Mom, son and his friends

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Hi my name is Aryan, I live in Kolkata, I am 18 and mu mom is 34. She is super hot and hugely admired by everyone. Her figure is like actress Vidya Ballan(recent figure). My dad runs a hotel line in north India so most of the times he stays there.

One day i invited my 2 best friends ramesh and ronak for group studying.Earlier they never came to my house as they stay quite far away from my house.So they came to my house at 6pm. So i opened the door and took them to my room as mom was at living room watching serial.We started our studies and then after 30 minutes my mom came with cold drinks in our room. As she bend to keep the glasses on the table, we could see her boobs hanging inside.

I could see one of Ramesh’s dick getting hard.As she went Ramesh said that my mom is super hot. I just shook my head because i dint want to talk much about my mom. Then after 10 minutes Ramesh said that he wants to drink some water as he is thristy.Isaid him to go to kichen and ask mom for some water. So he went and me and Ronak are continuing with our work.Then after few minutes Ronak said that he wants to go to washroom. So i told him the way and he went.

Then i thaught that somrthing was fishy because its been 10 minutes when and yet both of them didnt returned.So i went to check on them.As i approaching the kitchen,i could hear moaning.When i looked i saw ramesh fuking my mom’s ass and ronak putting his dick in her mouth. Ramesh looked at me and said ” Bro see your mom ass geeting fucked”.My mom stopped and said that even i can enjoy her. I pulled off my pants and shirt and went to my mom.

I took her to her room followed by them.Then i laid her on bed and started fucking her in missonery position.I went rough at first so my mom was moaning loudly. Ramesh and ronak were putting their their dick in her mouth.Mom was being gangbanged. It was so amazing. then we changed position.I down, my mom on top of mre riding my dick and ronak in her ass. DOUBLE PENETRATION!!. Then i moved out and let ronak and ramesh fuck her.

I was sitting beside and seeing my mom being fucked by my friends. Then they boyh got exhausted fucking her and then i went on her pussy. I sytarted once again and that was the biggest mistake i ever made.I couldnt controlmyself so i cummed ally sperm inside her vagina.

Mom asked me that wether i cummed in her or not but i said no.

Then she got on her knees and we threem threw ou cums on her face.

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