A Mother’s Wish to Throne and Sex

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Hello readers this is fictional historical story which has more importance to the story. Some of you might dont like that but the hotest part will only come on the end. If you have patience to read fully you can get a better fun. Trust me it will make you fap your cock and finger your pussy. But you have to patiently read the story line.

Kid: its Boring here..
Granny: Ha ha Come on kid let me tell You a story
Kid: Really??? What story is that about?
Granny: Its about a Evil queen.
Kid: Wow super!!!!
Granny: There was a kingdom which was ruled by The God.
Kid: what kind of God Is he?
Granny: he was The God Of war. Who won the Great Battle For his queen.

Kid: The evil queen?
Granny: No, The evil queen is the one who defeated the God of war.
Kid: what? How can the God Of war Can be defeated in the war?

Granny: Because he done the battle with The Godess of Death AKA The Evil Queen.

Kid: How did she
defeat him?
Granny: She defeated him With the help of her Children.
Kid: Children?
Granny: yaa her children are animals which are strongest like an Elephant and fastest like a lion.
Kid: what kind of animal is that?
Granny: Its called Yaali.
Kid: what happened then?
Granny: she defeated the king and killed every one left on the nation. But a Baby of the king was escaped.
Kid: How?
Granny: i dont know. But he is alive now.
Kid: How do you know?
Granny: there is a prophecy which is belived by every one. The Prince of Laymori is the Chosen one. Who can save us from the Godess of Death.

3 Decades Before..

Anything can happen in this miracle life. Once i was a Prince of ‘Aanaimad’, Now i am just a slave in this tribe. I still remember those days in “Aanaimad” Me and My sister used to roam around the castle. That day we accidently went to my dad’s private room. Actually those room was only occupied by ladies who always stay nacked. Every one greeted us and i heard a moaning voice. Later i realised that was my dad. Who banging a women. The worst thing is he saw us too.
Later he punished us by sending us to army camp for A year.
But we learnt lot of things there. Archery, Sword fighting, horse riding. My sister beat me on all of these this she is a tallented bich. I miss her.
One day My father came, every one were tensed, he came to us and said that he love us. And asked us to go with the captain to The “Kanikai” nation. Which is the enemy for “Laymori”. He said there is a war happening which we cant win and he gave a letter to his friend who is the King of “Kanikai” and asked us to stay there. We refused to go and we cried but he send us with the captain. He asked us to protect the King, What ever happens you have to stand with “Kanikai”.

Kanikai is far away from my nation so it took months to reach there we faced many struggle like forest, desert and valley. after passing the forest we ran out of food in desert to save us The Captain killed him self so we can share our food. While crossing the Pen Valley there was a flood we ran fast to escape from that but i failed and drown on the water. My sister escaped but i am not sure now she alive or not. If she is alive she definately come for me with forces. But i am stuck here for 6 Years.
When i woke up i was here these tribes saved me and made me as their slave.
There are many slaves here along with me. Our work is do job for them and to give blow jobs and pussy jobs for these morons.
My owner is a women who asks me to lick her pussy and drink her urine daily. She looks good fair skin, 36d boobs and pinky pussy lips which smells bad. She used to pinch me while i suck her pussy and her husband is an ass hole who wants me to fuck him on his ass hole. And beat me.
Days went… one day while bringing goods i saw a women on the gague she is the most beautiful women that i ever seen in my life. Even a women fall for her beauty. But now she is also going to be a slave. Oh god this should not happen. the beautiful women is gonna die here as a slave this should not happen.
Maali: She looks beautiful.
Me: Ya Ya.
Maali: Do you know who is going to keep her?
Me: Who?
Maali: Raavar..

Raavar who is the leader of this tribe and a cruel man if his slave does any mistakes the punishment will be death.

Me: Thats a Bad Thing
Maali: what can we do we are just a slaves
Me: may be we can escape her.
Maali: what are you mad?
Me: look at her, she should not die here.
Maali: oh look at you, you just saw her a minute before but now you fall for her.
Me: is there any problem?
Maali: damn look at her she like a queen.
Me: I am a prince too
Maali: Now you are a slave.
Also she seems to be in her mid 30’s any you are just 16. Kid..
Me: Who cares?
Maali: I Care.
Me: look here is the plan in mid night i am gonna unlock her and you have to open the gates.
Maali: noo i am not in this man. I dont want to die.
Me: No problem will come we will escape her and we are going to return back.
Maali: nope.
Me: i Trust you… you are coming tonight… bye..

In Night

Me: Maali… Maali… wake up damn.

Maali: hay you why r u here?

Me: we are going to save that women.
Maali: You Go man Why me?
Me: because you are my friend.

I send him to the gates and went to the cage. There was a lock which i unlocked with a spare key which my owner used to have it.

Me: Hi..
Vedhi: who are you?
.. what are you going to do?.
Me: hay hay dont shout..
I am here to save you women.
Come with me.
We went to the gates.
Me: Go straight for a while you will reach the river and go along the banks you will reach thr city. Dont get caught. Ok
Vedhi: Thank you… you guys too come with me.
Maali: we have to be here to divert them.
Vedi: Dont worry i am a princess, i will come and save you.
Me: really? If you do… i am a prince too. I am here for 6 years.
Maali: enough man… let her go.
Me ok ok.. bye my princes.. be safe.

We send her and saw her disappearing in the dark. some one hit me on the back of my head.

While i woke up i saw Maali tied to my left and Vedhi to my right and our hands tied.

The entire village surrounded us and Raavar was behind us. He first killed our owners for letting me and maali unchained.

now he placed that blood sweating sword on Vedhi’s neck.

Me: Maali Do you Trust me?
Maali: I am not doing anything.
Me: just one time please. I will save you this time.
Maali there is no time please run buddy.. plese..

Maali made a shout and ran into the crowd.. Raavar’s gaurds went to catch him.

now i started running.. Raavar got angry and threw his sword on me. I just made a flip and guess what?? The rope which tied my hand got cut.

I took that sword and trew back to Raavar. I said you before i learnt something on my father’s army camp. That worked. The sword that i threw landed on Raavar’s Neck.

Raavar Dead…
Every one was silent. And shocked. I made an anouncement to my fellow slaves.
You guys have an option You can kill or you can get killed. If you choose the first option i am with you do it..
We are not slaves any more.
Silence continued.
Raavar’s Gaurd surrounded me.
I that silence i heard a old man’s voice.
He said “We are Not Slaves Anymore”…
He repeatedly said that.. soon every one of slaves started saying that..
Here comes the revolt….
We started battle…
Every one of the slaves…. we just hundreds but we killed thousands of the owners.
Rest of them surrendered.
I became the new leader of that tribe.
I am The Lord Karuna the Prince of Aanaimad and the Leader of Nixala Tribe…

In Night

Me: Vedhi, Maali will take you to your nation.
Vedhi: i dont want to go let be stay here.
Me: But why?

Then Vedhi said.. she is the princes of Kanikai and after the death of her father her brother took the kingdom and tried to kill her to because he dont want to share his throne.

So i let her stay with us. I gave a hut and seeing her daily made me happy. I completely started loving her one day night i proposed her and asked her to marry me but she refused.

Me: Why?
Vedhi: how can i marry you? , you are just a kid.
Me: Dont lie to me Vedhi, I saw it in your eyes.
Vedhi: no Karuna i am not into that.
Me: Why?
Vedhi: Because i lost my kingdom and my father and my family.
Me: is that your only problem?
Vedhi: YES
Me: I Give you my word, i will defeat your brother and present that Kingdome to you. And i will marry you.

Vedhi was speech less. But i said this idea to Maali and tribes chief persons.
They said, it costs death but Elder said may be we can go to Oracle.

“Elder who is the eldest person in that tribe and he knows everything”

We went to see Oracle. I thought Oracle will be older women or men who tells prophecy but she looks different. She is younger than me. She asked me do you need that women?
I said, Yes. What can you give in return, if i help you win the war.

Me: Anything you like.
Oracle:will you Give me Your First Child to me.
Me: Ill give you..
Oracle: ha ha..
Me: But i want to defeat him.
Oracle: You wil, You will.. Tale this Sword With you. It will help you to win.
Elder: Its Excalibur..
Oracle: You are correct but i need his first child.
Me: i sware ill give.
Oracle: ofcourse you will, ha ha ha..

We prepared for war we made shields, swords, and horses. And we send a message to the king, that we are declaring the war.
They laughed at us.. they dont even considered us as their enemy.

Night before the war.

Vedhi: Do you still want to war with my brother.

Me: i do anything for you.
Vedhi: dont go he will kill you.
Me: i gave my word that i will present you Kanikai to marry you.
Vedhi: ill marry you but leave the war.
Me: dont belive in me?
Vedhi: Karuna i love you, i want to live with you for ever and ever dont go.. please.
Me: Dont afraid, i will win and i gonna become the king and you will be my queen.

Vedhi cried, every one of my army are afraid but i have a belif. Thats not because of oracle. inner me gave confidence.

Battle Day:

Our Army of 700 members marched…
Eagles roamed..

Their gates are going to open but they are going to feel for it. Ready…

Their gates opened
10000 of warriors came out..

The Great war begins.

They started attacking us and we defended and our mens got killed. At the end only 8 of us remained and they surrounded us…
Rest of my mens throw their sword and shield, they got surrendered. but they killed them.

I too threw my sword and shield. Every end laughed at me.

Then i took the sword which was given by The oracle. Which glows in the sun set.

I decided, lets war..

I killed every men around me but they are just a drop but oceans kept remaining. I got tired but i wont gave up i raised my sword and shouted like a mad man.

What i saw now was a miracle. No one in the world ever seen that much of eagles in the war filed. Later i realise they stand by my side and waiting for my order.
When i pointed the direction they started fight for me.
They eat everyones eyes and they killed every others.
Soon that nation got surrendered.
I sentenced death to the king for trying to murder Vedhi.
The entire nation starts celebrating his death even His mother and king’s hand. They called me the God of war.

I presented the nation to Vedhi, she hugged me and kissed me on my lips.

We kissed our tongue played, our saliva exchanged.

Later In Night.

The Royal Blood planned the marriage for us.

Kaali: You have to do a ritual before marrying the queen.

Me: what ritual is that?
Kaali: simple after dinner we have a meating, its a naked meeting.
Me: Nacked?
Kaali: yaa!! Every one of the royal blood comes there. They will make a tatoo on your back with hot iron rod.
Me: every one comes naked?
Kaali: ya ya.. and be ready my lord

Kaali is the had the kingdom.

This is a hotest thing except hot iron seal part.

I went to the underground of the castle by covering with a silk cloth.

While i enter every one stoped speaking and kept silence.

And every one are nacked men, women every one.

At that time Vedhi’s mom came to me she is also nacked but she is hot. She does not sounds like an older women.

Maatha: You dont nee this.
By saying this she removed my silk cloth.

I noticed one thing everyone’s dick are calm but my boy was hard and oozing its pre cum.
matha smiled at that and took the oozing drop in her finger and wipe it in the silk cloth.
One old man asks me to lie facing earth on a stage.
he took the hot iron seal and paused for a while.

Me: What happened?
Old man: you allready have one.
Me: what no that’s a birth mark.
Old man: no its not, our family only have this marking system.

He took a book and searched a mark which resembles mine.

What he said shocked every one in that hall.

Old Man: This mark belongs to Kaal the Son of Vedhi and Aaryan.
Me: WHAT???

Every one was silent

Old Man: yes Vedhi is your mother.

I heard a crying sound.. oh my god that is Vedhi she cried and running out nacked. All i see is her bare back.

Then the old man told a story to us.

Old man: i put this seal to you when you are born.
Your mother and aryan loved each other. At her 15 she got pregnent by Aryan. King came to know that. He approved their love but later he found out Aryan did this to capture the castle and he tried to kill the king but before that Vedhi shot an arrow at him and killed your biological father.
Later she gave birth to you and your twin sister. But King dont want you to be here so after sealing ceremony he asked us to kill you. But Your adopted father saved you and took you to his nation. Only few of us know this, every one thaught that you and your sister were dead. Even vedhi.

I dont know what to do. I drunk fully and went to sleep. When i woke up i saw every one were hurry. I asked why they said its for my marriage and my Throne ceremony.

I went to see Kaali.
Me: what is happening?
Kaali: My lord please accept this or else it will rise a confusion on peoples. Its not good at this situation.

Mean while Maatha came

Maatha: Kaali ill speak with him you go and do the work.

kaali: Yes my lady.

Maatha: my son its ok, i am your grand mother and i am saying its ok to marry your mother.

Me: But she is my mother.

Maatha: i know!! our enemy nations are watching us we are not ready for another war. In this situation we cant confuse people, its nation’s security issue. Please understand your granny’s words.

I had no choice i married my own mother but she looks happy over there. I dont know how but i dont even have guts to face her.
At last marriage happened.


I was completely upset but they arranged the wedding night for me and my mother. My own mother.

They dont even listen my words. maatha made the discission.

I dont know what to do, i ket quite.

In my room every were flowers and the bed made up of pure cotton and the covers made up of silk. The entire ambiance will make you hard.
Later my mom came and latched the door.
I went to the corner of the bed and dont know what to speak.
She came and sat near me and she placed her hand on my hand. I got shivered and saw her face she was happy but i am not.

Mom: Its ok
Me: what ok?
Mom: we can forget everything and start our new life.
Me: forget what? my mother
Mom: Baby its ok.
Me: no its not.

I left her and went to see oracle.

Me: This entire thing is a shit.
Oracle: what? Veathi? Your mom?
Me: you knew that
Oracle: of coarse i know everything, thats why elder took you to me.
Me: this is not going to work i am gonna quit.
Oracle: you gave a word to me.
Me: fuck you!!!
Oracle: Veeli
Me: what about her?
Oracle: she is your sister
Me: I know that, what’s the problem in that?
Oracle: the problem is what your father thought her.
Me: what he thought her?
Oracle: to stand in the side of Kanikai’s King.
Me: i am the king now.
Oracle: i am speaking about the rightful hire. the king you killed. If you will not give birth to the baby.
Me: what will happen?
Oracle: the entire nation will become a dead land.
Me: is she alive?
Oracle: she is coming for revenge. And there will be big war a head.
Only your first kid can stop her cruelty. Give him to me, i will train him.

There are 2 possibility one Oracle is a Stupid Whore and another one thats also the same.

I stoped facing my mother yaa.. Vedhi…
But i cant stop loving her. Fuck she is my Mom.

But she did some different things. Because she loves me as a husband.
She started seducing me. By rubbing her boobs on my back while sleeping.
Also there is a fucking rule in the castle. “After Marriage King have to be in his room with queen all time”.


First day went well when compared to further days.
Actually i controlled my self to the extreme.
She wore a silk robe in that half of her boos are visible. And her whity thigh, always made a tent on me. I got blue ball literally.
She might be 36 or 37 but no one belives that when they saw her. Oh my god she is my mom..
In evening she sat with me and asked
Mom: some one making a tent..
Me: Shut up MOM
Mom: oh.. you are calling me mom but your little bro is hard by looking at your mom ah?
Mother Fucker!!
Me: Dont Call me that
Mom: Mother fucker
Mom: oh my dear baby come and fuck your mommy.

She did not made me sleep. She rubbed my dick by her fingers she rubbed her boobs on my face.
Finally she slept by spooning me.


Again a worse day she stayed only with Bikiny which also very thin. Her nipples were poking and her bush are visible.

When i awake the first thing i saw is she swimming in the wine pool.

Oh no my day started with blue ball and ended with blue ball.

Today she went more further

i tried a lot but only way to survive this blue ball problem is to masterbate. So i did after she asleep.

I tried to imagine more but her body came to mind, what ever i stroked thinking of her, my own mom.

After some time i came. A lot.
When i return to bed she was awake and she did a insulting naughty smile on me.

I haven’t spoke any thing but she teased me the whole night.

Mom: did u just jerk off..
Did you think of me? Did you masterbate thinking of your mom?
Why baby?
i will help you next time with my mouth baby?
Oh my poor son. you can fuck your own mom baby..

Me: shut up and sleep.
Mom: she hugged me and laughed.

later she said how she loves me. She said i was the only hope when she stuck with that tribes.
She even cried and expressed her love on me.

I said nothing but i kissed her head and hugged he then we slept.

Day 3

I know this must be the last day of my resistance. She is a damn godess of sex.
being controlled with her is a tough thing.

But i waited to see her extreme.

Today she came near me with a robe and looked at me naughtily and dropped the robe. My god she is nacked. My own mother is nacked in front of me..

i cant control any more. So i to undressed my self and jumped into the pool.

We stayed opposite and looking each other.
She rubbed her boob with her hand and made some moaning.
She moaned my name and said fuck me mother fucker, fuck your mother, tear my pussy baby..

I just went near her but she went out of the pool. She dried herself and laid on the bed and started rubbing her pussy.

I too went near the bed she teased me.
I laid next to her she looked and we both fell on each other’s eyes.
I cant wait any more so i kissed on her lips.
Soon we got the momentum. And i kissed her face and drank her saliva. I started liking her whole body. Oh my god.

Mom: now what makes you have sex with your mother.
Me: i have became as a mother fucker.

We laughed..
I licked her whole body. She was in the peak of pleasure.

Now i reached her pussy area first i kissed there.
I like the smell.
She gave some soft moans. I liked the pussy lips slightly she made a huge moan.
i slowly inserted my tongue on my own mom’s pussy hole. She jumped in joy.
Slowly i started eating her pussy. I inserted my whole tongue. She moaned by name and called me as a mother fucker.

Me: Do you like it mom?
Mom: yes baby lick your moms pussy baby
Me: oh mommy
I am licking it.

I inserted my two fingers and grinded her pussy now she got high and screaming.

Mom: stop it baby please stop it baby.
Me: what happened mom.
Mom: put it inside baby. I want you to fuck me.

I slowly inserted my shaft in her pussy. My own mothers pussy.

We fucked like an animals and she screamed loud. Fuck your moma’s pussy make me pregnant baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck your own mother. Tear your mom’s pussy.

Me: Mom i think i am going to cum
Mom: me too baby.. cum on my pussy baby please give a baby to me.

No mother in the world is going to have his own son’s baby. I am the luckiest one in the world.

At the end we both collapsed…

To be Continued….


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