Foursome Fun – Me and my best friend double date

My best friend is Tracey.

We have been friends since high school and have had a fair amount of fun together over the years.

Tracey is married, but not happily. She has had a string of affairs during her married life, not that I fully approve of her cheating, but her husband is an arrogant brute of a man.

She has had many flings and affairs but I have never really been involved in any of them, up until now that is.

We had many a holiday abroad in our 20s and had plenty cock whilst away, even having competitions to see who could pull the most guys whilst on holiday.

She is fully aware of my marriage arrangement with Mike and has met Frank, Bill and Ron on a few occasions, never joining in the fun but fully knowing the details.

She has flirted like mad at these meetings and all the men fancy her rotten. She is a little taller than me, long legs and big titted.

A real ‘blond stunner’ as Frank describes her.

Mike and I get on great with her and our kids also get on well (she has one son.)

To me she has been like family ever since we met all those years ago.

Now recently with all the fun and frolics I have been enjoying with Louise and Simon, it has certainly confirmed to me that I am much more than just bi curious.

Tracey had invited me on a double date the weekend that they actually came up so I had to cancel. We rearranged it for a couple of weekends later.

On our previous holiday fun Tracey and I enjoyed same room fun and have been fucked side by side, swapped guys and shared the same cock, kissed and felt each others tits but had never gone further.

Tracey has been screwing this lad Nathan from her gym for a few weeks now. He is 6 Ft 5, built like the proverbial barn and he also has a younger brother called Jason, or Jase to his mates apparently.

Tracey had mentioned me to them both, and well it ended up with me agreeing to going out dancing and for something to eat with them on a ‘double date.’

Nathan has a flat in the town centre and it was here that we all met.

Tracey had dressed in a green short mini dress, bare legs, matching heels and her ample cleavage was well on show.

As usual I had been set up as her alibi with her husband who was away with his football loving mates for a boozy weekend.

I had dressed to try to impress in a new short red mini dress, matching slutty heels and had on this occasion also left my legs bare, with my gold anklet around my right leg.

I wore a red bra and matching bra set. Tracey wearing a very see through thong and white bra.

After a few drinks at his flat, plenty chat to get to know each other and a bit of flirting, it was out for a meal and then on to a nightclub for a spot of dancing and general fun and some smooching.

Nathan could hardly keep his hands off Tracey and as they danced his muscular arms engulfed her and soon his hands wandered openly over her ass and tits as they smooched. Back in our booth area me and Jase had gotten to know each other pretty well.

He isn’t my type as a rule. He’s far too muscular and tanned for my liking, and I’m sure he spends more time in the mirror getting ready than I do. Certainly the amount of hair and skin products he and his brother used in getting ready way exceeds what many women do!

At the booth we sat next to each other and his hand had strayed to my leg. I didn’t discourage this as I was looking forward to a bit of fun and felt I owed Tracey one as I had backed out on the double date a few weeks earlier.

“Hoy mister,” I said to him as his hand began to stray a bit northwards on my legs. “What you playing at!”

“Just getting a little sly feel of the sexiest woman in here,” he charmingly responded.

“Oh you are smooth!” I replied as his hand stayed exactly where It was.

“I mean it,” he said. “Nath is having great fun with your pal but I prefer my women less curvaceous,” he said.

“What you mean?” I asked. “Are you trying to say my pals fat!” I cheekily responded.

“No of course not,” he quickly said back apologetically.

“I’m only kidding,” I replied.

No one could call Tracey fat she has big tits which naturally lean her to the fuller figure but she is as fit as a flee and goes to the gym at least 4 times a week, after all that’s how she hooked up with Nathan.

“I will take the compliment though,” I said adding, “You ain’t too bad looking yourself!”

“Well thanks for the glowing terms,” he laughed.

He knew he was good looking and that’s partly the kind of thing that turns me away from such types. Over confidence can very easily be arrogance.

In his case I was willing to make the effort though. He had a cracking tight arse and I was eager to get to grips with it and anything else I could get my hands on later.

After a while we were up dancing as well and soon the disco style turned to more intimate smooches and close dances. His hands wandered over my back and slowly round my waist and I have to admit my pussy was getting its usual tingles of thrilling anticipation.

As we smooched a bit his hands strayed to my ass area and I did likewise getting a good handful of his taut arse in my hands. He was now muttering niceties in my ears as we slow danced and I could sense the start of a hard on twitching in his pants.

“Oh that feels nice!” I said as his hands massaged my arse. “And so does that bulge that’s growing here too!” I laughingly teased.

He smiled at me and pushed his hard on into me a little more as we danced closer. As he was much taller than me it rubbed against my tummy and he had a good view down my cleavage as we continued our erotic dance.

“Nice tits,” he said to me ogling down my mini dress.

“Cheeky so and so,” I replied in jest as I again caressed his ass cheeks.

We continued dancing and he spurn me round so that my back was to a wall away from the others.

At this point one of his hands moved from my arse to my front and worked its way up to my tits, he rubbed them gently as we swayed and I sighed as he did so.

“Dirty fucker,” I laughed.

“You’re not complaining!” he said back to me as his hand slipped inside my dress and gave my tit a playful squeeze.

“Hoy mister! Someone might see us,” I teased.

“Then lucky them,” he jokingly replied.

Over his shoulder I could see Tracey was getting much of the same treatment from his brother, except she was in the middle of the dance floor with his hands all over her huge tits.

Jason them moved in for a kiss and I eagerly responded planting a wet and lingering sloppy kiss first onto his lips, and them we fully opened our mouths and really got our tongues working into each other in quite a heated and passionate French kiss. By this point he had his right hand up the front of my mini dress and was playing with my ever dampening, panty encased pussy.

I was so fucking turned on by this point I simply parted my legs in a total brazen manner to allow him better access up to my sopping gash.

“Fucking hell you’re getting me going!” I whispered to him during one of our breaks from kissing.

“I know I can tell, you’re wet as fuck love!” he said and with this he actually slipped a finger past my red knickers and straight up my cunt right there on the dance floor.

“Oh fuck yes,” I hissed back at him as he slowly dipped it up my ever dampening quim.

“You’re a right goer eh love,” he sneeringly said to me.

“You complaining then?” I teased as I writhed onto his finger which was now knuckle deep up me.

“Fuck no!” he said to me. “I love my women married, game for it and a bit slutty,” he added

“Good,” I replied. “Cos I’m all three and in a right fucking slutty mood.”

I had now placed one of my hands on his stiffening bulge and was rubbing it gently as we carried on our dirty embrace

“Lets get back to the booth,” I then said to him.

“What for love?” he asked.

“You will see!” I teased and as I moved away from him, his finger slopped out of me and as the music finished we walked back to the dark booth area.

Once we had taken our seats again Jase cuddled up to me in the corner. We were facing outwards with our backs against a wall.

Tracey was by now heading to the bar area hand in hand with Nathan.

Jase and I resumed our kissing and within seconds my hands were all over his cock and hard on.

I rubbed at his trousers feeling his twitching prick through the material, at the same time he had one hand up my dress toying with my fucking soaking cunt lips and the other was gently massaging my tits.

“Go on get a couple of fucking fingers up me,” I hissed at him.

He laughed adding that I was as randy as Tracey had said.

Without any further prompting two fingers found there way up my fuck tube as he began to roughly prod, poke and finger fuck me under the table.

I wantonly spread my legs to let him get better access, slipping one foot in my red high heel onto the seats beside us.

He was doing his best but it was obvious my knickers were proving an obstacle.

I was also desperate for to get hold of some hard prick by now as well.

“Wait a moment,” I quickly said and with this I straightened myself off and dashed to the ladies room.

Once in there I found an empty cubicle and took my knickers, sliding them down my bare legs and over my red heels, then popping them into my handbag. While in there I gave my clitty a little tease and dipped three fingers up my slippery twat as well.

I was fucking dripping with steaming cunny juice.

With my now bare cunt under my mini dress I calmly walked quickly back into the club area to find Tracey and Nathan sitting beside us.

They were having a good snog themselves and his hands were also all over her huge titties as they embraced.

“It should be easier for you now lover!” I whispered to Jase.

He asked what I meant and I guided his right hand to my dress and up the front. This caught the attention of Tracey and she laughed breaking away from her kiss with Nathan.

“Randy bitch!” she said to me.

“Takes one to know one,” I quipped back.

I then resumed my previous position and spread my legs wide for my young Lothario.Placing my right foot on a chair to our side. My tight mini dress rolled up my legs, showing bare flesh from my red high heels to my thigh area.

My anklet hung and swung around my ankle and shone in the light of the nightclub lights. In this position it allowed Jase to get his full hand working up to my cunt area.

“Fuck me, you are a dirty slag,” he joked realising what was now missing. “You’ve taken your bloody knickers off you randy bitch!” he laughed.

Nathan heard this and both he and Tracey now watched as Jase slipped two fingers easily up my shaved dripping hole.

“Fuck me,” Nathan commented as they watched the two fingers then a third disappear knuckle deep up my aching slit.

Tracey then mumbled something about not being undone and Nathan’s hands began to wander up her little dress too.

I sat in the club, willingly being finger fucked roughly by Jase as Nathan began to do the same to Tracey.

The randy tart had already removed her thong!

“You randy bugger,” I said noticing her bald pussy. “When did you do that?”

“Oh they came off on my last visit to the loo,” she laughed. ” I knew I would want some attention before we get home,” she added.

“You’re a right randy pair,” they both said and the two brothers then continued their sloppy, simultaneous, filthy, finger fucking of us both.

Jason’s hand and fingers were becoming increasingly coated in my cunt juice and after a few minutes of deep pummelling by his fingers I was as turned on as hell.

He played with my clit intermittently at the same time as delving up to my womb with his probing fingers.

Tracey now had four of Nathan’s stuffed up her sloppy cunt as he fingered her roughly as they kissed.

Her tongue was lashing in and out of his mouth as she was clearly almost cumming off on his fingers.

The scene was having an effect on me too. Seeing Tracey’s tiny little dress up around her hips, her left leg splayed wide with Nathan really fucking her aching married cunt hard with his fingers was getting me even more juiced up.

“I want some fucking cock,” I announced to Jase.

“Me too!” Tracey said in reply.

“Lets have a little play and feel before we head back to the flat guys,” I said and with his they removed their heavily coated fingers from our cunnys.

“I wanna taste!” I teasingly said as I looked at Nathans dripping fingers.

“Oh fuck yes. Me too,” Tracey added and so we both swapped positions to eagerly lap up each others pussy juice from the guys fingers.

I savoured her taste knowing that I would be getting to taste it for the first time properly later.

We have shared many guys before and I have sucked many a cock coated in her cum as she has done with me, but I knew tonight would be my first dive into her cunt for real.

We then moved back beside the guys who lent back and allowed us both access to their trousers.

Both by now sported nice stiifys as we unbuckled their trousers and unzipped them releasing two massive, hard cocks as we sat at the table.

We both then began to play with our guys cocks under the table. Both slowly tracing our fingers up and down the shaft length and then giving them a good, hard wank for measure.

I spat into my hand to lubricate Jason’s prick and quickly Tracey followed suit. The music pumping from the disco muted our slopping hand-jobs as we wanked their tools slipping our pumping fists up and down their now slippery wet shafts.

After a few minutes of wanking and teasing I wanted a cock in my mouth.

This was going to prove difficult. At first I thought of getting under the table to suck Jase off but that seemed a bit outrageous and so I lent over and whispered to him.

“I wanna taste you. I want you in my mouth now!” I said to him in hushed tones. Licking his ear as I did so and then ramming my tongue deep into it.

Fuck I was feeling so horny by now!

“Oh fuck yes darling,” he replied.

“What you saying?” Tracey asked and when I told her of my need for a cock in my mouth we then chatted about how we both wanted to suck the guys off before we left he club.

We decided after some persuasion that we could do it at the table as a dare.

They both moved beside each other with me on the one side of Jase as Tracey took up the position beside Nathan.

Their hard cocks still poked out of their unbuckled trousers and it wasn’t too difficult for us to bend over and take them into our mouths from this position.

It must have been obvious to anyone who had been watching us that both Tracey and I were now gobbling on cock.

We both had disappeared from view somewhat and whilst our arses and legs may have been visible our heads weren’t, save for maybe the glimpse of them bobbing up and down as we sucked on hard fucking prick.

I felt so wanton and brazen for doing this but at the same time the thrill was exhilarating and I was gushing juice from my cunt as I took Jase into my mouth.

It was a good sized cock, not huge but ample enough and to have my lips and tongue darting and flicking over its shiny head, then having the full length disappears into my mouth, whilst in such a public place was a massive turn on.

As I sucked and dribbled spit all over his red shiny love truncheon, I could see Traceys mouth literally stuffed with throbbing huge fucking cock.

She had said Nathan was well hung and she wasn’t kidding. She seemed to have only about two thirds of it in her mouth with a good few inches to its base and a set of curls still visible.

We both continued sucking for a few minutes and no one had come over at all.

“I don’t think anyone can see,” Jase said as I continued to lick at his bell end, tracing my tongue over his hole and around his glans.

“Good then I can get you to fucking spunk in my mouth then,” I muttered as I quickly resumed the blow-job.

“Race you!” Tracey said as she also began to bob her head more vigorously on Nathan’s huge cock.

With this it became a contest.

We both dribbled some spit and lashed our tongues up and around each of the guys pricks, then settled into some serious cock sucking action.

As I sped up I could taste the familiar pre cum sweetness oozing from Jase’s cock.

“MMmmmm,” I muttered as I took a breather.

“I love pre cum. Hope your gonna shoot a good load for me to eat lover boy!” I said as I resumed my wanton cock sucking.

Tracey by now was frantically sucking on the head of Nathan’s prick, whilst wanking at the shaft.

“Fucking fill my mouth Nath,” she said to him, in almost too loud a voice.

“I’m gonna fill your mouth don’t worry,” he said in reply. “And my brother will do the same for your married tart of a friend.”

For the next minute or two we really worked on them both. By now Jason had leaked a good volume of pre cum and I could tell by the jerky movements of his bum and hips he was getting closer to giving me what I wanted.

Tracey began to wank him harder then I noticed a trickle from the corner of her mouth. Nathan gave a slight groan and then the trickle became a flood. The dirty bitch had won and he was loading her mouth with what looked like a good wad of his spunk.

It oozed from the side of her mouth as she swallowed, but I know her of old, and she would have known the sight of cum dribbling down a shaft or leaking out of her mouth gets me so fucking horny.

“Oh fuck Tracey yes,” Nathan said as he was obviously pumping her mouth full.

“Shit I’m cumming too bruv!” Jason then announced and my mouth had the first splatters and splashes of his jizz coating the back of my throat as well.

Not to be outdone I made sure that whilst swallowing the majority I let some leak out of the side of my mouth, as I could see Tracey looking across at me.

My mouth was seeded good and after swallowing the several spurts I was being fed, I licked up the amount I had dribbled out the corner of my mouth and also what was off Jason’s shaft.

Tracey had now sat up, licking her lips and using her fingers to trace the outline, removing the remnants of Nathan’s cumload form her red lipstick covered lips.

“Delicious!” she said smiling as she said so.

I did likewise, sitting up and looking around to see if anyone had noticed. It appeared that we had gotten away with it as no one seemed to be paying any extra attention to us.

I also licked my lips clean and reiterated Tracey’s words.

“Fucking delicious!” I said in response.

With this the guys quickly popped their flaccid cocks back into their trousers , zipped themselves up and then headed to the bar to get us all a drink.

Tracey and I would be having a nice wine chaser to wash the spunk down with!

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