Sex with my sister

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Hi guys, I am yashwin 22 year old. This is my first experience. This incident happened 2 months ago. In that time my parents went to relative house for function. My sister have exams. So she’s cannot able to come so my parents decide me to stay with her. I said ok and she’s also accepted. Our house is big totally 3 bedrooms available. One for me and one for my parents and sister. She is afraid to sleep alone. So she came to my room and share my bed.

One day I forget some file to take. I came back to home. In that time she came from bathroom with towel. I just open the room which is not locked. And I see her full body which is covered with towel. Her beautiful thighs are fully visible. I slowly went near to her and touch her shoulder with full mood. She turned back suddenly. And she slipped I catched her immediately. Then I touch her thighs and hold her for few minutes. I slowly get closer to me and started to kiss her lips. It’s was so juicy and tasty. She also respond me very well. After a deep kiss i removed her towel she is totally nude in front of me. I saw a beautiful structure in front me(36-28-34).

Her boobs are so softer I pressed it for some time. Then she removed my dress and make me nude. We both hugged and kissed for 15 minutes. And she touch my 7 inch rod and Kept inside her mouth and started a blow job. Then I lick her hot pussy and total body also. Finally I wore a condom which is chocolate flavour.

Then I pushed her into my bed and slowly inserted my rod into her pussy. She feel very sexy and she started moaning like ahhh mmm. I increasing my speed then she shouted alot. I kissed her to control her sound. And finally I fucked her completely. Then I started to press her hot boobs and suck it. It is amazing. I feed the milk for some time. After that we take some rest. We went to bathroom in the evening to take a bath after a long session. I open the shower and make her full wet. And I put soap all over the body. Especially I take more time on her boobs. Then she make me bath. I take the towel and rub her.

We went to room and dressed each other. After this incident She gave me a blow job daily at night time. I also used this chance to suck her boobs and licking her pussy. I don’t ever forget this incident in my life.

Thank you all for reading this story.

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