More confessions of my hostess antics

I had been contacted by Gordon, one of the men who had been at Fred’s birthday party night, where I had previously acted as a stripper for the evening.

He had got my number via Fred who said he was sure I wouldn’t mind him getting in touch with me.

Gordon had a business night planned for a couple of his work colleagues and also for a couple of prospective clients.

He worked for stationery suppliers as some sort of sales manager. He told me he regularly wined and dined a few clients and that on the last visit from some of his European clients he had let slip about my performance at Fred’s birthday bash.

The men he had told had all been incredibly excited by the telling of the nights activities, and were all horny as hell on hearing about me!

One of the men had cheekily suggested that maybe I would do something similar for them the next time they were over in the UK.

Gordon explained to me that the night was planned for a private members club that he belonged too.

He had pre-organized a private session in one of the function rooms and that an evening of cards had been organized following a business meeting the same day.

I was told that on confirming the trip one of the guys, Pieter a Dutchman, had asked if he had spoken to me about acting as a hostess for them.

The upshot was that I tentatively agreed to do it.

I felt a bit awkward at first as whilst I had met both Gordon and Jack at Fred’s party, I hadn’t clapped eyes on the other three men who were to be in attendance. These men were Pieter, Gunter and a chap called Raj.

The two Dutchmen were staying over in a local hotel, whilst Raj was a local Asian businessman who had a chain of stores/ shops in Scotland.

After a chat with Gordon and a lengthy discussion about what he wanted me to do and what I agreed to in return it was all arranged.

I was to be paid a fee for my participation.

Now, I know that sounds really cheap and slutty and the fact is that I felt a bit odd about it.

At first I thought it was akin to selling myself. A chat with Fred and a couple of the other guys eased my mind somewhat. Basically I was being offered expenses for my time and travelling etc.

I already had my car repaired for “favours” done in the past, so why not accept a little bit of money too?

The fact remained though: I was probably going to have sex with men and this time I would be directly be receiving cash for it.

To be honest the thought not only worried me, but also thrilled me a little bit too.

The night in question drew closer and I had decided on a couple of outfits for the evening. I thought once at the venue I would let Gordon decide which one I would wear for my hostessing.

I chose a tiny French maids outfit as one of my choices and the other was a kind of sexy secretary get up. A very short and I mean very short, black leather mini skirt, white see through top and a pair of black high heels.

I had also bought two pairs of black seamed stockings, one fishnet and the other silk. I also had a nice matching suspender set, panties and bra.

The evening came and I was collected by taxi to be driven to the venue. I was instructed by Gordon that I had to be sensibly dressed to arrive, so had chosen a smart white trouser suit. He informed me that a changing room would be available for me to get changed into on arrival.

Once at the club, I was quickly ushered up a luxuriously carpeted hallway and up some stairs to a stylish meeting room.

I was introduced to the men one by one, each of them being thoroughly charming and exactly my type. All older males, all married and all of normal build. No body builder types.

Raj was about 6 ft. tall, stocky without being fat and he had a charming smile and seemed a real gent.

Pieter and Gunter were very similar. Both obviously sharp business men, they wore expensive looking suits and smart shoes, the mark of a true gent I always find! Both men were blonde, about 6 ft. tall and slim built.

Gordon and Jack I had obviously previously met and knew fairly well. They both scrubbed up well as we say, and had both made the effort.

Once we were fully introduced I was offered a drink and they complimented me on my looks, my hair etc. I had decided to wear my hair in pigtails, again I know a lot of men like this look.

I then had couple of G&Ts whilst we chatted and then suggested I could get changed whilst they began their first hand of poker.

My duties were to be simple. They wanted me to make sure their glasses were filled, and that they had snacks if they wanted them and of course, the odd grope and fondle was on the cards as well.

Raj in particular seemed eager to get me changed, commenting on my tits asking if I liked them tweaked and played with.

I offered no resistance to such naughty talk and made sure the guys knew I was game for more than just a grope and fondle.

I reciprocated by using a bit of naughty language back telling Raj that I did like my ‘Tits played with,’ but added that ‘I prefer my pussy taken care of.’

Raj had already used a few swear words, the others quickly joining in. The Dutch guys spoke impeccable English, and obviously knew a few of our dirtier words too!

Gordon had decided that I should wear the secretaries’ outfit to start with and he had told the guys that if I was feeling up for it then maybe some stronger fun would be on the cards.

I was then shown to the adjoining cloak room to get changed, my heart racing as I coolly stepped into it to get ready for my evening of fun and frolics.

Once inside the room I quickly set about changing. I applied some heavy make up to set the tarty tone right, decided on my seamed silk stockings and then popped on my bra and panties set. Once my suspenders were positioned to hold up my stockings I made the effort to squeeze into the tiny, ridiculously short leather mini skirt.

It didn’t even begin to cover the tops of the stockings.

Once that was on, it was on with my blouse, making sure I left three of the top buttons undone.

I admired myself in the full length mirror playing with myself as I did so and then gulped a couple of slugs of my G&T for courage.

As soon as I made an appearance through the door I was greeted with wolf whistles, cries of sexual delight and I knew the guys were enjoying themselves already.

I had begun to get the warm, wet and hot sensation in my quim. Whilst getting ready I had gently teased my clit a few times and had tweaked and pulled at my titties and nips to start and get me even more in the mood.

Now dressed like a complete slutty secretary amidst these five older men, I was beginning to get my usual feelings of sexual craving and lust.

“Fuck me.” Gordon exclaimed as I made my way over to the bar area.

“You like what you see then?” I cheekily asked.

“Too fucking right,” came the instant reply from Pieter.

I poured a couple of drinks asking the guys what they would like and then carried them over on a silver tray.

I wiggled my ass the best I could as I served the men their drinks, each of them giving my arse a slap as I passed them. My tight leather mini skirt was saving me from the sharp sting of the slaps as they paddled my ass.

“Oooh spank me!” I mockingly teased as Raj gave me one helluva smack across my arse cheeks.

As I gave Gunter the final drink from the tray I teasingly bent over, this had the effect of my mini skirt rucking up, and being bent so far over my arse was on full view. My supple, round arse encased in the see through black panties I had chosen to wear.

A sharp, hard blow was delivered by Gunter’s hand across my ass, stinging me as it did so.

“Ouch!” I cried out. My mock pain was met with a chorus of cheeky laughs and comments.

“You have one fucking great ass,” Pieter commented.

“It’s fucking delicious,” Raj joined in.

“I’m glad you like it,” I said back to them as I made my way, tottering in my heels to an armchair opposite.

The guys had begun to play a hand of poker and for a few minutes they chatted whilst I wandered around the room. I served them a few snacks in bowls, all the while being ass slapped, fondled and groped as I did so.

Finally I settled into the leather armchair opposite the table.

As the guys continued to play the game, I slowly began to cross and uncross my stocking clad legs, dangling my high heels from my feet alternately. I know many men find this appealing and teasing.

I then began to open my legs a little wider, exposing my see through panties, my skirt basically a belt. I gently began to rub the front of my knickers, making circular motions around my clit area, moistening my cunt up nicely,

I was beginning to feel very horny, my exposure increasing my sexual desire and I desperately wanted a little bit of action.

I slowly got up and as the guys watched me I slipped my panties off, letting them glide down my stocking clad legs. The sound of my lacy panties travelling down my nylons made a delightful swishing sound.

“Get em off,” Jack encouraged me.

Raj then intimated he wanted a refill. He instructed me to pour him another drink, and to “Get my fucking ass over to him.”

I wiggled my way over to drinks area, made another round of whiskeys’ for the guys, all the while leaning over exposing my bare arse and cunt from behind to them.

Before taking the tray over I undid another button on my white blouse. My firm, heaving tits now displayed in the black push up bra I was wearing.

On getting to the table Raj’s hand was the first to wander from my ass to my inner legs. As I placed his drink on the table, his left hand shot in between my thighs.

I stood still and simply parted my legs a little wider. His brown, warm hand slowly made its way up, caressing my stocking as he did so. My legs splayed, my mini skirt now a mere leather belt, his fingers found my warm, moist pussy lips.

He made a slow and deliberate movement around my slit. He began feeling for my hard engorged clit.

As his finger found it I let out a gasp.

“Fuck,” I moaned.

“Oh you like that eh!” he said to me.

My eyes met his as his finger teased and probed around my clitty. My clit throbbed as it was expertly tweaked and pinched by my eager admirer. Once I had been released by him, I moved around the room being fondled, groped and grabbed by all the guys in turn.

I would move from having my ass felt up by one of them, to another slipping a finger into my increasingly wet pussy. All the while I tottered around in my high heels, my skirt so short it exposed my young wet shaved cunt and my ass.

At one point I was having my tits felt up through my blouse by Raj, had Gordon fumbling at my quim and had Pieter feeling my arse up.

The room was becoming increasingly charged with sexual tension. As well as the groping, I had been given a few playful slaps and smacks across my ass cheeks, reddening them and stinging my flesh.

Raj was the first to move things on to the next stage.

After having planted wet, delicious kiss onto my eager, red lipstick covered lips, he ordered me onto all fours.

“Crawl over here and suck my cock.”

“Yes sir,” I obediently replied.

I willingly obliged, getting onto all fours and crawling across the plush carpeted floor.

Once at his feet, I was ordered to take off my skirt and bra, being told to put my sheer white blouse back on. By now my tits were heaving, my nipples solid as my lust began to overtake me once more.

I positioned myself in front of Raj and slowly began to unbuckle his belt. My smooth ass and cunt now both were being visible to Gordon as I faced my arse at him.

As I slowly unleashed Raj’s cock I could sense the other guys straining to look and the sound of belts being unbuckled also.

His prick sprang out of his pants, standing to attention even before I had gotten a chance to fully get hold of it.

I wrapped my hand around its thick, brown shaft and slowly wanked him up and down.

He moaned with pleasure as I lowered my head and teased his cock end with my tongue. I lapped at his cock eye, prodding my tongue over the salty sticky pre cum that leaked from its head.

“Mmm tasty,” I wantonly said.

“Then get it in your fucking mouth,” was his blunt instructions. I dutifully obliged. I slobbered over his length, wrapping my tongue around his shaft as my throat engulfed his massive hard on.

I sucked on it for a few minutes, slowly easing it out of my mouth, letting my spit drip onto his bell end and licking it all off before plunging it deep into my mouth again.

“What about us?” came the reply from Jack.

“Yeah don’t leave the others out,” Raj told me.

So for the next few minutes I crawled around the table savouring each of the guy’s cocks. Licking, sucking and drooling over them like a dirty, fucking cock loving bitch.

Each of them was hard and red. Each prick offered to me in turn to lap at and worship. Raj had a lovely thick brown snake of a cock. Jack and Gordon both had stubby thick pricks, shorter in length but fat and juicy looking. Gunter had a long thin one. Pieter had large bulbous cock head, a purple and veiny shaft that simply pulsed as I sucked on it.

Whilst sucking on each of the cocks my ass was being slapped and spanked by the others. I wiggled it at them, each slap leaving a red hand print or stinging sensation across my butt cheeks.

After having done my cock sucking rounds a couple of times the action moved on.

As I was sucking on Gordon’s thick chubby cock, Pieter had positioned himself behind me. He slowly eased a couple of fingers up my dripping cunt hole.

I moaned as he did so, arching my back and slowly began bucking back to meet the thrusts of his fingers.

“Oh fuck yes. Go on finger fuck me,” I urged.

“You dirty little fucker,” he replied.

With this my first orgasm began to build. I sucked harder and harder on Gordon’s prick; he began to thrust his hard on into my mouth. Each forceful stroke from behind was forcing me onto his cock.

Each buck back from me was getting the fingers of Pieter deeper and deeper up my sloppy wet cunt.

“Fuck I’m going to cum off,” I cried, letting Gordon’s hard on slip out of my mouth.

“Go on then cum,” was the chorus of cries I received as encouragement.

I wildly fucked back against Pieter’s fingers; he had four up me by this point, four fingers fucking me furiously.

My cunt juice sprayed out, sending a river of juice flying back. Coating Pieter’s hand in the process, spraying my sweet ooze across the floor. It was a tremendously big climax. A wild and wet torrent of my juice was sent spraying everywhere.

Once my orgasm had subsided the action really heated up. For the next 45 minutes or so I was fucked, licked and fingered as I sucked cock in all manner of positions.

I had two guys up me, one up my arse and one up my cunt. Two in my mouth, I was fucked doggy style on all fours in a spit roast position.

At one point I was sat on Pieter’s cock, with him sitting on a chair, his hard cock deep up my asshole. Gunter stood in front of us rubbing furiously at my rock hard clit. I orgasmed intensely like this. Sending yet another spray jet of my cunt juice flooding across the floor and Pieter’s legs.

Each of the five guys had me up my pussy, in my ass and had me sucking on their cocks. My silk stockings were a complete mess. My sweet, sticky cum juice having leaked onto them. They were stained, ripped and torn from the furious fucking I had taken.

I had been shagged hard against the wall, bent over the desk, over chairs and on the floor.

Pieter and Gunter both unloaded their hot spunky loads up my cunt. My pussy leaking their mingled cum onto my stockings too and some oozing onto the floor as I moved, or was rather passed around.

Jack came up my arse, his cock twitching as it unloaded up my bum hole. Pulling hard on my hair as he emptied his ball sack up my willing butt.

Gordon came across my tits.

Well he came everywhere really! Across my tits as they dangled out of my ripped and dishevelled blouse. Some of his sticky jizz splattered across my white blouse too.

Raj eagerly jacked off all over my face. The last to spunk up he simply revelled in coating my “whorish face,” as he called me.

After fucking my cunt from behind he spun me around and wanked furiously inches from my face. My puffy, wide open cunt leaked cum. My arse was sore and dripping with spunk and spit. My blouse was ripped open, my tits displaying the load added by Gordon moments earlier.

Raj called me all sorts of names as he jacked off. I egged him on telling him how fucking turned on I was, how much I wanted his cum and what a slut I was being.

His spurts where heavy, thick, and sticky and coated me good! My face was splashed with his man seed, spraying my cheeks, lips and nose. It dripped from me like honey.

After our furious session I was kissed and fondled a bit more, still with the guys cum all over and in me.

I then cleaned myself up.

Ready for the second part of the night in my French maids outfit.

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