My mom fuck by village man

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I m back to new story hope you have read all my privious storys..

I m abhi kumar i m telling you my mom story … Who after getting sex from diffrent cock became open…. But problem is that our grandmother became ill so my father send us to Village in west bengal purulia…

Details of my mother . Her name is bandana Banerjee a Brahim women. My mother is mature women with good boobs a little bit of fat in belly and have a good toung ass but she is not fat a good figure like Vidya Balan . She is little chocolate in colour but she is fair inside the body .. in our locality all uncle r mad after her tits and ass ..

My mother does not wear bra at home and mostly she use to wear saree and blouse … In blouse is deep neck so mom 40% boobs can be seen…
Back to the story … We never used to visite village only my father came to villege to look after our grand parents but … This time we get summer vacation and grandmother is ill . So mother decide to come to Village first time …

So me and my mom took bus and at evening we reach village we get down and went to our home .. here grand mother is realy very ill … So mother took care of all the things… There is 1 lady survent name renu help my mom she is very much of mother age but black villege wen type … And i move around the house it’s a good house later I found there tere is no bathroom.

I said the problem is also worried about that but renu anty told that there is a pond near by all women and man go there …. For bathroom
Mom- there man and weman in one pond it’s so wired
Renu- no actually … Boys usaly go to … Bathroom in..noon and women go to bathroom in morning so there is no problem.
Mom- oh thn it’s ok..

There we eat and slept next day i mom and renu anty went to bathroom in morning and came back .. mom said it’s very free to go bathroom in field and took bath in pond …
Renu thought my mom to were towels properly but mom could not handel it …i
But it’s fine..
Thn in noon i went to pond and found its a huge pond and very beautiful..
Thn I found man bathing …name is “gurupodo” he is most muscular man in all man bathing in pond …and very attractive..
I went to that man and had some conversations.

He asked – you r new here were r u from..
Me- i m from Kolkata . I came to next village ( i did not tell my identity to Stanger)
He- ooo thn you must enjoy the pond water … And swimming
Me- i don’t no swimming ..
He – he said come I will teach .and he help me in swimming and i enjoyed a lot..then we bath and went to respectve home.

I came to home and went to see mom talking to renu anty…
I heard

Renu- boudi ( sister in law) this village is very beautiful…
Ma- yes … Here people are also good..
Renu- yes
Ma- all man women both are so cooperative
Renu- yes .. all women r good and men also except one.
Ma- one who is he ..
Renu – he is not bad but he is real man ..
Ma- means
Renu- oo boudi( sister in law) that man is most lust person in village hade sex with almost every beautiful women in village …
Ma- thirsty for so long for sex get excited and asek more about that man
Renu- bandana boudi he had a great big cock and the women who get fuck by him want more to fuck by him
Ma- is it so…. So have you get Laird by him
Renu- smiled and shyly said yes…
Mom- where and how ..
Renu- actually in evening time there were no one in pond area i had to go to bathroom and at the same time I saw him… Was bathing in pond I have taking my bath i saw he was staying at me and suddenly he saw here and there and became nude and start oiling his penis.. which is about 8 inch ..and black in colour… I was just socked and can’t resist my eyes … And i don’t no where he come near me and hug me… And when I came to sense and want to move away he put his hus dick inside my pussy it’s a pleasure… I enjoy that day very much … But i never went to bath becz … I would have get habituated of that…
Thn mom was full in mood… Thn we took our lunch renu went to his house after cleaning … But mom said to me I have to go to bathroom very badly so she went to bathroom… In pond in evening …
Mom was wondering if that man is there … And she saw a man is comming … Mom intensely were towel and went to bathroom bath near to him mom went to pond but mom doest no to handel a towel

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