My First Public Washroom Sexual Encounter

Hi All, my name is Amethyst and I am a transgendered female and lesbian. I have brown hair and eyes and I’m about 5 foot 10 and 175 pounds with somewhat broad shoulders, a small chest, and a big butt, hips and thighs.

This is the story of my first public sexual encounter in a mall washroom. I was just getting off work from Walmart and I stopped into the video game store in the mall to get a video game I had preordered. I was dressed in my work uniform; a black beanie, a white zip up hoodie, a sports bra, a white t-shirt, a black zip up skirt, a pair of white thigh high socks, and a pair of black adidas with no underwear as I liked the freedom of no underwear. I saw my coworker in line as well and we both chatted a bit. She was taller than me and had broader shoulders, and being a bigger woman, she also had a *very* full frame. Her hair was short blonde and spiked up and she wore a black zip up hoodie, black basketball shorts, a white t-shirt, and Air Jordans. As we left with our games I told her I had to go to the girls room.

The mall was closed and so empty but the washrooms were open and she told me she also had to go and we could just get our next buses as she knew the routes well. We went to the washrooms and they were empty. We chose the largest stall and decided to take turns going. I initially turned away but she said it was okay if I watched and so I turned around to see my coworker already buck nude and with her legs spread. I watched as her sweet golden piss flowed over her pussy into the toilet and her ass pushed out the most beautiful snake like turd I had ever seen.

As her bladder emptied and her shit finished coming out, I watched her ass and pussy puckering and gaping. I barely noticed that I had also stripped and was rubbing my cock head through my phimosis-foreskin and letting out small farts. I spread my ass cheeks and sat on the already warm toilet seat. I felt a massive shit pushing out of my ass and I could barely hold my pee back. I let loose and my waste filled the toilet bowl the rest of the way.

Meanwhile my coworker had been bent over in front of me, and I cleaned her ass and pussy for her while using the toilet. Once I was finished and I got up, she got on her knees and began cleaning me. I enjoyed it tremendously and soon enough we were fucking next to the full, disgusting toilet bowl. I fucked each of her holes and she returned the favour to me by fingering my ass. I soon felt like I was going to cum and I decided to shoot it in her mouth, before kissing her.

We swapped my load back and forth for a bit before I swallowed it. We then turned over to the toilet and I snapped a pic of it, proud of how my excrement had clogged it, before leaving to catch the bus.

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