Son Fulfilled Mom Needs

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Iam Ramu.Iam 20 year old , Studying In Instrumentation Engineering in Karnataka.
Now I will come to my mom ,her name is mala, details She is old at 40 age looks Gorgeous women with big boobs, sweet pussy, comfortable body.

Normally We live 3 members in Small and sweet home.My father works as Bus Driver in KSRTC ,he comes to my home twice in week .

Iam now completed 3rd sem,and got holidays for few days .I planned to my Home now ,to spend my time with my parents.

When I was arrived to home my mom gets full happy ,and she made sweets for me.But my father was not in home .So Iam helping my mom in her activities like helping in kitchen,etc.

I don’t have any sexual thought about my mom ,but Usually iam reading mom son sex stories occasionally.I too want sex with my mom,but due to traditional family that wasn’t happened.

One day midnight, I woke up for drinking water but in sleepy mode , instead of going into kitchen I went to my mom’s room .
But suddenly I shocked ? Thinking that ,this lady is my because of her juicy naked ,she was standing against mirror , with closing eyes moaning hahahaha hmmmmmhmmmm!
She has carrot in her hand and she is masturbating,so hardly.
But in hurry I didn’t saw her properly ,she also didn’t see me.Suddenly I cameout of her room and went inside my room slowly,and gone to sleep .

But I can’t getting sleep ,my mom’s naked body coming in my dream.So I thinking why my father not fulfilling her needs.Becausr he is at 55 age
So he lost his interest in sex .So I decided to fuuck my mom to fulfill her needs ,by tomorrow.So I took my penis of 6 inch longer and masturbating with feeling of my mom ,and cummed into my bed.And slept in naked throwing my underwear and banian under the cot.

Now it was morning ,my mother infront of me and waking me up.
But I got shock because I’m in naked body with penis and unshaved hairy around it.Immediately I closed my genuine private part by bed sheet.Im in trouble face but my mom is still smiling.
Mom: Don’t worry Ramu ,You are my kid.
Me: I got quite relief.

Now she asked me to get bath.
But now thought,this is the right time to fuck her.

So I asked her,mom do many days became my back body can’t get cleaned,so can you clean it.So she said ok.

When I entered into bathroom in underwear.I called mom I’m ready,She said wait a minute.
When She came into bathroom ,she is wearing red saree and white blouse,and her bra is black is visible to me.

So my mom asked to give soap to rub the back body,I asked mom ,my skin became redish due to bite of insect.She asked where my son,So I immediately opened my underwear , immediately Penis was erected.
I too got shock and my mom also,she said I’m your mom you can’t do any sex with me.So I said Why mom you are loosing sex enjoyment with father and masturbating with carrot,I seen it yesterday night.
Mom:She is in silence.
Me:Ok mom ,I’m your son don’t have any right to fulfil your needs.
Mom:Now still in silence.
Me:I just caught her kissed her forehead .

NOW Immediately removed her blouse and bra,Start pressing her boobs for several times,so mom also enjoyed it.So now,she took my penis and sucking like lollypop.Im getting so erotic due to this.

After this asked her to sleep in bathtub,Just removed her black panty , started to lick her pussy, which is properly shaved one She got excited with this.

Now it’s time to explore Fuck her anal,and pussy.So she is moaning like ammahahaha!fastfast!Come on son.
This was all happened in 30 minutes.This was my first ever sex in my life.

From this onwards, every vacation I used to ride my mom,with sex.

Thank You 🙏🙏🙏

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