Bengalee Film Queen 7

Episode : 7

Six months had already passed and the famous Roychowdhury Family was now able to come out from the tight financial grip to some extent due to Gargi’s escort business. Another good news…. she was now getting more offers from the producers in their mainstream films as well as in TV-serials. As a result, her mental pressures were gradually reducing with the constant flow of money.

“Gogo ( Goutam calls his wife lovingly when he is in a special mood ) darling, please come on over…. I have a surprise plan for you tonight.’ He called his actress wife Gargi Roychowdhury one evening, who was busy with her evening ‘Puja’ in her worship room.

However she could hear her husband’s calling from the worship room…… came to him after ten minutes….. finishing her Puja with a tray of ‘Prasad’. At first she gave her husband some Prasad who took it with great devotion….. ate the Prasad after touching it with his forehead.

Keeping the tray on nearby tea-table, she then sat beside her husband on the couch and asked, “Oh Dear, what’s my surprise?”

“You will see now….. I want you to wear this outfit I bought for you tonight.”

He had recently purchased for his sexy wife…… a special outfit….. a leather fetish costume to celebrate her 45-th birthday in advance. The leather outfit was hot! It was a leather bustier that squeezed her big boobs together and the bottom part was just a little tight skirt that only covered her big ass.

He had planned all this week about his latest surprise for his sexy wife. They had married for almost twenty-one years now! Her loved her too much as she was willing to do anything that he wanted her to do for him. She liked to please her dearest husband and tonight he wanted to surprise her with a couple of his male friends.

Above all, both their children went to Satabdi’s house to attend a party for her daughter’s birthday and might not be returned today. That’s why he had invited his two closest friends  tonight to join with them so that he could fulfill his long cherished fantasy.

Changing her ‘Special Puja Saree’, Gargi had just finished putting on her new outfit that her husband had presented for her 45-th birthday in advance. She was checking it out in the mirror. The outfit was so tight on her that it actually hurt……  trying to squeeze her big 38″ boobs in the tight leather bra. Ouch! It pinched her skin as she tried to stuff her over size boobs in the much smaller cups of the outfit.

‘It may be uncomfortable but at least it looks sexy on me.’ She thought….. noticing how the tight out-fit looked on her body. The top was low-cut so much….. in fact, it barely covered her nipples. Moreover the tightness of the bodice was painful to wear because her tits were so mashed together in the outfit that it hurt her boobs…… trying to squeeze them in the top.

She turned around to check the back of the outfit in the mirror. It was no more than a short-sized leather skirt that went inside her curvy butt-cheeks…… leaving a small portion of her lower ass exposed. She knew that her husband liked looking at her big ass.

‘I do have a great ass,’ Gargi thought to herself….. admiring the shape of her own ass in the mirror.

Goutam was getting impatient waiting for his wife to show up at their bedroom which attached with a spl room. He was confident that his wife would agree with his idea of being with him and his two friends. He already had given some hints to his wife few days ago about his friend Aditya with whom he wanted to see her in their honeymoon bed.

Moreover he knew very well, when she was aroused, she behaved like a bitch in heat….. and above all, it was their mutual programme. Although he proposed his wife for Aditya ( Sreelekha’s husband ) at first, later he added Dinesh ( Dolon Roy’s boyfriend ) without her knowledge to give her a surprise at the last moment.

He was however sure that his wife wouldn’t mind in this slight modification. Because she was a total slut in bed, which made him the happiest man in the world. He was pleased that he had such a celeb actress wife who was a real slut not only with him but also with her customers. He was sure that his adorable wife would be willing to do anything to please him.

Gargi put on one of her husband’s T-shirt to cover up her slutty outfit but she took one more look at herself in the mirror. She loved looking at herself almost as much as her husband did. ‘Yes! Now I really looked like a prostitute.’ she thought to herself ‘And sexy like a roadside whore….. exposing my big tits and great Ass.

In the meantime, Goutam instructed his two friends to wait in their guest room. He wanted to make sure that his wife would be horny enough before the two came into the scene. The two men were very thrilled about the prospect that they might have to fuck the gorgeous film queen Gargi Roychowdhury.

However; they really didn’t want to wait long for their friend Goutam to get his groove on his wife while they kept themselves hidden into a spl. room….. stood around doing nothing.

“Hey, what are we supposed to be doing while you play with your wife?”

“Relax….. you will be watching!”

“How can we watch Goutam?”

“Follow me boys!” Goutam led his two friends to their special room which they had built very recently. The room had two-way mirrors built in and had a one-way great view of the bedroom. This meant one who was in the spl room, he would be able to watch what was going on in the bedroom but the opposite would not be happened. The two men looked the room over.

“Hey this is cool! When did you add this room with your bedroom?” Aditya asked surprisingly.

“Just about two months ago.” Goutam replied.

“Oh, this means when your wife was selected as the best actress in Bengali Film for her outstanding acting in the film ‘Pujarini’?” Aditya asked.

“Yes, it was.” Goutam replied, “You know very well that every actress have to entertain the producers to acquire a role in their films. And when Gargi invites a producer here for that purpose, I’m that lucky person to watch her tricks to have a chance in their films from this spl room”.

Actually they built it to spice up their own sex after receiving the huge amount of money from her escort service. To fulfill her husband’s perverted fantasies i.e. to watch her sex with some producers or directors, Gargi herself proposed her husband to implement this. Yes, it was her idea to have it added to the their bedroom.

“Do your children I mean Palash or Pallabi know about this room?” Dinesh queried excitedly.

“Of course not, they don’t have the idea about our kinky sex.”

“Oh Goutam! you are one lucky Motherfucker…… having such a milf wife…..we feel jealous of you.” Aditya laughed.

“Yes, you get to slam that hot bitch whenever you want.” Dinesh grinned at his friend.

“I know! I am one lucky man Dinesh, but you do not know the half of our fantasies!”

“What do you mean Goutam? What is this shit?” Aditya looked curious hearing his friend’s remark about his own wife.

“Oh I see! Have you any idea about our stash of private flicks?” Goutam winked at his friends.

“You mean… you watch porn movies for a turn on when you have Gargi Boudi’s hot ass to fuck?

Goutam replied to his friends, “No no…. I don’t want to mean that which is a common matter to any couple, it’s something special…..” Goutam was smiling at his two friends, “We make them together.”

“What do you mean? That you have made porno flicks of Gargi Boudi?”

“Yes, I have some flicks of your Boudi.”

“What kind of flicks?” Dinesh was wondering.

“Oh you fool! you can’t guess even now……my wife actually have done it on video…… few with her producer/director and few with myself.”

“Oh sounds so hot…If you don’t mind we want to see them. But not now….. anyway, does your wife did this with other girls too?”

“Gargi likes to do everything on those flicks. Actually she loves to do it in front of a camera.” Goutam replied, “And I think she likes girls too…..because one day I see her with Swastika also.”

“Swastika… I mean Swastika Mukherjee, who is dating with a much younger man divorcing her stupid husband Suman,” Dinesh commented lewdly.

Aditya and Dinesh were now very happy at the thought that the great Diva Queen of Bengal had made her own porno tapes also. In addition, both men were very excited at the prospect of seeing her x-rated talents on film next time. Goutam could tell that his friends were excited by the thought of his hot wife’s x-rated escapades that was caught on those flicks.

“What does she like to do the most in bed?” Aditya asked. He was now more curious…… wanting to find out what his dearest friend’s wife was like in bed.

“She does what ever I want her to do in bed.” Goutam replied to his friends. “Gargi is one kinky bitch… which you never can imagine! She likes me to fuck her ass while I spank her big butt. In addition, her favorite position is doggie style.”

Goutam could tell that his friends’ dirty minds were probably imagining all sorts of things right now….. like what the glamourous actress was doing on those porn flicks. Nevertheless, he knew that they would soon get to find out for themselves in real, how hot his wife got in bed.

“The most amazing thing….. my wife is very submissive person. She likes to do everything, I tell her to do. To me, she is the most perfect Bengalee housewife….. she is one hot, fuck and always ready to please me.”

“OK Goutam, do you really think that your wife will not mind us being here tonight watching your sex?”

“No! Just be patient…. you will not be waiting for long…. I promise. To be honest with you both….. Gargi knows already.”

“What do you mean Goutam?” Aditya asked being shocked too much.

“It was her idea to have this spl room added with our bedroom. You know my wife likes to have sex in front of the camera….. it really turns her on. She becomes highly excited knowing that she is being watched. When she is having sex, it really turns her on.” Goutam disclosed his wife’s dark fantasy.

“OMG! Your wife is a real bitch….. I wish to fuck her,” Aditya said excitedly.

“Aditya, I don’t want to watch you two together fucking my wife…. rather I myself want to fuck her at first. However after that you can proceed. So just be patient and the evening will be great for both of you. I promise, you will not be sorry and your money which you’ve paid for that, wouldn’t be wasted. And Dinesh, you really think my wife will be mortified taking on the three of us at the same time. Wait…. until you see the outfit she is going to be wear and appear in the bedroom within few minutes.”

“What outfit you mentioned, Goutam?” Aditya asked.

“Those I bought for her to wear. The bodice is low-cut. You can see almost all of my wife’s boobs and her nipples poking out over the top. It is so tight it really squeezes her boobs together.

“What else to it, then?”

“Well it’s cinched so tight around the waist…. pulling her waist in giving her wide hips a nice flair to them. Your Boudi’s tits are squeezed together so tight in the bodice they look like big balloons ready to burst. Oh yeah…. the best part of the outfit is the bottom half….. it’s hem is just enough to cover her fat ass.”

“Wow Goutam, I can’t wait to see your wife wearing that outfit it sounds hot!” Aditya licked his dried lips imagining his friend’s wife in her new outlook. He felt anxious to see the Diva Queen in her hot outfit tonight…… but he was even more anxious to see her without clothes. He just wanted her naked and willing.

“What the fuck are you too talking about? I want to fuck your slut wife! In addition, I do not give a shit about what Gargi Boudi is wearing tonight. I am only interested in getting her naked and pounding the hot filthy bitch of yours tonight.” Dinesh couldn’t control himself anymore as he retorted.

“Just relax my dear friend. You are going to get that from my wife….. I told you earlier, otherwise your 1,00,000/- will be refunded, OK. Tonight I promise you that.” Goutam assured his friend Dinesh.

On the other hand, Gargi was getting very excited as she completed her make up with the new outfit….. her beloved husband presented. Today her children went to Satabdi’s house to participate the birthday party of her daughter Samiyana ( Zumi ), girlfriend of her son Palash. They will not return that day and it’s a great opportunity to experiment something new.

So they planed that evening of hot sex. In truth, she could not wait to get naked and take off the damned outfit! It was too uncomfortable to wear. Her boobs were sore from being squeezed together by the tight bodice. And the red lacy panties was rubbing her pussy as she felt it uncomfortable to wear right now.

The small panties was also rubbing across her clit. It was making the whore actress very horny as she examined herself finally in the full length wardrobe mirror. She was getting hornier by the minute when she wore the outfit first time…… it was always rubbing against her panty-clad pussy.

Gargi was wondering what her husband had in store for her tonight. She liked fucking…… whether it was with her producer, director, actor, customer or her husband. Her husband had a big dick just like her first Arabian client Jamal Khan that could fit her big ass perfectly and the sex they had was awesome.

“I love my husband so much…… he is so reliable and broadminded. I’m so lucky to have him as my husband!’ She thought as she expressed her deep gratitude to the almighty God and did ‘Namaskar’ by touching her both palms on her forehead.

However now she could not wait any longer in anticipation what her husband had planned and eager to find out what the evening had in store for her. Right now her pussy was getting hot just thinking about the upcoming sex. She knew that today her husband had made an arrangement with his friend Aditya….. he will watch them from that spl room when they’ll fuck.

However, Just the thought of Sreelekhadi’s husband watching them while they had sex was making Gargi more and more anxious. ‘I want to be fucked tonight so bad.’ She was thinking, ‘God! I am so horny tonight. I can’t wait anymore.’

At last, she proceeded to their bedroom. She enjoyed the night air that was coming through the window…… blowing on her exposed flesh. The low-cut bodice exposed most of her cleavage and her big ass jiggling as she walked. In truth, the outfit may look sluttish which would be accurate for her escort service! But, she felt very sexy in the outfit.

She opened the door and moved to their bedroom. She knew her husband would be in the bedroom waiting for her to come up stairs. As she walked, her big boobs jiggled in the low-cut bodice…. rubbing her sensitive nipples against the leather outfit. Her small panties kept ridding up her ass as she walked up the stairs.

‘Damn! Just wearing this outfit was going to give me an orgasm.’ She was thinking on reaching the bedroom.

In addition, knowing some one else was going to be watching her in bed with her husband was also a very exciting thing. Knowing that it was Adityada who would be watching them made herself even more horny. ‘Does my husband want me to be with someone else tonight besides Adityada?’

Gargi wasn’t confirmed what was going to happen to her tonight. However her husband knew that Gargi would be getting turned on by any type of combination that were playing out in her over-sexed brain.

“Hi babe. Wow! you look so hot tonight!” Goutam welcomed his wife in their bedroom…. as he leaned to give his wife a kiss. While he kissed her, he reached down with both hands to cup her exposed butt cheeks.

The Tolly Diva started to moan as her husband continued to palm her 38-inch soft ass-gloves in his hands. He knew that is hotter than hell. His wife loved having her ass played with.

He also knew that both his friends in the attached darken room were watching as they had a nice view of his wife’s big ass. Gargi herself forgot all the other things and so forgot to wonder who might be watching her. She just wanted to have sex! In addition, those hands rubbing her ass felt so good right now.

“Oh dear, that feels so good. Baby I love your hands on my butt.”

Goutam’s hands were rubbing all over his slut wife’s ass…. pulling the chain of leather apart from her ass to give his friends a clear view of her exposed milky naked butt. He knew that the sight of her big ass would drive them both crazy.

He remembered Aditya’s reaction when he saw his wife few days ago in her casual skirt and a T-shirt. She was preparing coffee for them in the kitchen. Aditya was then making lewd comments about Gargi’s big ass when she turned to go back to the kitchen.

As she walked, Aditya’s hungry eyes became fixed on her bubbling ass…..he was rubbing his already swollen bulge. Before leaving the room, Sreelekha looked back to Aditya from the doorway, a mischievous grin was playing on her face.

However, it was not even close to the perfection of seeing her naked ass in the flesh. Goutam was right. Now both Aditya and Dinesh were getting hard just seeing his wife’s proclaimed round naked ass. However, they were even more anxious to see the Tolly Queen get fully naked.

Meanwhile Gargi was letting out little moans as her husband touched her soft ass in his hands. He could already tell that his wife was going for anything tonight. He knew that once he got her turned on….. she would do anything he wanted her to do.

Goutam started to undress his beautiful wife pulling the panties down over her massive ass….. giving Aditya and Dinesh a great view of her bare ass. He then turned his wife around so that she was now facing the mirror….. letting his two friends get a good look at his wife’s exposed bald pussy.

Gargi felt a shiver going down her spine….. knowing that Adityada was watching her getting naked. In addition to that, the idea of him watching her naked was making her pussy tingle. It was a big turn on for her which she never felt before.

‘I can’t believe how turned on I’m by the idea that Adityada is watching me naked. I just hope Adityada is watching us with his big-tittied wife Sreelekha. He is always telling me that how much they loved her…… and sometimes Sreelekhadi herself wished that she could make love with her. Oh God! Is Sreelekhadi’s a lesbian? But I will never eat that bitch no matter how much she begs me to do it.’ She thought.

However in the spl room, Dinesh and Aditya had a one way great view of the semi-naked Gargi. The sight of her bald pussy fascinated both men. They could tell that the famous Tolly heroine was already excited by the continuous touching of her husband on her exposed body. Her eyes were closed and they could hear soft moans coming from her half parted lips.

Goutam then started to untie her bodice pulling it even tighter around her midriff. He started to untie the string that fastened the outfit together. Gargi tried to suck in her tummy and hold her breathe to help him loosening the bodice’s strings. She tried to make it easier for her husband who was having trouble untying the outfit.

“Hurry up baby I can’t breathe in this damn thing.” She told her husband impatiently.

He gradually loosened the ties that were binding the tight bodice in place. He heard a moan coming from his wife’s lips…. probably from the fact that he had loosened the strings enough to allow her breathing better. Finally, he removed the outfit from her body.

The Tolly Diva was now standing completely naked in the middle of the room. She was now in front of her husband and the two men who were watching her getting undressed from the special room. Dinesh now noticed the weird way her breast looked naked. Her boobs had a strange shape to them.

‘They are probably not real they might be fake.’ He thought. However, he was not sure but the nude babe was still hot! Her waist was small as her tummy was flat down to her bald pussy and her hips were wider.

‘Oh, this actress definitely has curves just like my girlfriend Dolon.’ Dinesh thought!

Aditya was also very pleased seeing the beautiful spoiled Tolly celeb now standing before her husband in all her nude glory. He could not wait to fuck the hot bitch!

Her breast size and their shape intrigued him much. He remembered his friend Goutam once telling him, they were 36″. Although they were slightly smaller than his wife Sreelekha, they were firmer and perky than his wife. On the other hand, Dinesh now just wanted his friend to hurry and get her ready for them so they could all fuck the hot Tolly bitch.

Goutam was now removing his pants with his one hand…. while he continued to run his other hand over the front of his wife’s body….. cupping her tits in his other hand. Giving them a squeeze and running his fingers across her hardening nipples one by one.

Her brownish half inch nipples were erect now in raw excitement. She was definitely getting hot! Her husband was touching her very sensitive nipples….. bringing them to attention. He continued to manipulate her naked breasts in his both hands now. He was pinching her nipples between his thumb and finger.

Gargi let out a loud moan from the affect of having her nipples pinched. In addition, her husband started to twist her tiny nipples between his fingers. “Ouch! Baby that feels sooo…. good. Twist my nipples. Ooh…. yesss…… That feels so good baby.”

She loved the attention her breast was receiving from her husband….. twisting and pinching her nipples. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and labored by the time. She was making funny little sounds as he continued to fondle her naked boobs. He was aware about his wife’s body very well and so how to touch her for turned her on….. how she liked to be touched.

The next thing Gargi felt was her husband’s large dick rubbing against her bare bottom. His large manhood was touching and pressing against her soft butt cheeks. It was making her body tingle….. pressing his manhood against her curvy butt. She started to rub her ass back against his hardening penis.

Aditya could not believe what he was watching now….. the great Diva Queen of Tollywood was now looked like a bitch in heat. The way her ass was rubbing against her husband’s big dick….. it was evident she couldn’t wait to be fucked hard.

It was moving in circular motions…… up and down…. massaging her husband’s rockhard dick between her soft round butt-cheeks. Gargi now looked like a real cabaret nude dancer giving a belly-dance to her customers at a five-star hotel. Her ass was moving in circular motions….. rubbing up and down against the male cock that was rubbing against her nude ass.

Goutam meanwhile started to move his other hand down her smooth flat stomach, until he was rubbing his wife’s bald pussy in his hand. Gargi felt his fingers running past her pussy until he was rubbing his fingers across her clit. Without hesitation, she spread her legs a little to give better access to her steaming wet pussy.

He inserted his fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her already wet pussy. His other hand was still playing with her tits, enjoying the pleasure of twisting on her hard nipples, as he continued to finger-fuck her pussy. He knew that his wife liked a little pain mixed in with the pleasure of their fucking.

It made her hot!

Gargi was really through into kinky sex. She liked to have her ass spanked. The matured actress-mother of two adult children also liked being tied up during sex. It really turned her on beyond the limit.

Aditya and Dinesh could both hear the over sexed mature Tolly celeb Gargi Roychowdhury’s moaning now! Her moans were getting louder in every minute. They knew she was getting close to an orgasm. She was about to cum from her husband’s fingering in her pussy. Her whole body was ready to explode now!

“Ummm… Oh, baby that feels so good… yesss. I am so close baby. Aaaahhh… Ooohhh… Gudmarani….. ki aram….. Ohhhh… Bhagwaban…. I am Cumming!” She made out a squeal of delight as she came all over her husband’s fingers.

“Wow! That felt so wonderful baby.” He said.

“Thank you dear, I really needed that.”

“Let’s see….. the night has just begun, Gogo darling.” He said grinning at her.

Dinesh remembered what his friend Goutam had told him before….. that Gargi was wild in bed. In addition, when she got excited sexually, she screamed the hell out in the bed. Now he realised what his dear friend had meant, when he discussed about their bedroom antics with him before.

He wondered if she made that type of noise from a tiny finger in her pussy….. what sounds would she be making when he fucked her with his big prick? He could not wait to see how Gargi Boudi would react to a good hard pounding by her husband…. and the way she would be squealing.

Surely, he was in for a big surprise tonight!

Gargi was excited from her husband’s finger inside her pussy. In addition, the fact that she had an orgasm from her husband’s fingering in her pussy….. made herself once again horny. However, all she really wanted to do was please her beloved husband so that they could fuck. She turned around to face her husband with a satisfying expression on her beautiful face. That was the result brought on by her recent orgasm.

“It is your turn now baby!” She purred looking up at him with her big dark eyes. She pulled her husband’s face down to give him a kiss. He kissed her back and then he scolded her for the mess that she made when she came in gushing on his fingers.

“What mess are you talking about honey?” She asked surprisingly.

“Look at this!” He showed her his wet fingers, which still had her pussy juice all over them. “Look, what you did to them baby?”

“I didn’t do that.” Gargi murmured. “It was you who did it.”

“Please darling….. clean up the mess!” He told her.

Without any hesitation, she reached out, grabbed his fingers and brought them to her mouth. She began her act by giving each finger a soft kiss. Then the bitch Tolly celeb started to suck her own cum from her husband’s fingers…… licking up and down…… each of them along, as she knew he liked her to do….. like sucking his dick. She had opened her mouth and sucked on her husband’s wet fingers until they were all cleaned up.

To be continued……

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