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I am 45 from Chandigarh and this is a 3 months back when I met this 27 years old unmarried girl named shalini, in start we just had talks on the tinder and then we shared our numbers and talked.

In start, she was little worried as I was married but I told her that I don’t want any emotions and it will be only fun and she agreed. After talking for few days, I met her for the first time and it was late evening and we went for a long drive, there she asked me that I am married and what you want, I said we can have arrangement, we both will fulfill needs of each other and she agreed.

She was little chubby bit very solid. While driving she started to put her hand on my thigh and I asked her to come near and touch my dick, she came and then I put my hand in between her thighs, to my surprise it was very warm and wet, she just hold my hand and asked to keep touching there.

Then I inserted my hands from top of her t-shirt and I can’t tell you, how big and hard her boobs were, they were so good with small nipples, I played with her nipples and she was getting crazy. She asked me to stop the car and see some place where we can get out and try to do more.

I found a place where it was very dark and we parked her car, i told her to stand and then I sat on the ground, I removed her leggings till her knees and put my mouth on her wet pussy and inserted my whole face inside, she moaned like hell and she grabbed my head and asked me to do it hard. i put all my tongue inside her and she was yummy.

Then she tried to hold my cock, I asked her to do the same and suck but she denied and said she will not suck it. I said it is Ok and then we had a beer while returning back and then we planned to meet again.

After few days, when my wife was gone to her parents, I asked shalini to meet, we finalized the program and booked a hotel for Saturday night. we had few drinks together and dinner and then she was ready to change, and she was feeling very horny and she told me that today she wants to get fulfilled and want to experiment and also want to sit on my face, I said I would love it, and then she removed her clothes, she is little chubby with huge boobs but they were great, she forced me to lay down and then sat on my cheat and then on my face and ordered me to lick her deeply. I was so excited, i licked her too deeply, her pussy was all wet and she was rubbing her pussy on my mouth very badly as well she was holding my dick.

After some time, now she wanted my dick inside, I asked her to do some foreplay but she was so excited that she just wanted to have my dick inside, I put the condom and she was sitting on top of my dick and started to jerk deeply, I was too excited and after some time, I collapsed and she also fell down on the bed.

Then we had beer again and slept for some time, then she asked me to come between her legs and keep licking her pussy again, I used some chocolate and licked it, yumm loved the flavour of her juices.

I asked her to suck my dick but she denied again as she is not comfortable in that, I never forced her and said it is OK.

After some time, we slept and then again in the morning, she was ready for the final fuck and asked me to fuck her in doggy style. When she bent like a doggy, he huge ass was so good that I inserted my whole face inside her and licked her ass hole too, she got crazy and after that I pushed my dick inside her wet pussy and she was moaning very loudly and pushing me backwards and was saying “fuck me fuck me, don’t leave me ever” and was so load. I was in the heaven and after some time, I collapsed again and she told me that it was a great fuck.

I thanked her in the morning and then she said, it was our last meeting, it was fun but she don’t want to meet as she is not interested in the long term relationships and wanted a good time. I was also happy to say bye because we had a great fun without any commitments and problems.

if any girl or lady/couple around Chandigarh is looking for a good time, you can drop me a message at [email protected]

Have fun guys!

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