The Great Sen Family : 8

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Aparna had been waiting for tonight…… for the last 30 days…. it was the fifth day of her last period. Her Gyno had advised her this day was the most perfect date to be conceived for her.

So being prepared, she started to walk out from the bathroom to her bedroom. She would be in the presence of her second husband Sanjay Sen.

She felt herself horny…. knowing he would soon be inside her…… knowing what tonight meant, and these lewd thoughts were almost overflowing inside her. At last with a final look in the bathroom mirror, she made her way to their master bedroom.

She closed just closed the door behind her….and flipping off the light switch. The dim light of the nightstand lamp was all that remained to illuminate her silky pink nightgown. She took gingerly steps towards the bed….. arching her shoulders back and her tits forward as she approached.

“What do you think?”

Sanjay needed no time to figure an answer. His mouth dropped as he looked up and down her shapely body….. gazing over his second wife’s flaring hips and perky chest. Zeroing in his eyes on hers, he stood up to meet her. Placing his left hand to her shoulder, he placed his right hand to the side of her face…. playing with her smooth cheeks and teasing her dark, silky black hairs.

“My God, you’re absolutely radiant tonight, Rina.”

She met his mouth with a kiss, passionate and thorough but not too deep. His hands began to feel and caress her soft voluptuous body. His left arm slipped the nightgown past her shoulder to reveal the milk-white skin that lay beneath.

She began to feel him as well, playing on his chest with her fingers while the other hand worked it’s way down towards his pyjama. They concealed his nakedness. His cock began to swell, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before they were climaxing in the throws of passion.

As they continued to neck and entice each other, he began to turn her about slowly…. her back now to the bed. Slowly he eased her down onto the mattress while she braced herself with his body.

Quickly she uncovered the other half of her nightgown….. exposing her flesh and cleavage. Once she was entirely laid back partially naked on the bed, her husband began to unbutton the rest of her nightgown as she giggled.

Sanjay worked on the few buttons that remained….. looking up to see her move the silken nightgown past her shapely tits. Her nipples expressed her arousal….. stiff and upright.

The expression on her face of innocence and anticipation added to the moment as his cock twitched at the enticing sight of it. The idea that this renowned woman, so sweet and pure, was submitting herself fully to him…. drove him wild.

Once the last button of Aparna’s nightgown was released, he briefly stood up to remove his own pyjama….. allowing his prick to spring free. Aparna took a brief look at it before darting her eyes to her husband as he began to lean over to initiate the act.

Slowly he put his rockhard cock at the opening of her already sopping pussy. Aparna cooed as his manhood pressed her up through her vaginal opening.

He soothed her by caressing her face while he continued to enter her. Soon he was well inside and began to rhythmically move in and out….. breathing heavier as well while she met her husband’s thrusts from below him. She limited her expressions to soft coos….. doing her part to keep their union tame.

Their gyration continued on for several minutes as both began to feel their climaxes building. His breathing became grunts as deep, muffled groans resonated from within her. They continued to fumble about each other. He was kissing and exploring the upper portions of his second wife while she continued to taunt his chest.

Abruptly, Sanjay reached his climax within five minutes….. feeling his heavily sperm-filled balls swelling and his dick reaching it’s final jerks before ejaculation.

“Rina! Rina, my darling! I’m coming … to… ahhhh!!!”

“Ohh!! Ohhhhhhhhhh dear!” Aparna too moaned as she had begun to experience the joy of sex once again….. after six months of her divorce.

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