My lovely sister

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My self harry patel I m from surat , gujarat . I usually see this story . I divided to tell my own story to world so plzz listen if u like then review in my email (which is in the end)

2 year ago when my parents go to couple trip for 10 days I think that time my sister is 2 years older than me we.both are stay at home I live in flat so in morning they go me and my sister where alone at home .

So when my parents are not I was usually roming in my house with boxer without shirt I think I have well physical strength that time I was swimmer. So and she was wearing a shorty we are very close means talk about every that time I never thing bad of my sister . But she was looking good in every 😉 clothes . She was wearing a top without bra because it is comfortable and a shorts she was looking good she wear whole day because we both are at home and my mom hve given money so we want nothing we where sitting watching tv and all that stuff after 2 days at night …

My sister come at 2 am in the hall and sit beside me with a blanket we are watch movie I was watching movie with my whole focus my favourite movie INCEPTION (Hollywood movie) she don’t like Hollywood movie then also she sit beside me I don’t care I was watching with all my attention . She was seeing me and tv I noticed but I don’t care 🤣 then suddenly she put her leg on my thighs I was like why are u puting she told me to sleep so we both cover a blanket because of AC we were cover her head was on sofa and legs was on my thigh so I was not seeing her she was constantly seeing me and I was seeing watching tv I noticed 2 – 3 time that she is seeing me but I was not caring so she decided to touch my dick she slowly touch my dick with her leg I was thinking it was mistake but she did it again and again I see her her face I know now what she want but I want to know how she will make me horny I was going to make my best to not react I was touchering her feelings 😏 I want to know how horny she is.

Now, she was touch my dick with her foot I was holding my dick to not become hard but he was become too hard and she also know that my dick is hard now she try to seduce my I was loving that movment because we both want to do but we can’t do now she sit beside me one leg on my thigh and her boobs were touching my shoulder we both know she was moving her boobs and roubing my shoulder I was in heaven I was controling my dick too much by my hand now she had a face on my shoulder and my hand was on her shoulder now she put both of leg on my thigh she want to feel my dick I didn’t ever measure my dick but it is big enough I think so 🧐😜 so she was feeling my dick my hand are on her leg under blanket it was hot but we both don’t want to remove blanket because of that situation I was enjoying and she was too now the neck move was my my side because I want to do sex that time she also I think so then I decided to put my hand near her pussy under blanket because her leg are on my thight i slowly move my hand to her thight she got some feel but she didn’t give reaction now I was thinking should I do or not for 5 min after I was moving my hand on their thigh thinking but she was horny more then me so she move her hand under blanket and hold my hand and put on her pussy and I see her face and she told me let’s do it and after that what I hve listen I removed my blanket and through that blanket and I grab her ass and I put her on me be both are kiss continuely and then I removed her top her boobs are big enough for me I was eating that boobs nipple I have many bites near her neck and boobs I was literally eating like devil 😈 I was in mood I removed my t shirt she was licking my body like animal we both are too horny we both kissing bad decided to go to room for sex she told me that I hve already make our room she had already started the AC the room for us I switch off all the things in the hall and I was full naked she was naked too and she was taking all the clothes to room and she slep and waiting for me when I go there she was sleeping like a queen I jump on the bed room was cool and now I started kissing her like a gentleman now I was sleeping and she was on me kiss my lips then neck slowly going down and after that she suck my dick and ball wow she was good at that now she was sucking continuly and then I cum in her mouth she eat it all now I started licking her pussy and pressing her boobs she was in heaven and hell both because of pain and satisfaction she was crying and laughing and tell me to continue and I was continue when she is about to remove her juicy I stop she told me do it do it I was not doing it i was kiss her leg she told she want to remove so now I do again and I drink whole juice then we wear resting she was on me and now cuddling each other my dick was standing again and I dicide to do sex so now after 1 hour of cuddle and eating and resting now I told her to suck my dick she suck now again I told to put her in her pussy she was excited she hold my dick and forcing to go inside slowly after some pain my dick was inside her pussy whole dick I was feeling hot and her pussy is tight too and she had a great pain so when my dick go inside she bite my neck and holding their my dick inside her pussy and her teeth were biting my neck I was like I can tell what I was feeling after sometime I grab her ass and started moving and now slowly slowly we are moving she was enjoying that movement now we fuck a lot and then she slept on me and we slept naked and I morning 11 am I wake up with my dick she help me in masturbation by hand and then we both had a bath I was continuly cuddle her . From that time we both had a great sex life started we both had that secret .I m tell u .

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