My sister gives me to a demon

There’s a special intestine tightening, bowel loosening feeling you get when you wake up in a dark forest staked to the ground surrounded by lanterns. My eyes were heavy, and my mind was having trouble forming coherent thoughts, but I could tell right away I was not going to have a good night. I tried to sit up but realized each of my ankles and wrists were held taut with rope. I was also stretched into an uncomfortable X shape.

As my senses came back to me, I felt something nestled against my groin and when I looked down, I discovered a few things. One, I was completely naked, two, three hooded figures worked around me, and three, the large wooden bowl between my legs looked like Mom’s new salad bowl. I’m not sure why that bothered me more than my actual predicament, but all I could think was, Mom’s going to be pissed when she finds out my nuts have been touching her bowl.

Whatever was making me groggy wasn’t allowing me to think straight and for a few moments, my mind chased itself down a rabbit hole as I thought of other things Mom wouldn’t be happy with my nuts touching. Using the time I doubt I had, I closed my eyes and tried to pull my addled brain back together. After four or five minutes I felt clear-headed enough to open my eyes and look around. The only thing I could see in the low light was three lanterns and, like the bowl, they looked like they came from my house. A thought was skittering around the edges of my mind as to who might have staked me to the ground, but I kept pushing it away as the thought was too insane to entertain.

A cold breeze blew across my naked skin and thought, I really shouldn’t be lying here naked, but when I tried to find my clothes I was immediately reminded of the ropes holding me down.

“He’s awake,” a feminine voice said.

Another feminine voice replied, “Unfortunate.”

I looked toward the first voice and watched as she knelt between my legs. My luck with women held true and instead of using my body for her sexual gratification, she began mixing ingredients into the bowl. I chuckled as the movement of the bowl tickled my balls.

“Mom’s going to be pissed with you using her bowl like that,” I said, my words slurring from whatever I’d taken. The hooded figure snorted with laughter as they stood and began placing small fat black candles around my shivering body. “So, wanna tell me what’s going on?”

She ignored me, but as she worked the thought I kept pushing away was becoming more insistent. I’ll be honest, I had dreams like that before, women surrounding my naked body as they took turns pleasuring themselves, but the stakes were new and no one was getting off. Reality’s so much worse than fantasy, I thought. Actually, of all the guys in this town to kidnap for a sex adventure, I should be the last on the list.

I mean, I was a forty-year-old loser who lived at home with his mother and his sister who was fifteen years younger, and thought she was an influencer. I stood all of five foot four on a good day, and according to my doctor, if I didn’t stop eating all those double cheeseburgers, I’d be lucky to see forty-five. Then there was my ‘manhood’. I had a tiny penis that tried its best to be something more than it was, but when all was said and done, I looked like a roll of pennies when I got hard. That wasn’t really something that ever brought a lot of pleasure to any woman.

“Hey,” I called out, “I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I don’t think I’m the guy for you. I mean, you can see I’m not working with a lot.”

“This isn’t going to be that kind of night,” the one who had begun to set black candles around me as she worked.

I don’t know why, but her words and the way she said them made my heart pound. Whatever was coursing through my system began to clear as fear-induced adrenaline shot through me burning off the effects. I began to struggle, the hooded figure at my feet looked at me and my heart stopped. The person kneeling between my legs, who I would’ve given anything to be in this position at any other time, was one of my sister’s best friends.

“Traci? Holy shit, Jess’s going to kill you when she finds out what you’re doing.”

“Are you sure this is absolutely necessary,” Traci asked as she pulled her hood back.

Traci, like my sister, thought of herself as a social media influencer. She had a modest following because she was slim and liked to wear next to nothing in her videos, but she was ditzy and didn’t know how to capitalize on her natural qualities. I doubted she’d rise much further than she was. That went for my sister as well, except for the ditzy and slim part. Unlike Traci, my sister was an angry chubby woman and unless she did something viral, and I’m not talking about the guys she dated, then she would be stuck in mediocre hell with her friends.

“Yes,” the leader said pulling her hood down. My eyes grew wide as I recognized my sister Jess. I started to calm down because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that while my loving sister liked to pick on me, she would never actually endanger my life. Torture me a little, sure, tease me a lot, absolutely, but never actually put me in any real harm’s way. At least, that’s what I thought until she spoke again. “The ritual says we need a sacrificial male who was born during the time of Samhain. Alex was born on All Hallow’s Eve, and if anyone is perfect for sacrificing, it’s him. Plus, Mom’s gone for the week and this will give us time to come up with a story of what happened to Alex.”

“Yeah, but this seems kind of… I don’t know, a little murdery.”

“Ha ha, Jess, jokes gone on long enough, I’m starting to get scared now, let me go.” I looked at her, “I mean, we both know you’re not going to kill me. This is just another Tik Tok or something, right?”

Jess finally acknowledged my presence and stared at me. Not the loving stare of a sister who was trying to create a viral video, but the blank stare of a psychopath. Her eyes sent me over the edge and I began screaming for help. As I yelled, the third figure dropped and covered my mouth, it was my sister’s other best friend, Brenda.

“I’m so sorry, Alex, but you know how difficult it is to get views and this is our only chance to be famous.”

“Views,” I screamed into her hand. “Are you out of your fucking mind? Brenda, let me go or you’ll be famous for going to go to jail.”

She pressed her hand harder over my mouth until I couldn’t speak as she looked at the others. “Oh my God, is he right, all we going to jail?”

“Not if we do everything we’re supposed to, and dammit Traci, I told you we’re not killing him,” Jess said, “Look, I’ve done all the research and all we’re doing is preparing his body for the demon. Once he takes over it won’t be Alex’s soul, but it’ll still be his body. So, legally we won’t have done anything to Alex. At least not anything the demon won’t be able to fix.”

“Demon?!” Brenda covered my mouth again.

“You said we were supposed to defile him,” Traci said, “How’re you going to do that?”

“Defiled?!” Brenda leaned on me almost crushing my jaw.

“The ritual demands the sacrifice be sealed with a sexual act. I’ve got a huge strap-on in my bag. Now, is everything ready?”

“Strap-on?!” Her words sent me into a frenzy. I bucked and fought to try to get out of the ropes, but they were on too well.

Brenda screamed, “Hey, if we’re doing this you might want to hurry, I don’t know how long the stakes will hold him.”

I took hope in her words and struggled harder. “I wish we didn’t have to do this,” Traci said to me as she stared up from between my legs. “I mean, for a little chubby guy you’re kinda cute.”

“And a good kisser,” Brenda added. The others looked at her and she shrugged. “I was horny and he was available.” They continued to stare and she said, “It was that time all of us went down to Florida. You two hooked up with those brothers and I was left to go back to the room. We were hanging out watching the Bachelor and I got to thinking how I’d love to have someone give me a rose. We opened a bottle of wine and after a few drinks, one thing led to another and we fucked.”

“Was it any good,” Traci asked looking toward my shriveled dick.

“All I can say is, thank God he’s really good with his mouth.”

They laughed as tears welled in my eyes and I realized I wasn’t going to survive whatever bullshit was about to happen. I took a few deep breaths and when Brenda removed her hand I said through the tears, “Please, Jess, don’t do this. I’m your brother, you’re not supposed to do this. We’re supposed to protect each other from stuff like this.”

For a moment, I thought I saw Jess waver but then she gritted her teeth and shook her head. “Alex, this is going to be hard for you to understand, but I still have a shot of being someone in this world and you don’t. I’m not saying that to hurt you but look at us. We’re three boss bitches and with just a little help we could get our lives back on track and be as big as the Kardashians.”

She looked at me as if I was going to nod and say, ‘Sure, fucking slaughter me so you can be famous,’ but that wasn’t happening. I could admit that when she was a teenager and just starting college, she had a real good shot at living an amazing life without sacrificing me to a demon, but then shit happened. In college she rocked a 4.0 GPA, she was tall and lean with every guy on campus hitting on her. I mean, not many guys looked away from a five-seven volleyball player with long natural blonde hair, nice pert breasts that looked like she was carrying around a couple of softballs, a stomach you could bounce a quarter off of, and a round firm ass.

She lived at home during that time, and during that time I watched her blossom from a scrawny little girl to a gorgeous young lady. As she got older and into college, she decided to express her sexuality by walking around in small t-shirts and thong panties. If that wasn’t bad enough, she loved clinging to her older brother as if I was wasn’t also a man. Luckily, the hard-ons I got from the attention I got from my eighteen-year-old sister were so small that whenever she laid against me during movie night, her braless hard nipples brushing against my arm, she never noticed my dick skin trying to rip itself apart. But then after a night of being the campus mattress, her attitude changed. Suddenly, she’d put on twenty-five pounds and started hanging out with Traci and Beth, neither one of whom were Mensa members, and started trying to become social media famous.

As she watched me think, she gave me a sad smile, “Now, look at you. You flunked out of a two-year college that gave degrees away as if they were candy.” She laughed, “I mean, who the fuck flunks out of freshman courses? Brother, you’ve always been destined for a life of mediocrity and you can’t even manage that. Don’t worry though, where you’re going to paradise so it’s a win-win for all of us. Traci, Brenda, and I will get amazing futures and you’ll get to live in heaven. Goodbye, Alex, I really do love you.”

As she stood, I tried one last time to get free and it almost worked. With a mighty pull, I got a hand free but before I could capitalize on my good fortune, Jess said a few words I didn’t understand and everything changed. My body stopped moving and all I could do was move my eyes.

“Whoa, what’d you do,” Brenda asked.

“I put him in a trance. It’s midnight, it’s time to start.” Jess told the girls where to stand and they began chanting. After they repeated themselves three times, she looked at Traci and pulled out a knife.”Slice your palm, like I showed you, then put your sacred item in the bowl and make the vowel.”

Traci glanced at Brenda. “Suddenly, I’m not so sure about this.”

“Yeah, I mean, I guess I don’t need views,” Brenda added as she laughed nervously.

With a viciousness I wouldn’t have associated with Jess before that night, she reached out and snatched the wrists of the others, she crushed them in her fists. “You want to go to jail? You want to go to prison? Because if we stop now our only recourse is either to let him go so he can tell, or kill him. So, what’ll it be? Prison or murder?”

Traci jerked her hand away from Jess. “Prison or murder? Are you out of your mind? This was all supposed to be a joke, Jess. You said we would bring Alex out here, scare him real good and then have a big laugh about it all. I mean, it was a little cruel stripping him down like that, but I figured Halloween and all so what the fuck. We’ll let him fuck Brenda again and he’ll be cool, right Alex?” She looked at me but I was still frozen. She shook her head, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I’m done with it.”

Jess looked at Brenda who nodded, “Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Ha ha and then we party. I’m not into whatever this is. Let Alex go and I’ll let him do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t tell. C’mon, let’s go have some fun.”

“Fine. If you two want to leave, then leave, but if you ever say anything about this, just remember, I’ll have a demon at my disposal.” Brenda started to kneel saying it was all bullshit but stopped when Jess put a blade to her throat.

“I swear to God, Brenda, if you free him, I’ll gut you like a pig.”

After a moment of staring at each other, Traci and Brenda backed away. I could hear them muttering how crazy their friend was and I hoped they would call for help, but I knew as they left me to whatever my sister had planned, no one would get there in time. As the girls disappeared into the darkness, Jess turned back to me and began a quiet chant. I watched as she stepped back to the bowl and held out a small vial of dark liquid.

She looked toward the sky and said, “This is my virginal blood from the first time I had sex. Nothing is more sacred than the remanence of innocence.” She poured the vial into the bowl. “I swear by all that is unholy I give my undying allegiance and obedient fealty to the Dark Lord of Wants and Desires.”

As the ingredient hit the interior of the bowl, the blood caught fire and shot high into the air before snuffing itself out. Jess picked it up and poured the burnt mixture from my scrotum to my neck. The mixture began to spread out across my body. Where it touched, my skin burned and sizzled and I wanted to scream, but I had no voice.

The heat spread until it completely covered me then moved on to the ropes. They caught fire and fell away as I was supernaturally hauled to my feet. It was like my feet were hinged to the ground and I was lifted by the shoulders. As the only things left not sizzled, my eyes watched as Jess ripped off her robes to reveal her nudity and began fastening the strap-on around her waist. It took a few moments and when she turned to finish the ceremony she found me cocooned in a shell of burnt flesh. I can’t say that’s what she saw for sure, I still couldn’t move anything except my eyes, but that’s what it felt like. For a moment, she looked as if she would turn and leave like the others, but when I didn’t move she relaxed a little. She waved her hand in front of my face and started to touch me, but a voice spoke softly.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that.” The voice seemed to come from all around us but as she spun to locate the source, it slowly appeared in front of me. The voice belonged to an attractive older woman in a dark form-fitting suit who was looking me over. She was taller than me by at least a foot as she moved around me, she said, “He’s not done yet.” When she completed her inspection she put her nose close to my skin and drew in a deep breath. “Mmm, you can smell the desperation coming off of him in waves. You did well, child. This will make an excellent vessel for me. Is it given freely?”

“By me, yes. By him, no.”

The demon smiled, “Such is life.”

“I have this, should I use it now,” she said gesturing to the large phallus hanging from her waist.

The demon’s eyebrows raised. “What’re your plans with that?”

Confused, Jess said, “In the ass, I thought.”

“Wow, you’re an animal, but I think my boy will be able to handle things on his own. Once he’s finished baking, of course, no way he would’ve been able to use what he had on you.”

Jess stepped forward. “No, I’m supposed to defile him, like the ritual says. I translated it myself.”

She frowned, “No, you badly translated an already bad translation of the ritual. Between that five-hundred-year-old idiot’s confusion of grammar and syntax and yours, I’m surprised I get any business anymore. You know when I wrote the first ritual, it was just about as basic as you could get. Find a body to sacrifice, mix a potion, say a chant, and pour the mixture on. Then we make a deal, simple right? Apparently, to simple for some people because suddenly I’m showing up to things like this. Nowhere, not even in that bastard of a version, you translated, does it say stake him down and fuck him with a ball bat.”

“I don’t understand, it says he will become submissive, I thought–”

The demon laughed, “It didn’t say he would, it said in order for you to get what you want, you will submit to him. You will feed me by having sex with him.”

“But, he’s my brother.”

The demon’s eyes smile stretched across his face, “I know, I must be hashtag blessed.”

“You want me to have sex with my brother? Isn’t that wrong?”

“Of course it is, why do you think I like it so much? Mmm mmm, there isn’t anything more delicious than that initial coupling of sibling lust.” She laughed, “You could refuse, it’d suck, but I’d understand and if that’s the case I’ll just collect your soul and go about my business.”

“What?! My soul, that wasn’t part of it.”

“That was always part of it, sweetie. See, I’m promised at least one soul just for showing up. So, what’ll it be, complete the deal you already started, or forfeit your soul?”

“But that’s not fair, I didn’t understand what I was doing. I thought I was going to get what I wanted.”

The demon shrugged. “And you will, but nothing is free. At the moment, your only salvation, as it were, is by my grace. From the second you made the vow, your life, your body, and your soul became mine to do with what I will. So, do you want something for it, or do you want to go with me right now? I mean, it’s not really a hard choice, is it? A life of pleasure or a life of… well Hell to be blunt about it. So, ticktock, a life of luxury or a life of the damned.”

“But either way, I’ll be going to Hell, right?”


“Then I want to amend the deal. If I complete the ritual and submit to the vessel, I want my soul to be free from Hell when I die.”

“Hmm, interesting, but–”

Jess gritted her teeth. “No buts, I performed the ritual, I summoned you, by coming you agreed to give me what I want.”

“True, but the bargain is for your soul, he is just icing on the cake, but I tell you what, if you do a good job with your fame then I’ll give you a job when it’s all over.” I could see her thinking it over before she nodded. “Good, now, complete the ritual.”


The demon moved so fast it looked like she disappeared from next to me only to reappear behind Jess. My sister’s screams ripped through me as the demon cut off anything else she was going to say. I wasn’t able to look directly at them but from the sides of my vision it looked like the demon’s hand was inside of my sister’s back and she was being lifted off the ground. Her voice gave out and even after the air left her lungs her mouth was open trying to scream.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the demon released Jess and I watched as she fell to the forest floor. Her knee began bleeding from where she’d been dropped onto some rocks scattered across the ground. “Please, stop, you don’t have to make me do this.”

“You’re confused, I’m not making you do anything,” the demon said as she stroked Jess’s head. She made a face as she looked at her palm. She wiped it onto her pants, and said, “Ew, sweat? You’re going to need to control that.”

“You’re not supposed to be able to touch me.”

“Let me guess, the translation again.” Her hand passed through my sister again and again Jess screamed as she was lifted up. “As you can see, I can do whatever I want. For example, what I’m doing right now is slightly squeezing your soul. Would you like to feel what it feels like when I close my fist?”

“No! Please, God, stop! I’ll obey! I’ll obey!”

“Willingly obey?”

“Yes, I’ll willingly obey you.”

The demon smiled and glanced at me, “And him.”


“He’s my vessel on Earth. Does me no good to have you willingly obey me if I’m in Hell or on the other side of the planet doing my job now does it? How am I going to feed if you’re so far away?”

“But, I thought this was a one-time thing?”

“You aren’t asking for a one-time thing like a bunch of money or anything like that, you’re asking to be famous. So, as long as you’re getting what you want, I get fed.”

“That would mean, you’re giving him control over me for the rest of my life.”

“No, pumpkin, you’re willing to submit to him for the rest of my life, and it’s not even that. It’s more like when he whips his dick out, you satisfy him in any way he wants. Maybe it’s once, maybe it’s a million times. Doesn’t matter.”

“You know what I want, how will I be able if I’m his slave?”

“I’ll take care of that part, don’t worry, I always keep up on my side of things, but only if you never refuse him. Do you understand what I’m telling you? You can choose to refuse him, but if you do then…” Her hand disappeared into Jess’s body and my sister screamed. Jess said she understood and was released. “Good, then COMPLETE THE GODDAMN RITUAL!!”

My sister, the woman who once thought she was smart enough to outsmart a demon meekly fell to her knees and crawled toward her burnt brother. I could see in her eyes the slow realization that the only choice left to her was to serve the overweight loser of a brother she was so eager to sacrifice only moments ago. To become who she wanted to be, she would have to become my willing slave or suffer the torments of Hell.

“Wait, this isn’t right,” the demon called out as she reached out to touch me.

“Oh, thank God,” Jess said in relief.

The demon snorted, “Let’s not thank Him just yet, shall we?” The demon stepped close to me and whispered, “I don’t have time for you to finish in a timely manner and since I can’t have a fat man with a micro-dick out in the world representing me I’m going to speed this along. Sorry, but this is going to hurt, a lot.”

She pressed her palm to my head and pain exploded through my body. My screams ripped through the forest causing Jess to jump up and step away from me even as I felt the demon reshape my body. By the time she was done, I was taller than Jess and was rippling with muscles. My hair was thick and long with a matching beard to go with it.

“There’s that’s better,” she said as she pulled my face from side to side. “Now this is a cock I’d proudly call one of mine,” she said as her hand slid around my manhood.

My head was free from whatever my sister did to me, I looked down and was able to see that my small Tootsie Roll had disappeared and in his place, there was a long thick slug hanging from my body. I wasn’t sure how long I had become, but I was bigger and rounder limp than I’d ever been hard my entire life.

The demon smirked as she stroked me. I grew hard at her fondling. “Mmm, I may come back and use this beauty myself.” She turned to Jess, “Okay, we’re good to go, time to hop on pop.”

“No. This isn’t right or fair. You can’t take my soul just because I won’t fuck my brother.”

The demon shook her head and laughed, “I like you, you’re stupid. If it makes you feel better, he wants it.”

“You’re lying. No one wants to fuck their sibling.”

She walked around me and I could feel her hand touching places only my doctor had touched in a very long time. “Lying? Little girl, this cock isn’t hard for me, if it wasn’t for me he would’ve already buried his bone in you. Granted, he’s little more than a beast right now, but believe me when I tell you all he can think about is fucking you like an animal in heat right now.” She shuddered and hefted my balls. “Damn, come feel the weight of these things. This is forty years of taking shit from everyone, including you.”

The more she talked the more I could feel the overwhelming urge to take my sister whether she wanted it or not. I tried to push it back down, but it was like a living thing boiling me from the inside.

The demon looked at me and smiled. “Don’t fight it, baby. Trust me, it’ll feel so much better if you give in.” She turned back to Jess and said, “It doesn’t really matter if he gives in or not, at least not mentally because regardless of what he wants, he’s too weak-willed to stop my desire. That’s good because I have plans for him. His life will become a testament to the Dark Lord of Wants and Desires.” She touched me and I jerked a little. “Ooo, he’s fighting so hard and you know what? He might actually succeed, at least for a little bit, but the more you tempt him with your sex, the less he’ll be able to resist. The more he experiences you, the more he will feed me.”

“But what if he finds a way to resist me? Like permanently? What’ll happen to me?”

“Then you’ll become a bigger failure than you are now, but don’t worry, he might be able to resist for a bit, but with you offering him the very thing his body craves, he’ll eventually give in. And besides, I have faith in you. Faith that what you want is bigger than what he wants because unless you accept his orgasm, my essence, into your body regularly, then my little deal maker, our bargain will begin to crumble.”

“He’s too big for me.” Both I and the demon knew it was her last-ditch effort to prevent what was inevitable.

The demon laughed, “He’s eight inches and he’s thick enough to stretch the pussy of every woman on the planet. Not those size queens of course, but even they wouldn’t turn him down. He’s perfect and we both know you’ve taken bigger.” She smiled as she aimed my hardness directly at Jess, “Your fans calling out for your greatness so go ahead, feed me, and rocket into stardom.”

Jess glanced at the demon before looking back at my groin. I could see her weighing her options to either damn her brother or suffer the slow destruction of her own soul. Her demeanor changed when her decision was made. My heart sank even as my excitement rose as she dropped back to her knees and lean forward. Her nose nestle into my crotch and I heard her take a deep breath breathing in my scent.

“Dammit, I love that smell. So masculine, so powerful,” she mumbled causing the demon to smile.

The more she drew my smell into her body the more excited she became. She smiled as she began squeezing her breasts even as the other took me from the demon. Surprised, my eyes grew wider when she wrapped her fingers around me and found themselves lacking. Jess’s hand slowly began stroking me and I could feel the demon’s hunger ached for her. When she flattened her tongue and dragged it up from my heavy sack to the tip of my erect member I almost came.

“Oh God, Jess,” I gasped as my voice returned.

She glanced up and smiled at me. “Don’t worry, big brother, this is your lucky night. I might not be good at many things, but I’m damn good at this.”

Her mouth opened as she locked her eyes onto mine and sucked my cock into her wet mouth. My tip quickly hit the back of her throat and I knew my neglected body would want to cum sooner rather than later. She pushed me past the point of no return when she grabbed my ass and guided me to fuck her face.

I growled and the demon smiled, “Yes, my vessel, take your sister.”

The demon’s hunger broke free from my control and took over my body. My fingers slid into Jess’s hair and as she moaned, my blood began to boil. She palmed my balls and I began to thrust into her harder and deeper. Her hands grasped my hips and tried to slow me down as I used her mouth as I would her pussy, but I refused to stop. Her only hope to stop my onslaught of her throat was to make me cum. She was right in that I was almost too big for her mouth and throat, but even though I was filling her mouth, her tongue bathed me as she pushed me toward the edge. Tears and spit flowed down her face and my balls as I pushed myself deep into her throat and pulled her face to my stomach. I felt my sack tighten as my tip pulled all the way out to her lips then raced back into her until my balls rested on her chin.

She hadn’t been lying when she said she was good at cock sucking. It didn’t matter how hard I drove myself into her, she moaned in ecstasy as much as she gagged. It was those noises coupled with whatever her tongue was doing that created that old familiar tingle and within moments, I pushed deep into her and exploded directly into her stomach. Her eyes were squeezed shut but she didn’t try to pull away from me. She just kept swallowing everything I gave her and it felt amazing on my shaft. As I relaxed, I released her finally allowing her to lean back until I fell from her lips. She wiped her face taking long deep breaths and I expected her to look at me with fear, but she didn’t. She looked up at me, completely under my dominion and when as her breathing became calmer she leaned forward and began nursing on my cock. I reached down and stroked her hair and she hummed contently.

“Yes,” the demon moaned as she licked her lips and hugged my muscular body. “God, that tastes so good,” she said. “Mmm, do that often and you will be rewarded. Serve me well, my vessel, and you too will be generously rewarded.”

The demon smiled as she vanished and left us in the middle of the forest, me standing naked over my equally naked sister as she stared wantonly up at me. As the cum left my body and my softening cock slipped from her mouth, my ability to clearly think again came rushing back to me. I pushed her back and looked around for my clothes.

“Holy shit, Jess,” I said in a deep voice, “What the fuck is happening?”

Her voice was rougher than normal, a result of my vicious face fucking. “You were so demanding, so forceful.”

“I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry.”

The grin she gave me was almost scary. “I don’t want you to be sorry, I want you to do it again.”

She grabbed at me, but I backed away. “Are you crazy?!”

“Jesus, Alex, I’ve never had anyone dominate me like that. You didn’t care what I wanted, you just knew what you wanted and I was you’re fuck toy. It’s awakened something in me. Or more accurately, it’s re-awakened something in me and I want more, baby.”

She grabbed at my leg again but I caught her wrist and pulled her up. Another surprise, my new strength allowed me to easily lifted her to her feet. She took a deep breath and leaned into me her tongue slipping between my lips. For a moment, the lust returned and I gave in. I groped at her ass as I pressed myself against her nude body and had to fight from splitting her legs open to take her again.

I pushed her back, “Stop,” I commanded. “Where are my clothes?”

“I don’t know,” she said as she looked around, “I think Brenda put them in her bag. She didn’t want them to get dirty.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Kill me, but keep my clothes clean, fucking geniuses.”

As I walked away, not knowing where I was going, she yelled, “Wait, Master.” I looked around to see her holding out her robe. “I’m sorry I don’t have anything better.” Weirdly, she looked genuinely distressed at my disapproval, but she perked up when I wrapped the material around my waist, it wouldn’t fit any other way. We found my shoes, but my change rendered them useless. I threw them and again seemingly upset that I was mad, Jess ran to pick them up. It was a strange sight, my sister who rarely did anything for me running and fetching like she was my pet. I began to wonder what my pet would do for me, but pulled my mind away from such thoughts and started walking again. Jess pointed without saying a word and I assumed she was pointing to the car. With every step I gritted my teeth against the sharp little objects I was forced to walk on, and with every wince, Jess asked if I was alright. I told her over and over again I was fine and to keep going, but after the hundredth time, I stopped.

“No, Jess, I’m not alright, okay? You gave me to a demon so you could have a good life. Not only that but my body was literally forced to change within minutes. Do you know how painful that was?! Yesterday, I had a sister who loved me and watched out for me, but today, I’ve got one who I hate and at the same time am forcing myself not to throw down and fuck.”

She started pulling at her clothes, “If that’s what you want, I’d be happy to please you, Master.”

I watched as she disrobed and stood before me naked again. Damn her, I thought as my cock grew. I looked around and saw where a tree had fallen over and because my need was greater than my logic I pushed her across the log and stepped behind her. I ran my fingers across her warm opening and found her almost dripping with excitement. I didn’t bother to tease her as I forced her waist into a position best suited for me and slammed my hardness deep within her tight cunt.

“Oh God, Alex, fucking split me in two! Fuck my pussy, brother, fuck me until you flood my womb with your hot cum!”

Her voice was still raw from earlier, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to hear her scream my name again. I gripped her hips tight as I drove in and out of her little box. My sister might have been chubby, but her pussy was nice and small. If she hadn’t been so wet, I was sure she would have stripped at least two layers of skin from my new cock. I enjoyed the power I had over her and as our bodies slammed together her ass jiggled a little and for some reason that made me hotter. Quicker than I thought possible, she was screaming and I could feel her inner walls get tighter. Holy shit, I’m making my sister cum on my dick. I was both disgusted with myself and reveling in her body.

My sister’s body, in her younger days, was the desire of every man around her, but as time went on, her attitude and exercise routine changed allowing her to gain the extra weight. As I fucked her in the forest that night, her once large B-cup breasts had grown over the years to mid-sized Ds and her once taut stomach had turned grown. She wasn’t large enough to have an overhang over her shaved pubic mound, but she was getting closer every day. She still kept up with her beauty routine and still chased the latest fashion so she still turned heads, but not as many as she did in college. Honestly, I think she could have found a good man and still had a good life without sacrificing me, but her anger pushed everyone away until she was left with no one. I almost felt sorry for her as I flooded her gushing twat, but I was still pissed about what she’d done to me.

I pulled out of her and said, “Clean me with your mouth.”

I didn’t ask, I demanded and as she complied I wondered where my new arrogance was coming from, but as I looked down and couldn’t see a part of me that had been with me for over a decade, my huge gut, the demon flashed in my mind. Pushing it all out of my mind, I rested my hand on my sister’s head and enjoyed feeling her movements as she licked me clean.

She finished and looked up at me with a smile on her face. “You taste so good, Master.”

“Is that our new role now? Am I your Master and you are my slave? Is that part of what you agreed to?”

She looked at the ground and shrugged. “All I know is that I know what I did and I know how shitty it was, and I know what I have to do to keep it.” She looked up at me and said, “Alex, I know I put up a good act, but it was what was expected.” She laughed, but it was mixed with tears. “Wanna know what’s fucked up? The only time I’ve ever felt good, like a deep down contentment with life is when I’ve been used sexually. You fucking my throat back there without regard for my comfort gave me such a sense of purpose. Bending me over and satisfying yourself with my body… even now I can feel my body glowing from the warmth of your hot cum.”

“That’s the most twisted thing I’ve ever heard. Especially from someone who’s had a life like you’ve had.”

She laughed and there was a little maniac quality to it. “You don’t think I don’t know that? I mean, I was never diddled by a pervy uncle or anything like that, but all my life I could feel something missing. Then I got into college and I started experimenting with my sexuality. The more I played the more I realized I wanted and needed someone to control my life, but none of the guys I know wanted to be my Master.”

I petted her head and said, “Is that why you’re life went to shit?”

She nodded. “I started feeling like my sexual needs were wrong, like my wanting what you’ve been giving me tonight was something I shouldn’t be wanting so I just stopped. Stopped living, stopped taking care of myself, and started diving deeper into social media. I mean, I still want that life, but God, Alex, I want you so much more.”

“And that’s why you sacrifice me to a demon?” She nodded. “Are you even sorry?”

“I want to say yes, but… Well, look at you, Alex, you’re a god now,” she said as she ran her hands up my stomach to my chest and kissed my dick. “You heard the demon, you’ll have a life most people could only dream of, and with me by your side…”

“With you by my side, what?”

“For one, you’ll never have to worry about pussy, or blowjobs, or even anal. I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll be whatever you want. You want a threesome? A foursome? Hell, you want me to help you pack a room full of women all begging to be dominated by you? I’ll start scouring the countryside.”

I sighed and held my hand out to help her up. She went around my neck kissing me. I hesitated for a moment then gave in. She must have sensed my acceptance because her body melted into me. The fire in my groin began to grow again and even though I would’ve been happy to bury myself in her again, I knew I needed time to think. She dressed and led us to the car. While she drove us home, I leaned the seat back and dreamed.

I was standing on a balcony under a blanket of stars. The sky was clear and I felt as if I were looking into eternity. I knew it was a dream because I could see moons, planets, solar systems, and galaxies moving over my head. When I looked around I discovered the platform I was standing on was attached to a large castle. It was made of some kind of reddish black stone which was held together by a vibrant blue mortar. All of it, the stars and the castle, blended together into a gorgeous tableau. At least until I looked over the edge. The balcony jutted out from the castle to hang over a large cliff that seemed to disappear into nothingness.

I gasped and backed away bumping into someone. I turned to find the demon. She was smiling at me and wearing a dark, blood-red gown. “I love this view,” she said as she guided me back to the railing. I stared, a little shocked at seeing my sister’s demon lord. She laughed. “Demon lord, huh? Can’t say I hate it, but fortunately, I’ve never been promoted to that level and God willing, I never will.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’d be dreaming about you.”

“Well, you’re not dreaming… I mean, you are but you’re not at the same time. See, the only way a human can visit this realm is through a dream or death.”

“So, all of this is real?”

“Yes, and no. It is a replica of a real place that I put into your mind. It’s my place, my home.”

“It’s gorgeous.”


We stood for a moment and watched the planets pass overhead. “Why am I here?”

“We need to talk and I’ve got a party later so I figure this would be the quickest way to have our little convo.” She looked at me and I looked at her until she said, “Technically, I’m not supposed to just take the soul of an unwilling participant. It happens, but it’s frowned upon by the douchebags on the other side, so I brought you here to strike a bargain.”

“You mean like you did with Jess?”

“Pretty much.”

“No thanks. I don’t want to be anyone’s slave.”

She chuckled. “Don’t kid yourself, everyone is a slave to someone else. What else would you call where you work? The only difference is I’m upfront about it.”

“And if I say yes to you, I go to Hell. I’d rather live my life working for Mr. Jensen than go to Hell.”

“You misunderstand, you’re living on borrowed time. Technically, when your sister poured her concoction on you, your soul separated from your body. The only reason you’re still among the living is that I allow it. So, if you say no to this deal, your soul will be released and it will go to wherever it’s destined to go. Your body on the other hand will be inhabited by an underling.”

“What about my sister?”

“What about her?”

“What’ll happen to her?”

The demon smiled. “Honestly, I’ll use her to get many more souls. As an influencer, she’ll have access to plenty of young impressionable people. The kind that needs a good dicking to seal a deal. You could hang around and give her a helping hand if you want.”

Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet wrap around my rapidly hardening member. I looked down and could see a phantom Jess kneeling at my feet with my dick in her mouth. “Is this supposed to be an incentive?”

“No, that’s happening to your body right now. Apparently, your sister still hasn’t had enough.”

“She’s sucking my cock while I sleep in her car?”

The demon waved her hand and we were suddenly standing in my front yard looking at Jess’s car in the driveway. I stepped closer and watched as my sister, who was awkwardly leaning over the middle console, sucked on my sleeping body. She had such a look of peace on her face as if my shaft was what had been missing from her life. My eyes traveled from her bobbing head up and down my body. I was a little confused and when I turned to the demon she shrugged.

“That’s what my body looks like now? That looks nothing like me.”

“True, but that’s what you could’ve looked like if your genetics had been different and you didn’t neglect your health so much.” She patted my arm, “Okay, time to make a decision. Stay or go.” I hesitated and she said, “Tell you what, if you stay I’ll make you a deal, like I did with your sister, better actually since I want you to work for me.”

“Work for you?”

“Sure. You might be a loser in your life, but with a little help from me you can be something better.”

“And what would I do for you?”

“You’ll be how I sign my contracts and feed.”

“I don’t get it.”

“For the most part, people sell me their souls for things. A new car, a new house, a million dollars, or something like that. Those are one-time deals which are sealed with a sexual act which feeds me.”

“And those deals are unlike Jess’s?”

“Those are one-time deals and one-time feedings. You’re sister’s deal was for a new lifestyle and that means she’ll be required to feed me at least once a month for as long as she wants to stay in that lifestyle.” We looked toward the car, “I don’t think that’ll be a problem for her. And that’s why I needed a body, so I could keep a vessel near her so I get my monthly feedings. That’s where you come in, well your body anyway. Your body will travel around the world with your sister, fucking her and feeding me, but it’ll also be in those places where I can use it for the one-off deals.”

“So, if I stay, my job would be to travel around the world fucking women?”

“Women, men, trans, non-binary, and the whole smorgasbord of humanity.” I must have made a face and she rolled her eyes. “Oh my God, it’s just skin and holes. If you can fuck some woman in the ass, you can do it to some guy. And honestly, sucking dick isn’t that bad. Hell, if you don’t want to do it, take your sister along. She can suck them off as you fucked them up the ass.” My dick twitched a little thinking about my sister and me double-teaming people. The demon ignored my imagination as she continued. “Honestly, I don’t care what you do as long as you get your cum into their bodies. That’s how I feed.”

“I still don’t want to go to Hell.”

Again, she rolled her eyes, “No one does, but it is what it is. Work for me and it’ll be a very long time before you go.”

“Like a hundred years?”

“I’ve been alive for over twenty-five hundred years and I’m still going strong.

“But I’ll still go.”

“Maybe, maybe not. You do your job well and you’ll never leave the human realm.” She looked toward the car, “Looks like you’re waking up. Take a little time to think about things.”

Before I could ask any more questions, I blinked and was back in the car Jess’s head in my lap. With a grunt, I sprayed the back of her throat and enjoyed the feeling of her swallowing. She sat back and smiled. “You looked so yummy I couldn’t help myself.”

My sister’s change in attitude was confusing me like nothing before. I was used to the pissed-off woman who liked to tell me to go to hell whenever I asked her to hurry in the shower. The woman who couldn’t keep my cock out of her was a new thing I wasn’t sure I could learn to deal with.

She led me to the front door and since I didn’t have my clothes or my keys, I had to wait until she let me in. She followed me as I navigated the familiar route to my room and then to the shower. I tried to ignore her but when she attempted to enter with me, I told her to go to bed and give me time to think. She nodded and left me to stand under the falling water. I don’t know how long the warm liquid cascaded down my body as I thought about the demon’s offer, but when the water turned cold I dried off and went back to my room. The demon was waiting for me on my bed and going through my porn stash.

“Black and Beautiful, Asian and Beautiful, White and Beautiful… well, I guess no one ever claimed the porn industry of being great title writers, but the one I love the most is this one,” she said holding up a photo album. “Family and Friends.” Fake shock raced across her face as she whispered, “Did you know there are photos of your sister and her friends in various skimpy outfits and revealing poses in here?” She smiled as her voice went back to normal. “Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d say my Alex isn’t quite the angel we imagined. Ooo, I’m definitively keeping this one.”

I groaned as I saw the one she took. It was my favorite photo of Traci. Most of my photos were of Traci, Brenda, and Jess in their swimsuits, or of them reaching and stretching for something when they stayed the night and were wearing skimpy night clothes. Personally, I always thought my sister, desperate for attention, purposely exposed herself to me because her photos always had a posing quality to them.

For example, if she stretched up high for something, she’d stand on her tiptoes and pop out her ass. Or if she was on the floor looking for something she’d bend over until her face was close to the ground and her back was arched giving me a beautiful shot of her form. Plus, she always waited until I had lined up my perfect shot before she moved.

Just thinking about those photos would make me hard, but the one the demon grabbed was a once-in-a-lifetime shot. A few years prior, the girls had asked me to drive them to a week-long retreat which turned out to be Spring Break. Not only that, they tricked me into paying for the room and ignored me the entire time except when they needed food or a place to crash whenever they couldn’t find a guy to go home with. And it was there I got the photo unlike any other in my collection. Normally, if the girls had stayed in the room, they would stay up late into the night talking and playing on their phones while I tried to sleep on my uncomfortable cot. Then, because of my routine, I’d be the only one who got up at sunup and have to be silent as a mouse or get berated for making the slightest noise. For some reason, Traci had woken up before me and tried to retrieve something from behind the dresser.

As I looked toward her I almost came when I saw how she was positioned. She was bent over, face down ass up, and with her knees spread for support. Her nightshirt had fallen to her waist leaving her entire backside exposed. The absolute best part was Traci was sans underwear and as I watched, I could see her delicate pink opening wink at me. My cock was hard in an instant, but of letting her know I was awake, I grabbed my phone and began videoing her. I knew it was wrong, but my lust wouldn’t let me stop until I had as much footage as possible.

I didn’t make a noise, I didn’t move a muscle save for my thumb as it slid the zoom in on her gorgeous holes. She wiggled and struggled and made sure I had enough material in my spank bank to last the rest of my life. I was able to get almost two minutes’ worth when she started to sit back up. I silently lay back hiding my phone as I did and pretending I was still asleep. After they left for the day, I watched and rewatched the video as I jacked off until it hurt to pee.

While I recovered from that self-abuse, I went frame by frame of the video until I found the perfect spot and grabbed a screenshot of Traci’s vagina and asshole. When I got back home, I printed it out and put it in my special book and found I loved jacking off to my original photos more than I did to my ‘Beauties’ magazines. The demon was right, my mind was drowning in dirty fantasies about not only my sister’s friends, but my sister also. I hated she was taking it, but I knew I could make another.

“You ready to make a decision?”

I started searching for something to wear as I said, “Just so I’m clear, if I decide not to work for you, then I go to Heaven?”

“No. Your soul is released from your body and then will go into Judgment.” She held up my photo album, “Yeah, we’ll be seeing each other again.”

“C’mon, what’s the harm in a few photos?”

She shrugged and said, “Ever put any online?” My face turned red and she smiled, “So, what’ll it be? Work for me, or take your chances?”

“Fine, I’ll work for you.”

“Excellent. Then we need to get the ground rules out of the way and then we can seal the deal.”

“You mean you and I will fuck,” I asked looking around at her.

She smiled again, “No. One, you wouldn’t survive, and two, I don’t seal my own deals. Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect woman, you’ll love her. Okay, first off, we can’t have you living like this.” She pulled out a black card and handed it to me. “This has an unlimited limit on it. Tomorrow, you’ll be visited by an associate of mine who’ll set you up with clothes, housing, and a car. Seriously, how the fuck do you not have a car?”

“Well, technically the car Jess is driving is mine. Hers got repossessed and since I don’t really go anywhere…”

“She took it. You know it’s always the angry aggressive ones who love to be dominated. Don’t worry, the new ride will be a thousand times better. Oh, and here,” she said tossing me a phone. “I don’t care if you’re balls deep in someone, you answer that phone.”

“What if I’m sealing a deal?”

“I’ll know about it and won’t call, but any other time, answer.”

“What if I’m in the shower or something and don’t hear it?”

“Take it with you. If that rings, it means I’m ready to seal a deal and your services are needed.”

“I won’t have to force myself on anyone, will I?”

She rolled her eyes, “What kind of demon do you think I am? I’m making deals and everything has to be consensual.”

“What about Jess? It looked like you were forcing her to complete the deal.”

“Yeah, that’s what it looked like, but it wasn’t. The moment your sister started the ritual, I knew everything about her. Particularly her triggers. Your sister likes to be made to do things, that’s why she’s so defiant so I performed a little tough negotiating with her and she responded.” She thought for a second, “Although, I may have gone too hard as she is calling you Master and following you like a puppy.” She shrugged and said, “I’m sure it’ll work itself out. Any other questions?”

“Can I have sex with anyone else or just with the people you contract with?”

“Anyone. Matter of fact, I strongly encourage you to fuck as many people as you can.”


“Because I feed when you have sex. Doesn’t matter if it’s with someone who’s made a deal or if it’s with a random hookup, you have sex and I get fed.”

“What if I’m not horny when you call?”

She laughed, “Don’t worry, I sprinkled a little incubus demon into the mix with I cooked you, your cock is on a hair trigger and will get hard anytime you want.”

“What is an incubus?”

“Nothing evil, just a minor sex demon. Oh, that reminds me,” she said as she crossed the room to me. She placed her hand on my chest and I could feel her searing something into my skin. When she released me I could see she had branded me. “That is my mark, it lets other demons know you’re mine and not to fuck with you so don’t try to remove it. Alright, last question.”

“Can I make deals?”

“No, but if you find someone who is looking for one, call me and I’ll come running.”

As I thought about everything she had said, she sent a text. Within seconds, she received a reply and suddenly, a woman was appearing in my room.

She was a gorgeous black woman that stood almost six feet tall, even taller than my new height. Like me, she was very fit with large perky breasts which seemed to defy gravity, a smooth taut stomach, and a round firm ass that begged to be manhandled. Her clothes, what little there were, clung to her body as if they were painted on and her high heels almost made it impossible for her to stand upright in my low-ceiling room.

She looked around for a moment and said, “Hey, Lu, this the guy?” The demon, Lu, nodded and the woman frowned. “I mean, I get wanting to get out of this dump, but he doesn’t look like the normal type.”

“Stacy, this is Alex, he’s one of my vessels and we’re striking a deal.”

“If he’s already one of your vessels, then you don’t need to strike a deal, you’ve already got him.”

Lu rolled her eyes, “Do I come to your place of business and tell you how to do your job?”


“Well, then this is another one of those times, get to work.”

Stacy chuckled and I started seeing a little bit deeper into who Lu was. She wasn’t just a demon who took people’s souls, she might actually be a decent boss. I shook my head as my new co-worker lied back on my bed and pulled her skirt up. She smiled at me as she spread her legs and presented me with her glistening pussy.

“Come on, sweetheart, let’s make mommy happy.”

Still naked, I got hard, and as I started for her, Lu stopped me. “This isn’t a fuck session, especially with you two, it’s a down and dirty eat her twat until she pops in your mouth session.”

Stacy stared at the mini log between my legs and said, “Hold up now. It really wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give him the full experience.”

“Uh-uh, I don’t get fed if you two fuck so do it on your own time. Right now, I need you to initiate him so I can get back to work. I hear someone starting a ritual.”

Groaning as I knelt pissed that all I could do was eat this woman’s delicious-looking pussy, I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. “You like to be in charge, don’t you baby? Good, then maybe I won’t have to tell you where the sweet spot is.”

Eating a woman who was more legs than most of the women I’d ever dated was a challenge, but she was an expert and did her best to keep her long stems from flopping too much. She was damn near gushing by the time my tongue stretched out to trace her folds. I’m not sure if it was because of her supernaturally gifted body, or if she had always tasted so good, but within seconds of her flavor hitting my mouth, I was lapping her like a dehydrated dog. I couldn’t get enough of her and it didn’t help that the more I ate her the wetter she got.

As I was slipping my tongue into her body, Lu’s hand pulled my head away from my new favorite food causing both Stacy and I to groan in dissatisfaction. “Hey, dummy, see the clit? Lick the clit and drink the yummy reward. I told you, we’ve got places to be.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, Mommy,” before diving back into Stacy.

Once I switched to her clit, she bubbled up much quicker than either of us wanted and soon her cum was flooding my mouth and I was gulping her down. I started to go a second time, but Lu pulled me away again and said, “About time.” She waved her hand and as Stacy faded away she smiled and waved at me. After my new friend was gone, Lu ran a finger across my face scooping up a nice portion of Stacy’s juices before sucking her finger clean. “She does have the best-tasting twat, doesn’t she?” I nodded and she looked at me. “Alright, I’m out of here.”

“None of my clothes fit,” I said holding up my old oversized underwear.

“First off, I didn’t know they even made tighty whiteys anymore. Second, I can make all of your old clothes fit, but they’d still be ugly as shit. Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll be visited by one of my people and she’ll set you up.”

“What am I supposed to do until then?”

“Wear a belt,” she said as she disappeared.

I looked at my underwear before tossing them toward the hamper. Fuck it, I thought as I entered Jess’s room. I was hard and ready to bury my cock in her tight little cunt. As I climbed into the bed of the woman who changed my life forever, I contemplated my new existence, and as she spread her legs to allow me to slide into her, I knew no matter what else happened, at least it wouldn’t be boring.

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