College senior

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College senior

Hello friends. I am ajay. I am a regular reader of S4S. And have been following it since before it was iss.

Coming to story. This is just an experience of my best friend . I’ll narrate the story on his behalf. Consider myself in place of him.
Lets start. It’s been 3 years , I have a crush on a girl in senior. Her name is shweta. Age 23 at that moment. I was 22 at that time.
She was not a sex doll or hot.
She was very simple and sweet. She never used to talk to any boys. Even of her own batch .
She was an introvert and indolent.

No one can approach. That’s why she never kept any boyfriend.
In our college. Having a bf or gf is common . Even we can be sure of it that leaving few girls like shweta , all are non virgins .
I really fell in love for shweta . And wanted to marry her . I never got guts to tell her that. .
In her final years. When I was in 3rd year. I gathered strength to talk to her . I approached her and proposed her I private in library.
She was shocked and slapped me and left the library.
Then I didn’t saw her for 1 week. She didn’t came to college.
I was disappointed and thought to forget about her.
After 1 week she came to college.
But in a new avatar.

She stopped wearing specs and came with lenses. Did sassy haircut. And was wearing a body tight legging. Which would reveal all her curves.
God she was killer in that look. I was mad after seeing her like that.
I controlled my excitement and tried to avoid her in every possible way.
After this whole incident I used to follow her and used to click her pictures now and then . And used to masturbate on watching them.
Like 5this 4 months got over .
Our final sem exams came.
I got busy in that so did shweta in hers.
After exams all got free. Girls played a girls night out in hostel with drinks, chicken and porn movies . Including all seniors and juniors.
In those nights all girls expressed their feelings for the guys they like.
So did shweta told about me to all.

Next day I got informed by my batchmate girls about the incident.
This got me excited .
And I went to library to meet shweta.
She on seeing me smiled.
I went to her and confronted her about last night.
To which she smiled and grabbed my penis and testes very hard and said . Now if you don’t want to suffer more than this then arrange a room fast.
I was too excited that I grabbed her hand and squeezed hard.
And left the library.
That night I didn’t get sleep.

Next day onwards I was searching for a room.
After 3 days I got my friend’s flat for a night.
I took shweta there and had a beer party. And had chicken dinner.
Later had a rough sex with her.
She was not virgin. And I didn’t cared.

Shweta started caressing my body starting from my hair to the lower stomach and stopped just above my dick to tease me. By then, my hands were caressing her entire back. I then moved my hands towards the front and was pressing her amazingly soft boobs without touching her nipples. Chaya was losing control and made me remove her top.
She pulled my head down and pushed it on her boobs for me to suck them. It was like a divine thing to suck those cute air hostess boobs. I started teasing her again by not sucking her nipples but this time, she slapped me and said, “Concentrate on my nipples!” This turned me on.
While playing with her boobs, I moved my hand down and touched her pussy from the top of her pajama. I was surprised she wasn’t wearing a pantie also. I removed her pajama in one go and there was a clean shaved pink pussy all drenched in her precum, ready to be explored.
I started moving my fingers all around her pussy and then rubbed her clit. My air-hostess friend was now going mad and had her first orgasm.
Then, I started kissing her and was playing with her boob with one hand and her pussy with the other hand. Without a warning, I inserted my finger into her pussy which was hot like hell and well lubricated.
She planted a kiss right on the hole of my dick. I pulled open the drawer of my study and picked up a packet of KS condoms. She sat and sucked on my dick. I tore open the top of the packet and took out the condom, while she kissed and sucked. I stopped her and pulled out my dick from her mouth.

I put my dick in the condom and adjusted the length. She was now standing naked and watching me put the condom. I patted her on the hips and asked her to get on the bed. She got on the bed and holding me by my dick pulled them signaling to follow on the bed.
The bedsheet was totally disordered. She had knelt on the bed, bent over on the foam mattress, taking a pillow under her breasts. Clutching small portions of the bedsheet within her palms, she had raised her buttocks inviting me to go in from the back.
She turned her head and looked straight in my eyes, waiting for the push. I was adjusting my cock in the crevice of her buttocks. I guided my dick with my hand to place it on the opening under her ass. I placed my cock and pushed myself in. My cock went in a little inside, feeling which she moaned.

I placed my hands on her ass and prepared my self for one more thrust. Just as I pushed forward, she tweaked her ass, taking my dick completely in. I continued my back and forth motion. Initially, I moved my hands around her back and on her buttocks.
I cupped her pussy with one of my palms and kept the other palm on her navel that was upside down, and pushed her upward. My cock went in deeper. She turned her head around again and stared, “Baby, do faster, push harder,” and few sounds that were beyond my spelling ability.
With the change in the momentum, I wasn’t sure how long I would hold. I tried one more stunt. I cupped her boobs with my palms, lifted her a little. She supported by pushing herself upward with her hands. My dick started going in deeper and deeper with every push.
My hard dick rubbed against the inner walls of her pussy while she was going crazy. I played with my pace. Sometimes pushing in faster and deeper and then pulling myself, and vice versa. The veins of my dick were holding my cum inside. It couldn’t any longer, and I let go. The condom started filling up with my cum while I continued my motion.

She placed her hands on my ass and started pushing me more inside her with every movement she asked me to fuck more. I then made her sit on me and made her jump on my dick. I was witnessing the best view of her facial expressions.
Her hairs were falling on her face and her boobs bouncing drove me crazy. She started moaning with every moan I would push my dick more inside her. Soon she had her orgasms, and all her juice was on my stomach. She was on top of me. But I did not want to stop until I cum.
So I fucked her real hard, and then in some time, I cummed inside her. By now, she was already tired. So she got up and went to wash her pussy. She then came and slept beside me and started playing with my dick. I knew she was still not satisfied with just one session.
But she was too tired for the second one due to long traveling. We were lying naked, and she was still playing with my dick while she dozed off on my shoulder. I then covered her with the blanket, and even I slept..
This relationship continued till she passed out from here. Henceforth we never kept any contact with each other. Other than being Facebook friends.

I would like to spend another night with her.
Shweta if you’re reading this. Let’s consummate our love once again.
Any other lady wants to have fun. Contact me.
[email protected]
Love you all

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