Me becoming a hotwife

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Hi, my name is Anuradha and I belong to a very conservative Brahmin family, when I was a child we were always very traditional and cultured.

In my school was over and I went to college it was very different as I was meeting a lot of new people and I was in a having some Muslim friends by now. I never saw them as a different person or anything, I had a Muslim make a friend and we were very close as we were spending more and more time with each other. He asked me out and I said yes. I was his girlfriend but I knew it will be never last long because if my family finds out it will not be good for me.

We had a good 2 months relationship and then he took my virginity. We went to the college washroom and had sex.
I felt like he was very proud of being Muslim. And taking a Brahmin girl’s virginity was like an achievement amongst his friends.
I broke up as he was interested in another girl and was just looking for another Hindu girl.
After we broke up I didn’t have a bf and I just was single. I use to masturbate a lot at that time as soon as my periods were over. I was feeling like I being a Brahmin had done a big mistake but it was just getting me horny every time I thought about that.
After some time I was finished with my college and I wanted to get a higher level of education at this point.
But my father was having some other plans. He was looking for a boy to marry me off and I sat at home only.
After some months went by, he found a good Brahmin family and called them to meet me and see if we matched up.
We did. He was very humble and very cool and wealthy and our vibes were very similar and he liked me a lot.
My boobs are huge and I have a tight ass but he didn’t get to see so it was just like a lucky draw for him.

We met before our marriage was fixed so that we knew each other more and more.
I told him that I had a bf and I wasn’t. Virgin anymore and surprisingly he took it very easy and didn’t think of it much as I wasn’t having any relation with him now.

We talked a lot and our marriage was fixed, quickly after our marriage on our first night, it was a very romantic but nervous night for me. As he came into the room I was getting nervous and then he lifted my pallu, then leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him and we just kissed for a while then he removed my blouse and then he removed his shirt and pants. He was just in his underwear.
I too took my lehenga off and I too was only wearing a panty and a bra now.
He pulled me onto the bed and then removed my bra and panties then kissed and complimented me for how big my boobs were and how beautiful my pussy was. He said I was very beautiful and said he was happy to have me as his wife.

He took his underwear off and showed his penis. It was small. Almost half of my ex. But as it was my second time seeing a penis, I didn’t think of it much and the second question was raised in my mind.
Why did he have a skin layer on his penis?
I asked him and he said it’s like that only and then I told him that my bf didn’t have the skin on the top of his penis and I told him his dick was double the size of his.
As I said it, I saw how his eyes widened and his dick just raised a bit more. It made him hard.
He asked me his name and I told him.
He said was Muslim and I told him, yes and I dropped down to his legs and said sorry and I apologized for touching a Muslim man and he continuously said it’s ok

I was still on the ground holding his leg and saying sorry and don’t tell anyone in my family that I did this He said it was ok and he will not tell anyone.

He picked me up from the floor and said how was it. I told him and he continued asking me questions about my sex life and how did he push his dick in my pussy and every detail.
He then pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs. Then placed his dick on the opening of my pussy and started pushing it. This time it was my first time having raw sex. I always had used a condom but this day I didn’t have to as I was having sex with my husband. I wasn’t planning to get pregnant right away but I always wanted to lose my virginity on my wedding night it was not possible so I had my first raw sex on my wedding night instead.

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