Bengalee Film Queen 9

Episode : 9

So far the Tolly film-actresses taken part in this Bengali Fan-fiction are as follows :-
1. Indrani Dutta, 49 yrs, 36-30-38.
2. Swastika Mukherjee, 38 yrs, 34-28-36.
3. Dolon Roy, 49 yrs, 34-28-36.
4. Gargi Roychowdhury, 45 yrs, 36-30-38.
5. Pallabi Roychowdhury, Gargi’s Daughter, 18 yrs, College student cum Model, 34-28-36.

Male characters :-
1. Abdul Kader Sk, 32 yrs, Bangladeshi Film-producer.
2. Ramu Soren, 42 yrs, Security Guard of Paradise Hotel.
3. Goutam Chowdhury, 48 yrs, Freelance Reporter.
4. Jamal Khan, 22 yrs, Son of Saudi Oil Baron Omar Sk.
5. Palash Roychowdhury, 20 yrs, Gargi’s son, Trainee Asst. of a renowned Film-director.
6. Suhash Mukherjee, 32 yrs, Swastika’s present lover, Businessesman.
7. Dinesh Roy, 42 yrs, Dolon Roy’s present lover, Businessesman.
8. Aditya Mitra, 52 yrs, Sreelekha’s husband, writer.
______  _______  _______  ________  ______  ______  ______  ________

From now on the added characters :-
1. Rajnandini ( Nandini ) Dutta, 19 yrs, 34-28-36, Daughter of the great Tolly Queen Indrani Dutta and music director Nandan Dutta.
2. Sreelekha Mitra, 48 yrs, 36-30-38, Bengali film-actress.
3. Maiya Mitra ( Sanyal ), nickname Mou, **yrs, Class-X student of Loretto School of Girls.
4. Mustaq Ahammad, 32 yrs, Leader of a Mafia gang.
5. Surindar Singh, 22 yrs, Mustaq’s right hand.
9. Akash Ganguly, 21 yrs, Son of the great film-actress cum politician Mrs. Rupa Ganguly, Computer Engineer.
______  _______  _______  _______  ________  ________  ______ ______

Next day was Saturday, Gargi went to Kalighat Temple with her husband after finishing her bath in the pious river ‘Ganges’ which she did every week and prayed there for five minutes. She showed her great devotion to ‘The Goddess Maa Kaali’ for showering the leading role as a ‘Mother’ in Abdul Kader’s film “Pujarini Maa” first time.

Although the role was finalised, the renowned producer wanted to take a screen-test just to maintain the formality which was fixed on Sunday. She now was in a jolly mood as she started singing her favourite ‘Rabindrasangeet’…… ‘mor bina othe kon sure baje’. Just when she received a phone call while she was returning from the temple with a ‘Thali’ to the car.

“Congrats Gargi… my daughter informed me yesterday that you’ve gotten a chance in Kadershab’s film Pujarini Maa… Good luck,” from other side Indrani chimed.

“Yes… it’s not my credit Indu, it’s a blessing of the almighty God. But it’s also same to you…. your daughter Rajnandini is also playing a role as the main heroine in this film with me,” Gargi returned her friend’s good-wishing with some jealous tone because she tried her best to acquire that role for her own daughter Pallabi.

“Yes Gargi… I’m really glad for that. You know she is undoubtedly a promising actress…. and she has proved it in her debut film ‘Uranchandi’. However I would be glad if I got her mother’s role and we could act in the film as real ‘mother-daughter’….but now I’m even more glad that at least my best friend is doing that role,” Indrani smiled happily showing her love to Gargi.

Next morning Indrani was busy in her morning ‘Puja’ before the Goddess in her worship room with her husband Nandan and daughter Rajnandini…. praying for her daughter’s confirmation about the role in Abdul Kader’s film. Completing the puja, she put a small tip of vermilion on Rajnandini’s forehead.

“Kadershab is genuinely a great man…. he appreciates your performance in your first film. So don’t worry and be free yourself in front of him….. follow his instructions properly. I’m sure you haven’t any problem to achieve the role. Just do what he says,” Indrani advised her anxious daughter.

“OK Maa, as you say…..”, saying this the obedient actress touched her parents feet and seek their ‘Ashirbad’. The proud parents blessed their only daughter one by one by touching their palms on her head. Smilingly the budding teenage moved to her room.

At 10:00 pm, the Dutta family finished their dinner together chatting about Rajnandini’s next Sunday’s audition…. and at last cleaning the utensils, the mother-daughter went to their respective bedrooms at 11:00 pm.
______  ______  _______  ________  _______  ______  ______  _______

Rajnandini couldn’t help overhearing the passionate moans and soft urgent cries coming from her parents’ bedroom. The teenager had been on her way back to her own room from the bathroom when she had heard the sounds. She stopped outside their bedroom, tilting her head and listening to her mother’s voice….. demanding more cock for her hungry pussy.

“Fuck me good, dear! I need that great big cock of yours all the way up my pussy! Fuck me haaarrrrrd…. all the way! You know how I love it!” The mature Tolly actress Indrani Dutta panted.

“Wow, you’re sure hot, aren’t you, baby? You want my cock and you want it now!” Husband of Indrani moaned.

“Damned right I want it! I’ve been waiting all day during my shooting at Tollygunge studio for you to fuck me and I can’t wait any longer!” Rajnandini’s mother said in a husky voice. “Fuck me, darling, please!”

The teenage actress didn’t know what to do. She realised she should leave immediately. She shouldn’t stay there at her parents’ bedroom door….. listening to the sounds of their fucking. But she was incredibly turned on by what she was hearing. And her feet refused to move.

She felt drawn even closer to the partly open door, as if a magnet were pulling her into the room. She poked her head around the door in such a way, that her parents would not be able to see her. She sucked in her breath sharply as she saw her parents spread out nakedly on the bed. The bright moonlight from the nearby window outlined their naked forms clearly.

She had a perfect view of what was happening on her parents king-size bed. She saw her father’s big, thick pinkish prick parting her mother’s swollen cuntlips. Holding her breath, she noticed that the glistening cock appeared to be framed by the deep-black pussy fur of her mother’s cunt. Within seconds it vanished all the way up into her mother’s hungry cunt.

“Aieeee! Yesssss, dear! Fuck meeeee!” Indrani shouted….. her body already writhing on the bed.

Outside the door, Rajnandini moaned softly. She was unable to keep her hands from her own naked cunt beneath her sheer nightgown while she continued to watch her parents fucking. She simply couldn’t pull her eyes away from the exciting sight.

She felt as if she were hypnotized. She knew it was wrong to spy on her parents, but she had never seen them naked before, and they looked so beautiful and hot! The girl found, herself turning on more and more as she watched. Her pussy was now pouring out hot cunt juices fast and furiously.

Rajnandini rubbed her pouty cuntlips….. feeling a hot tingling of sexual electricity shooting all the way up into her loins.

“More….. harder dear, give me more of your great big cock!” Indrani yelled.

“Oh God, but you’re so hot, Indu darling! I don’t know how your cunt stays so tight all these years and… it seems you’re still a virgin!” Nandan grunted, the veins of his neck bulging out with the exertion of their fuck session.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, Sona, you fuck soooo good,” Indrani moaned, running her hands over her husband’s broad, naked chest.

“Just keep squeezing those tight pussy muscles of yours. Don’t stop. You know how I love that,” he moaned.

Rajnandini’s eyes widened as her father’s back arched violently and he slammed his crotch firmly into her mother’s groin. His hips began rotating as he drilled deeper and deeper into his sexy wife’s hotly clasping pussy.

Rajnandini wished she could see everything that was happening on her parents bed. However she only could guess everything.

The wet ‘phach-phach’ sounds of her father’s big cock ramming itself into her mother’s juicy cunt filled the room. Naturally it turned on the young actress all the more. Her pussy started itching and burned with excitement.

She began to imagine and compare his boyfriend Akash’s ( Only son of Rupa Ganguly ) cock with her father’s cock…. but it wasn’t possible for her at that moment, because she couldn’t see her father’s cock properly. But she guessed both were more or less equal in length and girth.

She continued to rub her hairy mound while she watched her parents fucking. Her father’s body worked like a well practiced fuck machine. His prick slid in and out of his wife’s well oiled cunt like a sex piston. Each downward thrust caused his ass to tighten up and Rajnandini felt her own body responding just as if he had shoved that huge cock into her own cunt…. not in her mother’s.

She moved her finger between her swollen pussylips and found the tiny spire of her clit poking up out of it’s sheath of protective flesh. A light caress across the pointed nub made the girl’s entire body shudder as if she had plugged herself into an electric light socket.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned softly, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out louder. She couldn’t take a chance on her parents catching her spying on them. If it weren’t for the moans and groans they were making, they would have probably heard the girl’s moan by now.

Continuing to watch her parents fucking each other, Rajnandini worked her finger across her clit until she was literally hopping from foot to foot. She felt her warm, thick fuck juices leaking out from between her turgid cuntlips. Now she was more turned on than she ever had been before.

She rammed her middle finger up into her fucked up pussy and suddenly felt so weak with desire that she was afraid she would faint on the spot. Her legs buckled under her and she leaned limply against the door frame. She began to slide her middle finger in and out of her pussy in the exact rhythm that her father was using to fuck her mother.

Her eyes locked on the naked bodies of her mother and father as they fucked each other toward their orgasms. Her father’s ass tensed as he drove his prick squarely into the hot box of her mother’s cunt. Their spying daughter could hear the lewd squishing sounds of the big cock burying itself into the hot, gushing cunt.

Suddenly, Rajnandini came, as she closed her eyes….. biting her lower lips again to keep from crying out. She felt several warm gushers of pussy-juice shooting from her cunthole. She loved the feeling of her orgasm, but she knew, with jealous certainty, that it was nothing compared to what her mother had to be feeling.

“Ohhhheeeeee……. fuck meeeeee haaaaarrrrd, darling,” Indrani cried, writhing obscenely on the bed, completely impaled by her husband’s cock. Her fleshy, milk-white legs kicked out powerfully and then wrapped around her husband’s waist…. trying to pull him even more powerfully into her hungry cunt.

“Teeeeaaaaar my fucking cunt! Fuck me deeeeep!” the bucking Tolly Queen cried out. She arched her back and rammed her cunt up hard against her husband’s crotch.

With the help of the bright moonlight spilling over the bed, Rajnandini could see her mother’s pink cuntlips opening and closing around the thickness of her father’s huge cock…… as it was entering and outing of her cunt over and over. Even though she knew it was wrong to think such taboo things, she found herself wishing that her father were fucking her instead of her mother!

She groaned softly again, shocked by her own illicit thoughts. She had never thought of such an obscene thing in her life. To want to be fucked by her own father! But, even if she tried to remain shocked, she felt herself guilty. She was beginning to feel only a hot desire which swept over her entire body.

She admitted to herself at one point, for the first time ever, that this was not the first time she had wished her father would fuck her. She had had more than one wet dream about her handsome, sexy father pushing his big cock up her cunt. But this was the first time she admitted it to herself, the first time she didn’t run from such thoughts. She now wished that her father would want to fuck her as much as she wanted him to fuck her!

“Ohhhhhhhh……. dear,” Indrani moaned. “Your cock feels soooo big inside me!”

“It won’t be big in a minute, cunt! I’m about to pop!” Nandan growled.

Sighing, Rajnandini braced her back against the door of her parents’ bedroom. Her finger fucked harder and deeper into her spasming pussy until she was shivering and trembling uncontrollably. The feel of her finger pressing against her velvety cunt walls brought her off again.

She gasped as her orgasm broke free. It was all she could do not to cry out aloud as her powerful climax smashed through her. Her cunt walls crushed down powerfully around her fucking finger. She felt her hand drenched by the sudden outpouring of her juices. As the peak of her orgasm coursed through her body, the girl pretended that her father’s big cock was fucking into her cunt.

The aspiring teenage actress felt super turned on, more aroused than she had ever felt before in her life. The only thing she felt a little guilty about was spying on her parents while they fucked. But even that didn’t bother her too much.

If anything, it made her even hornier. And it increased her need for cock. She realised that finger-fucking, as much fun as it was, was just not enough for her anymore. She needed to be fucked by a big, hard cock right up her tight, juicy cunt! And either it was by her boyfriend or by her father…. it wasn’t a major factor to her at that moment.

She looked at her parents again and saw her father’s big, hard prick bury itself to the hilt of her mother’s quivering pussy. The pinkish cuntlips folded out and fluttered wetly around his thrusting prick.

“Oh, God, I can’t take much more,” Indrani groaned. “I’m almost there. I’m getting ready to come. I… I… aieeeee!” Her entire body went rigid and Rajnandini watched in fascination. She knew she herself would be looked like that when she had had her own orgasm.

From looking at her mother now, She knew that having his father’s big prick racing in and out of her cunt must be more exciting and pleasurable than Akash’s prick in her cunt. She felt a sudden surge of jealousy toward her mother. She wished she was writhing there with her father’s big cock reaming out her cunt!

She moaned softly and continued to rub her fingers up and down over the swollen folds of her trembling cuntlips. As her finger strayed between the lips and entered her hot, juicy cunt, she stiffened, feeling a raging desire sweep over her again.

She bit down on her lip again to keep from crying out. And when she saw what her father was doing, it made her even more aroused. Her father had taken his twitching, jerking cock suddenly from her mother’s curly, fur-rimmed cunt. He was rubbing it against Indrani’s belly-button as the puckering cum-slit was aimed toward her face.

Rajnandini came again when she saw her father’s cock stiffen and then spew out a thick whitish stream of cum. Her mother instantly opened her mouth wide. Rajnandini watched, her own mouth open in shock, as her father’s jism sprayed into it. Indrani moaned happily and swallowed as fast as she could….. groaning with passion at the taste of her husband’s delicious cum.

Nandan tried to direct all of his jets of cum into his wife’s wide mouth, but some of it spilled onto her belly. And, although Indrani valiantly tried to swallow all of the jism that shot into her mouth, some of it ran out lewdly from between her lips. They trickled down her chin and neck.

Rajnandini watched her parents collapse in each other’s arms being satisfied fully. She realised that the fuck session was over and that she had better leave before they caught her red handed. With a heavy sigh, she slipped her hand from her pussy and walked silently back to her bedroom.

With a growing feeling of urgency, Rajnandini threw herself onto her bed in the darkness and tore her nightgown off impatiently. As she began to finger-fuck her hot, juicy cunt again, she tried to imagine herself flat on her back in her parents bed.

Her legs spread wantonly wide….. her cunt gaping, naked, exposed and wet with lust. Her pink inner cuntlips would poke out and tremble with the intensity of her need to be fucked, and fucked hard. She was imaging that her father dropped between her legs and stuffed his long, thick, hot and hard prick all the way up her cunt…

She would cum hard, just as she had when she had watched her father fucking her mother. She shuddered and closed her eyes, thrusting two fingers up into her cunt. With the thumb of the same hand, she strummed her rigid, twitching clit.

She twisted and writhed on the bed in frustration. As good as it felt to finger-fuck herself, she had to have her boyfriend Akash or her father between her legs other than her own hand!

To be continued…..

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