Reunited with old English teacher

My name is Nikhil and im 19 yrs old living in Hyderabad and the heroine of this story is Ramya mam my old school english teacher . She used wear sexy sarees revealing navel and low cut blouses . She resembles bollywood actress tisca chopra Everyone in my class including me had huge crush on her , i wanted to get laid with her at any cost but did not dare to make any move

Now after many years and after lockdown i went to shopping at a very big mall . I was so bored and randomly roaming into malls and trying all weird tees and there it was like a miracle i saw a hot woman near the counter and kept staring her ass , i was behind her at the counter oh god what an ass she had , she was wearing yellow backless ciffon saree that gave me an instant boner , i wanted to press my boner on her ass and kiss her neck but i came back to my senses and realised that she is my old english teacher .

Omg how has changed her structure and all she become more hotter than she was , I quickly wished her and asked her that she remembers me?
She took quite a time and started enquiring about myself and family, my mother was a ladies tailor so she knew my mother and then she invited me to her house for coffee and I hesitantly said yes .

Her house was very nearby to my house i always knew that tough . She welcomed me to her house and i had a very big hardon noticing her ass and her structure . She caught me few times staring at her but did not mind it , I thought this as my green signal . I started complimenting her and flirt with her . She was too enjoying my company .

After some i asked her casually what was she shopping , for which she replied “some sarees and salwaar “ i asked cunningly wont you show me wearing them

She asked “why for” I replied “ i want to see how beautiful will the saree look after you wear them” she started blushing and said “chi poda flirt” ( stop flirting) after convincing for a few time she agreed and went inside to change went inside to the bedroom but did not close the door i thought this was my green signal and followed behind her .

She went into the other room but did not lock the door she could notice my shadow from that side of the door . She removed pallu of her saree and shouted my name . I peeked into the room there was my goddess standing inviting me . She told she needed help to remove her blouse . I rushed into the room within no time and hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs and started kissing on her neck . She started moaning lightly.

My right hand was on her smooth navel and the left was on her bood pressing her hard . There was a small mole on her neck shoulder region which is her beauty spot. i was licking her mole , my hands were roaming on her stomach , navel , belly . I turned her to this side and smooched for few minutes, my hands were pressing her ass , roaming all over her back . I slowly removed her blouse and pressed her boobs over her bra . I pressed her nipples .

We kissed her on her lips . I played with her tongue . We kissed passionately for minutes . She was so starving to have my dick . I threw her bra and ate her boobs . She removed my clothes . Undid my boxing and started giving me handjob while i was chewing her boobs . I don’t when we fell on the bed we continued our act . I raised her saree till her stomach and kissed those beautiful smooth thighs . I kept on going up while kissing her and removed her panty .

I kissed on her beautiful shaved pink pussy . She was all moaning . I licked her pussy deep with my tongue . I kept licking her pussy for minutes until she cummed . I took her whole cum in my mouth and went up and kissed her . Our tongues exchanged cums . My dick was rock hard all this time . I lifted her from the bed and carried her holding her ass and pinned her to the wall . I kissed her all over her neck and beautiful mole and insert my dick into her pussy . She gave a loud moan .

I continued trushting my dick into her pussy . We fucked for 15mins in that position. With my last stroke i came a huge load into her . We collapsed on the bed behind . She was on top of me . I hugged tightly pressing her boobs on my chest . She said she loved it and i was kissed her in lips . My hands were pressing her ass just then I heard the door bell sound then she pushed me away and said it was her husband .

Will be continued in next

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