Mom Son Vacation

This is my story about real incident.
Please forgive me in case of any mistakes.

I’m Harsh, age 25 and Mom Asha, age 49. Mom wears traditional attire at home and loves to wear modern dress such as Tees, shirt, jeans,shorts, skirts,midis during vacation and parties.

I have been an ardent fan of My Mom. I like her figure, dressing sense and caring nature. I have masturbated thinking about her many times.
Mom and me are like Best friends, We go to movies,malls,lunch dates,rides,drives and enjoy each other’s company.

Coming to the story…
In March 2019, Dad,Mom and me decided to go to Madikeri for vacation. But, Dad had to cancel at the last moment because of some demands in his business.
So we decided to go to Madikeri from Bangalore in car.Mom and me wearing grey T-shirt and blue jeans(We were twining).

We started off in Morning and reached a hotel in Madikeri by afternoon around 1:00 PM. Mom During check in at the hotel, Receptionist greeted us, thought us as couple and booked a honeymoon suite. Mom was embarrassed to hear this, but i told mom it’s ok and if we cancel, it would be difficult to find another room. Later, she agreed.

We went to room, freshened up had our lunch and took a nap.
Later, We spent time exploring Madikeri. We visited Abbey Falls, Raja Seat and enjoyed musical evening together. Mom wore w Hite sleeveless top and blue jeans, that evening. I saw many guys staring and enjoying her, it made me proud 😌 that she was attracting men at this age as well

Later, we came back to our room. I went out to get special Coorg wine, Mom decided to stay at room and relax, so i locked the room before i left

I came back after 30 minutes, Mom was relaxing in bathtub,I wasn’t aware of this and she hadn’t locked bathroom. I had to take a leak, so i rushed into bathroom and started peeing, closing my eyes and holding my d!ck and felt relaxed. My mom saw my erected d!ck, she was shocked, put her arms across her boobs, she hid herself under water out of embarrassment. I was shocked and aroused to see her naked, it made my d!ck grow even harder. I apologized, saying i didn’t knew you were here and it’s urgent.
She smiled in shyness, told me to go out.

I came outside and sat on a chair thinking about my Mom’s attractive body, her sexy boobs and i was still hard, it started giving me ideas to do something memorable with mom

After sometime, Mom came out in white robe covering till thighs, her cleavage was visible and wet hair.
She seemed like a Sex Goddess.

I went to her, apologized and hugged her. I could feel her boobs and she could feel my hard d!ck, She said “It’s ok, mistakes do happen”. Then, i hugged her tightly and kissed her on cheeks, She pushed me away and asked, “What happened?” I said “I love you” and again hugged her, this time she also hugged me back

I kissed on her lips, she responded by kissing back, we had formed a liplock for some seconds and she moaned.

I gathered some courage and pressed her boobs, she moaned and warned me, “What are you doing? We’re mom-son, don’t do it, Beta”
I told her it’s common, nothing will happen and opened her bathrobe, she stood topless exposing her boobs in her black panties.
She closed her eyes in disappointment.

I pressed her boobs again, this time bit hard and she moaned loudly. I started fondling her boobs, she started crying saying, “No beta..please” I started liking her boobs, told her “Maa, I’m seeing these after a long time. It’s like childhood memories for me, let me suck your boobs as I have done it before”
She laughed in embarrassment, I sucked her boobs and bit her nipples once or twice, She moaned loudly

Then, She lowered my jeans, caught hold of my d!ck. She said, “You have got a nice big one” and kissed it. She took it in her mouth and gave me a blowjob.
I was so happy and pleased, that was like the best BJ ever

I kissed and hugged her again, i tried to slid down her panties, She hit my arms and pushed me away.
I asked her why and tried to convince her, she started crying and told me, “We’re mom-son, let’s not spoil this precious relationship of ours”
I apologized and took a topless selfie, thus created a memorable moment in our lives

She didn’t allow me to proceed further, wore her bathrobe, picked cloths from her wardrobe and went inside bathroom.

To Be Continued…

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