Have you ever seen your family member or relative during bath?

Yeah, like when I was 19 years old in 12th standard, real incident… Karnataka, India.

In our home there are 2 bathrooms with toilets, we are just upper middle class family. My mother was 47 at that time. If one takes bath, others should take bath in another bathroom. My sister was taking bath in one bathroom, so I had to take bath in another. I had taken shampoo with me and kept there. Then like 12 o’clock afternoon after housework my mother had gone to take bath. I was in another bathroom using toilet putting my shit, my mother thought I was in the hall and was calling my name as there was no one at home, but I was in another bathroom. I shouted “what mom”, she asked for shampoo, I said “I cannot bring now as I’m using toilet”.

After sometimes, she again called me and said to keep shampoo outside the bathroom I’m in, and she will pick it. I said okay. I took the bottle, I don’t know suddenly I was seeing ingredients information in the bottle for few seconds, and then I opened the bathroom door to keep outside. Furthermore, I thought keeping at least near the bathroom she was. I was only in my shirt up, I had no pants or underwear. I was semi naked as I went near that bathroom. My mom thought I have already kept and went back, so suddenly she opened her bathroom door and came out. It was so awkward moment, she was full naked without any clothes, and I was semi naked. She was that time rinsed her hair just in water. I saw her full body naked top to down, and she also saw my penis, for few seconds we saw each other in sock. First move she did, turn back and going back to bathroom. Then again I saw her back full naked. As she went I did not know what to do so kept the shampoo bottle near her bathroom and ran towards my bathroom.

After that it was little awkward to face her in home for few days, that’s it

Sexy thing: the sexy thing was she has a white complexion, and she is beautiful. She was always a traditional Indian woman, wife and mom. Always had sindoor. See all those things and suddenly seeing her naked was sexy. That also she had opened her hair, and it was wet. Water drops were all over her body. Her beautiful face with little sindoor and her mangalsutra tied by my father hanging in her neck and was laying on her boobs, oh god, just little saggy they are. But for her age, it was so hot to see.

Then her white navel with little stretch marks. Then the hottest thing was her pussy. It has little hair not too much not too little, with water it was looking juicy, it was little tan. Then she had perfect size thighs, her knees and foots with silver leg chain, oh damn sexy she was. She had little dark brown nipples and little erect those were. Complementing her naked body were moles on her left breast and one on her thighs just below her ass saw when she turned.

Oh, god, it was a jaw dropping moment.

The thing was full naked body which was also traditional in looks was making me crazy. At that time when I saw her naked my heart was pumping High. I had a dick of 5 inch and 3.5 thick. But when she saw, it wasn’t erect. When she turned back, seeing her ass was mind blowing. After seeing her fully naked when I went to bathroom, my cock suddenly instantly hard to peak.

Really I masturbated totally imagine her and cummed. She had sexy body which can rise any dick really. I was really sexually attracted to her. So much crazy that I sniffed her panties and bras, her dress left in bathroom after bath. The smells were driving me crazy. I tasted the yellow stain from here pussy in her panties and was sucking just bras thinking her boobs and putting her clothes on my bed and pillow under it and smelling the front and underarm parts while humping till I cum.

Those things were making me crazy about her. How lucky my father was. I have sexual thoughts on her that i don’t want to penetrate as it’s like guilty of me, but want to lick her pussy till she cums I want to lick all over her body tasted her fresh pussy juice and want to give clitoris orgasm.

I want to do that so crazy.

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