to sleep woke up to grandmas break fast…man I love scrapple …

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