My meeting in St Andrews hotel with Connor and Niall

Following my Hogmanay fun with Connor and Niall we exchanged a few flirty phone calls and eventually we set a meeting up for a night.

I arranged a couple of days off work and booked a hotel in St Andrews for Tuesday 19th January.

I have to confess to being both nervous and excited about agreeing to this meeting.

The Hogmanay fun had been spontaneous, and whilst I had fully enjoyed my sexy cock sucking and finger fucking session with them both, the fact remained that they are both my sons best friends and I was now pre-arranging an evening of sex with them.

The phone calls had been very flirty and quite explicit, so when arranging to meet them, they both knew that they were going to be fucking me for the first time. I know that they were both as nervous about this as I was.

Mike and Frank were both very eager and keen for me to follow through with this and leading up the the date night I had some wonderful fuck and suck sessions, getting me hornier and hornier for meeting my two young studs again.

The day arrived and I duly packed my bag. Plenty of sexy outfits and a couple of toys as well..I thought it may spur them on a bit if I put on a little performance for them if things were awkward at all.

I drove down to St Andrews and checked into the hotel, unpacked and then started to change in anticipation of our meeting.

We had planned a little drink before we got into the action, so to speak, and were meeting in the hotel bar for some libations and Dutch courage!

I received a phone call from them to let me know they were on their way and so I headed off to the bar, eagerly anticipating the fun and frolics that were about to ensue.

I had decided to wear something sexy but understated to meet them as I was a bit nervous about drawing attention to myself and was worried in case anyone who the boys knew saw them.

I wore a simple black dress, just above knee length, matching bra and panties set, with black stockings and matching suspender belt.

My panties were see through at the front and the stockings had a small patterned bow motif on the back of them. I thought classy but sexy was the way I looked.

My more tarty outfits were hanging up in my wardrobe! A Schoolgirl outfit, a French maids costume and a naughty nurse costume too. I was going to let the boys decide what they wanted me in. As it happens, all of them was the answer!

At the bar area I ordered myself my usual Gin and Tonic and settled down to await there arrival.

I was getting quite turned on whilst waiting for them. Remembering their young tongues in my mouth, their gorgeous young cocks in my mouth and the loving but rough way they had finger fucked me to the shattering climaxes on Hogmanay.

My cunt was already moistening up nicely and I was almost tempted to slip a hand into my knickers and give myself a little frigging as I waited for them. Modesty stopped me obviously!

As I was nearing the end of my drink I saw the two young lads pulling up in their taxi. My heart was beating faster now as I drew ever closer to the first fuck with my sons two best friends.

They entered the hotel bar area and as soon as I saw them both my stomach was doing butterflies and my fanny was giving me the tell tale tingle signs of how amazingly turned on I was.

They both smiled on seeing me and we were soon embracing in a warm welcome

“Hiya sexy you’re looking good”, Niall said softly in my ear as we hugged.

“Thanks very much,” I replied. “You two are all dressed up as well, I see.”

They both looked amazing in tight grey suits and white shirts. My jaw almost dropped on seeing how young and lithe they were again. To think that they were lusting after little old me!

We got another round of drinks and found a nice quiet corner of the bar to sit in and have a cheeky chat.

The talk was nervous at first but soon we got around to some innuendo and risqué banter. Me complimenting them on their looks and them doing likewise.

I could see they both liked my outfit and took great pleasure in telling them what I was wearing underneath.

“Wow that sounds hot!” Connor said eyeing me up like a lion stalking its prey.

“You should see the really naughty stuff I have upstairs in the room,” I laughed.

“Oh what!!?” They both asked in unison.

“Oh you will have to wait and see,” I giggled back at them.

I felt so fucking wicked.

Teasing and flirting like mad with my two young studs.

Oh my god, if only Ryan knew what his mum had done and was about to do with is two best friends. How much of a slut I was for their young cock and how much I fucking enjoyed it!

Our flirting slowly gathered pace over our second drink and I was now letting them have good glimpses of my stocking clad legs and flashed them a couple of stocking top views as well.

I lied about where Mike thought I was, telling them he thought I was visiting an old friend and had no clue about our fun on Hogmanay, making it feel even sleazier and sexier.

“Shall we head up then?” I nervously asked.

“If you are sure?” came the reply from Niall.

I could sense that they were wanting to give me a get out. How sweet of them I thought to myself.

“Oh I am sure,” I wantonly responded. “I have been gagging to see you both again ever since New Years Eve,” I said smiling at them both.

With that we got up and left the bar. We took the lift to the floor of my room. In the lift they both had hands on my arse and I gave them both a little kiss. It felt delicious being felt up by two such handsome young men. I was simply gagging for cock by this point.

In the hall I fumbled for my room pass card as again I had two sets of hands on my arse and all over my legs and tits.

“Randy buggers!” I jokingly said to them. “Wait till I get you both inside!”

Once in the door the action simply ratcheted up.

I was barely in the room before I was leapt upon by Niall and we were soon lashing our hot tongues around each others mouths.

Connor didn’t need asking twice either.

He was groping my arse, tits and legs through my dress as his best mate had his mouth doing somersaults with mine in a deep French kiss.

Within a few seconds I had been relieved of my dress, the zip being quickly undone by Niall and it fell to the floor.

“Oh fuck me!” Connor gasped as he stood back and ogled me.

I was now stood in front of my two young lovers with just my patterned black stockings, suspender, bra, see through panties and my black heels on.

“Like what you see boys?” I toyingly asked. I loved showing myself like this, all dressed up for a good fucking and completely on display for my lotharios.

“Stunning,” Niall replied

“Fucking amazing,” Connor blurted out. “You have great legs Anna!” he kindly said to me.

“Thank you very much,” I replied. “I hope to get both of you between them very soon!”

I leant back against the door of my room as Niall planted another wet kiss on me. Connor now responded by stroking my stocking clad legs and then slowly kneading my aching tits through my thin bra material.

“Take it off,” I virtually begged him, by now my nipples were as stiff as bullets and I was aching for my tits to have some attention.

Connor gently unclasped my bra, letting my heaving titties spring free.

He dipped his head down and lovingly flicked his tongue around my stiff nipple. I sighed with delight, in between responding to Niall’s tongue, worming and probing its way into my slut wife’s mouth.

Niall then joined his friend in giving my titties some attention, both of them gently licking, sucking and nibbling as I moaned in delight. I love having my nipples roughly treat. It gets me so fucking wet!

After a few seconds delightful tit sucking Niall worked his left hand down onto my knicker covered cunt area.

I moved slightly, parting my legs as I did so. I felt like a cheap fucking whore, spreading my legs to let these two friends of Ryan’s get their hands all over me.

“Oh fuck yes, get your hands all over me,” I said as Niall slowly rubbed around the see through front of my panties.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said again as my lust began to boil. “Lets make ourselves more comfy.”

The two lads stepped back and I motioned over to the bed.

“Let’s get those clothes off then!” I said. “Let me see what horny treats I have in store.”

I walked over to the bed and sat on the end of it. Spreading my legs to let them both see how wet the front of my knickers now were. I splayed my legs wide, planting my tarty heels into the carpeted floor.

I love sitting like this, in a complete state of slagness.

“Come on boys come and get it!” I said in a brazen manner.

The two young lads quickly removed their suits, shirts and were soon down to just their boxers, both sporting hard ons, proudly jutting up in their tight underwear.

As I watched them stripping I slowly had my right hand inside my panties fiddling with my rock solid clitoris and I easily slipped a finger up my soaking twat.

“I’m fucking dripping here for you,” I told them both as I withdrew my finger from my honey coated snatch, moving it to my mouth and sucking it clean.

As they made their way towards me, I leant back on the bed and slipped my knickers off fully. They fell around my high heeled feet and I left them dangling over my right foot.

Once they were both in front of me I rubbed my hands over both their boxer short fronts, having a good feel of Nialls cock with my right hand and Connors with my left.

“Let me at that juicy pussy,” Niall said.

With this he dropped to his knees and opened my legs wide apart. I leant back and propped four pillows behind my head. I hooked my right leg over his muscular shoulders and readied myself for a cunt lapping.

He slowly lowered his head to my steaming quim and began teasing me by licking all around my Venus mons and then lowly down onto my pussy lips.

“Oh fuck yes,” I breathed heavily.

As Niall began working away on my married, wet and wide open cunny, Connor had moved to my left hand side.

I foraged my way inside his boxers getting my hands on his stiff, hard young prick.

Niall was now snaking his tongue up my fucking sopping cunt, getting deep and dirty with his licking. Snaking it inside my quim.

“That’s fucking lush,” I told him. “Nibble my clit as you lick me out. Oh fuck Niall yes!”

My knickers dangled around my heel around his head, swinging to and fro, making the scene seem even more tawdry.

Connor had now done the gentlemanly thing and removed his boxers, springing his rigid cock in my face.

I moved my head towards it, flicked my tongue out and began to lick his cock shaft.

“Mmm!” I moaned as he slapped his solid member against my face. “Beat me with your fucking prick, go on Connor beat my fucking face.”

He obliged by slapping his thick cock against my face and lips. Bashing his bishop against my cheeks and obligingly open mouth. I had my hands around his tight, firm young ass at the same time.

“Use me, fucking use me like a whore,” I begged my two young fuck studs.

I was now close to cumming on Nialls tongue.

“Get a finger up my fucking cunt as well Niall,” I begged him. “I’m so close to cumming.”

His licking speeded up, my fanny lips being slobbered over by his tongue and his face grinding into my wetness.

He pushed two fingers easily up my cunt and then twirled them around, hooking back to find my ‘g’ spot.

“Oh fuck yes,” I said.

Connor now had his cock probing my ‘O’ shaped mouth. My red lipstick leaving circled stains around his girth as I willingly let him face fuck me. Ramming his rampant cock deep into my mouth, nudging the back of my throat with his engorged length. He still withdrew it from time to time to slap it against my lips and nose. Spittal dribbled from his shaft and his veiny, purple end as he did so.

“Go on,” I urged. “Lick it, please lick it.”

Niall was now whirling away in circular motions all around my clit with his face as his two fingers rammed and reamed my open, married slut hole.

“Yes, yes!” I began to pant as I could sense my climax building. My toes curling in my slutty high heels.

Connor had his cock deep in my mouth, saliva dripping from my mouth and coating his cock and my chin.

My legs began to tense as it hit me. “Fuck yes, I’m, I’m cumming!” I agonisingly moaned.

“Go on Anna cum for us,” Connor said in between slaps of my face with his saliva covered tool.

Niall kept up his rhythm as my cum really began to take over me. I was gushing fanny juice by now.

As I looked down I could see and hear the slops and slurps both of Niall’s tongue as it worked away on my sloppy pussy lips and also from my gaping cunt.

I shook visibly as my waves flashed over me, sending my head and eyes spinning.

“Oh fuck me yes,” I again said in delight. The tension of agonising climaxes sending me into orbit.

My climax was now subsiding as Connor replaced his stiff cock into my mouth for me to eagerly suck and work on it.

“Let me get at this fucking gorgeous cock,” I said in between gobbles.

“I love cock,” I truthfully told them both.

Niall removed my leg from his shoulder, letting my stocking clad leg rest again and my whole body relaxed from its aching tense climaxes.

“Get your fucking cock up here to my mouth too,” I said to him.

With that I now had both young cocks at my face. A double delight of young dongs!

To make it easier to suck and nibble on them both I again moved to the end of the bed and the guys knelt on the bed either side of me.

I worked on both their swollen knobs in turn. wanking one whilst sucking the other and vice versa.

“Oh yes,” Niall said as I began to get his cock length all slippery and gooey from my spit.

“Work on it you sexy tart,” he said to me.

I smiled.

“Oh yes, call me whatever you fucking want boys. You know how much I love cock? You know how many I have had? Fucking loads and I’m gagging for yours.”

My sucking continued for several minutes. Getting their young pricks really hard and all slippery, just the way I fucking love them!

“You’re such a fucking slut!” Niall said looking straight into my eyes. I winked at him as I sucked on his prick.

“You have no idea!” I quipped back at Niall, smiling as I said so.

I was loving sucking on the two cocks but was now desperate for some serious fucking.

“I need a cock up me!” I told them both. “In fact I want two fucking cocks up me.”

I left off from wanking and sucking them off and we all stood up. A few more deep, delicious kisses ensued and then I told them I was going to get changed.

“What do you want to fuck me as first?” I asked.

I opened up the wardrobe door and showed them the three outfits I had brought.

“Ooh French maid please,” Connor enthusiastically said.

“That sounds great!” Niall added.

“Okay give me a minute and keep those cocks hard for me!” I said as I took the outfit out the cupboard.

I moved into the bathroom and quickly put the maids costume on. I kept my patterned stockings on as they went very well with the short maids outfit and left my panties off.

Once dressed I topped up my red lipstick. Most of it having been previously left around the shafts of my two young lovers!

I stepped into the room to find them both lying on the bed. Hard ons still pointing skyward.

“Well boys what do you think?” I asked as I paraded towards them.

The maids outfit was topped off with a white cap perched on my head and a frilly white apron around the front. The length of the costume is no more then mid thigh.

I felt both incredibly sexy and a complete slag at the same time.On my way over to them I took my purple vibrator from the top draw of the chest of drawers. I was going to show these two young boys how slutty I can really be!

Now was the moment of truth.

My sons two friends, who I had known since they were children were about to get their hard cocks right up my willing, wet, dripping cunt.

I was on heat.

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