Daily routine of a indian telugu slave wife

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Hi, I am Radha from Hyderabad I am a house wife. My age is 23 I have very high sexual needs. I am always horny and wet. I am spectacularly sexy looking girl you would die to sleep with in any given chance. My sizes are 36-30-42 oh yes I have a huge ass.

I got married when I was 21 because I wanted to have sex everyday. My husband is a very average looking guy. Dark and short. But he fucks me like a pro.
And soon after we got married he had understood I was a horny women and he never always thought I could go to any extent for sex.
He never really respected me but rather always disgraced me and insulted me for being horny. He said i was a bitch waiting to be fucked by anybody.

It was true and I agreed to it. He was very angry and said he would treat me that way from that moment.
He slapped me right across my face infront of his mom and dad and asked me to get into the bed room.
I silently went inside and sat on the bed baring the humiliation.
He came and pulled my hair and asked me the same question again .. ” do you wanna get fucked by anybody?”
I was scard to look at him .. but I did and said confidently “yes”
He slapped me again and again and again and threw me on the floor ..
He said I should beg for his dick because i did not respect his dick.
I started crying from the pain .. and my face was burning. I got courgae and pulled myself up and went to his feet trying to apologise. He kicked me and said I din deserve to even touch him.

He stopped talking to me, I slept horny that night. Next morning he woke up and left without talking to me and I was even more horny. I waited the whole day for his return. Just when it was time for him to return I went to the gate in anticipation for him. And I saw a neighbor staring and me just when my husband reached.i thought he could be intrested in me and tried to pull down my pallu so that my cleavage or the size of my boob would be visible to him. And just when I was doing this My husband caughtme staring back at the neighbour and understood my intention. I did not realise my husband was back untill he spat on my face saying I did not learn my lesson and I was still craving for other men apart from him.

He immediately came inside and asked me to get naked and I did .. he told me he was going to fuck me if I did all he wanted me to .. and I agreed to do anything as long as he would fuck me.

He asked me to stand naked in the bedroom facing the wall for 1 hour then I could move ..
I did exactly what he wanted .. from the position my husband sat he could see my bare ass and my boobs pressing against the wall .. I obviously wanted him to be turned on looking at me so I tried pressing my boobs to the wall intensionly ..
My husband was least bothered.. he was browsing through his phone.. I wanted to grab his attention and started moaning he still did not bother to look at me .. I was dieing to suck his dick I so wanted it in my mouth ..

After 1 hour he looked at me .. he said go get dressed and prepare food. I asked then sex ? He said do as I said and don’t ask me any questions lanje dhana.

I silently did as he said ..
I went to the kitchen and found my mother in law working .. she asked me if I was satisfying his son proerly and he seems very stressed and I don’t give him good pleasure she blamed me.

She asked me to wear free clothes and let him do what he wants and was the reason why he married me so that he could do what he wants.

Later that night .. I was still waiting for his dick in my mouth or my pussy.

To be continued..
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