IAML: First Ride




The sound of a leaking faucet breaches the airwaves of the small hotel room as I sit on my queen size bed quietly, feeling uneasy, this isn’t working. I look down at my cell phone, the time states 12:31 am., but it feels like it’s already seven in the morning. I take a peek at my laptop to be sure, and find my answer is now 12:32 am. I must be doing something wrong. I pull up my Front-Page Ad to see if I uploaded it wrong. Opening the page, I am greeted with: “Ladies why should the fellas have all the fun?” in BOLD letters at the top of the page followed by five pictures of myself. Some shirtless, and others of me in tight boxers in a variety of poses, I start to smile. I am not a bad looking guy: 5’8, Slim but athletic build, big kissable lips, military buzz cut, clean-shaven beside my goatee and beard, in perfect alignment with my dog tags. They hang down from my neck to my pecs to complete the whole “Bring home a Soldier” package I was selling, I can see the marketability.

Now, I am not the talented Chris Brown or beloved Idris Elba, although I have gotten a brown-skinned Donald Glover from time to time, I haven’t gotten many complaints. Sounds and looks exactly how I put it, I look back up at the clock, and see it is 12:40 am, and I got here at 10:00 pm, so what am I missing? I slaved and slaved over articles, researching different poses, other escorts, and porn-stars in this line of work, sex work is hard. I did it all, from the right pictures to accenting my font and text, and even taking some photography classes and checking out YouTube on what makes an appealing dick picture. I put so much science into this, someone should call Neil DeGrasse Tyson to fact check. I am hitting all of the checks, yet my phone and inbox was and still as dry as this summer heat, I step outside to clear my head. Though warm, the air is nice as a slight night breeze flows through my tank and Army PT sweats, I look off into the distance and see the neighboring “Bargain Bin” blinds the night sky and making the stars disappear.
Maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this line of work, hell, ever since I got out of the military, I don’t seem to be cut out for any type of work. No big business job, no 9-5, can’t even get calls back from most side jobs to make ends meet. Why didn’t I stay in the military you ask? The military was good to me, the pay was great, got amazing traveling miles and got to get out of my small-town Oklahoma City. I just felt there was more out there for me, that I was meant for something more, like I had a purpose, just like every human out on this planet. Now? Now it just seems escorting wasn’t my go-to, so what is? Sighing, I see a couple of people walking around. The hotel seems to compliment the 60 dollars a night price tag: bruised, unpainted walls, metal stairs, a sea of trash filled the small parking lot, tons of escorts and sketchy people walking around. I can tell you now, for a male client, this is nothing but another nutt, but a female client would be more declined to escape reality when my next-door neighbor screams at his television in Spanish.

From helping my grandfather with handyman work, and my military stipends (which isn’t much by the way), I was able to scrounge up a good $175. It would’ve been good chump change if I didn’t spend $130 for a weekend here to make money, but two days filled with “maybes”, or curious old “friends” who just want to know the tea went by quick. With this being the last day, seems it was a waste. This is not what I had in mind, this was actually my last shot. My last shot to show that following my own path would work. It makes me reflect back when I first heard about this type of employment. She sits squatted on the floor at the edge of my military bunk between my legs, silently but firmly stroking my tip. Her smoky hazel eyes hypnotize my inner soul as she looks up at me, craving her scent as she craves my member. Each hand stroke has a deeper meaning besides the basic up and down, no. Her fingertips have a purpose as her left-hand slides up and down my shaft, and her right finds a spot underneath my balls. Her $35 dollar red nails then stray away from my cock, leaving more than enough room for her fingers to find their long chocolate dessert. I look past her medusa hazel glare to see 40DD bronze breasts bouncing between my right knee and her arm. For someone who is on her third child, her body hides that very well.

A mini pudge protrudes under her chocolate mounds, with stretch marks creating a trail to her treasures hidden below. Her breast seems to hide the fact of any children. Above her right breast on the side of her right shoulder, I find a red rose embedded in her dark chocolate skin. Connected to the rose is a black line that attached to a cursive “I” that connects to a set of letters: FREDII spells out in black ink. I soon lose interest in the spelling when I see bright red lips slowly going down onto the tip of my member. Her mouth feels cold, as her painted lips reach down to the seven-inch mark of my nine-inch manhood. I feel her tongue wiggle around the vein of my lower rod that makes my balls do a little dance. All through this, her eyes stare deeply into mines, never breaking focus and pulling me into a trance of tranquil. A pro at this? Or maybe a succubus. Either way, she doesn’t let up her glare as she slurps and swallows the rest of the inches. My chocolate rod is covered in glistening spit. Her sloppiness was satisfying. I lay back on the military bunk groaning, letting her operate.

By this time, I am hard as stones, this woman has everything and more for someone in her line of work. Her 7-inch record soon disappears behind bright red lips as she gets all the way down to the base, and sent vibrations throughout my pole. She was so deep, her upper lip touched the center of my V cut. She looks up at me smiling, definitely a pro. I hear a gag but she continues to hold her mark-making my tip vibrate with such velocity. Finally, she comes up off of my length while a stream of saliva following a happy trail down towards her 40 DD’s, her chocolate chips were then pointing at their next victim. Without budging, she looks at me and smiles. Pulling out a condom, she quickly rips it open with one hand and her mouth puts the condom in her mouth and does a magic trick down my shaft making sure the condom is snug and fit. She finally crawls over me, seeing her thick legs, compliments her thick ass. It makes me grab and squeeze, feeling her smooth, soft, chocolate skin. I want her, now more than ever.

Her breast is so juicy with such a small waist. The allure drives me crazy as I bite into one of her nipples, now she is positioning to take in every inch of my manhood. With a plop! she slides down about two inches, her wetness is doing trick, she’s drenching it. Fredii moans devilishly as she continues to grind, up and down getting more and more of my shaft inside her, I hold on to her, as she does a balancing act on me, lower and lower, deeper and deeper. She feels amazing! Fredii does a dance as she rides me like a drunk girl at a rodeo bar. She finally gets wet enough that all of my shaft fits snuggle in her moistness. My V touching her V, it feels so good, I raise my knees to prop her up on my legs as I grip her juicy plump ass and I start to slam. Faster and deeper, I push deep like a drill, pushing into a screw. “FUCK!!! Fredii screams, loving every bit of the ride she is on. She starts to grind harder, rubbing her clit against my trimmed abdomen, deeper and faster we go, her juices start to drench my sheets and in between my legs.

I get into it so that I begin to spread her cheeks to get deeper so my spear can hit its mark. I can feel Fredii’s heavy labor breathing above my head, her cursing loud in my ear. I am sure my battle buddies surrounding my dorm can definitely make out, but, I stay focused on her big chocolate mounds. I vibrate her perky nipples with my tongue, gripping her breasts as she slams on my member, I suddenly feel a shake and a loud “OOOOhhhhhh!” Both of us crumble on the bed like two wrestlers fighting for the title of a Heavyweight champ. She looks over at me in astonishment as I reach over for my glasses. Seeing her staring at me, then down to my package with a glare of bewilderment, I finally speak up.“What’s up?!” She takes one more look at my nine and a half dick, still at full attention and then smiles. A half crooked smile.“Mm-hmm” she expresses.“Boy, no matter how many times I look at you, and then….at that..” she stops as she and points down at my shaft as I discard a used condom and wash my hands. I laugh and walk back to the bed..“Funny, I’ve been told that tons of times.” I state as collapse back on the bed. Both of us gasping for air and looking at the ceiling “Well it’s true,” She states in a moaning manner. She gets up to go to the bathroom, as her voice echos behind the heavy bathroom door “…for someone so skinny,” she continues,“…it is amazing how endowed you are.”As she talks I head to my closet and start putting on some jeans and a button-down shirt.“Why thank you, I guess that weight had to go somewhere.”

I joke “I’m serious,” she yells from behind the door “I am 40 plus, 25 in women age, and I have never come across a skinny dude, that can put it down like that in the bedroom. I mean, I’ve heard about y’all, but never….DAMN!” I laugh as I lace my shoes up, and go to the mirror to check myself out. “Is that so, maybe I should be the one getting paid instead of doing the paying..” I joke again and await a response, but I hear nothing. No sound, no movement, just silence. Before I can call out to Fredii, the door swings open and I see Fredii in a nice thin black dress that hugs her mature yet beautiful body. Her 40DD now pushed up to stand up nice and perky as a V cut opens down her chest to the top of her black bra, the tail of the “i” from her “Fredii” tattoo being concealed by the over the shoulder strap, but the “Fredii” still visible. She switches over to the bathroom mirror where I am and picks up an envelope marked *Electric Bill Money* and opens it, and quickly counts the bills inside. She then gives me one of the most curious and intriguing glares with those hypnotizing hazel eyes and said: “Maybe…maybe you should…”


I snapped out of my trance see my phone vibrate, an unregistered number is calling. Rushing back into the hotel room, I quickly pick it up in hopes of a sell. “Hello,” I say in my sexiest voice I could muster, but I think a hint of nervousness pierced through my appeal. I awaited a response, silent at first but then:


I quickly hang up and throw my phone on the bed. Fucking automated messages, student loans are the last thing on my mind, and now I had wasted $130 dollars out of the $175 dollars on this small but quaint hotel room. I really am at the end of my rope, I need to take a break. Grabbing my phone, hotel key and wallet, I start to make my way to the “Bargain Bin” next door. As I close my door and make my way to the sidewalk I am alarmed by a loud and slurred “Hey sexy!!!!” I look up to the floor I just left to locate the noise and find two beautiful women. One white and the other black.

The white girl being thick with dirty blond hair down to her shoulders and deep dimples in her cheeks. She sports some small booty shorts that let the bottoms of her ass stick out enough that you can make out every cease and dimple into her peach flavored rear. Going higher, I see her belly slightly hanging over her buttoned-down shorts and a belly button ring with an Amethyst stone hanging from the hook. A nicely done tattoo of a teal and lavender butterfly makes a trail down to down inside her shorts to I assume, her inner sanctum. Finally, see she is sporting crop top that is cut down the middle where her breast hangs ever so pleasantly. I’d say she is either a 36C, with nipple piercings sticking out of the light pink shirt.

Her slim dark-skinned friend has some of the prettiest short jet black hair that turns into curls. She is more modestly dressed than her associate, wearing a dark blue tank top and bell-bottom pants. Her arms are covered with tattoos but I cannot make up the design, her breast sits way smaller than her colleague, probably an A cup, but that did not stop her nipples from protruding from her tank. I can make out a small nose ring to complete the appeal, both of them seem to be drunk, or high. “Hi daddy!” shouts the white girl, I sense a hint of southern hospitality, “Where you off in such a rush?” she continues. “Just to the Bargain Bin to grab a bite.” I retort. The black girl bites her lips in a seductive manner, her voice slightly deeper than her friend. “Well I see something I wouldn’t mind biting into…” she says in a slurred speech. Before I can respond, the white woman yells in a jokingly manner “Bitch!!” Both women giggle drunkenly, I laugh as well and continue onto the “Bargain Bin.”

Late night at the “Bargain Bin” is basically the same as a low-grade strip club. Women, some average, some model type, in all types of sleepwear, and revealing clothing. You name it, you can see anything from Doniesha in some Adventure Time Pajamas and a bonnet, to Kim “I want to speak to a manager” type with a see-through bra and undersized jeans. With it being a late-night Saturday, you can believe there is nothing but ass and breast flowing, it would make you feel like you are in a BET Uncut video. Switching my focus, I start to see the workers of the “Bargain Bin”, some young, others old, all running around like mice in a rat wheel. This place has always intrigued me, I have been stressing for a job, so much so that it’s gotten me in the predicament I am in now, but looking at the workers here, with eyes that seem to droop, minds that seem to be here for just a paycheck, I know they’d rather be elsewhere on this warm weekend. Yes, before you ask, I’ve applied for every job from weed trimmer and a door to door salesman, “Bargain Bin” being in between. I have been told everything from you are under qualified to “Are you sure you want this job?”, or you aren’t what we are looking for. I enter the candy aisle and see chocolate stars, something I’ve learned to be to Fredii’s liking. I lose my thoughts again.

“So were you serious about that?” I ask looking out the window on the passenger side “Serious about what?” Fredii replies, her left hand at ten but her right is at twenty and four as she pours chocolate stars into her mouth. Focusing on the road illuminated by street lights casts a shadow over her brown face. I glance at her, still unsure of what I am about to say “The es-…the escorting” I utter. Fredii laughs, “Oh trust me you are more than ready!” she states focusing on the road. “Don’t worry when you get in here, just be yourself, these things are by request only. If you do not want to commit, then just say no. They can’t get mad, they can’t throw fits, or Jerry will throw their asses out. Besides, right now, you are here to watch. Well, we are here.”

We pull into a small apartment complex off of the highway, Fredii turns off the engine and looks at me. Her high was coming to an end. “Now before we go in here…I have to tell you, this party isn’t like any party.” Fredii looks up at the complex as if memories start flooding back.“You are going to see a lot of shit, you are gonna see a lot of people you know.” I see the look in her eyes, trying to piece together what is going on in her head, before I can answer she turns to me, smiling with those big brown eyes, you’ll do fine. We walk up the cold metal stairs to an apartment overlooking the pool area, music is booming from inside, I am surprised they have not gotten shut down yet.


Fredii knocks on the door, I see the curtain quickly open and close. Suddenly the door swings open as purple lights flash and Slow Jams boom throughout the apartment. A man of darker complexion with dreadlocks opens the door in a silky turquoise kimono, his chest glistening with sweat. He looks at us both a big devilish grin.“FREDII! Look at you girl!!!!” Fredii smiles “Hey Jerry!” they hugged as if they haven’t seen each other in years. Jerry’s cologne strongly hits my nostrils. “Girl, I haven’t seen you in forever!!” Jerry states grinning, his golden tooth shining in the apartment lighting. Fredii blushes looking down. “I know right…just been busy trying to survive and take care of my kids,” she says. “I know that’s right! I GOT FORTY.” Jerry jokes, crackling at own joke. This guy is a trip, I think to myself, letting out a slight chuckle. Both Jerry and Fredii look at me, I feel a bit unsettled. Jerry takes his eyes off me for a second and looks at Freddii “Um…who is this?” For a few minutes, it is so silent you could hear a pin drop as Fredii, Jerry and myself all stare at each other..awkwardly, Jerry more focused on me. “THIS….is….Mitchell, Mitchell Forta,” Fredii states, breaking the silence. Jerry stares through me, smacking his lips against his golden tooth. “…Mitchell huh…” his hands on his hips, I feel so uneasy, while staring at Fredii and back at Jerry. Suddenly, Jerry burst out laughing, looking towards Fredii as Fredii awkwardly laughs staring at me. Jerry put his hand on my shoulder, still laughing at his joke. “You alright boy, I knew I could get you…” still chucking, I look towards Fredii as she slightly shrugs, “Y’all come on in the party…it’s on fire!!!”

As soon as I stepped in, I got a whiff of various smells. From bitter yet manly colognes to sweet and sensual perfumes. In every direction, my eyes met something different. Drugs of all sorts, pick your poison. Cocaine, Xanax, ecstasy, weed, cognac, rums, and gin. From afar, I could hear rough sex. Moans and grunts became louder and louder. “Hey man, enjoy yourself!” Jerry says, interrupting my daze. “Fredii, come talk to me.” As they leave, I awkwardly explore deeper into the small yet congested apartment. My eyes met those who had their tongues deep down each other’s throats and others who wanted to get their poisonous fix. “Forta!!!” A booming yet exhausted voice breaks the airways airways, it sounds very similar. Turning around, I am met by a familiar face. SGT. Rivera was a tall, well built Hispanic guy with a buzz cut and a slightly raspy yet firm voice.“What are you doing here TROOP?” he asks with his droopy eyes. I was taken aback at first and then I asked him the same thing. With a shocking look, he clears his throat and says “…be at PT Monday morning…” He walks away.

I walked further, Fredii and Jerry nowhere to be found. It was now me standing in the hall between two rooms filled with sex noises. One door was slightly cracked, I decided to take a peek inside. There stood two black guys. One lanky while the other built hefty who looked both looked to be in their early thirties. Then my eyes met three women. One, a curvy Latina. She had sweated out her curls facing doggy style to the hefty guy. Her big breasts flowing over her bra. Then, I laid my eyes on two black women. One was dark-skinned with nipple piercings that you could spot from a mile away. She was getting her peach ate by the Latina while lying on her back making eyes at the hefty man from behind. Her heavenly moans filled the room. The other fair-skinned woman was on her knees pleasing the lanky gentlemen. They all looked to be having a satisfying time. I could hear slurps of the woman pleasing the lanky guy as spit travels from the tip of his penis to the floor. At one point, his penis disappeared as she swallowed it. “Agghhh”, he moans as her throat opens for him.

The Latina woman’s moans are growing extremely loud as the hefty man pounds her pink pussy from the back. She lets out “Oooo Papi!” as he gets deeper. She proceeds to finish her meal, devouring the juicy peach in front of her. The dark-skinned woman’s body begins to shake uncontrollably as she cries out. I see two of her fingers meet her clit as she begins to play with herself in a circular motion. First, low then faster. Green eyes take a break from deep-throating and start jacking off her partner. She then begins to suck on the dark-skinned woman’s nipples, making her climax multiple times. Suddenly, Green Eyes flips over, as she is now taking her hefty partner’s dick missionary style. Her legs are cocked as far back as they can go. Above her head, she’s very flexible. I’ve never seen a woman as sexy as her with sweat traveling down her face. She bites her lips and a loud “FUCK” comes from her mouth as he hits her G-spot. The Latina and dark-skinned ebony are now tribbling, slapping their clits together, going at it like animals as the lanky fellow watches jacking himself off. I hear the Latina talk dirty but I can’t stop focusing on green eyes. Everything is happening all at once. I channel my focus back to the two girls. The ebony shows a dominant side as she pulls out a neon pink, sparkly, 10-inch silicone dildo. She then begins to finger the Latina’s clit while eases the dildo into her creamy, pink pussy. The lanky guy in the corner lets out an “Agghhh FUCK!” as he shoots out cum. He then begins to lick the ebony’s trimmed pussy from the back making her push the dildo deeper into the Latina. Before I knew it, she was squirting everywhere crying and letting out a laugh of relief at the same time. The hefty guy and green eyes are now cumming together, holding each other tight as if they were lovers. She grips the covers and lets out a faint laugh. I felt my dick jump with excitement. Witnessing an orgy live for the first time did something to me.

It was a mixture of feelings, maybe it was the multiple moans or the fact that I was the witness to three fine women getting fucked. Secretly, I knew I had it in me to fuck them better. Suddenly, green eyes look over at me, as if to hear my inner thoughts. I froze, everyone else was still going out it, but she was fixated on my mysterious gaze in the dark. Why was she focused on me while getting the brains fucked out of her Before I could get an answer, I heard Fredii cursing and yelling. Breaking my gaze, I look back to see Freddii and Jerry coming out of another room arguing with each other, I couldn’t make out what they were saying due to the music, but I could see Freddii gesturing her hands as if she wanted something, they both then stop and look towards me.


I quickly scramble for the phone, almost dropping my turkey and cheese sub sandwich and now a half-filled apple juice.“Hello?” I stammer trying to sound cool, and hoping no one sees.


Sigh, this night isn’t going the way I want, looking at my phone I see that it is now 3:30 am. Luckily, I have the room for two more days, but at this rate, t seems like I have wasted $175, my last $175. I take my sandwich, my bottle of Apple juice chocolate stars candy and start to head back to my hotel room. As I head back I look for the two women up on the balcony, seeing that their lights and room seem dark and empty, being only 3:30 am, did they turn in for the night? Or go out and party? Whatever the case they must have been having more fun than me. Throwing my sack on the bed, I run over to splash some water on my face. Hell, alright focus Mitchell, you have 2 more days…you are letting your anxiety get to you, things may change, you just have to figure what you are good at…there is a reason for everything like your Grandmother use to say, ‘you just have to find out what and why…you got this…you go-‘


My phone again, I reach down to see the same number from before. Ready and sure, I answer in my suave but deep voice:


I await again, silence just as the last time, I pray that it isn’t someone playing on my phone or worse another automated message.

My thoughts are invaded by a soft but sweet and meek voice.

“He-hello…” the voice stammers. “This is Marcus right, Marcus Lennox, The man from the ad?”

The voice is soft, but a sense of timidness escapes her dialogue

“This is he, what can I do for you?” I asked, still cautious but hopefully, he doesn’t pick up on it, I await the answer I so longed for this entire night.

“I….I was just wondering….. Were you available?”

YES! My mind flourished with all types of thoughts, this is it! My first customer.

I wanted to scream, I was so excited but I had to keep my composure.

“Yes, I am available, are you wanting an in-call or out,” I ask confidently.

“Umm, I don’t know the difference…I’m sorry,” she mutters.

“An in-call is where you come to my hotel and we exchange services here, if you are not wanting to worry about being noticed at a hotel, I can do an out-call, where I come to y-.”

“Oh..oh no, an in-call will be just fine, I can’t have you here…” she interrupts.

“I understand, my aim is to make you comfortable and pleased, let me send you the address.”

An hour and 30 minutes past since I sent my information. I sit in my hotel room, it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Maybe she isn’t coming, my mind ponders….maybe I am just meant to be another homeless veteran wondering where my next meal will come fro-


A solid but quiet knock takes me out of my negative whirlpool as I look towards the door, was it mine? Was I just imagining it …


Nope, definitely my door! I regain my composure as I walk towards it to find out if who I was expecting was on the other side. Before opening, I check myself in the mirror to make sure I am still maintained. I open it. Standing in front of me is a 4’7’’ light-skinned woman, possibly between the ages of 18-28, her curly hair stops by her light tanned cheeks. Though short, her plump size gave her a bit of a pear shape, and her downward gaze showed that she may be a bit shy. I don’t see why though, her hair was natural frizzy and curled and ran down her chubby cheeks and down the arch of her upper back. Her eyes were a dark brown, that seem to gleam even though she was looking downward. Though big-boned and seemingly shy, she is definitely the mixed breed type and could be in any BBW modeling magazine if she could muster the courage. The glow she has is uncanny. Snapping out of her beauty, I try to get her out of her shyness.

“Hey. How are you tonight…” I ask, trying to sound confident, but you could probably hear a hint of nervousness in my voice.

She stands there for a second, I fear that she is hurt or lost, but then looks up and looks around.

“Um….is…is this Marcus Lennox?” She asks.

My confidence rises.

“Yes it is…would you like to come inside?”

The meek woman looks around again and then looks up at me, I put on the goofiest smile I can manage to see if I can break through her timid exterior. She returns my smile and steps inside my room. As we enter I tell her to make herself at home, she walks around the quaint space placing her bag on the oak wood desk. There she sits, nervously on the bed. I can tell that this may be an awkward affair. I take a deep breath and walk near the bed.

“So, would you like something to drink,” pointing to the mini-fridge “I have water bottles, wine cooler’s, some Tequ-”

“Um…water will be fine,” she looks at me and smiles. I take out two cold water bottles and hand one to her, then sit right beside her. For what seemed to be a long moment, the room is silent, you can hear some drunk talking outside in the parking lot. I shake my head, this is not the place to be escorting, this is definitely not the place to be bringing people like the woman sitting on my bed, she must be terrified. Think man! This is your first time to make a good impression, you are the escort, she is the client. If you don’t do something fast, you are gonna lose her. I think of something sly to say:

“I UM….” I start

“Do you think I am pretty?” she blurts out not looking up from the ground. Taking me aback, I have to think about my response from the question. She then looks at me, eyes almost welling up. I then lose all my nervousness and see she is in need of something more than sex, she needs a friend.“You are very beautiful, um….Miss?”

“Yzuri…” she says with a smile

“Yzuri,” I repeat “You are very beautiful, do you not think so?”I ask.“I don’t know…” she looks down. “I am 28, a good Christian girl, in college to become a Respiratory Therapist, I have everything I could ever ask for…” she then looks at me and those hazel eyes that have been piercing through my mental. Behind those gleaming eyes, I see a lot of pain, a lot of sadness as her juicy plump lips echo words that will probably stay with me for a while: “Where is my love?”

Again, another question that makes me stop and contemplate for a second, I recover quickly as I see she is looking for an answer:

“Well, maybe it’s just not that time yet…I mean you are a beautiful, biracial and intelligent, that is the perfect package for a man!” She giggles, finally a sense of comfort comes over her. That comfort quickly leaves as another thought hits her mind, she sighs: “I thi-I think it’s because I’m big…”

The words seem to croak out of her mouth like they were burrowed into her stomach. She stars off into the small hotel, It hurts her so much that she starts to tear up. The pain seems to ripple through her like a tidal wave, as she buckles into her hands. Awkwardness starts to ripple through me, but that too is diminished by sadness.

I then felt the urge to gently grab her face, “You know you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, I say in all truthfulness. Yzuri continues to gaze at me, those same hazel eyes now filled with water, but now, the to curiosity a little bit of lust. She leans in to kiss my neck, getting a hit of musk. I get turned on feeling every urge to return the favor. Her opal painted fingernails trace my chest, her hands, Lukewarm begin to travel to the drawstrings on my pants. “I’m ready,” she whispers faintly in my ear. Her hands are now in my pants, she has a good grip of my manhood. Her hands go in an upward/downward motion. I start to let out moans. I take control, snatching off her brown coat to reveal a small black tee and feel on her breasts through her shirt, she moans, pulling her head back, enjoying the touch. I quickly strip the shirt over her head revealing a blue lacy bra, she looks at me and blushes hands covering her bra, I smile. Removing her hands forcefully but gentle, I put them towards as side and say “…I’m Ready..” She smiles at me letting me take control as I pull her blue bra down underneath her breast and admire. Her caramel-colored nipples stand at full attention waiting for me to suck them, my eyes not letting her out of my gaze. My tongue traces circles around her left areola leaving my saliva traces. Yzuri lets out a moan of satisfaction. “Mmm Marcus that feels so-” she can’t finish her statement. I slip my fingers into her laced panties discovering the wetness of her. I can feel the ripples of her walls. Two of my fingers go in and out, with her mouth wide open, she lets out “mmm shit!” I lay her down on the bed and part her legs. Her pussy is wet enough for me to slide my dick in.

I grab a condom from the nightstand next to the bed, slide it on and proceed. Sliding into her wet and welcoming cave, I find her to be extremely tight, almost to the point where I can barely get four inches in. She gasps and grasps onto me tightly, stopping I look down at her…”Are you OK?” she thinks for a second, but then looks at me with lustful eyes, shaking her head, she allows me to go deeper. I begin to stroke her slowly, making sure I have her feel every stroke, she loosing up her grip on my back, enough so that I start holding both of her hands up above her head. She takes all of my dick as I thrust faster and faster. The once silent room is now filled with sex cries and moans. “Fuck! Your dick feels so good inside of me, mmm!” she moans. Her juices are splashing everywhere, wetting the sheets. For someone so shy, she sure has a freak side as I pound deeper, getting her cervix, she closes her legs around my ass as she screams her curls dripping sweat and making her forehead glisten. She grinds my shaft while lying on her back, we gyrate as our moans and grunts becoming the c in the hotel. We are both in motion.

I begin to rub her clit, she’s fighting the feeling by covering it with her hand, as I become a bit aggressive and move her hand, I want the freak to come out. I raise out of her, and start to rotate her to her stomach, she obeys and assumes the position. Her pear-shaped ass pokes up at me awaiting me to plant my missile deep between her mountains, set a course. She moans loudly as she enters her shaved pearl, already wet and willing I fuck her from behind. One hand full of her curly hair while the other on her upper backside. I slap her ass leaving red marks and she screams, “FUCK ME, DADDY!” Hearing this quiet but fine girl moan with such devilish antics makes my rod hard as stone, my veins are pulsating as my dick is covered in her creamy goodness. I go into overdrive slamming every inch into her waiting Kat, my trimmed abdomen slapping against her cheeks, my hanging and swinging balls tapping her clit, she is in bliss as she drops her head into her pillow with exhaustion. I pull out getting ready to lie on the bed. But before I can make any moves, she quickly turns towards me stopping me. The once timid woman now wants to take full control. She pushes me down, climbs on top and begins to ride me. My view is full of juicy breasts, voluptuous hips, and a beautiful face. Her hair sweated out, she bounces up and down, fucking my rod like a woman possessed, she is finally letting go, all that stress, all those “what ifs” all those worries, escaping with every moan and every curse word as she enjoys every bit of this ride. I moan excitedly and it makes her fuck me even harder.

“Mmmm shit, that feels so fucking good. Ride this big dick!” I can tell she’s let go of all the nervousness. “I’m cu-I’m cu-I’m about to fucking cum!!!” she screams, squirting everywhere. Her cheeks rosy red matching her ass. My inner thighs soaked with her nectar as she collapses onto of me, I rub her curls as we lay there letting the early morning sun come in.

Later, she raises up and gives me a look of security. “I needed that.” she proclaims. “That…was…the best dick I’ve ever had Marcus.”

I raise up and accompany her by sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I’m glad I could please you today Miss Yzuri, you were amazing.” She looks up at me with those rosy red cheeks and piercing eyes yet again this time with a genuine smile. Yzuri makes her way to the restroom to wash up, as I sit and count the 20’s, at-least 60 dollars in 20 are in the envelope almost making my pay for the hotel back. The room becomes silent again, this time the atmosphere is different. I grab my phone and check it to see if anyone else has inquired about my services, as she exits the bathroom back dress and smiling more than before.

“Well, I should get going. I really enjoyed my times with you Marcus, thank you for everything.” She digs in her purse pulling out a $10 bill as a tip, I get up and walk her to the door. “Anytime, Miss Yzuri.” She gives me a kiss on the cheek and I see her out. I close my door and lock it, walk over to the bed and get ready to clean the sheets, I finally have a purpose, This escorting business isn’t just about sex, it’s about helping people, helping them get over this stressful world, and escape into a world of bliss. I open the blinds and let the rising sun warm the room, as I look outside smiling I hear


My phone vibrates, picking it up it’s another unknown number…I pick it up with “Hello” silence again until I hear

“Hey, I say your Ad, this is Marcus right…are you available?”

I smile and think to myself

“Well, Marcus… maybe this is your nitch after all.”

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