Inspector’s Revenge

Dharmesh was a 40 year old inspector who had hots for me ever since he laid his eyes on me. We used to live in the same society, so our meets were frequent. He was sweet but I never saw him as a boyfriend. Mainly because of the huge age gap and the fact that he wasn’t a very handsome guy.

I on the other hand was a very sexy 19 year old girl that most people desired. I used to be a very choosy girl. I have had 100s of proposals all thanks to my beautiful face, smooth pale skin, my 34D breasts, thin waist of 28′ which was still very fleshy, and round big ass of 32′. But I was still single and virgin as I never liked anyone.

Out of those proposals (whose count I had already lost) was a proposal from Dharmesh.
I rejected him and he didn’t take it well. “You deserve much better, I’m young and immature”, I told him in front of the band he had hired to sing while he proposed me. But he didn’t seem to buy it. It must have been humiliating for him. He had anger in his eyes, I think he knew exactly why I rejected him.

He was definitely planning for revenge and was waiting for the right moment. My parents had gone out of town. I was getting ready to go out for a party at my friend’s place. I wore a sleeveless black cotton one piece that hugged my body revealing my hourglass figure. I liked to turn heads at party, it made me feel special when guys oggled at my breasts and thus left bra out of the equation. My big cleavage was clearly visible and my boobs jiggled at every step.

I heard a bell as I was applying my dark red lipstick. I opened the door and a familiar face greeted me “Hello Garima, how are you? you look gorgeous.” I was shocked to see Dharmesh. I invited him into the house out of courtesy. He didn’t seem very nice from his expressions. There was a strange smirk on his face. His eyes looked as if they were undressing me. “I’ll get you water”, I said as I turned around and closed the door. Putting one step ahead he held my wrist in the metal grip of his palm. “I’m not here for water, I’m here for something that you won’t give me if I asked nicely. Something that you would give to a rich snob with a handsome face. But not a genuine guy like me who treats you nicely everyday.”

Sensing his intentions I did the first thing I thought of. In order to get out of that situation I lunged at Dharmesh, hoping to tackle him to the ground but slamming into his 6 feet body felt like I had thrown myself facefirst into a brick wall! Turning me to the wall he seized my breasts, mauling them with an intense ferocity while yelling abuses at me, I began squealing in pain as he twisted my nipples, stopping only briefly to undo his pants and lift my one piece before he pinned me again to the wall. Without warning, he tore my panty and pressed forth, I felt his unlubricated cock pressing against my virgin asshole. He whispered in my ears “I want to enjoy you but also punish you, and fucking your vagina would be good. But anus, that will remind you of me for atleast the next whole week every time you sit.” “No please nooo, not in there. I have never done it before, it’s too tight.” I begged, he whispered “even better” as he started penetrating me regardless of my begging. The painfully dry, excruciating sensation made me scream out in pain…! As tears flowed down my cheeks from the pain, he lowered my top and clutched my pale soft tits that were now revealed to him and proceeded to thrust back and forth mercilessly, pounding as my screams got louder…! Sobbing pathetically and begging him to stop only yielded more furious thrusting and ass-ramming, as he went balls deep inside my ass. Soon, he came inside me furiously, letting out a low moan of pleasure… torn apart by pain, and feeling his cum bubbling out of my asshole, I collapsed, exhausted, and blacked out.

I had flashes of being taken into a car and taken to a room with a single light bulb as I was mostly unconscious from the pain I had endured. What I thought was the end was only the beginning of my punishment. The next time I was completely conscious I was in a room where police usually take prisoners for third degree. I was laying naked before 6 nude constables all waiting impatiently for me to get conscious. With disgust I saw their unappealing hairy bodies, with some of them having bellies as big as a watermelon. They were stroking their cock waiting for orders from Dharmesh. He wanted me to be conscious when the group ravaged me.

Grinning he gave orders to begin to show of the exploitation of each and every fuckable part of my body. The group of constables charged at me before I even had a chance to react to them, overwhelming me with their weight and strength as they brought me down! As I kicked and screamed futilely, they seized hold of my head while pinning my body down.

One of them pressed forth, holding my legs apart while penetrating my cunt, making me scream out as his strangely lubricated cock squeezes in past my vaginal walls! Blood started dripping as I lost my virginity that I was saving for the right moment. I had lost it to random man whose name I didn’t know. Nor do I remember his face anymore. At the same time another cop grabbed my neck and guided my head forward, brushing his pulsating cock against my lips! I tried to keep my mouth jammed shut, but as the cop near my pussy started thrusting into it I screamed out, only to have my mouth filled with cock, turning my protests into choked gurgles!

The two cops had their way with me, while their fellows waited for their turn! Both my pussy and my mouth were fucked raw with vicious poundings…! Soon their cocks were pulsating even faster, making my body twitch with strange, prickling pleasure as their cum flooded down my throat, up my womb, and across my face! I gasped for breath as the cops pulled out…! But my relief was to be short-lived… Without letting up, as the first two cops came, those waiting for their turn immediately carried on with my brutal gangbang, pounding into my pussy and down my throat! I was gangbanged for hours, by the six cops forming different pairs, pulsating cocks sliding in and out of my pussy, my throat, plastering my entire body with thick semen, and fucking me continuously.

I had almost passed out again. The feeling I had was similar to that of having run a marathon. But the show wasn’t over. He had more things in his mind. I was going through some things that were unimaginable for me. A constable picked me up and walked me into another room. As my weak eyes adjusted to the change in the surroundings, I realised I walked into a jail cell, I became very aware of multiple sets of hungry, horny eyes, glaring at me expectantly… I immediately turned on my heels and tried to sprint out of there, but the ravenous gang of prisoners were having none of it!

They immediately pounced, cocks out, swearing and yelling in mayhem! Within moments the prisoners had me pinned from every angle! I felt their rough sweaty bodies brush against mine, hard hair scraping against my pale skin as I was forced onto the ground in doggy position! I felt one of them breathing on my face, directly beneath me, hugging me tight, his hairy chest pressing against my melons.

While another mounted me from the top, eagerly digging nails into my soft fleshy waist, and a third one paced near my face… All three guys twitching, erect hairy dicks, drooling with precum, their masculine musk drowning me in a sensual stench of primal desire as they clawed and ripped my dignity, turning it to shreds…

The man by my face bunched my hair in his hand and pulled my head towards his cock while proceeding to pump his dirty cock ruthlessly past my plump lips, making me let out a stifled protest before my mouth is filled with acrid piss like tang… The two other men begin to thrust madly, almost blindly, as they tried their best to penetrate me from every hole, eventually succeeding after multiple frantic tries, penetrating me anally and vaginally… I felt my pussy clamp down on the cocks and my anal passageways squeezing tight, while throat was almost swollen shut by the cock in my mouth, making me gag and sputter…

My discomfort meant little to the prisoners if anything, it only turned them on, driving them to hump my face, ass, and loins madly, pumping and pounding until my bones ached with their breakneck pace of fucking. My eyes teared up as my throat began to bulge and feel red and raw with the dirty cock scraping in and out of it, while getting fucked by an insane sensation of being utterly filled in both holes!

I felt both the cocks inside my pussy and ass almost scraping next to one another, grinding my inner walls and making me lose my mind in the midst of being tripple penetrated by the horny group…! The pace quickened even more, their cocks swelling, as the trio began moaning, their members pulsating with the unmistakable intent of climaxing…!

One after another, the eager men pumped their cocks rapidly in me and unleashed gooey ropes of human seed deep inside my every orifice! Down my throat, into my pussy, my ass…!

My pussy tightened as the guy beneath me began to grow limp, as if unwilling to let the ordeal end… My throat was finally freed from the horrid smelly cock, and I inhaled sharply…! The indescribable heat of their hot seed pouring into my womb… Then spurting out in gooey little jets as the men dismount, made my eyes roll into the back of my head as I moaned… in want. Not sure why but the cops unlocked the jail cell, the exit was within my reach… the gate was right there! I stared weakly at my escape route, my pussy and ass aching, burning… I looked back at rest of the gang… I swallowed hard…… and I opted to slowly get on all fours, elbows and knees scraping the ground, as I thrusted my ass up, raised my head, and opened my mouth, knowing well I was defeated. I gave up on any self-respect I had…

As the initial trio of freeloaders peeled away, more came from the group, their eyes glowering…wet cocks throbbing, erect, eager, and ready… Whatever resistance I once had, had long eroded, along with my inhibitions… I gyrated against the cock beneath me, stirring up my pussy, arched back into another cock digging into my ass… As my sopping wet anal passageways squeezed the dick in my ass for all it’s worth, I sucked yet another cock in my mouth, making the man shudder and thrust deeply, cumming…

The sounds of my lips working overtime, slurping on that dark cocks slimy surface, gulping down that cum hungrily, filled the air…

Soon some of them also started peeing inside my mouth. I swallowed the copious amounts of pee and cum… all that I could. All that I couldn’t was shot all over me. A mixture of cum, pee, sweat and saliva flowed all over my body, making streams down the floor. Litres of this disgusting mix of liquids had puddled around me. My fucking continued until all 12 of them had enjoyed each and every one of my hole and exploited each and every soft part of my body.

I was drenched and too weak to move when it was all over. 2 cops picked up my weak bruised and injured body and took me to Dharmesh’s home. He bathed me and let me rest in his bed for the next 2 days. When I was at his place he lectured me about how he could have had everything I wanted and could have been his queen. But instead now he will make me do everything he wants and I’m his whore. He told me that now I belonged to him and I was his mistress whom he will fuck me whenever and wherever he wants, and if I ever don’t agree with it, next time I would be in a jail cell with double the men than I was. Although he fucked me when he wished for in those 2 days, the rest that I got was adequate to recover. Fortunately my parents didn’t come for those 2 days and knew nothing about what had happened.

After what happened, I thought to myself, he has turned me into a whore and there’s nothing I can do to change it, then I might as well enjoy it.

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