The New Girl – 5

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts The New Girl – 4 so you can enjoy this better…

Next morning as usual and we went to school. We did pass by that dense bush but today we did not do anything fearing what Pillai sir was going to do with us. Pillai sir was standing at the gate and asked both of us to get into his car.

He drove us to his house where it seemed no one was there. He took us to his bedroom and asked Hardeep to stand against the wall next to the bed. He asked me to remove all my clothes and get on the bed and he removed all of his.

He sat on the bed naked with his huge cock which was nearly 2” thick and 7” long. He ordered me to suck him and he lay down. I sucked him pushing myself to take as much of his cock inside before he forces me like yesterday.

After sucking him for a while he asked me to ride him. I got on top of him and this time when I lowered my pussy on his cock, it entered with very little pain and I began riding him. During this he kept slapping my boobs hard hurting me.

I pleaded him not to hurt me and even called out to Hardeep. Pillai sir laughed loudly saying “how will this idiot save you when he himself has an erection watching you getting fucked?” I again told Pillai sir “please be gentle and I promise to come to you whenever you want”.

He said ok and stopped hurting me. My pussy had adjusted to his cock now and I was experiencing pure pleasure. Sir asked me to get off and get into doggy style at the edge of the bed and came up behind me. He pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking full force.

He was fucking me like a machine and I was enjoying every moment of it. A few minutes later I got a strong orgasm and he was still fucking me. A long while later he shot his load inside my pussy and sat on the couch and I lay on the bed panting.

He said yesterday he fucked me for punishment but today he realised that I was really amazing and he wanted to fuck me every day. He laid me flat on my back and got on top kissing very passionately. Sir asked me what was my relationship with Hardeep and I said he is my boyfriend.

He laughed saying I needed real men and not Hardeep to enjoy real sex. He told Hardeep to go back to school and he will drop me off later. Seeing the softer side of Pillai sir gave me a lot of relief. After seeing Hardeep out of the gate Sir locked the doors and came back to the bed alongside me.

I wanted to take this opportunity to improve my relations with him and brought my face to his kissing him for a while. I said “Sir I was terrified the way you fucked me yesterday but today I am really feeling very lucky being with you and this was definitely the best sex I ever had”.

He kissed me saying “call me Pillai because you have earned it”. He was gently playing with my boobs and sucking my nipples. After a while he came down to my pussy. His juices were still flowing out, he got a wet towel and cleaned everything and resumed eating my pussy.

After a long while he gave me another orgasm and went for my butt with his mouth. I told him please don’t even think about it because your big cock will tear my ass apart. He smiled and said “you can trust me on this, I will not hurt you anymore, just lay back and enjoy”.

While his words were soothing I was still scared. He got some jelly from his drawer similar to what the doctor used. He turned me doggy and ate my pussy and then inserted his cock and began fucking me with slow strokes.

I was beginning to moan with pleasure. He applied jelly to my butt hole and began inserting his big fingers one by one. I have never experienced having two of my holes filled at the same time so I was enjoying it. Soon he had two and then three fingers going in and out of my butt very smoothly.

A few more minutes later he took out his cock lubricated by our juices and positioned it at my butt. He inserted slowly and I could feel him stretching my ass like never before. Soon he was fully inside and stayed still before starting fucking my butt with slow strokes.

I must say this anal sex was far more enjoyable and during all this his house phone rang. He answered from his cordless handset, he seemed to be speaking to someone superior only replying yes sir and no sir and said ready for you sir and hung up.

During the entire call he was fucking my ass. After the call he increased his speed and about 5 mins later he said he was going to cum. I told him to cum in my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth stroking with my hands.

He released a big load of cum and I swallowed. After I had cleaned his cock with my mouth, I lay on his bed beside him. He said I was outstanding in bed for my age and I was the best he has ever enjoyed with. The doorbell rang while we were chatting.

Pillai told me to wait here only while he goes and checks. I remained nude laying on his bed immersed in all the incredible pleasures Pillai had given me. The door opened and I was expecting Pillai but shockingly our principal Mr. Prakash was with him staring at my naked body.

I grabbed a bedsheet and covered myself. Mr. Prakash came and sat next to me placing his hand on my shoulder and Pillai sat on the other side. I was angry at Pillai and stared at him asking “why did you do this to me? Did I not make you happy enough?
Even after you literally raped me yesterday, I came back to you”.

He said “please don’t be angry darling, see we both are good old friends since army days and we both share what we like. Prakash has been fantasizing about fucking you for a very long time even when he is fucking other women he imagines you”.

“So when I told him that you were superb in bed, I thought I should give him also a chance. You don’t worry just lie back and enjoy, I am right here”. Prakash hugged me kissing all over my face ears neck etc. slowly going down removing the bedsheet.

I thought to myself in the current situation what choice do I have and might as well surrender. Surprisingly Prakash was very gentle and the way he kissed my body made me melt. I was stark naked and after kissing my entire body Prakash got up and removed all his clothes.

He was not as athletic as Pillai but he was equally big in build. His cock was same as Hardeep’s which was a relief. I thought to myself, Prakash was being so nice to me and hoping he turns out good in bed. He got on top of me and fondled my boobs gently sucking my nipples.

He went for my belly button with his mouth driving me more crazy before stopping at my pussy. He took the wet towel lying nearby and cleaned my pussy. He put his mouth on my pussy pushing his tongue inside and licked my butt hole too.

He was alternately pushing his fingers and tongue in both my holes driving me towards my next orgasm. Prakash mounted me missionary style rubbing his cock against my pussy. I so much wanted to scream at him to push his cock in my pussy.

As if he heard me, he started inserting very slowly till he was all the way inside and asked me if it was hurting. I told him not anymore since Pillai had just fucked me. He smiled and was kissing me like a real expert while he began fucking me with long strokes.

Prakash knew how to please a woman in bed and was totally opposite of Pillai who was very rough and aggressive. He gradually increased his pace and continued for a long time in multiple positions. I had lost count of the many orgasms I had.

He took me in missionary first, doggy next, then me riding him, back to doggy finally before cumming inside me. I was tired but had a big sense of achievement getting fucked by two experienced men. I collected all his cum flowing out of my pussy and licked it clean in front of him.

I crawled over to his cock and started giving him a blowjob. Since he was not as big as Pillai I was able to take him fully inside my mouth. He was letting out soft aahs and said I was better than most pro’s in giving blowjobs.

He was fully erect again in no time and told me to get into 69 position. This was new for me, while I was giving him a blowjob he was eating my pussy and ass and I was loving it. After few more minutes he got me into doggy style and entered my pussy from behind and started humping me hard.

I looked at Pillai, he was stroking his cock with his hands. I was no longer angry with him because he had got me another awesome sex buddy and that too the most powerful person in my school. Pillai climbed on the bed kneeling down near my face pointing at his erect cock.

I grabbed his cock with one hand and started stroking it, he didn’t seem satisfied and crawled closer pushing his cock in my mouth while Prakash was still fucking my pussy. Now I had one cock in my pussy and one in my mouth simultaneously which was another first for me.

Few minutes later Prakash pulled out of my pussy and began pushing his cock into my ass. As Prakash was not very big, he entered very easily and resumed humping. Both of them spoke something between themselves and Pillai lay down on the bed and asked me to ride his cock in my pussy.

Though I was tired, this particular bout of sex with two men together was just out of this world and I didn’t want it to stop. I got on top of Pillai riding his cock and Prakash brought his cock to my mouth. I was giving him a blowjob.

A while later Pillai picked up speed fucking me from below and Prakash pulled out of my mouth. He came up behind me trying to insert his cock in my ass. Now I had one cock in my pussy and a second one was entering my ass.

Pillai paused for a moment and Prakash pushed his cock fully inside and both resumed pounding me with their cocks. Both my holes were filled and I never felt more full with two cocks, it was out of the world pleasure and another orgasm hit me.

I collapsed on Pillai catching my breath while both continued and sometime later they both filled my holes with their cum. They left me lying on the bed and got some booze and sat on the couch opposite sipping it. Pillai brought me juice to drink and I gulped down everything.

He brought me more and I finished that too and lay down on the bed. Both of them had a few pegs sitting right there and Pillai said to me “from now on when anyone of us calls you, you will need to come without making any excuses”.

I said “I am ready to come whenever you call but please fuck me one at a time”. Both of them laughed and Pillai said “are you not able to handle double the pleasure of two cocks together”.

I said “I enjoyed but also got very tired when both of you fucked me together. I also want to enjoy with both of you and I will promise to be with you whenever you want but during school time only”.

Prakash got up and after kissing me very passionately and feeling my boobs said “we have a deal; we will do exactly as you want”. Pillai came back after seeing him off and asked me if I wanted to eat lunch first and then take a bath or bath first and then eat.

I told him I was very tired and wanted to sleep first before anything else. He told me that he would be watching TV in the living room and whenever I am ready, to come over. I saw the time it was 1pm and requested him to wake me up in two hours so I would be in time before the school closes for the day.

I went off to sleep and hours later I was woken because something was in my ass. I opened my eyes and saw I was lying on my chest with my legs together and Pillai was fucking my ass with his cock. I saw the time was 3pm and he was fucking my ass to wake me up.

He continued for about 20mins nonstop and shot his load filling my butt. He got off me and said fucking my ass gave him the maximum pleasure which he had never got fucking other women. I went to the adjoining bathroom and took a bath cleaning myself.

I got dressed and came back to the living room and sat on the sofa. He offered me lunch and I ate it. I requested him to not tell anyone about our arrangement otherwise it will ruin my reputation. He agreed and we left in his car.

He dropped me off just outside the street that leads to the school and left.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post the rest of the parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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