Me becoming a hotwife

Hi, my name is Anuradha and I belong to a very conservative Brahmin family, when I was a child we were always very traditional and cultured.

In my school was over and I went to college it was very different as I was meeting a lot of new people and I was in a having some Muslim friends by now. I never saw them as a different person or anything, I had a Muslim make a friend and we were very close as we were spending more and more time with each other. He asked me out and I said yes. I was his girlfriend but I knew it will be never last long because if my family finds out it will not be good for me.

We had a good 2 months relationship and then he took my virginity. We went to the college washroom and had sex.
I felt like he was very proud of being Muslim. And taking a Brahmin girl’s virginity was like an achievement amongst his friends.
I broke up as he was interested in another girl and was just looking for another Hindu girl.
After we broke up I didn’t have a bf and I just was single. I use to masturbate a lot at that time as soon as my periods were over. I was feeling like I being a Brahmin had done a big mistake but it was just getting me horny every time I thought about that.
After some time I was finished with my college and I wanted to get a higher level of education at this point.
But my father was having some other plans. He was looking for a boy to marry me off and I sat at home only.
After some months went by, he found a good Brahmin family and called them to meet me and see if we matched up.
We did. He was very humble and very cool and wealthy and our vibes were very similar and he liked me a lot.
My boobs are huge and I have a tight ass but he didn’t get to see so it was just like a lucky draw for him.

We met before our marriage was fixed so that we knew each other more and more.
I told him that I had a bf and I wasn’t. Virgin anymore and surprisingly he took it very easy and didn’t think of it much as I wasn’t having any relation with him now.

We talked a lot and our marriage was fixed, quickly after our marriage on our first night, it was a very romantic but nervous night for me. As he came into the room I was getting nervous and then he lifted my pallu, then leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him and we just kissed for a while then he removed my blouse and then he removed his shirt and pants. He was just in his underwear.
I too took my lehenga off and I too was only wearing a panty and a bra now.
He pulled me onto the bed and then removed my bra and panties then kissed and complimented me for how big my boobs were and how beautiful my pussy was. He said I was very beautiful and said he was happy to have me as his wife.

He took his underwear off and showed his penis. It was small. Almost half of my ex. But as it was my second time seeing a penis, I didn’t think of it much and the second question was raised in my mind.
Why did he have a skin layer on his penis?
I asked him and he said it’s like that only and then I told him that my bf didn’t have the skin on the top of his penis and I told him his dick was double the size of his.
As I said it, I saw how his eyes widened and his dick just raised a bit more. It made him hard.
He asked me his name and I told him.
He said was Muslim and I told him, yes and I dropped down to his legs and said sorry and I apologized for touching a Muslim man and he continuously said it’s ok

I was still on the ground holding his leg and saying sorry and don’t tell anyone in my family that I did this He said it was ok and he will not tell anyone.

He picked me up from the floor and said how was it. I told him and he continued asking me questions about my sex life and how did he push his dick in my pussy and every detail.
He then pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs. Then placed his dick on the opening of my pussy and started pushing it. This time it was my first time having raw sex. I always had used a condom but this day I didn’t have to as I was having sex with my husband. I wasn’t planning to get pregnant right away but I always wanted to lose my virginity on my wedding night it was not possible so I had my first raw sex on my wedding night instead.

He pushed it deeper and deeper and it wasn’t that great for me but I enjoyed it as it was the first time raw sex it was a completely different feeling. I had an orgasm and he cummed in my pussy in seconds. He didn’t last long. He was getting hard just by listening to me talking about my ex. It was weird but I thought boys usually got horny by listening to this so I didn’t think of it much.
After that, we slept like that only. Naked. In the morning I woke up early and I woke him up as he was naked I wanted to go out of the room so I wanted him to wear some clothes so it won’t be embarrassing if someone walked in.

He woke up and I first time saw a morning boner, it was very strange to me, I thought he was horny as soon as he woke up. He asked me to come over to him and I went straight to his side of the bed I was wearing my long skirt by now. He pulled me onto the bed and I said wake up and wear something. He said let’s do it again. He wanted to fill his seeds up in me again. He wanted to do this first thing in the morning. He lifted my skirt and I pushed myself onto the bed and lay on the side of him. We woke up and lifted it completely. He pulled my panties down and asked me if I can do something for him. I said yes and he then said to not wear any panties for the next whole day till all the guests were gone. I was shocked but I had a habit of wearing western dresses and outfits I never tried being naked under any skirt or dress of mine.
I agreed and then we had sex again and he cummed in my pussy again. I was expecting to get pregnant by now as he creampied me twice. I was hoping not.
I quickly grabbed a tissue paper and took att the cum out of my pussy as much as I can and cleaned myself then went out.

He wore a shirt and pants then came out as well. Everyone was looking at me like I was a superstar or something and everyone was happy and cheerful as my wedding was finally done.

I knew his parents a little before we even met because my dad knew his parents before.
I went into the kitchen and asked if I can help with something. They all said no but I was pleased and they said to make a cup of tea for everyone. I knew how to cook a bit and I made some tea for everyone including my husband.

After that, I went for a bath and then prayed, and then we had some rituals that are done after the wedding.

It was now 5 days after our wedding our guests were all gone and we were having sex every day. It was very good and I was not hating it but I wasn’t loving it either. It was alright.
I was now able to wear my panties again.
As time was passing me I get to know my husband more and more and we loved each other more and it increased.

I was a full-time housewife now and my husband was a businessman. We were not very rich but upper middle class. So we had a maid for clothes and dishes. I did the cooking and cleaning of the home. It was pretty clean already so I just use to clean it whenever I felt like it.

My routine was to wake up then make something for my husband’s tiffin, then breakfast, after that he wakes up gets fresh and we have breakfast together.
After that, he goes to his work and I am all alone till the maid shows up and does her work then goes.
I then make something for my lunch and eat it then sleep. After that in the evening, I make something good for my husband and we eat dinner together, have sex twice / thrice a week, and sleep. I told him that we don’t need a baby this soon so we had a box of condoms.

I use to masturbate whenever he was away and I use to increase my level every day by doing something like being naked all day or flashing my boobs to the maid or going on the balcony in a short dress and then flashing my body parts. It was making me horniner as the days passed by.

I am very religious and I believe in god, I pray twice a day and we usually did Pooja once every week.

As we were getting more and more comfortable with each other, we were sharing all our thoughts and fantasies.
At this point, we were very open to each other and very truthful. He was aware of the slutty behavior I have when he leaves because I use to tell him every day.

Then he revealed that he has a cuck fantasy. I wasn’t knowing anything about that so I asked him what it was and he told me that he wanted to see me with another man and have sex. I was shocked when I heard that but I wasn’t sure about what he was saying. He explained to me everything and said again he would like me to have sex with another man. I explained to him that it was not a good thing to do. We were Brahmin and it wasn’t something we were supposed to do. It was a very bad idea. Then he reminded me that I had a Muslim bf. I had a huge debate with him and we didn’t touch each other that night

The next day was very normal like nothing happened. A few days went by and we just forgot about that, but when it was the day to have sex, he brought this topic up again and he told me to have a Muslim bull. I was now shocked as it was a very bad idea and I again told him we were Brahmin, he said it was ok and it doesn’t mean anything. While we were talking about this he cummed and just slept.

After a few days goes by I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I asked him in the morning if he was serious about that a few days ago and as I talk about this subject, he had this huge smile on his face and asked if I was interested. I said no but he insisted and told me it will be fun and it was his only fantasy so he requested me a lot.

It wasn’t even a year into our marriage and he was trying something like this.
I was very concerned about my marriage because I was thinking that it was gonna fall apart if I take any step towards having a Muslim bull for satisfying him.

After some days went by, we didn’t talk about it much, he was asking me usually about that and he asked if I was ready.
At last, if asked him if it will affect our relationship and I told him I was concerned about our marriage. He said it will be fine and the love will increase instead of decrease.

I then said yes. He grabbed me by my waist and picked me up and celebrated.
We had sex that day and he was very happy. While we were sleeping he asked me if I was finding someone myself or if he can find someone for me. I told him if someone is gonna touch me then it will be my own choice who he will be.

So I started hitting on my neighbors and I had one interest in particular. He was a Muslim man living just above our flat. He was living here alone while his family was in another state. He was also a businessman but he was richer than us. He had a business import-export and his main office was here so he was living here only alone.

He was also invited to our wedding and I met him for the first time on that day only.
I thought he was my husband’s friend or someone. My husband never asked me if I was interested in him, but my husband always asked me about other Muslim men living in our building. I thought he just doesn’t like him. But as I saw him more and more whenever he came by I felt like he was a good man.

He was in his mid-40s and was very tall, had a huge belly, and always wore taqiyah ( i googled it, I don’t know what that is called actually )

So I use to say hi and hello and we use to talk whenever I saw him. He use to ask how I was and if everything was fine and all. He was showing that he cared a lot about me. I liked him a lot because of that.

I decided to have him as my bull, to fuck me. I started giving him hints and use to jokingly touch him and give him a kinky smile.

We were very free with each other now so I asked him about his wife and kids. He said he has 5 kids, 3 boys, and 2 girls. And his wife takes care of them all so that he can do his work and earn.

I joked about it and said he had a lot of stamina for this. He laughed and then asked me about my sex life. I said it was normal and not very great or not very bad.

He laughed and said how big was my husband. I showed him the length with my hand and he looked at it and laughed a lot. He said he was 3 times longer than that. I didn’t believe him and he then pulled his pant down and showed me his boner. He was erect.

We were in the hallway and if anyone came then it would be bad for us. For me at least.
I told him quickly put it away and he pulled his pant up and said how was it. I was genuinely shocked at how big it was. I didn’t think it was possible. I asked him why was he hard. He told me how beautiful I was and any man would die to sleep with me. I laughed it off and asked him to say genuinely why was his dick erect. He then told the real reason. He expressed how sexy I was and how big and round my ass was, then my boobs. I was impressed by his honesty.

I asked him if he want to see them. He was very excited. I told him to come in the house and I closed the door behind him and stood with my back to the door and opened up the form of my Kurti. And then pushed my boobs out of my dress. He was excited to see a Brahmin women’s boobs. He jumped on me and started sucking on my nipples and lifted the front of my Kurti and pulled my leggings to my knees. And just looked at my pussy for some time. And said how beautiful my pussy was. He asked me to get fully naked and I removed all my clothes. He was mesmerized by the scene. He was hard and his bulge was visible through his pants.

I asked him to show his penis and he pushed his pants down and rushed at me. He turned me around and just started rubbing his dick on my pussy. He was not listening to me, he just lost his control and picked me up, and took me to the dining table. We had a wall full of pictures just beside the table and he just pushed me onto the table from the opposite side of the wall. He pulled my hair and showed me the pictures of my wedding and said I was a married whore and I didn’t even have my first marriage anniversary and here I was cheating on my husband. It was embarrassing but also hot at the same time.

He rubbed his dick for some time and then gently pushed it into my pussy. It was so huge that jumped forward and asked him not to enter.
He didn’t listen and got a good hold of my hair and pulled it so my whole body was pushing against his dick. His dick head went in and it plugged and he asked me if my husband ever had sex with me thinking how tight my hole was.

I pleaded with him to pull out but he wasn’t listening. Finally, I said I will cooperate and asked him to use a condom at least. He said he didn’t have a condom and I told him I had some in my bedroom. He kept his dick in my pussy and we walked like that till the bedroom and I took a condom from the drawer and gave him. He left my hair from his hands and pulled his dick out. It was feeling like my pussy just had sex, but he didn’t even push it in. It was just his dick head. I was just concerned about my pussy now. I thought it will be torn apart that day and there was nothing I can do at this point. I already made up my mind and surrendered to him.

He tried the condo. And it went only halfway through his dick. It was short. But he said it will be fine and it will be safe as he will make sure it doesn’t break.

He then grabbed my hand and took me to the bed. We were now on my marital bed
The bed where I first time has sex with my husband. And now I was with my Muslim neighbor on the same bed. It was unreal.
He pushed me so I was laying with my legs wide open and he was just using his saliva for some lube to insert his dick easily.

He took his time and as I was cooperative he made it very less painful for me. He pushed his dick into my womb and I was feeling his dick till my stomach. My Belly just above the pussy was getting bigger as he entered and bulged. And as he pulled out it went to normal size. It was very fun seeing his dick in me.

He fucked me and called me names like whore and what a slut I was
He said what a Hindu slut I was and how I will be a Muslim man’s slut from now onwards. And in my mind, I was happy and excited. I was enjoying it very much and it was the best sex of my life.

He fucked me for about half an hour and I had multiple orgasms. He cummed and pulled out. He took the condom and put a knot on it and threw it on my face and went away.

He wore his pants and came into the room, kissed me on my lips, and went out. Closing the door behind him. I heard the door and just lay there thinking and questioning myself if it was real and if this happened. I enjoyed it a lot and I was so tired that I just slept naked like that only for a couple of hours. I woke up and saw the time. It was nearly time for my husband to come home. I quickly got up and nearly fell off the bed being unable to walk properly, it was very painful in my pussy and I saw a few drops of blood on the bed I was laying on. I checked and it was all dried blood on my pussy. I went into the washroom and washed myself up. Then went to the main door and wore my dress which I was wearing earlier.
There were still laying there.
I quickly made something simple for dinner and went to the bedroom and lay on the bed till my husband returned.

He was asking me what happened and if I was alright because I never did this and why I was laying on the bed at this time.

I said I was just tired and told him to go eat dinner.
He bought some dinner for me on the bed and we ate together. He didn’t ask me anything further. He told me if I needed any painkillers and I said yes and ate one.

We slept without talking much that night. Maybe he understood what happened or maybe not.
After some time he started masturbating and asked me if I can give him a handjob.
I masturbated his dick for some time and then he cummed all over. He cleaned it and slept peacefully. It was the first time he asked me to do this before sleeping. Maybe he wanted to have sex but I was tired so he didn’t want to bother me.

We woke up the next day early as we slept very early last night and I started doing my daily chores but I was not feeling good in my pussy. It was giving me a burning sensation whenever I peed and it was getting me horny every time I prayed to God I was very sorry for cheating on my husband and telling him lies. I was not the same person anymore.

My husband didn’t ask me anything that day, I think he wanted me to tell everything by myself. I wasn’t ready.

A few days went by, and my husband and I were having sex I could easily tell that he wasn’t feeling the same way earlier. And even I didn’t feel anything when he was fucking me.

I then gathered up my courage and finally told him. I was sorry for whatever I did and he was very happy that I told him the truth. His fantasy was finally getting started he said. He asked me how it was and how big was his dick. He was very much interested and as I was saying this he was getting harder and harder. He slid his dick in my pussy and cummed in just a couple of minutes. He was extremely horny by listening to that.

The next morning he asked me if he wants to watch us have sex, I told him that we did it only once but he was insisting on this. That day after my husband was gone, my bull came to our home and we ended up having sex. This time he brought his condom and he was very aggressive this time. He was slapping my butt and cussing me a lot because I was a Brahmin woman and how I was on a Muslim dick.

i can post my further story . If you like it then do comment and you can message me on [email protected]

>> Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part

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