Banging my brother. Surprised by mom too…. Part – 1

Hey everyone, myself Rhea. I’m 22 years old, 5’8 tall and a state level athlete for my college. Currently I’m wrapping up my masters and going back to my hometown Ahmedabad for a break and searching for job.

I’ve missed my family a lot in these past 5 years and I’m really excited to see my family and live a little carefree. Well enough about me.

In this story I’m about to tell you how I lost my virginity to my elder brother Rohan and how it improved our sex lives from there.

The story begins as…

It was a normal day at the college. Everyone was happy about the college being over and going back to their previous lives. Truth be told, it was a bittersweet moment for me. Though going back to my family sounded exciting, I was a little sad for leaving everyone from college. But that’s the reality of life. I packed my luggage and left for the airport.

It was a pleasant flight after knowing that I might never visit this city again. I reached Ahmedabad and as I exited the airport, my dad was waiting for me. I hugged him tightly and started crying after finally returning at home. He said mom & Rohan couldn’t come because of mom’s appointment. I told him it’s ok and let’s go home. We reached home after 30 minutes and once inside, I saw mom & Rohan waiting for me with my favorite sweets. I hugged mom and cried again. When I didn’t move for 2 mins, Rohan came beside us and said, “You do realize I’m here too right.” I let go of mom and hugged him. He took me in a tight embrace and did a spin. I don’t know what was about that hugged that I loved so much.

A little description about my family, Rohan 24 years old and 6ft tall, with a muscular build. Currently he’s working as remote editor for a successful YouTube channel. He’s somewhat conscious about his diet & physique, that’s the reason he has been able to maintain his muscular frame. My dad is a 47-year old guy, somewhat muscular, but also has a huge waist. Last I know he & mom were fighting about sex when I was only 16. Rohan & I have never let them know that we heard that conversation. My mom is what you’d say an indian milf. She’s the reason I was able to become a state level athlete. Just like Rohan, she too is very conscious about her diet & workout. She’s 44 years old and as tall as me. Honestly I’ve always envied her abs and I still do. Not that I hate her, but her abs are one of the reason I motivated myself to work harder and now I finally have them too.

After the meet & greet Rohan kept all my belongings in the room and we sat for lunch. The lunch was great and I was transported to my life when I didn’t leave for studies. After lunch I went to my room, only to find it filled with household stuff, with no place for a human being. Mom told me to share Rohan’s room for 2 days and they’ll shift the stuff in the meantime. I didn’t argue because I was exhausted after the flight. I expected Rohan’s room to be as messy as it was 5 years ago, but when I entered it I was stunned. His room, was the nicest room in the house and even smelled better. He came behind me to bring me out of my dream and said, “Like what you see honey.”

I came out of the dream and replied, “Am I seriously in the right room?” He laughed and said, “I’m not the irresponsible man who took life for granted just like 5 years ago. I’ve responsibilities too Rhea. P.S. A lot could change in 5 years.” I didn’t reply and went straight for the washroom. When I came back, I went to see Rohan’s office room and this time too I was too stunned to speak. “Well that’s a nice upgrade from your old gaming laptop.” He once again laughed and said, “Not only that, look at the TV. You knew how we dreamed of having a Samsung QLED 8K, I got that too. Thought of keeping it as a surprise when you return.”

I was over-joyed with the TV and I suddenly asked, “You paid for everything in the room and dad didn’t object.” He replied, “In fact the complete opposite, he & mom both were proud when I finally build this room, the equips, the lighting and we even have a PS5.” I completely forgot to tell you about the office / entertainment room. The room consisted of a 3 screen ultimate gaming PC, a Samsung QLED 8K TV, a little snack cabinet in the corner, a PS5 pro and 4 recliner sofa chairs for the movie night. I replied with teary eyes, “You built our dream room all alone, I don’t even know what to say.”

He just hugged me and said, “Well technically dad paid for the sofa-chairs, so I wasn’t entirely alone, but yeah I did most of the ground work. As for you, if you need to enter the room, you need to pay the fees.” I punched him in the arm and said, “What do you want?” He replied, “A kiss will do.” I went near his cheek to kiss him, but at the last moment he accidentally looked at me and our lips touched. I pulled back in horror, but before I could react we heard someone’s steps, so Rohan quickly went back to his work. Mom entered the room and saw us as she said, “So how do you feel about the room honey? Rohan & I both decided to keep it a surprise so we could see the happiness in your eyes. I hope he didn’t charge fees from you, as he did from me.” Rohan smiles and mom slaps his shoulder, “You… I can’t believe you did.” He replied, “Relax mom, she liked giving it too.” Mom then leaves for doing her household work and I’m still standing in shock. Rohan calms me and says it’s alright, it happens.

I then went back in his room to rest a little and started watching movies on my phone. Dinner time arrives and once again we’re seated together. Everyone – including me – is enjoying a nice family dinner. I once again talked with Rohan before dinner and was relieved to see him not making a big deal about my little mistake. After dinner we all decided to watch a movie since it was a Friday night. In the office room, dad was sitting on one end and I was on the other. Mom was seated beside dad and Rohan in between mom & me. The room was pitch black and the only light we had, was from the TV screen. It really was a wonderful experience watching the movie with my family, but it was tiring as well.

After the movie, mom & dad went in their room and I went in Rohan’s room with him. When he locked the door I said, “Bro why are you locking the room?” He replied, “Look don’t say anything to mom & dad, but when you were in college, I used to sleep naked in the bed. Before you react don’t worry, those are the new sheets you’re sleeping on. I made sure that the maid changed them. I’m not comfortable in wearing any clothing, but with you I’ll wear my boxers. I hope you’re comfortable in it. If you want, I can wear full clothes too.” I took a minute to process what he said and replied, “Don’t worry big bro, underwear is fine. Even I used to sleep naked in my dorm room, since I didn’t have a roommate.” We laughed and only wore the bare minimum inners as we slept.

In the middle of night, I saw Rohan sleeping, but I was far from asleep. I was admiring his muscular body, huge biceps and chiseled jaw. God, how did he became this hunk of a man in my absence. I slowly went near him and carefully examined his body. I wondered how big his cock was going to be. Though I have controlled myself to make it too obvious, but the truth was that I was being attracted towards my big brother. How could I not be? He certainly had a huge glow up in my absence and we even kissed once. I don’t know what was happened or where this attraction was coming from, but I knew one thing: I wanted more of him.

I started touching his arms and they were hard. His chest and abs were like a rock too. His clean shaved jaw smelled really well because of his after shave. I was roaming my hands on him, when he suddenly turned and hugged me in his sleep. I didn’t move at all, not wanting to wake him up and ending the moment, I stayed still. However instead of sleeping again, my horniness got the better of me and I started fingering myself. I knew it’ll take me at least 40 minutes before I climax, but I didn’t care and kept fingering myself carefully. As I was on the verge of having an orgasm, I suddenly felt Rohan’s arms pulling me closer and our lips smashing together in a heated kiss. I didn’t even react and thought about this as a dream, but when I felt another hand in my pussy fingering me, I opened my eyes in horror and saw Rohan wide awake.

He was completely lucid and was kissing me to keep my moans suppressed. His fingers were in the absolute right place and I feel myself becoming a puddle, as I climaxed in his tight embrace. When the orgasm was over, I fell back on the bed and when I opened my eyes, Rohan was on top of me – completely naked. He just kissed me once more and this time even more passionately. He tried to push his cock in my virgin pussy, but it couldn’t at first. After a little struggle he put in a couple of inches and it pained as hell. He pulled back a little and went even harder this time with 6 inches inside me. I said in pain & suppressed voice, “Rohan – ahhhhh – ummmmm – you’re tearing me apart.” My voice fell on deaf ears, because this time he thrusted and his entire 8 inches were inside me. I would’ve yelled in pain, if it wasn’t for his hand holding my mouth tight shut. I literally couldn’t even move and he on the other hand kept pounding my pussy as if there’s no tomorrow.

I swear I couldn’t do anything, even if I wanted. My body wouldn’t listen to me and Rohan wouldn’t go any slower. We were both possessed with lust for one another so much that I felt myself scratching his back. All my pleads to take it easy was motivation for him to go even harder. Oh god, if only I would’ve slept at my place, I wouldn’t be having my pussy pounded mercilessly, by this gorgeous man. After some time, I couldn’t even feel pain in my pussy. All my thoughts went blank and my body started reciprocating. My hips went upwards to match his thrusts and my hands on his handsome face, pulling it close in another kiss. This time the kiss was more romantic and it lasted a lot longer. I hugged him in pain & pleasure and he got me closer to my climax.

He could sense that I was about to climax again, but this time he kept me on the edge for long. He knew exactly what to do so that I don’t finish. I just got so frustrated and almost yelled. But he at that time, bit my neck and then we finished together. I felt our juices running from my pussy and felt the bed getting wetter with each thrust. Fuck, I didn’t know I’d cum this much. After it was over, I was completely spent. I saw Rohan pulling out and as for me, I stayed where I was and didn’t remember losing the consciousness. Before I went into my slumber, I felt Rohan pulling me closer and hugging me. He whispered, “I love you Rhea. You’re the best.” I tried to say it back but couldn’t do it.

Next morning…

I woke up early next morning and checked the time – it was 07:30. I found the other side of bed to be empty and thought Rohan & mom must’ve gone to gym. Then I suddenly got up in horror as I remembered what happened last night. I immediately saw my pussy and it was clean as if nothing happened. I even checked the bed and it was dry as new. Was last night just a dream? Even if it was then it was the best dream. I really would’ve loved to fuck my big brother and experience him pounding his meat in my virgin pussy.

After getting out of the bed, I put on some clothes and went in the kitchen to drink some water. It was 08:30, mom & bro would be home anytime. I thought to cook breakfast for them and prepare a little surprise. I made a normal breakfast and prepared their drinks as well. I was right, they both arrived exactly at 09:00 and judging by their sweaty clothes I can say they did a pretty heavy workout. As mom saw this she said, “Oh sweetheart, why did you take the trouble? You should’ve just said it to me. You should enjoy the weekend too.” I replied, “It’s alright mom. Besides you look like you did some heavy workout. You should get a bath and come to eat, we all know dad’s not getting up before noon.” We laughed on this and mom went for a bath.

Rohan was drinking water and as I saw mom left, I immediately asked him, “Did something strange happen last night?” He just made a confused face and said, “Strange as in…?” I said, “Did I say or do any weird stuff last night?” Rohan smacked his lips and said, “You were saying fuck me, fuck me, oh god. I understood you were having a wet dream, so I thought not to embarrass you and bury this.” My entire face was red with embarrassment, but I was relieved too by knowing that he doesn’t know that the dream was about him. He kept a hand on my shoulder in support and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything to anyone.”

I sighed in relief and he started to walk towards his room. I went to drink water too, but as I was about to pick up my glass, Rohan yanked me to the kitchen counter, by my shoulders and started kissing me wildly. This time however, I was completely conscious and put my hands behind his head, pulling him closer. He pulled back from the kiss and said, “I knew I was a good fuck. Didn’t know I was that good. Last night was completely real and I did fuck your brains out.” Before I had time to react, he bit my neck and carried me to his room.

He threw me on the bed backwards and we both removed our clothes. Before I even had a chance to take a look at him, he pushed my face down, by holding my hair and started dry humping me from behind. Oh god, finally this was happening and this time I was able to experience it to the fullest. My big brother pounding me mercilessly and using me as her sex toy. I don’t even know when I developed these feelings for him, but one thing was for sure that this was going to be the start of something truly amazing.

I was finally able to turn my face and said, “Oh fuck Rohan, pound my pussy like you own it. You took my virginity, now it’s yours.” He pulled my hair and said, “Who told you to speak slut? It’s master for you, understood?” He said that and spanked my ass. I just moaned and he gave another spank, “I don’t hear you.” I moaned, “Y-y-yes mas-master.” After that he let me go and I was on all fours. He grabbed my waist and this time, I was being moved back & forth for his pleasure. Several loud moans escaped from my mouth, not even thinking that our parents can hear us. No, that thought really didn’t come to my mind. Right now I was on a sexual high and I was loving it.

I didn’t know what nerves Rohan hit, but I just had a crashing climax. I literally felt my thighs getting wet and just fell down. Rohan pulled my hair and said, “I didn’t say you can take rest. Besides, who even gave you permission to climax.” He once again spanked my ass and this time without warning, he entered my asshole. This pain was unbearable and I even tried to move from there, but he held my hands in place and kept thrusting inside me. I was crying from pain, but he didn’t seem to care. He only cared about one thing, fucking me till I pass out. I knew if I said something, I’d only receive more pain, but still I said, “Master plea-please go slow. I can’t ohhhhhh mmmmmm.”

He let one of my hands go and started squeezing my boobs. I realized that my plea fell on deaf ears. What could I even do? I was lying face down on the bed, with his muscular frame fucking me and preventing me from moving. He was in perfect position to do anything that comes to his mind. Fuck, even though it was hurting so much, this is my big brother who was fucking me. Someone who just happen to be my fantasy from yesterday and still I was letting him. Well, it’s not like he’d stop if I say him but I initiated it. One thing was for sure, I was in love with him and need him to fuck me like this everyday. I finally said, “Master I’m about to cum.” He replied, “Then do it little slut.” I was surprised, but I didn’t hold back and kept cumming until I felt completely drained out and he too emptied his balls in my ass.

After he pulled out, I felt my asshole was literally empty and a lot lose than before. I heard another female moan behind me and it was none other than my own mother. She was sitting on a chair and turns out she had been watching us the entire time. Right now she was cleaning Rohan from our juices by sucking him. Judging by the chair, she too climaxed sometime when Rohan was fucking me.

He said, “Did you enjoy the show bitch?” She just nodded her head in a yes while he was still in her mouth. I had so many questions about my life, but both of them just came on the bed on my either side and started sucking my boobs. I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure.


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