Hypnotized continued….

It’s Saturday night I’m on my knees sucking a old fat stranger in my mom’s driveway moaning like a little girl begging pleading for his hot cum to fill my belly

Two hours ago I was on my knees in a public restroom sucking this same strangers cock.. my first time ever and instantly felt regret after he came in my mouth.

I felt ashamed scared confused and ran home he followed showing me on video sucking his cock telling him how much I love being his little Faggotboi. Hypnotized addicted I lost it seeing me like a slut lust in my eyes.. So now I’m naked in the driveway not caring if anyone sees me lost in the moment of sucking a cock in public so tasty so sexy scary dangerous forbidden..

He grabbed my head shoving his cock deeper in my mouth
Yelling loudly “ You fucking little slut my Faggotboi oooh yes daddy gonna cum seeding your sweet belly “ like he wanted people to hear. For some reason it turned me on. I started to cum yelling screaming
“ Oooh god oh fuck yes ooo my daddy “

Panting nakedonmyknees cum on my face leaking out my mouth I whispered to him “ please mister oh please don’t tell and I won’t we can’t do this anymore it was wrong a mistake probably illegal I’m just a kidd I dint understand what was happening so I’m sorry and never come back “

He slapped me on my face with his cock his cum flying around I yelped kinda in pleasure n pain.

“ You little fucking faggot you know how much you loved sucking my cum drinking my cum moaning begging pleading like a little girl I have you on video, and you are going to do/be anything I want you to I’d hate to see this video of you on the internet or your mom getting a copy of her little sissy boy sucking my big cock”
I was in shock hearing this what was going on I could tell on him but then everyone I know would see the videotape I was getting confused scared nervous again.

“ Get off yours knees cunt you look like a cheap whore covered in cum panting like a bitch in heat go home I’ll get in touch with you”
He grabbed me picking me up like a rag doll kissing me swapping tongues I was never so excited.. I was going to be his cocksucking cumloving Faggotboi

I’m still confused of how much I loved being used by that old man and that after awhile I was moaning begging and at the same time repulsed embarrassed that I let this happened.

It’s been a month since that encounter never seen him again and I finally got it in my mind that it was just a stupid childish mistake.

It was Saturday mom was going to work when yelled out to me that I got a package in the mail she would be home by 3am. Sprinting down the stairs wondering I never ordered or was expecting anything went to my room opened the small box.

WTF.. pictures of me naked sucking this old man’s cock in the restroom my driveway cum on my face pure lust in my eyes.. And a note : my pretty little slut so young so willingly to please your new daddy, inside you will find another package just for you to wear tonight I’ll pick you up at 9 tonight remember it’s our little secret nobody else will know how much you love my cock how I use your pretty sexy mouth like it’s a girls pussy just like you fantasize being a slutty little sissy girl.

At first I got upset saying this isn’t gonna happen it’s gone to far no way but my eyes kept looking at the pictures.. the phone rang startling me I answered hello “ mmmm my pretty boy I see you got the package hope you liked it don’t be late”:

“ What the… how did you get this number and no I’m not seeing you tonight leave me alone “ I hung up

Good I said to myself still looking at the pictures of me sucking cock curious I saw another package opened it and to my surprise.. panties training bra perfume lipstick nail polish all in silky white and a short silky see tru dress.

OMG he wants me to be his little girl all dressed in white his virgin don’t know why but I kinda smiled touching myself when the doorbell rang quickly put my shorts on I confess I was naked reading his note my pictures.

Wondering who this could be it was just past noon I opened the door shocked to see a complete stranger with his pants down his 6” cock hard he was holding a big picture of me sucking that old man and a camera in his hand.

“ What what who the fuck are you what the fuck are you doing showing me your cock in broad daylight anybody can see go get out how did you get here did someone send you how did you get that picture “

I heard him whispered that my daddy sent him he doesn’t like being hanged up on and that as your punishment you have to suck my cock while I take pictures of you naked or else everyone you know will find out your secret “

I barely heard him I was to busy looking at his cock my picture
“ No oooh god no I can’t not here oooh god yes hurry oooh yes fuck my mouth like a cunt seed by belly oooh god yes” I screamed pulling my shorts off going to my knees naked in the front door his cock was perfect for my mouth I let him fuck it harder moaning to him to fuck it like a pussy like a girls sweet cunt.

I’m sucking him he’s snapping pictures he starts to cum pulling out my mouth so he could take pictures of his cum all over my face I smile in the camera looking up I see another guy his pants down playing with his cock filming me.

“ Don’t forget your daddy tonight make sure you wear your sexy slutty lingerie for your daddy now crawl over here and suck my cock while I film you “ he yelled not caring if anybody heard.

I’m in heat this can’t be happening why don’t I care it’s like I want everyone to know that I’m a cocksucking cumloving cock slut

Looking into his video recorder smiling whispering
“Oooh yes I love sucking cocks I’m gonna suck you til you scream in pleasure filling my belly with your hot sweet cum use my mouth like a pussy a cunt seed my belly “ I’m begging naked on my knees

They both leave as I crawled back into the house exhausted spent.. gotta sleep before tonight

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