What a Slutty Wife

I thought I would share another experience of my ‘unfaithful’ wife behaviour.

This one relates to a fun time that I had with Tracey my best friend and a bouncer from a local bar.

We had been going to this local bar for a few weeks, with other friends and couples.

On one of the girly nights out at the pub, one of the bouncers on the door got quite chatty with both me and Tracey. It was pretty obvious he fancied us and we felt the same. He stood about 6 ft tall, muscular and had very short cropped black hair, a real hunk.

To cut a long story short, he was obviously trying to chat us up and both me and Tracey found him quite dishy, so we encouraged him.

On the first night in question Ritchie, the bouncer, had flirted heavily with us on our arrival. We both had a fair bit to drink and were, I guess you could say, quite merry.

I had dressed in a little blue dress, a pair of thigh high boots and due to the shortness of the dress, a pair of tan tights/ pantyhose, rather than stockings. Tracey had worn her favourite little dress too, shorter than mine, again with pantyhose and quite tarty high heels.

Ritchie had started chatting with us on arrival, and every so often he would pop in to the bar and continue this banter.

The bar was quite busy, it being a Friday night, and so chances to chat were limited due to the noise and general crowding.

After a while Tracey told me that she really fancied him and wondered if he felt the same. On his next visit to us I told him of this and he replied he fancied both of us!

Unfortunately Tracey’s husband turned up and that put paid to her flirting for the night with Ritchie. Over the next couple of hours though my teasing of him and his chatting me up intensified.

Towards the end of the night, the bar had begun to empty somewhat. A lot of people had begun to make their way to a local nightclub, leaving the bar much quieter.

Ritchie increasingly spent more time inside, chatting me up.

His partner on the door, a big bloke called Terry didn’t seem to mind.

In fact Ritchie told me that Terry thought,”I was a bit of tasty stuff.”

Asking him if he felt the same I got the positive response I was hoping for.

Ritchie started getting a little more suggestive and by now I was desperate for a little bit of fun with him.

Tracey was well jealous!

As closing time approached Ritchie and I had started having a little kiss and cuddle and it was obvious he wanted to take things further. I was now leaking some cunt juice from our snogging session as well, and was game for anything.

He asked me if I wanted a little more fun and I bluntly told him, “Too fucking right!”

“I thought so,” he replied to me. “I have bit of a hard on here Anna and hope you can feel it.”

I told him I could. I had felt it pushing into me as we had snogged and he had been rubbing my arse and tits through my dress as we did so.

I hoped that my letting him do this was enough encouragement.

I moved my hand down to his crotch to feel a large bulge straining in his pants.

God it felt big!

My little hand could hardly get a good feel of the full length of it.

“Fucking hell!” I whispered to him. “That thing feels fucking huge,christ almighty.”

“Come on then lets pop outside, you wont be disappointed I promise,” was his laughing response.

I dutifully followed him and we sidled down an alleyway not far from the pub car park.

My curiosity was now in full flow, and my sexual desire was increasing with each passing minute.

Once in the alleyway he really got to work on me.

His hands were all over me. Feeling my tits up through my dress, hands on my arse, rubbing the front of my dress around my cunt area.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded with him. He didn’t need telling twice.

His hands began to fumble up my dress and I wantonly parted my legs to allow him better access.

I lent against the alley wall as he began to search inside the top of my tights and knickers. His hands struggled to get in, so I lustily told him to just rip my tights open.

“What?” he asked.

“Just fucking rip the gusset so you can get at me,” I told him.

“Fucking hell,” was his curt reply.

Within a couple of minutes my tan tights had been torn, the gusset easily ripped open.

“Now pull my knickers to one side and get a finger up me,” I instructed.

“With pleasure,” he said back to me.

I parted my legs further. Splaying them as wide as I could. My dress was inhibiting this a little bit, so I simply hoisted it up over my hips.

My thigh booted legs could now easily be spread to get my hunky lover good access to my dripping young cunny.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as his fingers found my frothing wet cunt.

“Go on finger me off you sexy bastard,” I told him.

His fingers darted into my wet young quim quite easily, and he tried to build up a good rhythm.

My panties were proving a problem. After a few fumbles and slips out of me I was so fucking hot and wanton I needed to do something.

“Wait a moment,” I told him. “Get my fucking knickers off.”

He was obviously enjoying this. Our kisses resumed for a second, his tongue probing my hot wet mouth eagerly.

“You sexy bitch,” he told me. “I’ve heard you’re a right randy cow. its fucking true.”

This only served to spur me on even more.

I quickly ripped my tights further. Then with a good hard yank, I managed to tear my panties too.

I managed to rip the gusset of them at both sides. Leaving them almost like a crotchless pair. Now my cunt was free, free for his fingers then his cock to get to work on me.

“Go on Ritchie love,” I urged. “That will be easier for you.”.

He needed little encouragement. We again passionately kissed as his fingers found easy access to my now free to the night air pussy.

I moaned as his fingers roughly penetrated me and began to furiously plunge in and out of my tight, married cunt hole.

As we snogged and he frantically finger fucked me, I began to feel for his aching bulge.

His hardness strained against the material of his trousers. My feels and gropes making it twitch and grow with each squeeze.

“Fucking hell,” I filthily told him. “I’m gonna cum off.”

He increased his speed, our tongues meeting again in a passionate french kissing session. He expertly plundered my pussy, violently, roughly bringing me to the verge of a climax.

“Oh fuck!” I almost shouted. “I’m cumming.” My climax began.

Squirts of my pussy juice shot forth, coating his fingers, spraying his hand and splattering his trousers.

“Fucking hell,” he said to me. “You’re a little squirter are you.”

“Yes. yes,” I moaned in reply as his rough and tough fingering caused my cum waves to flood even more.

“Yes go on, oh fucking hell.Yes!” I came and came, My cunt hot and steaming for this tall, strong hunk.

Once my climax subsided and my legs stopped trembling. I simply wanted fucked.

“Get it up me,” I almost begged. “Get it fucking up me.”

“You filthy slut,” he called me, at the same time as he was unbuckling his trousers. Within seconds his massive cock was out.

“Jesus fucking Christ!!” I again exclaimed. “Look at the fucking size of it!”

I wasn’t exaggerating. This was one serious cock. At least 8 to 9 inches in length and thick too.

“Oh fuck yes, I want it. I want it fucking up me now,” I greedily said.

“You’re gonna fucking get it darling,” was his foul mouthed response.

I turned around. Presenting my rear end to Ritchie. Displaying my young arse and pussy to this horny bloke. I was like a bitch on heat.

I splayed my booted legs as he nudged me from behind.

His trousers were now around his ankles. His massive cock shining in the lamp lights. Slowly he began to tease my wet young pussy lips with his cock end.

“Can you feel that?” he asked. I replied I could.

“Well fucking feel this!” and with one massive violent thrust his length was impaled up me.

That’s the only way to describe it. I was impaled on his tool. My short frame lifted off the ground. I could have sworn my feet left the ground.

“Oh fucking hell yes,” I exclaimed as his massive, throbbing cock shot up my wet gash hole.

“Right you dirty slag,” he whispered in my ear. “Take the fucking of your life.”

“Go on you dirty cunt,” I spat back at him from over my shoulder.

“Fuck me. Let me see how good you are. I’ve had plenty so far, don’t you worry. Plenty my husband doesn’t know about.”

His massive manly frame began to pound into me. His muscular body shoving me forward with each thrust. My face banged and crashed against the wall.

I motioned back, my movement making his cock enter me even further.

I managed to get my palms onto the adjacent wall, digging into the loose shingle as best I could.

Behind me Ritchie was now pummeling me. This was no soft and gentle screw. This was a fast, furious, frantic pounding.

“Oh fuck it,fuck it harder,” I told him. His balls were slapping against my quim, his body heaving me forwards.

“Ride me,” I pleaded with him.

“You dirty fucking scrubber. I knew you were a tart. The lads all said it and they are fucking right.”

His foul mouthed obscenities only made me more turned on.

For minutes he pumped away at me. Grasping my arse, occasionally slapping it.

I was being fucked senseless in the midnight air.

Fucked up an alley like a common whore.

I fucking loved it!

After a few minutes he announced he was cumming.

“Where do you want it?” I asked him.

“Right up your tight fucking cunt,” came his response.

“Go on then, its OK I’m on the pill,” I blurted out.

“So fucking what you dirty married slag,” he said to me. “Just take it.”

He then began to spunk. I could feel spurt after spurt coating my inners. His blasts flooding my tight cunt and potentially seeding my womb.

His cum leaked out of me almost instantly. He had spunked a fair bit and my tight hole had consumed what it could.The rest oozed out of me. Slithering out of me and down my legs. Down onto my ripped tights and some even finding its way to my boots.

He withdrew his cock, still huge despite its cum-load it had just delivered.

I quickly sank to my knees in front of him and began to lap at his cum coated cock. The taste of his salty cum mixed with my pussy juice.

The best and most delicious taste of all. My favourite taste.

The taste of sex.

He moaned and complimented me on the tightness of my pussy, on my cleaning up skills and on being such a randy bitch.

That was our first fuck. The alleyway screw that would lead to our next session at his flat. This time with Tracey.

Tracey and I both servicing his massive cock on that night.

After my alleyway quickie with him, I told Tracey the full details of what had happened.

She was rather jealous and a little intrigued, especially when I told her how big his cock was!

We continued to drink at the bar off and on for the next few weekends and sure enough he kept up the patter and chat.

On one such occasion he invited us around to his, for a drink, and plainly he knew he had more than a fair chance of ending up in a couple of pairs of knickers as well.

We agreed to meet him, both feeling rather dirty for doing so, but that wasn’t something new to us!

The night we met was a Saturday one. He had gotten a night off fromm work, and Mike knew what I was up to, Tracey’s husband thinking she was on a girls night out.

Ritchie lived in a small village a little distance outside of Inverness, so we had to get a taxi there.

We had both dressed fairly tarty, again with shortish dresses on, high heeled shoes and pantyhose.

I had worn a little black dress, with a pair of suspender style tights, the ones with the crotch area cut out. This meant I didn’t have to bother with the fuss of knickers. Tracey had gone for a green mini dress with tan color tights and a pair of ludicrously high black heels.

The taxi driver chatted away with us as we drove out to Richie’s. We told him we were going to a house party and he did his best to get a good few glimpses of our legs and cleavages whilst on the drive.

I have to say we didnt discourage him, the chat being fairly flirty and both of us making sure he could get good leg views of us: nothing better than a bit of slutty teasing!

Tracey and I had already spoken about what we thought would happen. I guess we both knew we had an evening of sex ahead of us. We had both fucked a couple of guys on holiday previously, and so had seen in each other in action already.

We had both been incredibly aroused by this, despite neither of us being particularly bisexual at all.

Once at Ritchie’s we paid the driver and agreed a time of him to pick us up later that night, well early the next morning, at 2am.

Ritchie greeted us with leering looks, complimenting us both on how lovely we looked and how sexy we both were.

Once inside we had a few drinks, me getting tipsy on my usual G&Ts and Tracey knocking back her usual vodka and cokes.

Ritchie had put on some smooth music, the lighting in his flat was quite low and he had obviously planned things. He smelt heavily of aftershave and his toned muscular body rippled in the plain white shirt he was wearing. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans that really showed off his lovey arse.

Basically he was fit! He knew it too.

After a short while he had begun stroking both our legs as we sat chatting, taking it in turns to give us compliments. The air was quite tense with sexual tension and I was getting very turned on by it all. Tracey was the first to make a move. She asked him for a little kiss, as she had missed out on all the fun at the pub a few weeks earlier.

He laughed asking if I had told her of the intense quick fuck we had shared.

He seemed pleased that I had told her and of the fact that it obviously aroused us both.

Tracey and Ritchie began to kiss a little more passionately following on from the recounting of our alleyway fuck. I could sense that things were hotting up. On looking at Ritchie’s bulge growing in his tight jeans it became even more obvious.

They kissed for a little while, Tracey’s hand straying to his crotch area and his hands beginning to wander too. First a fumble at her tits, then a hand moving its way up her legs and darting into her pantyhose covered crotch.

I was transfixed watching this. I knew what got Tracey going, and when he started slowly licking her ear, I knew she would be getting very turned on. Her head was turned towards me and I could see her biting her bottom lip as he nibbled and licked her ear.

His hand was massaging her breasts expertly at the same time. The other hand busy making circular motions around her pussy area. She had spread her legs for him. Her little mini dress being raised all the way up. I envied her long legs, Tracey has the most fantastic long legs and seeing them spread like this, topped off by her ridiculous high heels just made the sight I was watching even more horny. I could see she had worn the tan colored tights but no panties.I could clearly see her wet pussy lips through the material.

Dirty bitch, I thought to myself.

They continued to kiss and lick and nibble at each other intermittently.

I was beginning to get that warm sensation in my pussy. I knew this was turning me on incredibly, and I wanted in on the action.

As they continued to kiss Tracey roughly felt his hard on through his jeans. I decided to join in. I got up, and simply unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the ground. I sensed them watching me for a second and turned to them.

“Just carry on you randy two,” I said to them. “I’m just getting comfy.”

Once my dress was off this left me in just my black bra, my black suspender style tights and my high heels. I undid my bra to let my tits out. My nipples were already poker stiff. I rubbed my hands over them gently, tweaking my nipples as I did so. I was getting randy, randy as fuck. My shaved pussy was already lubing up nicely too.

He responded with a moan and a sigh on seeing me undressing. Tracey gave a smile, all the time continuing to lap at his ear like a slut.

I moved onto the floor in front of them and positioned myself in-between his legs.

I quickly removed his trainers, then as they continued snogging, I asked him to lift his bum up. Tracey had already begun unbuckling his belt.

I think she had guessed what I was going to do.

With a wriggle and a few heaves, I pulled his jeans off. Tracey had now moved her hands to his chest and had started unbuttoning his shirt.

His massive cock was straining in his boxers, as Tracey continued undoing his shirt and carried on Frenching him.

I began to move my hands slowly up his legs until I met his straining hard cock. I rubbed the material of his boxers, causing his prick to twitch.

Tracey’s hand joined mine as we both simultaneously rubbed his big hard cock.

“That’s fucking lovely,” he turned to us to say.

Tracey gave a wicked smile. I slowly began to slip his boxers off, him raising his ass in the air slightly to let me pull them off. Tracey had now completely unbuttoned his shirt and was rubbing his hard, clean shaved, firm chest.

He eased his shirt off his shoulders, now leaving him completely naked.

He must have thought he was one lucky so and so.

Tracey resumed snogging him, whilst both of us wrapped our hand around his cock and balls. Tracey began to wank his cock slowly, as I cupped his ball sack. I then moved forward and began to lick his inner thighs. He let out a moan, his cock standing red and stiff.

I worked my way up and began to lick his balls. I lapped at them for a little while, then began taking them in my mouth and gently sucking on them.

Tracey had begun wanking his rigid prick a little harder.

I then moved my tongue and mouth up and began licking his cock shaft.

His hard on twitched. I was loving this, his prick was fucking massive. I reckon he must have had a good 8-9 inches and he was really veiny and thick.

Tracey slowed her wanking down and guided his cock into my waiting eager mouth.

“Go on Anna,” she said to me. “Give his cock a good sucking.” I obliged.

I was fed his prick by my best friend and eagerly sucked and licked at it. I slurped and slobbered on his ever stiffening cock. Tracey watched intently as I did my best to take him into my mouth, his cock helmet pouching in my cheeks.

Tracey then made to get up. With a final kiss, she stood up and began to undress herself. I was still lapping at Ritchie’s huge tool as she did so.

Once she had undressed, taking off her dress, bra and tights she rejoined us. She put her high ‘come fuck me’ heels back on. She has always known how to accentuate her long slender legs!

She knelt down beside me and smiled at me.

“Let me have some too you greedy bitch,” she laughingly said.

“Be my guest,” I wantonly replied.

With this I stopped sucking on his cock and Tracey took over.

She knelt on his left hand side and I moved to his right. From this position I could still get at his cock too. Between us we both took turns at licking, nibbling and sucking his cock. When one of us was working on his huge hard on, the other would be licking his balls or his thighs. When we sucked and licked his hard on we intermittently played with our wet cunts too.

My pussy had become wet, very wet and I fiddled around with my clit and slipped a couple of fingers up myself too.

Tracey played with her cunt through her pantyhose.

At one point as I had his helmet in my mouth, Tracey was licking the visible part of his cock shaft. I then repeated the same, Tracey suckling on him as I lapped like a greedy, fucking tart at his hard, thick, red, veiny shaft.

All the time he as grinning, smiling at his ‘two married tarts.’ as he liked to call us.

We continued this for a few minutes as his cock grew in length and his purple helmet began to leak the first drips of his pre-cum.

“If you keep this up girls I’m gonna spunk,” he told us.

“Yummy!!” I replied. “I hope so”.

“Yeah let’s see you shoot,” Tracey responded.

“OK,” he said back to us. “I can come later anyway, cos I really wanna fuck you two sexy babes.”

“Don’t worry,” I quickly said back to him. “I want this fucking huge cock back up me too.”

“After me this time, you greedy fucker,” Tracey shot back at me. “I get first go on this, you’ve already had a go!”

He laughed as we playfully argued over who he was gonna fuck first.

Quickly we resumed our cock wanking and sucking.

His blood engorged member becoming more eager to release its salty load with each lick and suck.

I was really loving this. Seeing Tracey working on a cock again was a great turn on, she is a great cock sucker and I have to admit the sight of her lapping at it like a lollipop made me gush cunt juice.

“Fuck,” he said as Tracey was really sucking hard on his cock now. “Keep going Tracey, I’m gonna spunk up.”

With this information she let his cock out of her mouth and we both moved our heads closer together as we continued licking at his shaft. We took turns at vigorously wanking him off. Soon he started to spunk up heavily.

“Shit,” he cried as his first spurt came shooting out of his cock.

“Mm-mm, yum, yum,” Tracey moaned as that splash landed on the side of her face.

His huge tool had begun to produce it’s salty bounty for us.

The next few spurts alternately splashed and sprayed onto my face, Tracey’s face and his stomach.

The cock flow was in full stream.

We licked and lapped at his cock as it continued its magical spray of cum. He was moaning and groaning as he continued to splash out his seed. Tracey wanking furiously on his spraying prick, trying to milk every tasty drop from him. By the time he had finished shooting,our faces were totally sticky and coated in his jizz.

“Oh shit, that was awesome,” he told us as his cock finally stopped gushing.

“Too right,” Tracey replied as she scooped some of his cum from the side of her face. She then proceeded to lick it off her fingers. I followed suit. Savouring the sticky, salty goodness on my fingers. Then we turned to face each other and smiled.

“Missed a bit!” I said to her and she turned her face slightly. I moved forward and licked the side of her face, using my tongue to clean up the last few slivers of spunk she had missed.

“You dirty fuckers,” Ritchie said as he watched.

“What?” I said back to him. “Don’t wanna waste any do we.” I laughed as I finished licking my best friends face clean.

Tracey then responded by doing the same. I had a small amount of his cum dripping from my ear. Tracey lovingly sucked it clean, moaning with appreciation as she did so.

“I fucking love the taste of cum,” she said as she finished off lapping at his cream.

“I can tell,” Ritchie replied.

Once we had finished we rested for a little while. Tracey and I both cleaned up in his bathroom and he replaced his boxers and shirt. we both put our dresses on, Tracey leaving off her tights.

We didn’t bother with our bras and panties.

We knew they would be coming off soon!

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