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Why is it that women tend to think that sex fixes every argument, disagreeing or debate? Sometimes they even call it make up sex or mercy sex.

I’m not really complaining but sex doesn’t fix everything especially when I am pissed off that I find out at work last Monday that the woman who is supposed to be proud of the $6k engagement ring that she is wearing, decided to drink a little too much last Saturday night while I was working and fucked some asshole from the club. I’m not so sure that make up sex is going to fix this one. I doubt a passionate blowjob would do the trick. She does have beautiful tits but I’m not sure that I want to suck on the gorgeous nipples that some asshole was sucking on a few nights ago. I can’t even think about her cunt. Trying to think about going down on her freshly shaved twat turns my stomach now, I don’t want to taste some asshole’s cum and worse of all my future bride enjoying a series of orgasms induced by some other guy.

There is only one way I would allow myself to move on from Katrina’s selfish, immature, immoral heart destroying act and it has nothing to do with sex of any kind with her.

Katrina is Hot with a extraordinary beautiful hour glass figure, long dark brown hair, big red nipples. I could never deny. 23 years old and loves to fuck.

However, we have been arguing all week, I was friggin stressed, and horny but I was not going to lower myself to her standards. I wanted to make up but she had to pay and it wasn’t going to be with the one thing that got her in trouble in the first place.

We got Invited to her sisters high school graduation and the party afterwards. When Ashley took her cap and gown off, i never noticed the knockout body that 18 year old snotty bitch had. My dick was liking what I was seeing. I began watching her and everything that she did. I watched her mouth and imagined her sucking my cock, I watched her boobs move around inside her shirt, sometimes her nipples were hard and i got to admit i wanted to fuck her. I made sure that Katrina could see that I could have interest in other woman, even her sister.

Ashley caught me checking out her tits and gave Katrina a deviant smile. I am sure that Ashley could my imagined cock pumping her pussy.
What I understood was she only had one boyfriend and he was a dweeb. They didn’t have sex very much, he was too much into playing those role playing card games.

All while I was scoping out Ashley I was being watched by Katrina. I guess that I wasn’t very covert. , but I didn’t want to be. I was expecting Katrina to be pissed but she just smiled at me. I blew her a kiss to let her know that I still love her and to cut the tension.

I made my way out to the pool with a beer in hand, kicked off my flip flops to dangle my feet in the water. Katrina sat along side me and began to nibble on my ear. “I miss you , I am so sorry, I really want to make it up to you.” I told her to give me time.

Over the following week we talked some but I wasn’t ready to touch her yet. She needed to learn that she couldn’t just do that to me.

One Friday I called her at lunch time and asked her to come home that I missed her and sleep at night.

She was there when I got home. We hugged and kissed. It was nice to slide my hand up her shirt and discover that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I always loved her 38-D tit and her plump hard nipples. I couldn’t wait to fuck her, it had been almost a month since the incident.

She promised that my cock would ever be the only one in her cunt again.

It had just gotten dark when I took a shower to go to bed. When I came out of the bathroom I could see that Katrina was already under the covers in the king size bed. As soon as I crawled in Katrina went under the covers and grabbed hold of my cock to suck on it. Wow did I miss her blowjobs. I reached for her boobs but she pushed my hand away.

After another minute or so she moved up on top of me. Wow her cunt was tight and wet, then I opened my eyes . Holy shit it wasn’t Katrina, it was Ashley. I demanded her to stop but Katrina’s voice carried in from the closet. “No baby, you enjoy my sisters pussy and everything else. Tonight is the one and only night that you will ever get a pass. Please forgive me.”

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