Bengalee Film Queen 9

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Episode : 9

So far the Tolly film-actresses taken part in this Bengali Fan-fiction are as follows :-
1. Indrani Dutta, 49 yrs, 36-30-38.
2. Swastika Mukherjee, 38 yrs, 34-28-36.
3. Dolon Roy, 49 yrs, 34-28-36.
4. Gargi Roychowdhury, 45 yrs, 36-30-38.
5. Pallabi Roychowdhury, Gargi’s Daughter, 18 yrs, College student cum Model, 34-28-36.

Male characters :-
1. Abdul Kader Sk, 32 yrs, Bangladeshi Film-producer.
2. Ramu Soren, 42 yrs, Security Guard of Paradise Hotel.
3. Goutam Chowdhury, 48 yrs, Freelance Reporter.
4. Jamal Khan, 22 yrs, Son of Saudi Oil Baron Omar Sk.
5. Palash Roychowdhury, 20 yrs, Gargi’s son, Trainee Asst. of a renowned Film-director.
6. Suhash Mukherjee, 32 yrs, Swastika’s present lover, Businessesman.
7. Dinesh Roy, 42 yrs, Dolon Roy’s present lover, Businessesman.
8. Aditya Mitra, 52 yrs, Sreelekha’s husband, writer.
______  _______  _______  ________  ______  ______  ______  ________

From now on the added characters :-
1. Rajnandini ( Nandini ) Dutta, 19 yrs, 34-28-36, Daughter of the great Tolly Queen Indrani Dutta and music director Nandan Dutta.
2. Sreelekha Mitra, 48 yrs, 36-30-38, Bengali film-actress.
3. Maiya Mitra ( Sanyal ), nickname Mou, **yrs, Class-X student of Loretto School of Girls.
4. Mustaq Ahammad, 32 yrs, Leader of a Mafia gang.
5. Surindar Singh, 22 yrs, Mustaq’s right hand.
9. Akash Ganguly, 21 yrs, Son of the great film-actress cum politician Mrs. Rupa Ganguly, Computer Engineer.
______  _______  _______  _______  ________  ________  ______ ______

Next day was Saturday, Gargi went to Kalighat Temple with her husband after finishing her bath in the pious river ‘Ganges’ which she did every week and prayed there for five minutes. She showed her great devotion to ‘The Goddess Maa Kaali’ for showering the leading role as a ‘Mother’ in Abdul Kader’s film “Pujarini Maa” first time.

Although the role was finalised, the renowned producer wanted to take a screen-test just to maintain the formality which was fixed on Sunday. She now was in a jolly mood as she started singing her favourite ‘Rabindrasangeet’…… ‘mor bina othe kon sure baje’. Just when she received a phone call while she was returning from the temple with a ‘Thali’ to the car.

“Congrats Gargi… my daughter informed me yesterday that you’ve gotten a chance in Kadershab’s film Pujarini Maa… Good luck,” from other side Indrani chimed.

“Yes… it’s not my credit Indu, it’s a blessing of the almighty God. But it’s also same to you…. your daughter Rajnandini is also playing a role as the main heroine in this film with me,” Gargi returned her friend’s good-wishing with some jealous tone because she tried her best to acquire that role for her own daughter Pallabi.

“Yes Gargi… I’m really glad for that. You know she is undoubtedly a promising actress…. and she has proved it in her debut film ‘Uranchandi’. However I would be glad if I got her mother’s role and we could act in the film as real ‘mother-daughter’….but now I’m even more glad that at least my best friend is doing that role,” Indrani smiled happily showing her love to Gargi.

Next morning Indrani was busy in her morning ‘Puja’ before the Goddess in her worship room with her husband Nandan and daughter Rajnandini…. praying for her daughter’s confirmation about the role in Abdul Kader’s film. Completing the puja, she put a small tip of vermilion on Rajnandini’s forehead.

“Kadershab is genuinely a great man…. he appreciates your performance in your first film. So don’t worry and be free yourself in front of him….. follow his instructions properly. I’m sure you haven’t any problem to achieve the role. Just do what he says,” Indrani advised her anxious daughter.

“OK Maa, as you say…..”, saying this the obedient actress touched her parents feet and seek their ‘Ashirbad’. The proud parents blessed their only daughter one by one by touching their palms on her head. Smilingly the budding teenage moved to her room.

At 10:00 pm, the Dutta family finished their dinner together chatting about Rajnandini’s next Sunday’s audition…. and at last cleaning the utensils, the mother-daughter went to their respective bedrooms at 11:00 pm.
______  ______  _______  ________  _______  ______  ______  _______

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