Hubby’s replacement : part-04

As day three passed ,I have a replaced hubby Jeet while Raj with a delivery guy Yakub were my sexual tools for morning ,I wake up at 07:15 am with my replaced hubby Jeet and both took refreshment in different washrooms.we both are nude as we want to live like a nude couple for a week (Read prev story Hubby’s replacement part 3).

Bina Mishra ,a 26 years lady with sexy boobs ,height of 5’5 feet ,white complexion,figure of 34-26-36 is enjoying her life with her hubby Anish as I have too many guys and people to love …..but it’s physical not emotional from their side as Jeet came to dinning space nudely ,his cock is in erection as he sits on sofa and we both started our drinks with a cup of looking at me ,Jeet asked……..

“darling Bina ,now who will be here to please you
(Bina laughed)Jeet ,if I walk in this dress in appartment ,I think dozens of even more will fuck me
(Jeet)ok than start walking nudely
(Bina)with you or alone
(Jeet)alone ,I need rest for a day
(Bina)no need of rest ,you will be with me for a day with my one lover Ishan
(Jeet)Ishan,who is he?
(Bina) a strong guy of this appartment,posted as guard
(Jeet)shame on you ,have been with such a person
(Bina)I know strong and hard penis only as I know village guys are more time bound inside vagina as they can fuck for more time
(Jeet)really you have become a sex machine and need cocks daily
(Bina put her empty cup on table)sure ,every lady wants it and I need more
(Jeet smiled)ok if you want ,I can call my one friend for you ,if you have not invited Ishan till now
(Bina)your friend ,I have never been with him
(Jeet)He is a sportsman and doing job privately
(Bina)oh I see ,job in which company?
(Jeet)He is a male prostitute ,a gigolo and I am sure you will enjoy him upto the fullest
(Bina)oh but what’s his charge for a night
(Jeet)let me ask him ,may be he will have no time now
(Bina)oh a popular gigolo ,and your friend .”

And Jeet took his mobile as he called on a mobile number but it’s switched he explained me about it and I walked to kitchen with empty cups ,coming back ,I can see Jeet sitting alone on sofa as he is thinking something I stand infront of him as I put my one leg on his thigh and stretched my legs wider ,Jeet smiled and put his hand on my waist He have put his face in between my thighs as his mouth is kissing my vagina and I am moving my hand on his hairs……..

“no need of gigolo ,if my lovely Jeet is here ,I will be always satisfied.”

And he put his finger on my cunt as his tongue started licking my’s a morning breakfast for us as in dinning space ,I am standing like a whore and my younger brother Jeet is rolling his tongue in my vagina like a I started screaming”oohh aahh uumm ” he left my vagina and slapped my sexy jeet’s long cock is provoking me for sex as I knelt infront of him to hold his cock in my hand ,my lips started kissing it as he put his hand on my breast to massage.later on ,I opened my mouth and put his cock with glans but it’s a 1/2 cock in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and Jeet is pressing my breast hard.lastly,he put his hand on my hairs as his penis goes inside my mouth ,I have swallowed his whole cock as I am sucking it wildely and he is in fire “uuhh aahh uumm Bina suck fast you bitch ,really you are a dirty whore” as I left his penis and looking at him ,I put my tongue on it to lick and my tongue is tasting it’s saliva of my our sexual organs are horny as I want to put his penis in my vagina and have a nice fuck but Jeet stood up as we both walked towards washroom.

It’s a washroom with cascade bathtub and taps ,now we are nude inside it as Jeet asked me……..

“darling ,now open the tap of bathtub to fill it with water and gels .”

As I opened the tap to have it full of water containing foams ,he hold me from back and started pressing my both breasts hardly as his erected penis is pinching on my sexy I turned back as I smiled……

“darling what are you doing ?
(Jeet)feeling the touch of your boobs.”

As he took me in bathtub ,now we both are sitting in it as water have covered our lower parts ,our upper portion are out of it and Jeet took me in his arms as he is kissing my lips.slowly,I am sitting on my brother’s lap as he took my lips in his mouth to suck and I hold his neck as I pushed my long tongue in his mouth and Jeet is sucking my tongue my boobs are pressing hard on his chest ,he is sucking my tongue with our salivas meeting in our mouths.His long cock is hitting my vagina as I am trying to put it in my cunt but Jeet left my tongue as he started massaging my body with water containing foams in it .Jeet is cleaning my body as I have hold his long erected cock under water and now trying to push it in my vagina ,as he took away my hand from it……

“oh Bina wait for a while .”

And we both cleaned our body with water containing gels in left the bath tub as standing under cascade ,Jeet opened the tap of it and water is flowing on our body as he stretched my legs while holding my one legs and it’s in Jeet put his penis on my vagina and I hold it to push in my cunt, slowly 1/2 of penis is in my vagina and Jeet is pushing hard his penis from below.I am standing like a whore as Jeet is fucking me from front as he fucked me hard ,I hold him in his arms as he is giving me a hard and fast fuck.while my body is brushing on his body as I am enjoying hard penis in my he is hitting my vagina from below ,I put my leg on floor and started screaming in joy”oohh aahh Jeet I will cum soon ,fuck me hard” and he is penetrating his dick hard as my cunt started crying like a kids and it’s inside my Jeet took out his penis from my cunt as he turned me and I put my arms on wall while keeping my ass up,like a four legged animal ,I am in washroom and Jeet put his penis in my vagina as he fucked me hard.

His penis is moving fast in my wet cunt as I started moving my ass fast ,we both are on peak of sexual climax and after 6-7 minutes of fuck ,his cock have last laugh in my vagina as he ejaculated sperms in my cunt and I took his penis to taste it’s cum .

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