Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-3

Hi All. My name is KKD. I am back with my sexual story with my mother sister. Read Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-2 before you start this story for better understanding. This is continuation of that part.

After the memorable session in the crop fields, we came back to home and that day went normally. Next day also went normal and at night we sat to watch TV. After the wonderful sessions we had on floor mat previously, we started to recommend floor mat for watching TV rather than sofa. As usual we started to watch movie. This time my aunt is wearing nighty with blouse and petticoat inside. The movie coming on the TV is her favorite movie. She is watching it interestingly, but I am not at all interested in watching movie. She was sitting in a Hook sitting position. I went towards her and sit in Stride sitting position by keeping on leg between her legs and pussy and another leg behind her ass. Hugged her by holding her waist tight and kissing on her cheek.

Aunty: “What? watch the movie”
Me: “No, I am not interested”
Aunty: “Then what you want to do?”
Me: By squeezing her waist and holding her tight and kissing on her neck “I want to fuck you”
Aunty: “I am not interested now. I want to watch movie. It is my favorite.”
Me: “But I want it now” In mischievous manner
Aunty: “Ok. Do whatever you want, but I am not interested to have a fucking session now”
By telling that I hugged her tight and kept my head on her boobs and started to play and press them and squeeze them. But I am disappointed she is not accepting for a fucking session. As you all know by the previous fucking sessions we had she is having very self-control when it comes to point of fuck. She won’t allow to fuck if she said she is not interested to have a fuck. But I decided to fuck her at any cost today.

I removed her nighty and made her to lean on floor mat and started to kiss her all over her body and keeping my hands inside her blouse and petticoat and squeezing her boobs and buttocks and started fingering her pussy. She is not responding much. Just giving some small moans and watching movie. I removed her blouse and tried to drag her petticoat from bottom of her legs. By that she moved from floor mat to empty tiles which made her to feel cool tiles to her bare body. She got shivering type of feel and again went back and slept on floor mat.

Shouted at me if you want to have fun do it properly or else go and sleep. Don’t do all these mischievous things. I said sorry and kissed on her lips. She calms down. I started to kiss all over her body and squeezing wherever I want and biting her boobs and nipple. Fingering her pussy very highly to get access to fuck. But she is not at all allowing me to fuck. I started to kiss on her navel parts and licking her navel button. To my surprise she is responding back very high when compared to other body parts. I like that feel and kissed on the navel part and navel button and licking and biting it and pressing her waist and boobs. She started to move roll that side and this side and holding the pillows and bedsheets and trying a lot to control. But apart from controlling she stared to moan loudly. Suddenly she caught my head and kept in between her legs and made to lick her pussy.

I thought finally she is on mood and I am going to get access to fuck her. Her pussy is wet and I can taste juices coming from. I am licking all her pussy and swallowing all the juices. She removed my shot and made me to turn into 69 position. My dick is her mouth and her pussy is my mouth. I liked that position a lot and started to lick and bit her pussy and she is sucking my dick. We are enjoying the suck as a competition and sucking more vigorously than one another and we she released a lot of cum in mouth and I am still not released the load. She said to fuck her in pussy.

Me: “You said you won’t allow me to fuck you”
Aunty: “Yes, but now I am allowing to fuck”
Me: “No, you said you won’t allow me to fuck”
Aunty: “I will take back my words. Please fuck me”
Me: “Ok. What I can get if I fuck you”
Aunty: “I will make your favorite food for you tomorrow”
Me: “No, I don’t want food. I want you to allow me fuck you whenever I want. You should not restrict me from fucking.”
Aunty: “No it is not possible. But you can fuck me whenever we have sex if it is possible.”

By saying that she pushed me on the floor and inserted my dick in her pussy and started to ride it in cow girl position. She is moaning and doing it fast and enjoying a lot. Her boobs are jumping up and down and I am holding her waist and boobs for some time and squeezing them. She released one more load of cum on my dick. Juices are coming out from her pussy and making my dick fully drenched in it. She stood up and started licking my dick and kept her pussy on my face. We are licking each other. After licking she given a deep lip lock to me by sharing all the juices in her mouth to me and juices in my mouth to her. She said now it’s your turn.

I started to fuck her in doggy style and beating on her buttocks which is giving me more joy. I fucked her in spooning position by kissing on her neck and pressing her boobs. Finally came to missionary position and fucked her for 20 minutes and released a lot of cum in her pussy.

I slept on her few minutes and leaned a side and continued watching movie. I am happy to find the way to make horny and get access to fuck her and also to get the promise from her that we can have fuck session whenever we had sex. After watching the movie, we went into the bedroom and slept. While sleeping my aunt said “You came to know how to make me horny. Use it wisely, otherwise we will face problems”. I said ok and slept by holding her waist in between both my hands and slept.

Next day morning I woke up and had breakfast and moving here and there in the house. My aunt is sweeping the room with broomstick and moving her buttocks while walking. I can see her waist and cleavage. I become horny and hold her and tried to kiss her. She didn’t allow me. I squeezed her boobs and buttocks and tried to keep my face on her waist and tried to kiss on her navel button. She pushed me away and said not now go away. I thought it always common thing with my aunt first she restricts and later she will become horny and once again I tried to hug her from front. She pushed me and slapped me hard on my face. By that slap my cheeks become red with her finger marks on it. My mind got blurred for few seconds. With pain I went away from there. I got hurt a lot. I decided to not speak with her.

I used to eat food after my aunt and my sisters eat and sleeping in another room. It went like that for one week. After one week my aunt tried to talk with me by calling me for breakfast. I got more anger and not went for breakfast and lunch as well. At night she made my favorite dish and called me for dinner. This time I am excited and came up to dining hall by seeing my aunt at dining table and went back to room. She tried to call me but I didn’t respond. After my sister slept I went to dining hall to eat with full of hungry. But no food is there. I went back to my room. When I am sitting in my room my aunt came into room with food. I turned a side and sit like I didn’t required. She kept plate on a stool and came to me and sit on bed. By keeping her hand on the cheek she slapped
Aunty: “Sorry, I didn’t want to beat you hard. But due to my anger in that situation I slapped. For that if you are not eating food properly and not talking to me.”
I sit there without uttering a word. She is trying to compromise and made me to eat. I acted like hesitatingly accepted and eat the food. I eat food like there is not tomorrow and completed the food within few minutes. She laughed slightly and said

Aunty: “You are having this much hunger and not eating the food? This is not at all good”
Me: “This is only due to you”
By taking me nearby to her and keeping my head on her beast she said
Aunty: “Yes, it is my fault but not completely. It is very common thing men will be starving for sex. But only thing you people will be out of control and behave like wild animal when you are horny. In that situation they will force women for sex and even they will get ready to kill them for sex. You also behaved like animal without listening to my words. So, I slapped you. On that day I was on my periods.”
Me: “What is periods?”
Aunty: “It’s is a monthly problem that will face by women. On those days we will feel pain in stomach and in some other parts. Blood will come from vagina. It will be there for four days. Later on it will be normal. In those days’ usual women will not show interest in sex.”
Me: “I don’t know all those right? You should have told me”
Aunty: “Yes, I should have told you. But no situation came in between us. But I am telling you now, you should remember always when you are going to meet women sexually. You can have sex with any women if they are saying no by hesitating, fear, feel shy, etc., But you should never force a woman if she is saying no in anger.”
Me: “Ok”
Aunty: “Did you want to have sex now”
Me: “Yes, but not getting that much horny”
Aunty: “Then I will make you horny now”
By saying that she removed her dress completely and started to move in front of me naked. By her moves my dick raised immediately. When she is moving here and there I got attracted to her ass and want to fuck her in ass. She took my hand and made me to dance. She noticed my boner and removed my shorts and she started to do blowjob. She did like that for 5 mins and took her on to bed. I kissed her on lips and pressing right boob and kept my fingers in pussy and started fingering. She started moaning and she is giving wild expression as she is starving for sex from many days. She pushed me on the bed and started to explore my body by kissing and biting. I am feeling so good. She went to my dick and started to suck and she went in 69 position and her pussy on my face. I started to eat her pussy and kept my fingers in her ass. She got surprised and asked did you want it. I said yes.
She laughed and said yes you can have it. But you have to lick it a lot before you fuck. Immediately I started to lick her ass and started fingering her pussy. She started to moan. I am pressing her waist with other hand she is feeling hornier and shaking her buttocks on my face. I am enjoying it and beating on her buttocks. She is also enjoying it. She is teasing each other by licking and biting on each other parts and rolling all bed on each other. I hold her two boobs in my hands and eating them. She is moaning a lot and shaking her body like dancing. I am getting too hornier with moves. I kept my fingers in ass and moving them to and fro. She is moaning and enjoying it a lot. I asked did you got fucked in ass before? She said yes your uncle fucked me many times.

I asked her to bend in doggy position. I tried to push my dick inside. It is too tight it is not going. She asked did you lick it properly. I said yes but it is not going. Then she said to keep saliva on that hole and try. I applied saliva and tried my dick head went inside. But I am feeling very tight. I tried to push more inside but it is paining. My aunty asked me to hold her boobs and by pressing them you try to push it inside you will feel better. I tried that but it paining even though I pushed it inside. My aunt shouted loudly due to pain but I am feeling very nice inside in her ass. I started to fuck her. She released cum from pussy which feel on my thighs. I am fucking her fast and she is shouting with pleasure to do it more. I am getting more excited with her shouting’s and moans. I released a huge amount of cum in her ass and tried to take my dick out but it is not coming so I kept it inside for some time and took it out. My sperm is coming out from her ass drop by drop. She asked did I like ass fucking. Yes, but I feel your pussy is hotter than your ass. She laughed at me and said still you need to feel more comfortably in ass fuck then you will feel same. I said than I will learn it when I fuck you next time.

Aunty: “You have to go to classes from next week onwards”
Me: “Yes, I will learn it before I go back to my hometown to attend the classes”

We slept like that for some time and she went back to her bedroom to sleep with my sisters. I fucked her in ass in next two days and feel comfortable to fuck in ass.

On the day before I started to my hometown. I woke up went in search for my aunt and she is in kitchen. I hugged her from back side tightly and didn’t talk anything for few minutes.
Aunty: “What happen. Why you are not talking anything?”
Me: “Tomorrow I am going to my hometown. I will miss u a lot and our fucking sessions also. I want to fuck you a lot today.”
She turned towards and smiled at me and said
Aunty: “I will send my daughters to our relatives house in the village. We can enjoy a lot all the day.”
Me: “Thanks a lot aunty.”
My aunty sends my sisters to our relative’s house. Immediately I went to her and started to hug her and kissing her we went into kitchen. I removed her dress and made her completely naked. I asked her shall we stay full day without clothes. She hesitated no someone may come and notice us. But I said I will stay naked. But I still want her to be naked full day along with me.

I kept my left hand fingers in her pussy from backside with full force. She got shocked and almost shout in surprise. I closed her mouth with my hand and started to kiss on neck. She started to moan and enjoy it. I made her to sit on the slab which we use for keeping gas stove. I dragged her towards me and started kissing. She is responding very well and she is so excited to have fuck. I inserted my penis in her pussy and started stroking rapidly. We are in full of lust. We are kissing and fucking simultaneously with high in enjoyment. I made her to bend at kitchen sink and started to fuck. Due to the fucking speed she is moving front and back. Her boobs bouncing to and fro and I am holding her waist tight and beating on her ass. I made her to sleep in prone position on floor and started giving small strokes. She lost her patience and stretched her asked me to do it fast. I kept both my hands under her hands and hold her boobs tight and started giving strokes hard. She is shouting to fuck more. I understood she in peaks of lust. I fucked her for 10 mins in that position and released cum in her pussy. But still she is not cummed yet and looking very hot and trying to make me horny. But due to speed I fucked got tired. She came to me and whispered “I need it more”.
She is doing her remaining work in kitchen naked by singing songs and dancing in joy. I am getting horny again. But I hide it I am having another for it. I asked shall we clean our body parts as we have rolled all over floor which is not clean while fucking. She replied “anyhow I am going to bath now. You can also join with me.” I felt happy and I want to execute my plan.
Me: “I will bring my favorite dress from you room to wear after bath”
Aunty: “Ok. Bring the clothes that will be comfortable”
Me: “Ok”

I brought only one towel and nighty and kept nighty hide and closed the door and locked it and hided the lock. She is doing her household works and I am enjoying with her by doing oral sex and moving around her nakedly. Finally, she came to bath.

We went inside. I slapped on her ass.
Aunty: “Make me satisfy”
I slapped 5 times on her ass and made her to bend and inserted my finger in her ass. She is enjoying it but feeling pain due to hard slaps on her ass. She took my dick in her mouth, I poured some water where I slapped her on ass and made ass and started to rubbing it. She is moaning in pleasure. I asked her to bend and stretch her ass. I started licking her ass and fingering her pussy. After sometime I said I am going to fuck you. She thought I will fuck in ass and stretched comfortably for me. But I inserted my dick in her pussy with full force in one push. She got shocked and laughed at me. I hold her waist and navel part and tried to made her horny. I kept hands at navel part and squeezing boobs. We are enjoying it. She got hornier and shouting at me to fuck hard. I increased my speed and within few minutes she cummed. My dick got fully lubricated. I removed it from pussy and inserted in ass. With one stroke I pushed my dick inside. She got pain and shouted loudly.
Aunty: “You are surprising me today.”
Me: “You will get more surprises today.”
Aunty: “I too interested to get surprises.”
We fucked for 20 mins and released load in her ass and we bathed each other. After bathing she asked for towel. I give and we both cleaned.
Aunty: “Where are the clothes.”
I came out without replying
Aunty: “Did you brought them? Where are they?”
Me: “Yes. But I don’t give them to you”
Aunty: “Why?”
Me: “I want you to be naked along with me whole day”
Aunty: “I already said I won’t”
Me: “Then I too won’t give clothes.”
She went towards the room I locked. By seeing that room got locked she got anger and without uttering a word and looking angrily at me she rolled her towel around her body tight.
Aunty: “What if someone come for something. Did I need to go and open the door like this?”
Me: “I already brought a dress for you from room. I hided it”
Aunty: “Tell me where it is?”
Me: “I won’t say. If you can find you can have it”

She started to search for the dress. I kept it at door thrown some stuff on it with a confidence she won’t take dare to go up to door and if someone come she can easily wear it. She is searching for dress. While searching she is bending and standing up which is making to see her pussy and boobs from her legs gaps. I am becoming horny by that view. I made my dick rock hard and pointed towards pussy. She didn’t notice me. I went nearby her inserted my dick in her pussy. She got surprised again and tried to shout in shock and pain. I closed her mouth with my hand and started to fuck. After few seconds I removed my hand from her mouth and tried to remove her towel. She hold my hand and said “You surprised me again. But you can remove this towel only after telling where the dress is.” I again closed her mouth and removed her towel and started to fuck her hard and while fucking as my aunt expected someone came to home and calling my aunt. As I closed her mouth with my hand she can’t respond she tried to remove but I said I am about to cum she calms down and let me fuck.

After 5 mins I released load in her pussy.
Aunty: “Where is the dress?”
Me: “At the door” I ran towards the door and took nighty and given to my aunt.

She wears it and opened door, but I am just I am behind the door. She is our neighbor aunty she came for some stuff. My aunt said the things which she is asking are not there and sent her back. After she went
Aunty: “You are doing many unexpected things today. I didn’t expect that you will keep dress at door. How you are getting that much energy to fuck me these many times.”
Me: “First two times I fucked you with full of lust on you. But when I fucked you third time you made me hornier by making your pussy and boobs visible from your legs gaps through towel”
She got little angry and came like to beat me, but I hold her tight and hugged her and we both fell on sofa. I am on top of her and tried to relax by sleeping on her. She pushed me away and said she have to prepare food for afternoon. I asked her to prepare my favorite dish. She said today no food for you in a teasing manner. I said than I will eat you and bite her boobs over her nighty. She pushed me away and went to kitchen by doing some murmuring type of sounds.

She prepared food and had lunch we went to sleep. We had three sessions and tired. So we went into deep sleep. I slept for 4 hours. It is almost 6 in the evening. She came to wake up me. My dick got energy and semi erected by that time. She came and tried to wake me up. But I am not waking up. She is playing with my dick and telling to dick to wake up in a teasing manner. By that act I got hornier and I inserted my dick in her mouth and made her to do blowjob. While doing blowjob I removed her nighty and fucked her in missionary and cowgirl positions.
Aunty: “Go and bath and wear dress”
Me: “No. I want to be like this till we have our fucking session in night” She got surprised and said
Aunty: “Do as you wish. But don’t stand in front of your sisters like this”
Me: “Did they came?”
Aunty: “No. They are about to come. Tell me where you kept that room keys.”

I pointed where the keys are and she told me to hide somewhere and my sisters should not look me naked. So, I decided to go terrace. I managed to go to terrace without anyone noticing me. Anyhow, it is going to be night. So, no one can see me. Cool breeze is coming on the terrace. I stayed there up to 9 O’ clock and went down.
Aunty: “Did you want to eat something or else only you want to fuck me?”
Me: “First I will eat something then I will fuck you”
She hugged me and kissed me.
Aunty: “I am waiting for it”
Me: “I will fuck you on the terrace”

I had seen an excited expression on her face. I had my dinner and we both went on to terrace. When we went it is full of moonlight with cool breezes. But some clouds are there in other side. We placed floor mat and slept on it and started to do oral sex and having some funny discussions. She is still wearing the same nighty and nothing inside. I got so excited and removed her nighty. We both are fully naked on terrace and feeling the cool breezes and rolling on each other. Slowly the clouds are coming and moonlight is reducing. Cool breezes got increased I am kissing all over her body and kept my fingers in her and making hornier. She is moaning and I am kissing on her navel and moved towards her pussy and started licking and biting her pussy. I am enjoying a lot by eating her pussy. She became hornier and asked me to fuck. By the time I am going to start fucking her it started to rain. She said let us go down. I stopped her and not allowed her to wake and inserted my dick in her pussy and said I am going to fuck you in the rain. At first she didn’t accept but after few strokes she started to enjoy the fuck in the rain. We both enjoyed the fucking session in the rain for 20 mins and went down.

Aunty: “You made me fully wet by drenching me in the rain”
Me: “Yes, shall we go once again?”
Aunty: “I don’t want to come. If you want, you can go”
We both cleaned each other and wears cloths and went to sleep. I asked my aunt
Me: “Aunty, did anyone else from uncle and me fucked you?”
Aunty: “Yes, why did you got that doubt”
Me: “Nothing, just asked. Will you tell me person who is that?”
Aunty: “I don’t want to tell. Sleep tomorrow morning you have to start to your home town”
Me: “Ok”

We both hugged each other due to rain and cool weather outside and we feel hot and slept. Next day, morning I started to my home town and started to attend my classes. I will tell you the experiences that I had in my another story.

If any girls, aunties and women from Chennai are interested to have sex you can mail me to [email protected] 100% privacy will be maintained.

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