Friend’s Hot Mom

Hello everyone, I’m Sourabh. Hope you all good. As I said I’m from Odisha but live at Chennai. Though I’m 28 year old I came across many sexual experiences with my close relation (aunties, cousin and bhabhi). Today I want to share my sexual experience which happened with my friend’s mother.

Talking about my friend’s mom her name her name is Vinitha. She is lean with a hard pair of boobs. She is 38 years old but she will dress like 28. She will wear low cut sarees often and nighty when she is at home. I never had a intention to fuck her but her walk and her hip and ass made me mad to seduce her.

Vinitha aunty is living at the same street I’m living she has one son and one daughter. Our family and their family were friends our family have close relationship with their family. Her son is one year younger to me and and her daughter is 3 years younger to me. Her daughter name is Salini. She also has a sexy structure like her mom.

Vinitha aunty and me are almost same height 5.6ft her height. She have fair skin and attractive but she has a perfect body whenever she wore a nighty I could she her body structure exactly. Though she is mother of two children and she maintained her structure well. Though she is 38 her boobs are sexier like new married woman has.

It all happened a couple of months before our street friends planned to go to a new released movie. All went I didn’t go with them as I didn’t have enough money to go to movie. All my friends went before itself to purchase tickets and they said they will wait outside the theatre for me. I was searching for money at my home and asked my mother for money. My mother too has no money so I went to ask aunty for money.

She has left a shop for rent below her house. It’s a ironing shop. She has given her saree for cleaning. When I went upstairs that uncle from ironing shop called me and gave me a cover and asked me to hand it over to aunty. I stood on stairs and opened the cover it was her saree and her blouse. I forget that aunty also coming to theatre with us this time as she was waiting for the release of that movie.

I reached her floor and I knocked at her door she didn’t hear me. The door was half closed so I went inside casually as its like my home. I could see TV was running in high sound. So no one heard me. I heard eater sound at bathroom I called aunty. She responded by saying yes. Then I came to know that she is at shower. I said I brought the saree for her. She said to keep that cover near dining table. I kept the cover at the dining table and went inside kitchen to drink water.

When I drank water and came outside aunty came near the dining table. She came from the shower she was wearing only bra and petticoat and covered her bra with a small towel. My cock raised and lips dried don’t know what to speak. She also didn’t spoke anything and went inside the bedroom. She came after few minutes from her bedroom. She was in her saree which I brought. It was yellow color saree and a matching yellow color blouse.

She came towards me by adjusting her pallu. She asked me how is it. I fell on her boobs. Didn’t spoke anything she asked why I’m not speaking anything. I said you look like angel aunty.

Aunty: really?

Me: yes, you are.

Aunty: are you kidding me?

Me: really aunty you like more attractive than my girlfriend.

Aunty: you compare me with your girlfriend.

Me: sorry aunty I didn’t mean it wrongly but I want to explain how beautiful you are so I said like that.

Aunty: it’s ok Sourabh. Why you didn’t go to movie?

Me: I don’t have enough money for movie aunty.

Aunty: then I will give you money. Will they take ticket for you also?

Me: don’t know aunty they said they will take ticket for me also don’t know they will take or not.

Aunty: ok then we can go to theatre fast I was waiting for this movie for many days.

Me: aunty I can’t as I don’t have bike they took my bike with them.

Aunty: no problem we can go with my scooter.

Me: ok thank you a lot.

Aunty: I’m not stranger to say sorry and thanks.

Me: alright come aunty.

(We both went to the theater on her bike there all the men were looking aunty as look gorgeous. We made a call to my friend and they said that the seat are housefull and no more seats left. He scolded me as we were late

We went another theatre fast as it is show time. We got ticket on only at a local theatre. It won’t be clean and neat. Some will smoke inside and many will bring her secret husband and wife. We cannot expect a decent movie experience at that theatre. Some will come with prostitutes and handjobs and blowjobs and fingerings during movie. As it is not a decent theatre many people won’t come there. I tried to understand aunt but she didn’t hear me and compelled me to watch movie there itself.

We entered the movie room it is first day so many rushed into the room at same time. And it’s show time and the movie going to start. I let aunty before me and I came behind her as one guy was looking aunty in a lust sight. When we enter the room he went behind aunty and pressured his cock at aunt ass he was drunk and came. I saw he pushed aunty through his cock so I warned him and went behind aunty. We struck at that crowd. Someone pushed me from behind so fell on aunty and my cock touched her ass crack. I smelled her hair it was beautiful and her jasmine made me mad. She lost her balance and her boobs were crushed at crowd she let a moaning sound I asked what happened aunty. She said one guy stomped her leg so she let a sound. I know her boobs were crushed but she didn’t tell me. I asked her can we go back to home aunty. She refused as she want to watch the movie. Somehow we went to our seats and the movie started.

The bastard drunker came again to us and talked to me. I asked what he want. He asked what is the price of her for a night. I thought she didn’t hear that so I chased him and acted nothing happened. Aunty asked me what he asked I said he asked for a hundred rupees. She said don’t lie I heard what he said. I said sorry aunty I don’t want you to hear that so I lied. She said she understood and said we came for movie not for fight no. She said that she knows how men look woman in this theatre as most are prostitutes here. I don’t tell anything.

After few minutes a boy who may be almost of my age. Came with a woman who may be 26. He said she is her neighbour. After sometime he lifted her petticoat and made that lady sit on his lap and ducked her wildly. That lady moaned loudly. We turned back almost ten of them were fucking not watching movie. Me and aunty went to the front row to watch movie. Aunty said only we are watching movie. I said yes aunty this is wrong someone has to complain this problem. She said don’t speak like you know nothing to me as I know about all your friends.

I didn’t speak anything for a while. She came close to me and held my hand and said I was joking Sourabh I know about you you not like others. “If others there in place of you when I’m at shower before they might tear my pussy by this time. And if others there in place of you in this theatre I’m sure I will be pregnant again. ”

I was shocked to hear that. I said thanks for trusting me. As the movie is very boring. I said aunty that I’m going to sleep and ask her to wake me up when the movie over. I acted as I slept aunty called my name twice and tested me I’m awake or not. She took my hand a placed near her boobs and felt. She removed her pallu and unhooked her blouse and bra only one hook and she removed my zip and she gave me a blowjob.

She then lifted her petticoat and fingering her pussy. I didn’t show that I’m awake and continued my act. She then placed my cock inside my pant and she kept her one breast on my mouth and took one photo. And she gave me a kiss and took a photo she took my cock out and took a another photo. And placed my cock inside again.

I know if I made a action I can fuck her but I want her to continue. She woke me up and said you missed a awesome movie. She meant the blowjob. I said did you enjoy and smiled. And I asked you want one more? She asked what one more. I said the movie and smiled.

We went to the parking lot and called her son. He said they were going to beach to enjoy. I was happy to hear that as my friend won’t know that when I fuck his mother at his house itself. Aunty asked me to stop near the medical shop. I know what she going to buy stop pregnancy she bought some pills. I know that is pregnancy control pill. I asked her what it is she said that she has fever. I smiled and we reached the home.

My cock raised for her. Aunty went to kitchen took the pill and went inside the room dress change. I asked her where she going. She said she is going to change dress. I said why aunty changing dress, “you like beautiful in this saree. ”

She said she have to change dress as the saree is new saree and does not want to dirt it. I went behind and asked why aunty changing dress. And said somehow you have to remove that also no. She didn’t understand what I said. She went inside the bedroom I kept my left hand around her hip and right hand at her left boob and made to and from motions on her ass crack she tried to escape from my grip. She escaped and said what I’m doing to aunty. She said this what I do to my friend mother. I said this what you do to your son friend. She said what I did. I kept my hand on her boob and said you kept my hand on your boobs and you bought pills for control the pregnancy. She said what I’m saying. I asked her phone and asked her to watch the photo at her phone. She remained silent I grabbed her towards me and gave her a lip lock she was more hornier than me she rolled her tongue inside my mouth. She took he phone and switch turned on the video recorder and started recording our act. I also placed my phone to take a video. She told me to keep the video secretly. And she said she will hide her video also.

Then removed her saree and saw her in blouse and petticoat Her boobs called me to fuck her. I tore her blouse and crushed her boobs with the bra itself. She then made me nude now and she gave me the best blowjob which no one can give me. She kissed my whole body and licked almost all my body parts. I removed her bra and I saw her bare boobs. Her nipples were poking towards me I licked and bit it lightly.

I was waiting for a long to see her boobs. Usually woman breast will be loose when they are above thirty years of age but her boob is like young boobs. I removed her petticoat and saw her pussy it was pink in color. I licked her pussy. And I said her husband is lucky to have a hot wife like her. She kissed on my lip. She said he won’t praise her like this. She said after she gave birth to two child she didn’t get anyone cock and her husband also didn’t fuck her but she is still at twenty. She said she wants to be fucked daily but her daughter only fingering her and she will satisfy her daughter.

Then I placed my cock on her pussy and made some moves. She screamed at pain and enjoyed the pleasure I gave her. Then after 20min I cum inside her pussy she happy now and satisfied on my fuck. I crush her boobs whenever I get time even if I get a some minute and we saw nobody there we fucked till I fill my cum in her pussy, ass or mouth and we didn’t get any problems till now.

Hope you guys loved my story.

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