Enjoying with sister

Hello guys this is Siva i’m 25 years old. My sister name is shuba she is 2 year younger than me. She is gorgeous in look.

Her structure is 34-32-34.

Ok let’s move to the story.

One day my parents went to some family function for a week. Then i drop my parents in railway station and return back to the home. At that time my sister came from bathroom with a towel. I was shocked to see her like this.

Then i looked her completely she remove her towel and I’m surprised to see her big boobs. She noticed that i am watching her then she turned around me. And looked casually and came closer to me my heart beat was raising.

Then she took my hands and placed it in her boobs. Then i pressed it nicely. Her boobs was so nice and soft. Then she came closer to me and we both have a long lip lock session. Then i lift her completely and went to bedroom. And i placed her in the bed and removed my clothes and took my dick and insert in her pussy.

I fuck her hard and i try so many positions. Then i pressed her big boobs and suck it. It is soo soft and drink some milk. After that she gave me a beautiful blow job and i placed the cum into her mouth. She swallows it and went to bathroom and spit it. I followed her and went to bathroom and i turn the shower on.

We both get bath and i got erect again we had an another session. Then we sleep nude. I fuck her daily till my parents return. We both are sleep in the same room after that.

We slept nude daily. I suck her boobs and i do fingering to her and she gave me a blowjob. This routine goes daily. When our parents left the house we involved in sex.

Thank you guys for reading this story hope you loved this.

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