Bengalee Film Queen 12

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Episide : 12

Abdul Kader Sk then sat behind his oversized black desk spreading out pictures of the young, promising actress Rajnandini Dutta and reminiscing her Mother Indrani Dutta. He couldn’t forget that day when Indrani came to him to get a chance two yrs ago for his first film in Tollygunge Film-industry. Oh…. what a great body! Her daughter was just a carbon copy of her younger version.

Having the ability to recognize talent and to visualize the actor in the part… made him a successful Casting Director for a major motion picture. Just within two yrs in Tollywood, he was able to create his noticeable identity…. so that now the actresses and actors of both Bengals always desired to get a mere chance in his movie.

Each time when he saw his name rolling onto the screen and offered him most of the movie credits, he felt himself important and dignified. But that was only a part…… actually the major part, he loved most, was behind the screen.

The livelihoods of the struggling young actors and actresses were in his hands. He held the key to their success….their future…. their destiny. He determined who got the career-making part that would make them a big star in silver screen, or the part to put food on the table.

In his early thirties, Kader wasn’t a “lady’s man.” Nevertheless, he was always around both the young and mature, beautiful actresses… just now he was currently auditioning. The role was a leading heroine of his new film “Pujarini Maa”, and he wanted a fresh face…. and decided to take Rajnandini…. reminiscing her mother’s hot body.

A rarity in this industry where a huge upfront investment wasn’t required. The requirements, in addition to being an unknown, were simple. She needed to be able to act….. her appearance and mannerisms needed to match that of the character she portrayed.

But Kader added a spl type of requirement…. and the actress had to earn the part fulfilling those queries. He quickly studied the photographs and bio of Rajnandini. The actress’s physical appearance met the requirements….. i.e.18 to 25 years old….. long black hair….. 5’3″ to 5’5″ tall since the leading hero was only 5’7″, and slim.

He looked up when she walked in. “Hello Sir, my name is Rajnandini Dutta….. daughter of Indrani Dutta…. Mamoni surely intimated……”

Kader pointed to a black wooden chair matching his desk. “Get comfortable first….. don’t need to be introduced. Your mother has already done that. And I’m really impressed by your debut film Uranchandi…. it’s fantastic.”

Hearing her appraise, the aspiring actress felt herself proud. She sat down and tilted her legs to the side with her knees together and ankles crossed. She presented her credentials and answered his planned questions. Then one of his assistants was summoned to help with the audition by reading the leading hero’s lines. When the reading was completed, the man left.

“Very nicely done,” Kader said.

“Oh, thank you very much.” Rajnandini looked happy.

“I think you may be what we’re looking for.” He noticed the hope in her eyes as she shifted to the edge of the chair. “But there are more requirements than acting. You have to meet the physical requirements also. As you’re not a novice in this job, you’re quite aware of that”.

“Oh Yes…. but not fully. What I’ve to do?” She looked at him with a confusing mode.

“Just the screen test….  at first raise your dress.” He promptly answered.

“What!” Rajnandini looked at him being puzzled by his instruction.

“Actually there will be some beach scenes and a bath scene in a fountain and I need to make sure your legs are acceptable.”

“I’m sorry, but my mother didn’t tell me about that scene.”

“Maybe your mother seemed it a common matter and needn’t to describe it elaborately. So now please show your legs.”

“But…. I….. I…..”

Kader glanced at his watch and then back at the young actress. “Miss Dutta, I don’t have all day.”

He had seen the expression on her face many times. He would have been disappointed if she reacted differently. And he knew  that Indrani’s daughter would stand up in few seconds…. yes she did. Bending forward, she grabbed the hem of her knee-length skirt and lifted it to her mid-thighs.

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