Mother sister found that I am matured

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Hi All. My name is KKD. I am going to tell you the true story happened between me and my mother sister. Usually I went to my aunty house. They stay in a village which is bit far from my hometown place. I used to go to their house in every summer holidays. It all happened during my age of 18.

First I want to describe my aunty. She is in her early 30s. Her shape is 36-27-36. She has two daughters. They are 5 and 8 years younger than me. My Uncle is businessman. Most of the time he will out of home for business purpose. He will come once in 3 months and stays for one month and again he will go back to look back his businesses. Though they are in village they are having very vast and good looking house constructed which looks like the houses we see in big cities.

After all my exams I have started to my aunty house in full of enjoyment mode to meet my friends in the village and have fun by playing games and moving around the village. I stay in a city area so we won’t have much place to have some physical games. I would like to play physical games rather than the videogames which my friends used to play in my hometown.

I went to the bus top and boarded the bus and I informed my aunty by phone before I start, to pick me from the bus stop. Only auto service is available to my aunty house from the place I off boards the bus. It will be too rush and even road also won’t be good. So, it will be horrible to travel by auto to my aunt village. So, asked her to pick me.

I have come to my aunt house and my sisters greeted me and I take bath and had dinner and went to bed. Next day, I went to my village friends and met them and played cricket, kabaddi, and going onto crop fields, playing in water wells and had fun returned back to home. When my friends are not playing any games I used to play some games which are played by my sisters which they will with neighborhood children. One day there is heavy rain which should not come in summer season. All the places in village is full of water. So, I didn’t go out.

My aunt usually watches TV most of the time. She watches all kind of movies. It is being night my sisters had food and slept. We also had dinner and turned off lights and watching TV. She kept a movie, in that there is a first night scene for almost 20 mins. My dick raised up but I am not having knowledge of why it raised. I have asked my aunt a doubt
Me: “Aunty, what is first night. Why they can’t sleep normally. Why they are rolling on each other. Why they are meshing up such a well decorated bed”
Aunty: “It is a part of life to give birth to new baby. You will understand it when time comes.”
I didn’t understand and went to sleep.

Next day morning it is full of sunny but village is fully of water. So, I decided to not go out. My sisters asked me let us play hide and seek. I said ok and started playing. I had become the seeker. Disappointingly, I went to count the numbers remaining went to hide. I went in search of them.

By that time my aunt has just completed her bath and came back to room to wear dress. She didn’t close the door just a curtain is blocking her to show her. I don’t know that she is there inside that room. Meanwhile I am searching for the hide people and I had seen someone is moving behind that curtain. So, I immediately went to caught her from backside. She shouted in fear. She is wearing only her petticoat and her boobs are out. My dick again raised and I am sure that she can feel it from her petticoat because I am not having a habit of wearing underwear.

She immediately turned back by covering boobs with hands and shouted at me to go away from there. But first time I felt like heaven type feeling when I touched bare body and I came to know that my dick is raising when I see women nude. I went back in game to search for my sisters. I found them on terrace. Whole day my aunt is anger on me and answered in neglecting way when ask or tried to talk with her. Even though I liked the feeling I felt when I touched her. So, I started to touch her bare body parts whenever possible. While she is cooking, washing dishes, cutting vegetables, washing clothes and also while gardening. Sometimes I used to watch her while she is bathing and changing dresses.

After two days she said she is noticing some changes in my behavior. I smilingly said, “No I am trying to help you at home”. She smilingly replied thanks for it. But she knows that I am touching her bare body whenever possible. Definitely she might had noticed my erected dick when I am moving around her.

On the same day night again we are watching another movie and first night scene came in that too. This my dick erected vigorously. My aunt immediately asked me “Did you didn’t get any doubt this time” teasingly.

At that time, she is wearing a nighty which showing a clear view of her cleavage. By looking deeply at her boobs I replied “Yes, I will get some clarity when I see it practically in future”.
Aunty: “Oh you are too excited to see something it seems”
Me: “Yes”
Aunty: “It is becoming too late you go and sleep”
Me: “Mosquitoes are heavily disturbing my sleep. Can I sleep with you and sisters in your room”?
Aunty: “Yes, but it will be bit uncomfortable”
Me: “No, It will be sufficient. Sisters covered only 40% of the bed. Still 60% bed is available to sleep. It will be sufficient for us.”

She hesitating accepted. I went to sleep. I acted to sleep and after 1 hr I kept my hands on her boobs. She immediately woke up and removed my hands and tried to wake me up, but I acted as I am in deep sleep and she slept again. After sometime I again kept my hands on her boobs she woke up but didn’t removed my hands because I am not doing anything with them just kept hands on them. This time I got sleep and slept. Next day morning she asked me

Aunty: “Good morning, Karthick. It seems you have slept very well yesterday night”.
Me: “Good morning, Aunty. Yes, pillow in your room is soft than in my room, which I kept under my hands is too soft.”
Aunty: “Oh when onwards you are having habit of keeping pillow under your hands”
Me: “Recently only, from last one week” in a shy and hiding face.
Aunty: “Ok, try to use it in a better way wisely. Now come and help me in gardening”

I went in hurry to her and did my as usual mischievous things. She accepted all of them in a play full manner. Later on, daily we used to see the movies on TV and went to sleep. After few days I started to squeeze her boobs while sleeping. She also didn’t respond to it much as she is in deep sleep and not behaving like the early days I started to sleep in her room. She started to keep only the movies which will have more sexual content. I started to behave bit more mischievous by touching her remaining body parts and feels to fuck her by moving my dick to her ass over the nighty.

Next day she is cleaning all rooms in the house. So, she is moving all the furniture a side. She asked me to help as I started to help and after sometime my dick raised a bit, but it is clearly visible. But she is asking me to do the work fast. So, I didn’t try to hide it. She acting like she didn’t noticed it. Work got completed cleaning and all the furniture kept as usual except in the TV watching area. I asked her why can’t we keep it. She said she is fully tired and tomorrow we can look over it and went to cook food. By the time we started to watch movie she bought a floor mat and we sat on it to watch TV. This time she kept completely sexual type content movie with complete double meaning dialogues and scenes. In between she asked

Aunty: “Are you understanding the movie”?
Me: “Yes, is it new movie”?
Aunty: “Yes with new type story”

She noticed my erection. Movie is having bit horror. She already knows I will get fear of horror content. By the scene comes she called me and said you can sit close to me if you get fear. I immediately went nearby to her and sat closely to her. When I went near to her she said she will close her bedroom door else her daughters will fear by listening that horror movie sounds. By saying that she closed door the and turned on light. So, I can feel bit brave if light is on and came back and sat on mat. By the she come my erection is down and after sometime my dick started to raise again. This time she said in a worrying innocent face

Aunty: “Hay Karthick, what happen to you there”?
Me: In a fear “Where”?
She pointed to my dick and said there
Me: “Don’t know”
Aunty: “Let me check”
Me: “Yeah, please”

By the time she lowered my short it came out in semi erection on she caught me why it is like that she asked
Me: “Sometimes it is becoming like that”
Aunty: “When onwards it is like that”?
Me: “When I caught you from behind while playing hide and seek. Before that day. Is it anything problematic”?
Aunty: “Are you feeling any pain”?
Me: “No, Instead I am feeling very happy when it raises”
Aunty: “Oh, in which type of situations it raises”?
Me: “While watching first night scenes in movies and sometimes when I see you bathing and changing clothes”
Aunty: “Aaaah! You are watching me while bathing and changing dresses” In angry tone
Me: “Yeah, you only asked me to tell”?
Aunty: “Ok, what you will do when you get this type of raise”?
Me: “After sometime it will get automatically small when you move away”
Aunty: “Ok, I will teach you something to get away when it raised, that you should not tell to anyone”
Me: “Ok”

She got kneel down by making me stand and caught my dick with her hands and started to move it front and back and asked “How you feel”? I replied very smooth and feeling like heaven. She removed her nighty and she is showing her boobs my dick got erected vigorously. I even didn’t ask her why she removed nighty. Just enjoying it. After sometime she asked me keep to my hands on it do as she did. I did as she said I am feeling like a rod in my hand with smooth and flexible movement. She started to squeeze her boobs and movement is becoming too high after few minutes I too started to squeeze her boobs. She didn’t say a word. I am feeling too high and after few minutes A huge amount of white color cream came from my dick. It fell on her face and boobs it is huge.

She asked
Aunty: “How do you feel now”?
Me: “Very good feel. I never feel it before. What is the cream coming from my dick”?
Aunty: By a teasing and shyful laugh “It is not cream. It is called sperm”
Me: “Oh”

She started to lick it with fingers and feel like it very tasty. I too tried to lick it but I didn’t feel that much tasty. It is feels like bit warm and salty.
Aunty: “Like this you have to do when you get your dick raised”
Me: “Ok”
Aunty: “It is being late go and sleep”

I went to bedroom and sleep. After sometime she came and sleep. In between night I feel like bed is moving and someone is moaning. I am having a fear of ghosts. So, I didn’t open my eyes and slept.

After half an hour The movement in bed and sounds got lost. Next day morning I woke up late. My sisters are playing outside and my aunt is preparing food. I had my breakfast watching TV. After sometime aunty went to bath. I remembered what happened last night and went to see her boobs. By imaging that my dick raised half. I went nearby to bathroom door. I am hearing same moaning sound which I heard last night. I fearfully watched in to the bathroom. I can’t believe what I saw. My aunt is making the sound by closing her eyes and keeping her fingers between legs. My dick raised completely. I started to do what she taught me last night. When I am doing my aunt shouted to bring towel she forgetted it to bring it. I immediately shouted “I am bringing”.

I brought the towel and given to her by keeping it on the bathroom door top and I continued my work to masturbate. By the time she came out I am in front of the bathroom door. She laughed at me and said “Remove your clothes and do it or else your clothes will get dirty” and went. I did as she said. While I am masturbating she called me from her bedroom I went there. She said did he need help. I replied Yes. She started to show her boobs. My speed got increased after seeing that and by few minutes my sperm came out. She took it in her hand and swallowed it. I asked did you like it’s taste. She said yes and asked me to get ready we have to go to market to buy some groceries and households. Initially only both us are planned to go by scooty, but by the time we started my sisters had came they said they will also come with us. So, finally we decided to by auto. I already said travelling to that place in auto is horrible due to the uneven roads. Anyhow we are not having another option we started by auto. Initially only four of us are there, later people started to board my two sisters shifted to back side dickey of auto they are safe and comfortable there.

I shifted to middle bar in between front and back cabins. There is a iron rod which is broken so my aunty thought it may hurt me so she asked me to sit on her thighs. I said she can’t bare my weight and you will feel pain.

Then she let sit me on the seat and she sat on my thighs.
“Auh, even though she is bit weight I can feel her soft and smooth buttocks on my dick.” Immediately my dick started to raise. She can feel that easily. Even her weight is on my thighs it is not compromising. I raising in it’s way. Here the uneven road came, it will like that only for next 7 kms. Everyone in auto started to move front and back and all sides of auto. I am pressing all her body parts. Firstly, I pressed her boobs directly over her blouse and then navel parts and I have kissed her multiple times on her neck. She is not saying anything instead she is enjoying but not showing any emotions out.

Once I have pressed thighs and boobs very hard. At, time she moaned and got bit anger on me. I am trying to adjust my dick as suitable perfect to feel her ass on the entire ride. We both enjoyed the complete ride. Finally, our destination reached. But by that time my dick is fully erected and unable to hide it from my shorts. My aunt get down and seen at me, she understood what the situation is and give her saree end to cover it without seen by surrounding people. She given money to auto and scolded me “Donkey why can’t you wear some underwear”. I replied “I didn’t get need of it till situation”. She laughed and we straight went to a cloth shop and I went to the toilet bathroom directly. She took underwear for me, but she can’t give it to me because I am in Gents toilet. Anyhow I did what I know to do if it raised and released a lot of sperm in commode and came out with somewhat low energy face look. We took underwear and some clothes for sisters and came out and went for other shopping.

While returning back to home she said that I need some protein that I have drained out of energy. So, we bought chicken. When going back we have to back by auto only. So, we are having our full crushing and enjoying session once again. But this time I got full erection but not in a mood to enjoy it over my aunty. But she is enjoying it this time she itself started to move over my dick and she is enjoying by pressing my dick and making me to kiss on her back through blouse. This time I am able to manage and hide it from people around me while getting out of auto.

We came to home and she is preparing for food afternoon. I went to my room and slept for some time and came back to lunch. Aunty given me a full glass of juice to me and went to sleep again this time I slept for long time. I wake up and had bath and sitting on terrace by enjoying fresh air. Now I am remembering all the things happened in the auto.

After sometime I went to have my dinner. Aunty prepared chicken fry for dinner which is my favorite. I had eaten it happily and stomach fully. For few minutes later my sisters went to sleep. As usual we started seeing movies. But I am not in a mood to watch TV.

I remember about the bed movement and moaning sounds I heard last night. I said same to my aunty about that ghost. She laughed at me said she will make me to meet that ghost. I said don’t make fun of it I really heard the sounds and went to sleep. But I am unable to sleep because afternoon I slept for long time. After sometime my aunty came to sleep.

She is seeing me different than usual today and asked did you seen the ghost? I turned a side. She slept in between me and my sisters. She is not getting sleep I think just moving on the bed. I acted like slept few minutes later again I a feeling that bed is shaking and small moaning sounds. I slowly opened my eyes.

To my surprise my aunt is making that sounds by keeping her fingers in between legs as I saw morning in bathroom. I kept my hand on her boobs she stopped for sometime and again started this time I started to squeeze her boobs. She had moved my hand inside her nighty. I didn’t stop squeezing and started to do it more.

She suddenly woke up and asked “You didn’t sleep yet”?
Me: “No, I just now seen my ghost which scared me last night”
Aunty: “Oh, then I want talk with you about what you did in auto today”
Me: “I did nothing” Replied innocently.

Then she make me to wake up from bed and took me outside of the room. Now she we are sitting on the sofa and she sat on me as she sat in auto and asked to show her what I did in auto. I kept calm for some time but my dick is not keeping calm. I started to raise and she is feeling over her nighty.

Then she shouted at me to do it. I started to squeeze her boobs first than I tightly hugged her from backside by pressing her bobs very hard. She started to moan load and turned towards me and said this is why I am behaving like ghost on bed and bought a floor mat and kept it and made me to sit on that, she removed my t shirt and short.

Now I am fully naked in front of her with my fully erected 6-inch cock. She holds it and said You are having good and stiff cock. I am starring at her boobs which she noticed and asked her to do anything I want. I started to keep my head in between her boobs and enjoying by to and fro motion for 10 mins then I made her to lean on mat and started to climb on her by kissing all over face and neck. She said I am having good sexual desires which aren’t came outside these many days and dragged me and given liplock. I feel it very much So, I started to give it back for 20 mins.

I had dragged her nighty up to her thighs just by leaning and over her body but I didn’t find her petticoat yet. I removed her nighty but there is no petticoat inside then I understood she came inside room with full preparation and started to bite her boobs and her nipples are very strong and long.

I started to bite them she is moaning loudly. I said sisters may wake up. She said all doors and windows are closed and due to fan sound they can’t hear us by saying that I bited her right nipple hardly. She slapped me and asked to bite left nipple also. I got fully energy and started to bite and kiss all over body. She is enjoying a lot.

Then I reached her thighs. I am feeling bit smell there. I asked her from where I am getting that. She asked me to close my eyes and she is going to give me a pleasure feel that I won’t forget it easily. I closed my eyes.

She said to just follow her commands. She slowly took my head to one spot on her body. It is bit wet. I asked what is it she said they are her lips and I remembered the liplock and started to kiss passionately. she said I can kiss, lick and bite as hard and satisfying I want. Then I started to bite it, She started to moan loudly I liked her moans so bite it more and lick it. After sometime moans become more and suddenly a full load of water came on my face. I opened my eyes in surprise. It is her orgasm. But I felt bit tastier than my own sperm and swollen all the into my mouth.

She laughed and said it seems you need some more drinks. I started to lick and bite it once again but this time vigorously. She started to moan loudly as room is full of sounds. She is horny as well as pain but not asking me to stop. She is enjoying it a lot. Once again she released orgasm within five minutes and we shared it to each other by liplock.

Aunty: “Now it is an important thing to teach you. You are going to learn what is fucking”
Me: “Fucking?, It is bad word right. My mom slapped me several times when I used that word when I am kid”.
Aunty: “Yes she will, because you can’t do it in childhood and you will speak about it without knowledge. So, she slapped you”.
Me: “Then, explain me what it is”?

Aunty hold my fully erected dick and tried to keep it in her hole between legs.
I am feeling bit pain and it is hard to go inside and I am moaning in pain. She said hold your pain for few minutes you will feel pleasure. She inserted my dick head on her pussy lips and asked me to lean on her and she dragged me at once to her boobs by pulling my back towards her pussy. By one stroke it went inside.

She moaned loudly and I too in pain. But I am feeling like heaven as she is feeling my dick in her pussy. She asked me to move front and back. I tried but I am unable to do it perfectly. Currently we are in missionary position. She shifted us to cowgirl position facing each other and started to fuck me in position by riding my cock. I am feeling like heaven and I am unable to control and started fucking from down movement.

She started to laugh and said “you are a fast learner” and moved back to missionary position. I fuck her like animal and she can’t control and hold me with her two legs tight from my back. I fucked her for more than 30 mins in that position. You are fucking for long time than usual. I replied “Yes this is donkey dick. It is fuck like that only”. She remembered the words which she scolded me morning while getting out of auto with erected dick. She started squeezing her boobs.

I increased my speed with that. She started shouting loudly “Fuck Fuck………”.

We both cum out same time and fell on her and kissing each other and pressing boobs.

Me: “Does uncle also do same for you”?
Aunty: “Yes, he will do much better than you in different positions and fantasies”
Me: “Will you teach me that”?
Aunty: “Yes, but not now. You are out of your energy. I will teach you later”
Me: “When onwards you know that I can do this fuck”.
Aunty: “I had seen your erected cock on the day it rained and we watched that first night scene in movie. But I thought it is in just early stage so you can’t have full erection to have fun. But when you started to move around me all the day and seen you masturbating by watching me in bathroom and most importantly today in auto based on your behavior and by your fully erected cock I decided that you are capable to fuck.”
Me: “So, you are also enjoying all my mischievous things around you”
Aunty: “Yes. But don’t tell this to anyone and we can enjoy when no one is there around”.

We slept like that only that all night with full pleasure and woke up before sisters wake up and wear dresses and went into bedroom and slept till morning by tight hugging each other.

Later that we had many fucking sessions and I learned many fantasies and positions from her that I will tell you in next part.

If any girls, aunties and women from Chennai are interested to have sex you can mail me to [email protected] 100% privacy will be maintained.

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