The Great Sen Family : 8

Aparna had been waiting for tonight…… for the last 30 days…. it was the fifth day of her last period. Her Gyno had advised her this day was the most perfect date to be conceived for her.

So being prepared, she started to walk out from the bathroom to her bedroom. She would be in the presence of her second husband Sanjay Sen.

She felt herself horny…. knowing he would soon be inside her…… knowing what tonight meant, and these lewd thoughts were almost overflowing inside her. At last with a final look in the bathroom mirror, she made her way to their master bedroom.

She closed just closed the door behind her….and flipping off the light switch. The dim light of the nightstand lamp was all that remained to illuminate her silky pink nightgown. She took gingerly steps towards the bed….. arching her shoulders back and her tits forward as she approached.

“What do you think?”

Sanjay needed no time to figure an answer. His mouth dropped as he looked up and down her shapely body….. gazing over his second wife’s flaring hips and perky chest. Zeroing in his eyes on hers, he stood up to meet her. Placing his left hand to her shoulder, he placed his right hand to the side of her face…. playing with her smooth cheeks and teasing her dark, silky black hairs.

“My God, you’re absolutely radiant tonight, Rina.”

She met his mouth with a kiss, passionate and thorough but not too deep. His hands began to feel and caress her soft voluptuous body. His left arm slipped the nightgown past her shoulder to reveal the milk-white skin that lay beneath.

She began to feel him as well, playing on his chest with her fingers while the other hand worked it’s way down towards his pyjama. They concealed his nakedness. His cock began to swell, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before they were climaxing in the throws of passion.

As they continued to neck and entice each other, he began to turn her about slowly…. her back now to the bed. Slowly he eased her down onto the mattress while she braced herself with his body.

Quickly she uncovered the other half of her nightgown….. exposing her flesh and cleavage. Once she was entirely laid back partially naked on the bed, her husband began to unbutton the rest of her nightgown as she giggled.

Sanjay worked on the few buttons that remained….. looking up to see her move the silken nightgown past her shapely tits. Her nipples expressed her arousal….. stiff and upright.

The expression on her face of innocence and anticipation added to the moment as his cock twitched at the enticing sight of it. The idea that this renowned woman, so sweet and pure, was submitting herself fully to him…. drove him wild.

Once the last button of Aparna’s nightgown was released, he briefly stood up to remove his own pyjama….. allowing his prick to spring free. Aparna took a brief look at it before darting her eyes to her husband as he began to lean over to initiate the act.

Slowly he put his rockhard cock at the opening of her already sopping pussy. Aparna cooed as his manhood pressed her up through her vaginal opening.

He soothed her by caressing her face while he continued to enter her. Soon he was well inside and began to rhythmically move in and out….. breathing heavier as well while she met her husband’s thrusts from below him. She limited her expressions to soft coos….. doing her part to keep their union tame.

Their gyration continued on for several minutes as both began to feel their climaxes building. His breathing became grunts as deep, muffled groans resonated from within her. They continued to fumble about each other. He was kissing and exploring the upper portions of his second wife while she continued to taunt his chest.

Abruptly, Sanjay reached his climax within five minutes….. feeling his heavily sperm-filled balls swelling and his dick reaching it’s final jerks before ejaculation.

“Rina! Rina, my darling! I’m coming … to… ahhhh!!!”

“Ohh!! Ohhhhhhhhhh dear!” Aparna too moaned as she had begun to experience the joy of sex once again….. after six months of her divorce.

Her divorce with her first husband and remarrying second time with Sanjay recovered herself from the great frustration she was feeling for the last six months. And now the pleasure of having him penetrate deep within her aching pussy, made herself horny as hell when his member suddenly swelled up inside of her.

It happened six months ago after the marriage of Sanjay when they became a family of four….. consisting of his son Suman, 2nd wife Aparna and Aparna’s daughter Kamalini. His stepdaughter Kamalini, completing her HS exam, decided to start her career as an actress… like her mother.

Anyway right from the beginning Kamalini had been goading Suman about sex and relationships. He was one year junior than she and had never had much luck with women, mainly not being able to gather his courage….. and no courage meant no girlfriend. However very recently, he was able to propose a girl, Pallabi who studied in the same class with him but she was very much timid and shy.

However it wasn’t that courage was all women or girls wanted but he couldn’t even afford to go out clubbing at night and find someone. Ever since then his stepsister Kamalini had taunted him mercilessly, always dropping silly comments about his lack of experience. Even at one moment, she disclosed by telling him that she had heard him masturbating in his bedroom.

At first he just brushed the comments off but over time she became more and more regular until it was an almost daily occurrence. To make matters worse, he couldn’t defend himself whenever he looked at her beautiful smiling face. Yes, she was stunningly attractive which made him weak, and she knew it. She was five feet five tall with 34″ tits, long black hair and a bubbling ass.

She definitely like to flaunt her body, always wearing skimpy tank tops and either shorts or miniskirts. Suman knew he shouldn’t let her get under his skin but it was difficult not to. Most of what she said was true, even the fact that he used to lay in his room masturbating. But he was desperate to prove that he was as good as she was.

He sat in his room one day staring at the sports of a newspaper when he decided that he had looked for long enough. The page wasn’t likely to change no matter how long he looked at it. He left his room and started to head downstairs to see what everyone else was doing when he noticed Kamalini’s door was open slightly.

That was unlike her…. she always made sure her door was shut, whether she was in or out. So he went over intending to close it but as he got closer he could hear a beautiful ‘Rabindra-Sangeet’ in her room…. playing on her stereo on low. Surely she hadn’t gone out and left it on, she was usually so tidy and organized.

Creeping up to the door he peered through the gap and saw Kamalini in there….. lying on her bed, and she was stark naked. He stood staring open mouthed. He had never seen her even in her underwear, although he had tried to catch her on more than one occasion.

Now he watched in mesmerizing as she massaged her gorgeous firm tits…… pinching her nipples as she did. His eyes throughly looked up and down her whole body, as his cock started stiffening quickly. He noticed the slight black wispy hair just hiding her pussy from view. He knew she would kill him if she found him standing there and watching her or, even worse, tell his father or stepmother but he just couldn’t walk away.

Kamalini carried on playing with her nipples with one hand. But as he continued to watch her, she moved the other down slowly over her flat stomach and began to stroke the opening of her pussy. Opening her legs slightly, she eased in her middle finger in her soaking pussy. She let out a barely audible gasp as she did so, and started to rub her clit slowly. Her moaning became louder as she masturbated herself.

Suman’s cock was completely hard now. He couldn’t resist himself as he put his hands into his pyjama and began to slowly massage it….. never taking his hypnotized eyes off from her.

Kamalini stopped massaging her tits for few seconds and reached over the bed…. and opened the bedside cabinet.

As she moved her body, it gave her stepbrother Suman a perfect view of her ass. He looked at her jiggling ass-cheeks and imagined being behind her….. slowly pushing his cock into her while pulling her head back with her hair and fucking her anally as she screamed his name. He gripped his cock even tighter over the pyjama to massive his biner and that’s when she rolled onto her back again.

In her hand, she was holding what looked like a long ten inch candle and he couldn’t imagine her getting all that in her pussy. As he looked on, she opened her legs even wider….. giving him a perfect view of her glistening pussy.

At first, she licked the candle throughly to make it slippery and then started to slowly push the candle in her pussy’s opening. Watching in total amazement, he saw inch after inch of the candle slowly disappear deep into her pussy….. until all that was left was the bit she was holding.

As he reached up to his mouth to stifle a gasp of his own, Kamalini started to fuck her pussy with the candle slowly. Her breathing was getting louder and faster and she moaned loudly as she did so.

Suman couldn’t contain himself any longer and he slowly lowered the zip of his pyjama. He eased his cock through the open fly, but next moment he thought if anybody came in, he would be bound to rebuke for peeping. He didn’t care, and started to wank himself slowly at the jot view before him.

The faster his elder stepsister pushed the green colored candle into her pussy, the faster he wanked his cock. Within minutes, he reached his top as he couldn’t hold back any longer….. cum suddenly erupted from the end of his cock. He gasped as the streams of his white milky liquid hit the wall next to Kamalini’s bedroom door.

Panicking he quickly ripped off his shirt. He didn’t want to leave any sign of what he had just done, as he wiped his sticky cum from the wall. His cock was still erect with cum dripping off from the end of it.

As quick as he could he cleaned up his mess and again he looked back through the gap. He noticed that she was pulling the candle out of her pussy. The candle was glistened with her pussy-juices and he watched in awe as she began to lick the candle clean. He then put his cock back into his pyjama and turned to go back to his room….. not believing what he had just seen.

That’s when Kamalini called out, “Hey Suman, did you enjoy the show?”

He froze to the spot. He had no idea that she spotted him there and watched him too while he was masturbating. He was stunned and at the same time, he felt himself highly ashamed to be caught red handed

“Come on Suman it’s a bit too late to be shy don’t you think?”

“I….. I….. didn’t mean to watch you, Kamal.” He stammered back.

“Come in here bro and stop worrying.” She shouted.

Slowly he pushed her bedroom door fully open…. always keeping his head down. He walked slowly into her room.

“You might as well lift your head up bro, you’ve seen everything anyway.” She told him openly.

“I know b-b-but I shouldn’t have watched you….. you’re my sister, I know that.” He said still stammering.

“Look bro, that’s OK, maybe I should have shut the door or…” She started before letting the words hang in the air.

“Or what…… what are you trying to say?” He asked with a confused look

“Let’s just say, I knew you were in and I knew that if I left my door open, you wouldn’t be able to resist peeking….. so why can’t you look at me now without shying?” She told him bluntly.

Slowly he lifted his head and looked at her….. stretching out naked on the bed shamelessly.

“Well, you still didn’t answer me.” Kamalini said.

“Answer what?” Suman asked.

“Whether you liked the blue show I gave you.” She continued.

“Y-Yes I did….. you looked gorgeous but…”

“But what Suman, I think after what I let you see you can ask me anything.”

“That’s what I wondered why did you let me watch you?” He asked her.

“Let’s just say I wanted to see what you would do.”

“I know but what if someone had come home?” He asked.

“Well my guess is, you would have got into trouble for spying on me and not me.”

“Okay I suppose that’s true enough, but now I better go and let you get dressed….. Ma could have come any moment.” He said.

“Yes right you’re, you better go now…… and one more thing Suman.”

“What’s that?” He asked her…… his eyes still fixed on her nakedness.

“You owe me one.” She answered before winking at him.

Suman walked out of her room….. glancing back once, and wondered what she could have meant by what she had just said. Knowing his stepsister well, he was bound to find out soon enough.

Coming back in his own room, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. As soon as she had let him know that she knew he was there, he expected her to lose her temper. He would have at least expected her to tell him to fuck off and slam the door. But she didn’t and just carry on the happenings. It meant that she enjoyed being watched and it didn’t matter to her who was the one watching.

Lying back on his bed, he couldn’t get the images he had seen out of his head. Her gorgeous long legs, firm tits, her ass and her orgasm-soaked pussy were embedded in his brain. And the more he tried to think of something else, the more worse his cock….. it was hard again.

Knowing that Kamalini was still in her room, and with her last words echoing in his mind, he resisted the urge to take his cock out and got off his bed. Standing in his room, unsure what to do, he realised that maybe the piss-taking would now stop his erection.

He even thought about the fact that she surely wouldn’t risk him blurting out what he had seen. Especially if there was a room full of people, he knew she never wouldn’t take the risk. Then there was the thing she said to him ‘you owe me one’ as well that he couldn’t shift from his mind.

‘Would I be alone in my room one night and she would just barge in demanding to watch me wank?’ Thinking about the possibility of that he wondered ‘If I would even be able to get hard on that demand. It would be embarrassing if that happened, then I would be back to square one and have nothing to hold over her.’

Suman opened his door and looked across to her room. He relieved to see her bedroom door shut and crept past and to downstairs. Still no-one was home, that in itself was a blessing, and he hurried out the front door.

Wandering aimlessly, unable to think of anything else, he found himself in the town park and sat on the first bench he found. If only he could now meet his girlfriend Pallabi and be out of the house more that would show the two of them. But how could he meet her…… she was now at Bardhaman, with her mother and brother.

Arriving back home after an hour, he found his father’s car in the drive, that put paid to his plan for now, and went in the house. Not bothering to see where his father was, he went straight upstairs and into his room, quickly. He wasn’t sure why he rushed because with people here, he didn’t think Kamalini would try anything.

He went to turn his stereo on….. and after that he laid on his bed. He closed his eyes and slowly massaging his crotch…… picturing everything he had seen. Within seconds, he became hard……and quickly pulling his prick out of his pyjama, he started to stroke it.

As time passed, his wanking getting more furious. Images of his stepsister filled his mind as cum spurted from his cock with more force than he could ever remember. The cum was going everywhere until the last drops dripped down onto on his belly. No sooner had the last drops spilled over on his hairy crotch, he heard the front door slam.

“Hi everyone I’m home.” His stepmother Aparna shouted loud enough to wake the dead and went straight to her room.

Opening the door to his room, he peered out, to see if he could see anyone, before venturing out. He strode across towards Kamalini’s room, and was about to knock, when she came charging out.

“Hi bro, sorry not got time for you at the minute I’m off out.” She said as she rushed past him.

Before he could reply, she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m going out to visit Somadi and her son Pinku…… I don’t know when I’ll be back.” She called as she opened the front door.

“Just let us know if you’re not coming back.” His stepmother called back to her just as the front door slammed shut.

Instead of answering her mother, Kamalini walked out hurriedly. Suman too didn’t react as he just went in his room and slammed the door behind him. It was good that his new mother couldn’t read minds of others. Otherwise she would have known that her daughter wasn’t that far away from the truth.

Apart from the obvious perks of this new reformed ‘Sen Family’, at the beginning, Suman wished that his father had never married second time. He couldn’t even see any reason why he had done that when he reminisced his first wife’s memories often….. and to forget those sweet moments, sometimes he took help from liquor.

As much as he sometimes wished Aparna and her daughter had never come into their lives. He knew his father deserved to be happy. It wasn’t as if Aparna was a bad stepmother, it was just that she wasn’t his own mother. One thing was for sure though he had seen his father in a different light earlier and knew that his stepmother hadn’t done anything for him to behave the way he was.

No doubt, his stepmother was a good looking woman with a kind heart who had been through a lot of trauma too with her first husband. It looked like history was going to repeat itself for her. For years she had put up with her husband’s drinking, gambling and womanising and stood by him. It was only when she caught him in their marital bed with another couple…… and she showed the strength to walk away.

Suman couldn’t understand sometimes why any man would cheat on her as it was now obvious to him which of the family genes Kamalini had inherited. Although she he had only one grownup daughter, she was still as close to perfect as any man could want.

Her tits were probably the largest he had ever seen and her ass looked even bigger than those. And above all, she was always dressed in a way that showed a seductiveness without showing much flesh.

She was just thirty-eight…. a living sex bomb in Tollygunge film-industry. She was so voluptuous that even Gods would leave their seat and come down to screw her. And Suman was now old enough to understand this too.

Well although he had accepted her as his father’s wife but he could never accept her to be his mother. What disturbed him the most was that the woman of his fantasies was going to become his new mother. She was so luscious that he found it hard to call her as mother.

This sexy actress had even corrupted the mind of young Suman even more than her daughter. Night and Day he now dreamt about screwing both the mother and daughter. And if ever his new mother caressed him or hugged him at any occasion or may be party the whole night, he couldn’t stop jerking. Even her touch would now turn him restless for the whole day.

Suman’s infatuation towards his stepmother was beyond imagination. He couldn’t stop imagining about her perky round tits and tight bubbling ass. One horny night, he was lying on his bed thrashing his dick hard between his two pillows. He shagged hard fantasizing about her for almost ten minutes until he sprayed his cum between those two pillows.

After he was done and dirty, he went to bathroom to clean up. The bathroom was adjacent to his parent’s room. So after he came out and was walking past their room, he heard nasty moans coming from inside the room.

‘WOW! They are having sex.’ He thought to himself and hoping that he would get a chance to see his sexy new mother naked, he slowly turned the knob to open the door. Fortunately the door was open. He peeped inside and found that the room was dimly lit and he could easily figure them out.

He saw his father and new mother in missionary position. She was lying on her back with legs drawn straight up at the sky resting them over his shoulders. While his father was on top of her. His legs moved up between her legs….. making his groins slam hard against her crack as he thumped his dick violently into her mesmerized cunt. Both were moaning at the pitch of their voices.

Suman could clearly see his father’s cock plunging in and out of her soaked up cunt. He kissed her while he squeezed her tits with his hands. His father’s thumping grew heavier…… so did her moaning. She was already convulsing as her whole body shuddered under him.

His stepmother clung on to his father as tightly as she could while he was pumping her like a maniac….. grunting and puffing after each stroke. Her face was completely flushed with LUST.

It was not long before Suman noticed his father slam his dick deeper into her until he emptied everything he had into her. When he saw his father collapse over her huge tits, he thought it was over and started to leave.

That’s when his stepmother was gasping in shock. Actually during her climax, she turned her face at the door and her eyes accidently caught her stepson leaving the place. It was a sudden blow to find that her stepson had seen them fuck.

For the next several nights Suman peeped in to their room and watched them fuck and Aparna although saw her stepson every time, she never complained.

In fact she loved to have a voyeur around while she was fucked by her husband. Sanjay on the other hand was feeling lucky to be fucking the hottest woman in Bengali film-industry. He slammed her pussy every night as if he was getting all he had paid for.

And to Aparna, her sensations of intimate bliss quelled to satisfaction….. knowing her husband’s hot fluid was now gushing inside of her. Spurt after spurt continued to fill her womanhood. Each little bit of her husband’s sperm started fighting through her body….. making it’s way deeper inside her body to seek out her waiting egg.

She cooed thinking of this, filled with a relieving sense of pleasure once again. It was this, she had been waiting for as his hot semen filled her belly. As he continued to grunt and spill his contents into her, she felt relieved that they both could experience this blissful climax.

“Yessss, dear, keep it going! Ohhh! Yesss, yes my love!”

In due time Sanjay’s member emptied it’s contents fully inside Aparna’s fertile womb and became limp. He kept it in her…. trying to have it act as a plug for his semen. However some mixed with her sexual juices, were seeping out along her thighs.

He rested next to her, his arm draped around her. The couple exchanged adoring words and cuddled as the mood shifted from sex to sleep. He drifted off to sleep first, exhausted with their sexual activity. He echoed her words of love before slowly easing into sleep for a job well done.

As Aparna lay there, feeling her husband’s semen settle in her, she blankly looked upwards at the ceiling. She felt complacent and content. The difficult part was over for her. Now the two must wait to see if his sperm proved enough to impregnate her.

This was a task that would best be left in God’s hands, she thought, and offered up a silent prayer. She prayed that this time her husband’s semen would be successful in finding and penetrating her new egg to begin life in her. She wished to be pregnant second time and thereby to fulfill their dream. Both of them really wanted to bring a new member to their reformed family….. the obligation of any good Bengalee couple.

After that even she went to their worship-room to pray sometime for her second impregnation…. and earnestly showed her devotion. Anyway upon concluding her prayer, she came back to her bedroom…. climbed up the bed and twisted to cuddle about her husband. She noticed his flaccid penis having left the warm embrace of her vagina long ago. Embracing him, she too entertained thoughts of satisfaction as she dozed off to sleep.

It was still fairly early in the morning, two days after her attempt to conceive with her husband. She had plenty to attend to around the house today. But, she remained depressed….. when she remembered suddenly the invitation of Munmun. She had already talked with her about their attempts at conceiving another child.

Munmun too however was facing the same problem which brought them even closer. Like Aparna, she was trying to get pregnant too with a specialist Gyno’s advice but they both were met with failure. Several previous attempts….. months worth of planning, hope, and prayer ….. always became shattered by the arrival of their monthly period.

To be continued……

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