Bengalee Film Queen 7

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Episode : 7

Six months had already passed and the famous Roychowdhury Family was now able to come out from the tight financial grip to some extent due to Gargi’s escort business. Another good news…. she was now getting more offers from the producers in their mainstream films as well as in TV-serials. As a result, her mental pressures were gradually reducing with the constant flow of money.

“Gogo ( Goutam calls his wife lovingly when he is in a special mood ) darling, please come on over…. I have a surprise plan for you tonight.’ He called his actress wife Gargi Roychowdhury one evening, who was busy with her evening ‘Puja’ in her worship room.

However she could hear her husband’s calling from the worship room…… came to him after ten minutes….. finishing her Puja with a tray of ‘Prasad’. At first she gave her husband some Prasad who took it with great devotion….. ate the Prasad after touching it with his forehead.

Keeping the tray on nearby tea-table, she then sat beside her husband on the couch and asked, “Oh Dear, what’s my surprise?”

“You will see now….. I want you to wear this outfit I bought for you tonight.”

He had recently purchased for his sexy wife…… a special outfit….. a leather fetish costume to celebrate her 45-th birthday in advance. The leather outfit was hot! It was a leather bustier that squeezed her big boobs together and the bottom part was just a little tight skirt that only covered her big ass.

He had planned all this week about his latest surprise for his sexy wife. They had married for almost twenty-one years now! Her loved her too much as she was willing to do anything that he wanted her to do for him. She liked to please her dearest husband and tonight he wanted to surprise her with a couple of his male friends.

Above all, both their children went to Satabdi’s house to attend a party for her daughter’s birthday and might not be returned today. That’s why he had invited his two closest friends  tonight to join with them so that he could fulfill his long cherished fantasy.

Changing her ‘Special Puja Saree’, Gargi had just finished putting on her new outfit that her husband had presented for her 45-th birthday in advance. She was checking it out in the mirror. The outfit was so tight on her that it actually hurt……  trying to squeeze her big 38″ boobs in the tight leather bra. Ouch! It pinched her skin as she tried to stuff her over size boobs in the much smaller cups of the outfit.

‘It may be uncomfortable but at least it looks sexy on me.’ She thought….. noticing how the tight out-fit looked on her body. The top was low-cut so much….. in fact, it barely covered her nipples. Moreover the tightness of the bodice was painful to wear because her tits were so mashed together in the outfit that it hurt her boobs…… trying to squeeze them in the top.

She turned around to check the back of the outfit in the mirror. It was no more than a short-sized leather skirt that went inside her curvy butt-cheeks…… leaving a small portion of her lower ass exposed. She knew that her husband liked looking at her big ass.

‘I do have a great ass,’ Gargi thought to herself….. admiring the shape of her own ass in the mirror.

Goutam was getting impatient waiting for his wife to show up at their bedroom which attached with a spl room. He was confident that his wife would agree with his idea of being with him and his two friends. He already had given some hints to his wife few days ago about his friend Aditya with whom he wanted to see her in their honeymoon bed.

Moreover he knew very well, when she was aroused, she behaved like a bitch in heat….. and above all, it was their mutual programme. Although he proposed his wife for Aditya ( Sreelekha’s husband ) at first, later he added Dinesh ( Dolon Roy’s boyfriend ) without her knowledge to give her a surprise at the last moment.

He was however sure that his wife wouldn’t mind in this slight modification. Because she was a total slut in bed, which made him the happiest man in the world. He was pleased that he had such a celeb actress wife who was a real slut not only with him but also with her customers. He was sure that his adorable wife would be willing to do anything to please him.

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