Neighbour girl

Hello guys my name is John I’m 23 year old good looking boy.
Ok let’s go to the story. This incident happened two months ago. I came Mumbai for my higher studies my family are I’m Bangalore. So I got a house for rent. It is big apartment contains several houses.

One of the house near mine is that girl’s house. Her name is Swetha. She has sexy body nice and curvy.

She is 5’6 inch and her size is 34-28-30. We are studied in same college but different department. We are good friends in few days. We both shared the numbers and we chat for long time. One day she invite me to her house. I went to her house and noticed that there is no one in her house. I asked her about her parents she said that they went to their relative marriage at Kolkata. So they return to house for more than a week. She is alone in the house because of our exam.

So we planned to make group study. And one day she sent her bikini photo to me. I watch the photo and asked her why did you send this. She said if you want to see this Live came to my house. Then I suddenly went to her room. She sat in sofa and wear salwar. Then I show the chat and asked why are you send me this. She said I want you.

She came closer to me my heart beat is slowly raised. She came very close to me and she kissed my lips. Then I also enjoyed that and I gave her kiss for long. Then we both went to bedroom and closed the door. I went near to her. And slowly removed her pant. I saw her sexy thighs it is big and so soft. And slowly move to the top and remove her salwar then she is in blue colour bra and blue colour panty. It was so nice to her hot cleavage. I touched her cleavage and I insert my thumb inside her bra and other fingers holding from the outside of bra and pressed her boobs for many time. She enjoys it and moan like awwwww.

Then she removed my t shirt and shorts. We both are still half nude. And I turned her to remove her strap and I touch and lick her shoulders nicely. And I unhook her bra and I removed it her back is sooo sexy. Then I go down to remove her panty. Then she is fully naked in front of me. Then she removed my underwear and took my dick (5 inch) and hold it in her hands and she started to rub it gently. She gave me a blow job beautifully. I got cum outside and put the cum on her whole body then she cleaned my dick.

Then I wear a condom and started to fuck her. I slowly insert my dick into her hot shaved pussy. Then I make it fast and hard. She moaned for a lot. After I fucked her with several positions we both were tired. We sleep for some time. And I woke up and saw her big boobs then I started to squeeze it. Then I lick her nipples and bite it and she also woke up with tired face and I hugged and kissed her to get her brisk. After this we made it till her parents return. We both are sleep, bath and eat together. And we both didn’t wear any clothes on those days. It was a golden week for me.

And after that when was she got mood she came to my house and gave me a blow job and I also used her at anytime.

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