Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

Brother takes sister from her husband after saving her life

This story starts on a beautiful sunny autumn day, in mid November, two days before my twenty second birthday. My sister, Catherine Jaeger-Briggs, waited at the door wearing a sundress, as her husband, Karl Briggs, and I left for the day.

With the recession we were going through, things became tough, and Catherine and Karl moved in with me. I love my sister, and if she needed a place to stay, I would never turn her away, but normally I wouldn’t have wanted to have my sibling and in-law living with me. Between the recession and our parents passing six months ago, these weren’t normal times.

Our parents’ untimely passing was hard to bear. They were taken from us by a drunk driver. Having my sister and her husband move in helped me adapt. I was young to inherit my parents’ farm; it was much more responsibility than I wanted to deal with. And it was nice not having to go through all my parents’ things alone. Another income greatly helped cover all the bills as well; my income as a student, supplemented by hunting, wasn’t enough to cover the bills of the farm.

The arrangement worked out well for all of us. Karl and Catherine were trying to have children, and Catherine wanted to be a stay at home mom. I now owned this large farmhouse, and no one to fill it. It was far too much work to maintain on my own, all the while going to school.

I made it to the door before Karl, and Catherine leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Have a good day, Kurt.”

“Thanks. I only have one lab this morning. My other class got cancelled because the prof. is sick. I might go out hunting this afternoon instead.”

She smiled and was about to reply, but then her eyes shifted to behind me and the smile dropped off her face.

I turned to look and Karl walked up, not wearing his work uniform; instead he wore a leisure suit which might have been considered fashion in the sixties or seventies, not some fifty years later.

“Aren’t you going to work?” Catherine asked.

He shook his head. “Na, Dave is coverin’ for me at the store. I’m gonna head down to the track and see if I can’t win some money for us. There’s a horse racin’ today, it’s a sure thing.”

I rolled my eyes, and Catherine’s lips tightened in a scowl. Karl didn’t seem to notice though. He simply leaned in, kissing her cheek before sliding past me, and heading for his car.

Sis and I both watched after him as he drove off.

I knew Karl always provided for Catherine’s financial needs, in the strictest sense of the term. She told me they rarely went without food, though at times because of her gardening, which she learned from our mom. He always made sure they had a roof over their heads. They were able to get clothes when they needed them, but no one would consider my sister and brother-in-law rich. Were it not for his gambling to begin with, they might not have needed to move in with me at all.

I didn’t know what my sister saw in this guy, but he was her choice, not mine; so I supported my sister.

Whenever they received a little extra money Karl took it to the track or casino, to try and hit it big. It didn’t matter where the money came from.

When Karl and Catherine were living in the city, a single father and his daughter lived next door to them. The daughter was in a car accident, and both hands were broken. This obviously caused several issues. Catherine volunteered to help them out, and both father and daughter were immensely grateful for her help. They may not have been able to afford a nurse or PSW, but they gave Catherine some money for her help.

Karl took that money and lost it at the craps table. I’m telling you all this, so you understand the kind of man Karl is. I suppose he isn’t a bad man, but he certainly has a problem.

Catherine shook her head, and her smile returned. “You best get going. You might have a short day, but I doubt they’d appreciate you being late.”

I chuckled, and kissed my sister’s cheek. “I’ll see you in a bit. Love you, Sis.”

“Love you too, Kurt.”

On my drive to school, I didn’t think of much other than Karl skipping work to gamble again. Neither Catherine or Karl mentioned an influx of cash, so unless he did win, this month would likely be another lean one. I was just glad it was hunting season.

My lab flew by, and I was able to complete the work without issue. To brag a little about myself, I’ve always experienced an easy time with school. Unlike many though, I excelled at both athletics and academics. Throughout highschool I managed to keep above a ninety percent average in all my classes without needing to study, which allowed me to be on the cross country, wrestling, and lacrosse teams (during the appropriate seasons); I continue with the sports into adulthood, playing on a university lacrosse team. Not having to spend time studying, is where my love for the outdoors came from. Growing up on the farm, I didn’t have the same access to amenities as the city kids, I spent a LOT of time outside, and I did it just to pass the time.

I quickly made it home after class, and Catherine was sitting in the living room folding laundry.

“Hey Kurt, how’d it go?” she called out as I closed the door behind me.

Walking up behind the couch, I reached around and hugged her from behind. “It was good. I managed to get everything done the first time, and already started writing the report.”

I released her, and started heading for the stairs.


I stopped and turned to see my sister smiling at me.

“What do you want for a birthday dinner?”

I smiled. “I don’t need anything special, Sis. It’s just another day.”

She stood, and came over to me. “No it isn’t. You’re turning twenty two. That doesn’t happen every day.”

I enveloped her in my arms again, chuckling. “Okay, well how about some roasted rabbit?”

She laughed and pushed me away. “We don’t have any rabbits in the freezer, so I guess you better go get some.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied, heading up to get changed.

In my room I glanced at the calendar where I highlighted the different hunting seasons, and what I needed to wear. I quickly changed into my hunting gear, pulling on my blaze orange vest, and finishing the ensemble with a cap. Before I headed down I grabbed my cameras and made sure the batteries were all charged.

When I came down the stairs Catherine looked up. “What do you need the cameras for?”

I paused to answer her, “I suppose I don’t need them, but this is a great opportunity to make another video. I was sent that pack of new ammo to try, and it’s a great day for it, so might as well.”

Now I know what you’re all thinking. What self respecting outdoorsman makes youtube videos? The answer is, me. It’s just something fun to do, and occasionally I’ll be sponsored to do a video, where I get some fun new gadget out of it. I do it for the fun, not for the stuff though.

Her curiosity appeased, I continued to the basement where my gun locker is. It didn’t take me long to pull out my Ruger 10/22 and fit the cameras in place. All told I had four cameras on me: one on the barrel of my rifle pointing back at me, one with my scope to see what I was shooting at, another on my chest showing what’s in front of me, and the last on a head mount. I worked hard to save the money to get my cameras. I didn’t often use the footage from them all, but I wanted them anyway to have the best picture available for the videos.

A few more minutes and I collected everything I needed for my excursion.

Heading back upstairs Catherine finished folding the last shirt. She placed it on top of the basket, then came over to me. “Have fun. And Kurt… be safe.”

I gave Catherine one of my winning smiles. “I will Sis. I shouldn’t be too long, a few hours at most.”

We said a final farewell, and I strode out the back door and towards the fields. Though I grew up on, and inherited, the farm, I was no farmer. I rent the fields to the neighbours, with the understanding that I would be hunting on the property regularly. This was an arrangement I was more than happy with. I had several hundred acres at my disposal for hunting almost all year round, and I didn’t have to attempt to farm it. Theoretically the income from the farm covered the regular property expenses, but the past year, due to my parent’s passing, had not been good for the farm.

Once I was far enough away from the house and barns to safely discharge my weapon I loaded my rifle, double checked my cameras were rolling, and started my video.

“Good afternoon youtube! Kurt Jaeger here, walking through the woods here on my property. Today I’m doing a few things, first is hunting rabbits. I’m hoping to get a few of the critters for dinner. The other thing I’m doing is testing out a 22 long rifle round sent to me by one of my viewers, 28Hunter123. These are available commercially, so you can try them out yourself. These are a hyper velocity–” I won’t bore you with all the details of the video, but after doing some basic target shots at my range, I began hunting.

I wandered the edge of the bush looking for my birthday meal. It didn’t take long to see two hares bounding away from me. They were farther away than I would normally shoot, but I quickly took aim and fired twice in rapid succession.

“Did you see that!” I said for my video. “With this hyper velocity round I managed to hit two running animals at just over one hundred yards.” After collecting my prizes, I continued, “The drop on these rounds is surprisingly little compared to the standard 22LR. If you are doing varmint shooting, these rounds could be what you’re looking for. I think I prefer the regular rounds for general hunting though. The cost difference isn’t much, but when you’re shooting lots, it adds up.”

Happy with my video, I gave my usual sign off, and switched out the ammo in my rifle.

Once I stowed my hares, I headed back to the house. Along the way though, I spotted some more targets. By the time I made it back to the house, I bagged a total of five rabbits/hares, two squirrels, and a red fox. The fox surprised me. He ran out onto the trail right in front of me. I had my rifle slung, and almost didn’t get it around in time to shoot.

Throughout it all I left my cameras running. I didn’t know if I’d be able to use any of the footage in a video, but it was good to have it. It was also good insurance in case someone ever claimed I was hunting illegally or doing something wrong.

Once I was in range of the buildings I stopped and unloaded the rifle, removing the magazine, and sticking it into my pocket.

As I approached the house, I noticed three cars parked in the farmyard between the house and barns. The only car I recognized was Karl’s, but he never parked there. He was always afraid the neighbour would drive a tractor over his car by accident.

Heading toward the back door I slowed. I could hear shouting inside, though I couldn’t make out what was being said.

I didn’t know what to do. My sister and Karl fought, as I imagine every couple does, but this sounded different. This didn’t sound like they were fighting, it almost sounded like pleading.

I walked up to the back door, staying off to the side. I eased the door open a crack so I could make out what was being said.

“–us the money. Either you give us the money, or I take payment in the form of your wife!” an unknown male voice said firmly.

“Please, I’ll get you the money. That horse was a sure thing! I don’t know what happened. I just need more time!” Karl pleaded with the man.

“No more time. Money now, or I take your wife.”

I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I’d heard enough. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, ensured it was on silent, then called 911. I quickly gave the address and details of what was happening, without disconnecting the call, I stuffed the phone back into my pocket. Reloading the magazine into my rifle, I strode into the house.

The kitchen was empty, so I moved through the house with my rifle up. As soon as I moved into the doorway leading to the living room, I came upon a nightmare.

A man was holding my sister’s arm pinned behind her back, hunching her over the arm of the couch. Her dress was flipped up, exposing her butt, and her panties were pushed down to her knees. She was sobbing, and squirming, doing everything she could to fight off the man holding her. He was holding his rampant pecker, trying to line it up.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, all because he can’t pay his debts. What he can’t pay, I’ll take from your body!” the rapist said

Karl cowered in the corner with another man guarding him with a baseball bat.

This was a bad situation and I knew it. The only saving grace, the two bad guys were generally lined up to me; the one with the bat would have to go through the man with my sister to get to me.

I took aim at the man trying to mount Catherine. “Get the fuck away from her!”

The room became silent other than Catherine’s sobs. The three other men in the room all looked at me. When I watched the recording later, I think the look on Karl’s face was one of relief. The two others though were shocked.

When they didn’t move, I stated again, “Get. Away. From. My Sister!”

When I finished speaking, the man holding Catherine smirked. “So this is the twirp we’ve heard so much about. What are you going to do, if I don’t get away?”

I was confused by his reply. I was pointing a loaded rifle at him, and he was acting as if it was a toy.

All of a sudden I knew what I forgot to do. Though I put the magazine back into the weapon, I didn’t put a round into the chamber. In response to his question, I chambered a round. “Last warning. Release Catherine, and step away.”

When I chambered a round, the expression on the man’s face turned to one of incredulity. He did release my sister, but he started walking toward me.

“Back up or I’ll shoot!” I ordered.

He ignored me.

I shifted my aim slightly, and squeezed the trigger.


Screams erupted in the otherwise quiet room, as the 36 grain, copper plated, hollow point slug hit him in the shoulder, exactly where I aimed. A small trickle of blood dripped from the small wound. He screamed out, though I couldn’t tell if it was in pain or anger. The expression on his face makes me think he was angry at being shot.

He charged.

Were it not for the fact I remained aiming in his direction, I would have been in trouble. He closed the distance unbelievably quickly, and I was only able to just pull the trigger again as he slammed into me. We both fell to the ground.

I quickly untangled myself from the man. I grabbed my rifle and stood. I planted a foot on the man’s back so I’d know if he was still moving, then aimed at the man with a bat.

He looked at me with real fear in his eyes.

“Drop the bat.” He did as he was told. “Now step away. Lay face down on the ground. Put your hands behind your back, and cross your ankles.”

He continued to follow my orders. Karl grabbed the bat and ran from the room, returning with some zip ties. Once the man’s arms were secured, I knelt and checked the would-be-rapist’s pulse. He was dead.

I didn’t know what to think about that.

I stepped up to Catherine. She’d shifted so she was covered and decent once more. “Are you okay Sis?” She just looked at me blankly. “It’ll be okay. The police are on the way.”

With that statement, I remembered my phone. I pulled it back out, and told the dispatcher what happened, and requested an ambulance. I was given some instructions by the officer, and I followed them to the letter, with one exception.

I was told to unload my rifle and go wait for the police outside. I made one extra stop to put my rabbits and other kills in the freezer.

The police showed up with pistols drawn. I was quickly placed in cuffs, and put into the back of a cop car.

Then came the frustration of waiting. The ambulance came, and I watched as a sobbing Catherine, who looked at me with longing, was taken away. Karl and the other man were taken away in cuffs. Then the coroner’s van arrived, and before long a body bag was removed.

I sat in the back of the cop car for hours before anyone came to ask me questions or tell me anything. They were kind enough to let me use the bathroom before things went farther though.

Eventually I was taken to the station, where I was interrogated thoroughly again by several officers. Thankfully the lawyer I was given seemed to be good at what he did.

My saving grace though, were the cameras I wore hunting. Because of the audio the cops knew exactly what happened. With the several different videos, they saw what I saw, and to a lesser extent, what I looked like throughout the event. Most importantly though, the cops knew where I was aiming when I fired my weapon; they knew I purposefully shifted my aim from centre-mass to his shoulder to be less-lethal.

Initially I was charged with manslaughter, but once the video was reviewed all charges were dropped. I was kept locked up at the station overnight and most of the next day. When I was released I, thankfully, had enough money in my wallet to get a cab from the police station.


Chapter 2

Due to the lateness of my release I wasn’t able to get much information about what happened to my sister or Karl. All I was told was that Catherine had been released from the hospital, and the remaining attacker was locked up. The cops didn’t tell me anything about Karl.

The cab brought me right home.

It was dark when the cabbie dropped me off, and I handed him enough money to cover my fare and half again.

The house was dark as I climbed the stairs to the front porch. Unlocking the door I stepped into the living room, and flicked on the light.

Catherine blinked in surprise from where she sat on the couch, and her hand shot up to protect her eyes from the light. A moment later when her eyes adjusted, they settled on me. Her stare was blank and expressionless.

“Sis, why are you sitting in the dark?”

As soon as I spoke, her eyes filled with tears. I rushed forward, sitting beside her, and pulled her into my arms. Without saying a word I held her as she sobbed out the stress, fear, and pain she suffered over the past forty eight hours.

After a time– I don’t know how much time actually passed– she said, “Oh God, Kurt, I can’t believe that actually happened. Are you home now? They aren’t going to take you away again are they?”

“Shhh, I’m not going anywhere. The charges were dropped. You’re safe now,” I replied, doing what I could to comfort her.

It may not have been the wisest thing to ask right then, but I needed to know, “Where’s Karl?”

She sniffed in derision. “Still locked up. The cop that came with me to the hospital told me that he was arrested on book-making charges. If the judge sees him, he could be out tomorrow.”

With the necessary information, I simply held my sister. It wasn’t much longer, before her sobs subsided, and she was asleep in my arms.

Carefully I shifted her around in my arms, so I had an arm behind her back, and one under her legs. I did what I could to not wake her, and I think I succeeded, at least she didn’t come fully awake. I carried her up to her room, and tucked her into bed.

After kissing her forehead I left, closing the bedroom door behind me.

Once I locked up the house I moved my rabbits to the fridge to thaw, then showered and went to bed.

I was almost asleep when a sound caught my attention. My eyes snapped open, and I looked to the door. I could see Catherine silhouetted from the night light I kept at the top of the stairs. She closed the door, and a moment later, I felt her climb under the sheets beside me.


“Please, Kurt! I don’t want to be alone tonight,” she cried softly.

My heart broke hearing the fear in her voice, and I pulled her into my arms. She rested her head on my chest and cried herself to sleep. I held her through the night, offering her what comfort I could.


The next morning, I woke up alone. After getting dressed and ready for the day I wandered downstairs and the sight of my smiling sister greeted me. She wore another one of her sundresses which she looked so good in. They might have been a little light for this late in the year, but unless she was going out, she always wore them.

Catherine held out a mug of coffee to me. “Happy Birthday, Kurt. This may not have been the birthday you wanted, but I’ll do what I can to make it a special one for you. Breakfast should be almost ready.”

I smiled accepting the coffee, and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Thanks Sis.”

Most of the day, beyond that interaction was fairly typical for my sister and I. We didn’t discuss the attack, or her husband. I skinned and cleaned my kills from the day of the attack, and Catherine busied herself in the house. I did learn later, a lot of what she was doing was removing the small blood stain from the floor where the guy fell.

That afternoon I relaxed in the living room reading a book, while Catherine was humming away contentedly as she cooked my birthday dinner. Suddenly the front door slammed open.

Catherine screamed, and I jumped off the couch and was ready to tackle whatever threat was coming at us now, only to see Karl standing in the doorway still wearing the same crinkled leisure suit, looking exhausted and in need of a shower.

I didn’t know what to expect seeing him again. Watching as he closed the door, I didn’t feel much of anything. My heart was pounding too hard, and there was too much adrenaline coursing through my veins to feel anything other than shock. A moment later though, and I did feel something: anger.

As the door closed, the smell of alcohol reached me. The smell was strong enough I almost wanted to gag.

“Catherine, I managed to win some money in a poker game at the bar! Once I get changed, I’m going to head to the casino!”

He didn’t even look at me, but I glanced at my sister and could only see fear on her face.

Karl started walking for the stairs.

“No!” I said in a firm voice.

Both of them turned to look at me.

“No? No, what?” Karl asked.

I walked up to him. Even though I was younger, I was easily five inches taller than him, most certainly stronger and more fit than him, and I used my size to my advantage.

“No, you are not going to go to the casino. The last time you went gambling, my sister, your wife, was almost raped and I was forced to kill a man. You are not going to the casino. The only place you’re going is to bed!”

I watched as emotions played across his face, incredulity, anger, fear, hate, longing, incredulity, before settling on anger.

“How dare you! Who do you think you are to order me around! I’m the one who pays most of the bills–”

I reached out and cuffed him upside the head. “You truly are an idiot! Do you think that just because one of their lackeys is dead and another locked up that they’re done with you? Who am I? I’m the man who’s going to protect this family! And if that means getting rid of you to keep us safe, don’t think I won’t do it,” I replied in a cool, even tone.

As I spoke the anger washed off his face and was replaced by fear.

I took a deep calming breath before continuing, “Now go upstairs. Shower, change, and go to bed.”

Acting like the good little kid, Karl did as he was told.

When I turned, I saw my sister looking at me. She wore an expression I’d never seen on her face before. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have sworn it was lust.

She walked right up to me and slipped her arms around me. I could feel her quaking in my arms. “Thank you, Kurt. I don’t know what I would have done if he went back to the track or casino.”

I rubbed her back as I replied, “I know. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that nothing ever happens to you. I love you.”

“I love you too, Kurt.”

It was only a few minutes after we released the hug, when Catherine called me for my birthday dinner. She made all my favourites. Roasted rabbit, cheesy mashed potatoes, with butternut squash for the vegetable. The potatoes and squash both came from our garden. It might not have been much, but the seasoning of love makes it all the better.

The rest of the night, Catherine and I watched a movie in the living room, before heading up to bed.

I was just crawling into bed, when there was a slight knock at my door. I looked up to see my sister slipping into the room.

I gave her a questioning look, but she avoided my gaze, and simply climbed into bed with me. When I didn’t immediately get comfortable, she silently reached up and pulled me down. Once I was laying down, she reached over me, and turned the light out. I couldn’t help but feel her breasts pressing against me.

Catherine gave me a quick sisterly kiss on the lips, then snuggled in for sleep.

I didn’t know what to think.


“Shh, I can’t sleep next to him, and I don’t want to be alone. Please don’t make me leave!” she whispered.

I simply tightened my arms around her, and kissed the top of her head.


I’m going to break out of the story for a moment to explain the next few months. We, as a household, settled into a sort of routine. I was crazy busy, between school, sports, all the legal troubles, and managing my sister and brother-in-law. It took a lot of time. I also started spending as much time as I could hunting. Between the skins, and selling the meat, I managed to get a little extra income to ensure our bills were being paid; the added legal costs were murder on our finances.

Now I mentioned ‘managing’ the others. What I mean by this, is making sure Karl went to work, and all his legal appointments. I didn’t forcibly restrain Karl from going places to gamble, but there were a few times when I reminded him I would ensure the safety of my family, no matter what. That ‘no matter what,’ could be construed as a threat, and I suppose it was, but the only vague threatening thoughts I experienced were about kicking him out, not causing him bodily harm.

‘Managing my sister,’ also meant taking care of Catherine. The assault and attempted rape did a lot to her mind. Within a week, I set up appointments for her to see a therapist. At first she would only go, if I was there; which was fine. It actually worked out well, because I found I needed a few sessions as well; killing a man is not an easy thing to do. And it isn’t something I would ever wish upon anyone. Even after speaking with the therapist, I still occasionally get nightmares about that eventful day, and I can still see his face when I close my eyes.

So, in the following months the routine we fell into was: get up and ready for the day, and make sure Karl left for work. Catherine and I would head into town, I’d drop her off at the therapist, or lawyer, or whatever appointment she had each day. I’d head to class, practice, or whatever appointment I had. Catherine and I would meet for lunch. If I had an afternoon appointment, game or practice we’d stay in town until afterwards. If I had afternoon classes, I would rush Catherine home, then head back to class.

As soon as I got home in the afternoon, I tried to do whatever hunting I could before dark. On the days when I had afternoon classes, games, or practices, I didn’t get much opportunity to hunt.

Catherine would have dinner waiting for Karl and I when we got back. The evening was the only time we had free time. At bedtime, more often than not, my sister would join me, and not her husband. Then we would start it all again the next day.

The weekends were when we caught up on the things the various appointments kept us from. I processed my kills, and tanned the hides. Catherine cleaned the house, and, at my insistence, Karl maintained the house and helped clean.

I just couldn’t wait for the legal meetings to come to an end. Going to hearings, and talking with the lawyers took up so much time and money, even with Karl working full time, and my extra hunting income, we were hard pressed to make ends meet.

The only good thing through all the legal troubles was they were mostly Karl’s. With the charges against me being dropped, Catherine and I were only called on for testimony in the case Karl was dealing with.

Other than having to act as a taskmaster over my gambling addicted brother-in-law, it was a somewhat comfortable arrangement… at least for the first three months.

As I mentioned, most nights my sister ended up in my bed. She claimed she couldn’t sleep next to Karl. The first two weeks she was with me. After that she tried sleeping with her husband, but still ended curling up with me.

In the second month after the attack Catherine did manage to spend a couple of nights with Karl, but never consecutively, and she looked like death warmed over the next day. As the second month drew to a close, she stopped sharing his bed at all. For the third month my sister was in my bed, and my bed alone. When getting ready for bed she would go to the room she used to share with Karl, get changed, then join me in my room.

At first, I allowed this because Catherine was truly shaken up, and I wanted to be able to comfort her. If letting her sleep beside me let her sleep peacefully, then who was I to deny her?

As the months drew on though, I began to enjoy having a woman in my bed, even if it was my sister. Throughout sharing a bed with Catherine, neither of us did anything sexual. We simply slept in the same bed.

The closest thing to ‘something sexual’ between us, was the bedtime and good morning kisses Catherine and I would share. She took to giving me a kiss on the lips before we snuggled up, and when we awoke. These kisses might have been something more than a sister should give her brother, but certainly less than something lovers would share.

Of course there were times when we would cuddle up in our sleep. More than a few mornings I’d wake to find Catherine and me spooning together, with my hand on her breast holding her tight, and my morning wood pressed into her backside. When that happened, I simply extricated myself, and we went about life.

Due to our sleeping arrangement, I saw more of my sister than most men ever do. I also knew how she felt in my arms, and how good having her in that position made me feel. I want to stress to you though, there was nothing sexual going through my mind at this point. I was simply comforting someone I love. She was still ‘my sister’ to me.


Chapter 3

In the middle of February is when things came to a head. Between the sleeping arrangements, his lack of gambling, and the continuing court battles, Karl’s mood continued to drop. He became snippy, and aggravated at the slightest things. If one of my friends would have been acting how he was, I would have said he needed to get laid. My assumptions weren’t far off the mark.

It was a Friday night, and as a family we finished watching a movie. All in all it was a pleasant evening. Once we shut the TV off, I headed up to have a shower, and they were getting ready for bed.

One thing I’ve learned due to playing in many sports is how to take quick showers; I never liked having to use the public showers where everyone could see me; I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of, but it still made me uncomfortable; so I learned to spend as little time in the shower as possible.

As soon as I turned the water off, I heard them. They were fighting.

“What the hell Catherine! You never sleep with me any more. It’s been months since we’ve had sex! You are going to sleep in here tonight with your husband!” Karl yelled out.

Catherine replied, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

As fast as I could I ran a towel over my body collecting the worst of the wet, then wrapped it around my waist and ran from the bathroom.

“I’m a man, I have needs!” Karl stated, as I pushed the slightly open bedroom door wider.

“What is going on?” I asked in a calm yet stern voice.

Catherine glanced over at me and smiled. She came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. Looking over her shoulder at her husband she replied, “Karl, you are no man. My brother is a man! When those monsters came into our home and attacked me, you let them! A man wouldn’t do that. A man defends his woman! You are no man, so why would I care about what needs you might have? You never cared about my needs!”

I was somewhat shocked by what my sister said and held my peace for the moment.

Karl’s face twisted in rage. “You are my wife! You should be sleeping with me!”

He took a threatening step forward. It looked like he was going to reach out and try to force her to stay with him. Once he moved though, so did I.

I pulled Catherine away from him, and placed myself between them. When Karl looked at my face, he cowed back. I didn’t realize it, but my sister told me later that I wore a glare which would ‘turn a charging rhino.’ (her words not mine.)

“See! That’s what a man does,” she said, staying behind me. “He protects his woman.”

Karl glared at Catherine. “Yeah well he can’t fuck you like a husband can! You used to be so needy.” When he started speaking he spoke with bravado in his voice. It quickly turned into a snivelling wine though, “Catherine, please come to bed! I need my wife!”

Catherine’s reply shocked me. “I only fuck men. I fucked you because I thought you were one. Now though, the only man I see here is Kurt. Maybe I should take him back to his room and let him have his way with me.”

Karl’s eyes went wide at her words.

“Besides,” she continued, “I don’t think you could please me anymore, anyway. I know what Kurt’s packing, and it’s more than you’ll ever have!” With that, my sister ripped the towel from my body.

I stood there frozen, unsure of what was happening or why. I just wanted to protect my sister, I didn’t want to be drawn into the fight between them. And I certainly didn’t want to be exposed to my brother-in-law.

Seeing the stunned look on his face as he took in my naked form changed something in me. I watched his face as his eyes locked with my flaccid cock; even soft I was large (shower, not grower, is the phrase I think). His face showed his horror and envy.

Seeing how Karl was humiliated by being shown up by his brother-in-law, in so many ways, made me feel good. Made me feel powerful in a way I’d never felt before.

Feeling my sister’s body pressed up against my back was enough to make me rise. My prick filled, and stood out proud from my body. The entire situation was fucked up, but I didn’t care anymore. There was a beautiful woman pressing her body against me, my slimeball in-law cowed before me, and I wanted to put him in his place. This was my family now. My sister was my woman now. Karl would be subservient to me!

“Listen here Karl,” I said, finding my voice. “Catherine is no longer yours. She’s mine! You stay away from her, unless she asks for your attention. Do you understand?” I finished in a calm cold voice.

His eyes went wide. “But she’s my wife–”

“Maybe on paper, but she’s my woman!” I growled.

Catherine reached around me, and grabbed my rampant cock. It was almost enough to shock me out of the alpha male mask I used to intimidate Karl.

“C’mon Kurt. Let’s go to bed.”

Catherine led me from the room, using my cock as a leash, and I followed along willingly.

“Catherine?” Karl protested weakly. We both ignored him, closing his bedroom door, and then my bedroom door behind us.

When we were in my bedroom, my sister finally released me, turned and threw herself into my arms, my cock plastered between us, and she hugged me tight, beginning to cry.

“I’m so sorry,” she sobbed into my shoulder. I could feel her tears tracing their way down my naked chest. “I shouldn’t have done that to you. But I had to put him in his place.”

As the emotions coursing through me faded, I understood what my sister meant. The experience, challenging my brother-in-law for my sister, however little control he had before, was exhilarating and made me horny beyond belief. But at the same time, I knew my sister using me the way she did was wrong. Despite the wrongness though, I could feel the change putting Karl in his place made in me. When I said Catherine was mine, I meant it. That said, I knew she wasn’t ‘mine.’ She wasn’t a slave, she wasn’t property, and I had no intention of treating her as such. But I did mean, she wasn’t Karl’s to command.

Catherine might have been his wife on paper still, but that’s it. Catherine pledged herself as my woman, and I planned on treating her how a woman should be treated.

“Shh, Sis, it’s fine. I understand,” I replied, petting the back of her head, trying to comfort her, despite still being naked.

She argued, “No, it isn’t fine–”

Catherine cut off as I reached down and grabbed her butt and lifted her. She let out a squeal of surprise, as I lifted her so we could see eye to eye. She wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist to steady herself in my arms.

Tears were running down her face, and her lips were puffy from the crying. She looked so cute to me. Her nightie rode up because of how her legs were spread around me, and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. I could even feel her heat on my still rampant cock, bouncing just below her opening.

“Sis– Catherine, it’s fine. I am your man now. I have been ever since that day. I put him in his place too! It’s fine. Really,” I argued emphatically.

Catherine had her lustful look on her face again. I’d seen it a few times since the first time when I confronted Karl, but not often. Now, though, with our faces so close, there was no mistaking her feelings for me. My cock twitched as I understood how she was feeling, and it bumped into her panty-clad sex.

Her eyes went wide, when she felt the contact.

“Are– are you still hard?”

I laughed at her surprised comment. “Of course. Not only do I have a gorgeous woman in my arms, I’m a horny young guy. If you give me a few minutes I’ll take care of it and we can go to bed.”

I set her down and grabbed a pair of athletic shorts, which I usually wore to bed. I was about to head to the bathroom but she stopped me.

“Kurt, wait.”

I paused looking at her curiously.

“Did you mean it when you said I was yours?”

I could feel the possessiveness asserting itself in me again. “Yes,” I replied, almost growling.

She walked up to me and pushed me to the bed. She directed me to lay down, and we both snuggled up, almost as though we were going to bed.

I was about to say something, but she beat me to it. “Kurt, you have done so much for me these past few months. Even before the attack. You took us in, always made sure we had food on the table, and did whatever you could to make sure we were taken care of.”

She reached out and gently squeezed my cock, making me hiss in pleasure.

“Let me take care of this for you,” she finished, beginning to stroke up and down my length.

I was lost in the pleasurable feelings. Weakly I protested, “You don’t have to–”

“I know. I want to. You take care of me. Now let me take care of you,” she replied, kissing along my chest.

I probably should have done more to protest. As I mentioned earlier, prior to this evening, nothing sexual happened between my sister and I. The problem, if it can be called that, is that with how busy I was, I didn’t get the opportunity to date; with my sister sharing my bed, ‘alone time’ is in short supply. A great man once said, God gave men two heads, but only enough blood to run one at a time. And right then, the little head was in firm control.

I let my sister pump my tumescent length, and the feelings were better than anything I’d experienced before. In only a few minutes, I was close to the point of no return.

Throughout most of the handjob, Catherine was silent. She would look up at me, and when our eyes met, I’d see the love there. She would smile, then look back at what she was doing. When I was getting close though she leaned her head close to mine. She kissed her way up my jaw until she reached my ear. Then she whispered, “Kurt, you wouldn’t believe how wet I get, when I watch you confront Karl. That first time when you told him he couldn’t go back to the casino, I almost creamed my panties.”

That was it for me. “Oh God, Cat–” I let out a grunt worthy of any bull, and released streams of my pent up seed. It blasted high into the air, and fell back on my stomach.

Throughout my orgasm, Catherine continued to pump me, drawing out my climax giving me the most pleasure. Finally, as I began to get truly sensitive, she slowed to a stop.

I turned my head to look at her, as I gasped for breath. We came together for our first truly passionate kiss. I’d love to say it was a spit swapping, tongue duel, but it wasn’t. It was simply a passionate kiss showing how much we loved one another.

Catherine broke the kiss first. “Cat, eh. Is that what I am? Am I your Kitty?”

I smiled, then chuckled. I made a decision right then; it was that moment I truly accepted the change which happened in our family. “That’s right! You may be Catherine to the world, but you’re MY Cat.”

“I love you, Kurt.”

“I love you too, Sis. My Cat.”

I used some tissues from the bedside table to clean my spunk off me, then we finished getting ready for bed. I didn’t bother putting on shorts, I simply slid under the covers, and pulled my sister close.


The rest of the weekend played out almost the same as it always did, with no more sexual exploits between Cat and myself. Karl and Cat did the normal chores they do on the weekends. I tried to spend as much time hunting as I could. It was almost the end of hunting season, with not much left in season and I wanted to get as many furs as I could.

The only real change from then on, was the amount of affection Cat showed toward me. She didn’t hesitate to kiss me, nor I her. We shared little touches and caresses whenever we were together, and often we could be spotted looking at each other.

When I spotted Cat looking at me, we’d share a smile before going back to whatever it was we were doing. Karl noticed, and whenever he did, he seemed to shrink in on himself a little more.

The kisses, and other small signs of endearment were the only added change to our life. Karl never commented on the confrontation, and Cat and I were happy knowing how we felt.

I suppose I’m not being completely honest with you, or myself. As I said, Karl drew in on himself. I think he knew he truly lost Catherine. That knowledge, along with all the other stress and frustration, led to depression.

A week after the confrontation, we found out what the depression meant.

We all left the house that morning at the same time. I drove Cat to the first of the many appointments she had all morning, I went to my last midterm exam, and Karl went to work.

After my exam, Cat and I went to my lacrosse practice. Because of the practice, we were later than usual getting home. Karl should have already been home, but his car was missing when I parked mine.

“Did he say if he was going to be late?” I asked.

Cat looked worried and shook her head. “He didn’t say anything to me.”

Immediately I had my suspicions.

Catherine grabbed the phone off the table beside the couch and called his store. Once she made it past the robotic answering service, and connected with a person she asked, “Hi there. This is Catherine Briggs-Jaeger, Karl’s wife. Is he still there?” There was a pause as she listened to the person on the other end, then she said, “Thank you,” and hung up.

Cat looked at me with a blank expression. “He was let go on Wednesday.”

I was furious. Not only did Karl not tell us, but he acted as though he was going to work for the past few days.

Cat stepped back seeing my expression. “What?” she asked.

Though I was furious, I wasn’t angry at my sister. With a concerted effort I softened my features. “I have a sneaking suspicion of where he is, and I’m going to go find him.” As I finished talking, I turned towards the door.

“Kurt! Wait!”

I stopped, turning back to her.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me down for a toe curling kiss. For the first time, I felt her tongue probing at my lips, and I opened up to her. It lasted only a moment, but we expressed our passions for each other in a tongue duel. When she broke the kiss, she continued to hold me so she could stare into my eyes.

“I’m done with him. We’re done with him. Bring him back here, but don’t do anything that will get you arrested.”

I stared into her lust filled eyes. “Don’t worry, my Kitty Cat, I’m coming back to you.”

“God, I’m dripping. Don’t be long!”

I groaned, giving her another kiss, then turned and strode out the door.


Chapter 4

Despite my anger I drove the speed limit back to the city. After searching the parking lot at the track and not seeing his car, I drove to the casino. As luck would have it, the first parking spot I came across happened to be right next to Karl’s car. I quickly parked, and headed into the flashy building.

Though not my first time in a casino, it was one of the first times, and all the previous times I stayed and played the slots near the doors. As with most casinos, this one was designed to draw you in, and keep you distracted. Looking around at all the lights and colours, I was a little daunted. Walking deeper into the building I was shocked at the size of it.

I knew Karl was somewhere in the building, but to find him could be like finding a needle in a haystack. I just hoped he was playing the craps table like he usually was.

By sheer luck I found him. While I searched for the craps table, I heard Karl call out in glee. I followed the sound of his voice, which led to the roulette tables.

Karl stood at the end of a table, with a sizable stack of chips in front of him, and a woman hanging on his arm.

As I strode up the spin was made. As soon as I reached Karl, opposite the woman on his arm, he let out another shout and collected his chips.

I grabbed his arm forcefully, but not aggressively. I leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Have a good day at work, Karl?”

I watched as the blood drained from his face.

He turned, stammering, “Kurt! Kurt, I– I know I’m not at work, but I’m up! I– I–” He trailed off at my glare.

“Collect your chips. It’s time to get home,” I ordered.

He was about to object, but I cut him off. “Now!”

Karl hung his head, and did as he was told.

While he collected his chips, I noted several casino staff watching us.

“Vhere are you goinz Karl?” the woman asked, pulling on his arm to turn him to face her.

I answered for him, “Home to his wife!”

She glared at me. “To zat tramp!” She looked at my brother-in-law and continued, “Karl, stay vith me. Stay vith Sasha. Stay and vin zom more!”

He looked pleadingly at me. I simply grabbed his bucket of chips, pushed it into his hand and gave his shoulder a push.

Sasha gave a sniff and walked away from our retreating forms.

When we made it to the counter to exchange his chips for money we were met by two burly men in suits.

“The owner of this fine establishment would like to speak to you two. If you both could come this way please?” the one on the left asked in a high pitched voice, before leading us away.

Fear lanced through me. Though the man politely asked, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, it was not a request.

Karl clung to his bucket of chips, and followed the man silently. The other thug followed behind us.

We were led through a service door and into a back corridor. After several twists and turns, we were brought to a boardroom full of overstuffed executive chairs.

A man in an expensive looking three piece suit stood from where he sat at the head of the table. His hair was combed back, and looked as though enough oil covered it to cause a slick in the ocean.

“Karl Briggs, it’s nice to see you again. And this must be your brother-in-law, Kurt Jaeger. It’s nice to finally meet you Kurt. I’ve heard a lot about you recently,” the man stated as he held his hand out to shake.

I clasped his hand firmly. He squeezed my hand in some kind of manly show of strength, but I held my own; I didn’t crush his hand, but didn’t let my hand be crushed either.

He smiled as we released our hands, and gestured for us to sit.

“Kurt, you don’t know me, though your brother-in-law does. I am Beverly George Wilder. The proprietor of this casino. And I’ve asked you both here for a couple of reasons.” He looked at Karl, “I want the money you owe me.” He looked at me, “And I want to get to know you.”

At this point I wasn’t feeling as fearful as I had been, though I held no doubt this man could make us disappear, or cause us unimaginable pain, if he wanted to.

“How much does he owe you?” I asked.

Bev smirked, “Three hundred fifty thousand.”

My heart sank. Even if I sold the house, we couldn’t cover a debt like that, and I knew he’d come for Catherine. My eye was drawn to Karl. While I felt like my heart was sinking, Karl clutched his bucket of chips tighter.

I glared at Karl. “How much do you have there?”

“Enough,” he whined.

“Give me the bucket,” I ordered in a calm voice.

He shook his head.

“Give. Me. The bucket,” I ordered more forcefully.

Again he shook his head, not looking at me.

“NOW!” I shouted.

The door to the room opened and in rushed the two goons, as Karl placed the bucket on the table.

Bev watched the exchange with a little smirk on his face. He looked at the goons and said, “Bring a chip sorter please.”

They nodded and left, as I collected the bucket, passing it to Bev. “Assuming there is enough, we’re done?”

Bev smiled, and no one would mistake his smile for one of a good person. His smile dripped evil, yet he nodded. “If the bucket covers his debts, then the debts are clear.”

I released a breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

“So, we can go?” I asked.

“Not quite yet. I still want to get to know you better.”

Confusion, and not a little bit of fear washed over me again. “What do you want to know about me?” I asked.

Bev leaned back in his chair, and steepled his fingers in front of his face. “Actually there is quite a bit about you that I want to know. You see, after you killed that idiot I employed, I did my research on you. Always doing well in class and on the field. Going to school for Environment & Resource Management. You’re an avid hunter. Loves your family–” he glared at Karl before continuing, “–well your sister anyway.” He turned back to me, and lowered his hands. “Learning all of that, only made me want to get to know you better. You’re an interesting man, Kurt Jaeger.”

I didn’t know what to make of Bev Wilder. Everything about this man bespoke evil, or at least corrupt businessman, but at the same time, he was being polite and even conversational with me.

Before I could reply, the goons knocked and opened the door again. The one who spoke earlier rolled in a cart. He plugged the machine in. He stood to the side patiently.

Bev stood and dumped the bucket of chips into the top of the machine, and pushed the button on the front.

The machine started to rumble, and the different coloured chips fell into stacks along the front of the machine. The digital readout kept climbing higher and higher.

I let out a breath when the readout climbed over the magic number of three hundred fifty thousand. Bev smiled at me, hearing my exhale.

The machine finally stopped at a little over four hundred thousand.

Bev resumed his seat. “Karl Jaeger, your debt is cleared. You are also banned from all of my establishments from this moment forward. Now get out!”

I thought Karl was going to protest, but the goon moved forward, and guided him from the room.

Bev smiled at me. “Don’t worry. He’ll be waiting at his car when you leave. Back to you though.”

“What do you want to know?” I asked, more than a little trepidatious.

Bev leaned back in his chair again. “As I said, I did my research on you. Since that day, when the idiot tried to rape your sister– I did not order that by the way. If you hadn’t shot him I would have– the family dynamic of your household has changed. That change was evidenced here today. Not many people would follow the orders of their brother’s-in-law, as he followed your orders, though reluctantly. I’m told your sister sleeps with you, and not him– not that I blame her.”

It was disconcerting this man knew of the family dynamic of our household, when no one visited the house in ages.

Bev sat forward eagerly, “So how about it Kurt, are you cuckolding your brother-in-law? There’s no judgement from me, I just have this burning curiosity to know.”

As much as I thought this man was evil, I did believe he simply wanted to know, and he wasn’t judging me or my family.

Something within me, I think it was part of the change from when I confronted Karl, made me tell him the truth. “No. At least not yet. I don’t know what Catherine and I are going to do about him, and then who knows.”

Bev’s smile widened. “That is awesome! Truly it is.”

Leaning back, Bev regarded me for a moment. All of a sudden, he snapped his fingers, and leaned forward, resting his arms on the table. “I’ve got it. I’ve got a proposition for you.”


I watched Karl pull his car up to the house, then parked beside him. As promised, when I left the casino he was waiting at his car, and I followed him home to make sure he made it there.

Cat walked out onto the porch as soon as Karl started up the stairs. She walked right up to him and slapped his face. “How dare you! Not only did you lose your job, but then you hid it from us. What are we going to do now?” She slapped his face again, then pointed inside the house. “Go, I can’t even stand to look at you right now!”

With his head hung low Karl trudged into the house and up the stairs.

I reached out and pulled my sister into my arms.

She rested her head on my chest. “What are we going to do Kurt? Without Karl’s income, we can’t afford the bills.”

I took a deep breath, and gave her a squeeze. “Do you trust me?”

She lifted her head and looked me in my eyes. “Of course. You always take care of me.”

I smiled and kissed her soundly on her lips. “Good. I don’t want you to worry about what we’re going to do for now. I have a little bit of research to do tomorrow, but I want you to trust me, and let me take care of it.”

She studied my eyes, and finally nodded.

Together we walked inside, and again I was met by the delicious smells of Cat’s cooking.

Cat and I shared another delicious meal; this time she roasted a pheasant.

Throughout the meal I could tell Cat wanted to ask me a question. I held my peace, giving her the chance to ask.

Finally as we worked together to clear the table and do the dishes, she said, “I want to be done with him. If I’d known about his gambling I’d never have married him. But if I divorce him–” She looked into my eyes, “Kurt, I still want to start a family.”

I set down the dishes I was carrying, and pulled her into my arms. “Well, my Kitty Cat.” She smiled when I called her that. “I should be done my research by tomorrow afternoon. Then the three of us need to sit down and talk.” I took a breath and made a decision to divulge a little more information. “I’ve been offered a job. It sounds like a dream job to be honest. That’s part of the research I need to do tomorrow. Assuming all my research comes back positive, Cat, we’ll be set for life. Cat, you’re my woman, and if you want a baby, then I’ll do what I can to make that happen.”

She looked up at me, and gazed lustfully at me again. “Kurt, we’re siblings.”

I smiled, and leaned down and kissed her. Then I kissed her again. “Kitty Cat you’re mine. Tonight and forever!” I growled. “Once we get done with the dishes, I’m taking you. I don’t care about anything else.”

Catherine whimpered. “Why wait then?”

Several times throughout this tale I’ve mentioned how I’ve changed, but hearing those two words, really did it. I felt like an animal possessed me. With a growl I reached down and grabbed my sister’s luscious ass, and lifted her.

“Oh, Kurt!” she moaned as I carried her out of the kitchen, and up to our room.

I didn’t bother closing the door to the room. I just lowered Cat to her feet and began peeling the dress off her luscious body. As soon as the dress cleared her head, I tossed it to the ground, and looked at the beauty before me. She was perfect in every way, standing in only a tiny pair of panties.

The look she was giving me was both shy and hungry, which drove me wild.

“Like what you see?” she asked, twisting her arms together in front of her, making her look like some innocent school girl.

In response I growled, and ripped my clothes from my body and tackled her to the bed. She let out a scream, I think partially in shock, and partially loving the action.

As soon as we hit the bed, I was all over her. My hands roamed her perfect body, memorizing the feel of it. Memorizing the forbidden fruit that was now mine.

We kissed, our tongues dueling. We expressed our passions to one another through our kisses.

At first all we did was some heavy petting and made out on my bed. But it didn’t take long for our passion to become more. I trailed my kisses along her neck down to her collar bone, causing her to moan.

“Gawd, yes Kurt. I love you. Make love to me, please!”

I smiled as I continued to kiss my way down her body. I kissed my way up one peak then the other. I paused at her nipples, swirling my tongue around them, and briefly sucking on each one, hard. When I did that, Cat’s hand snapped to the back of my head; her fingers running through my hair. She tried to hold me in place, but I was not to be stopped. I continued worshiping her body, and kissing my way down her flat stomach.

I could smell her arousal, which only spurred me on. With a smile, I kissed my way to the waist of her panties. With a growl, I ripped them from her body, tossing the scraps to the floor. Finally I nuzzled down over her neatly trimmed bush.

When I finally reached the apex between her legs, I inhaled deeply. “Cat, you smell delicious.”

“Yes! Kurt, I’m yours! Eat me!”

I swiped my tongue from her hole to her clit, being sure to circle her hard nub, causing my sister to shudder. I didn’t realize how close she was. That one lick was enough to set her off. Cat’s back arched, and her body went rigid.



Chapter 5

I was annoyed. This was the first time I was making love to my woman, my sister, and we were interrupted. And not only were we interrupted, but we were interrupted by him.

I looked over at Karl, as he stood in the doorway. The expression on his face was almost comical; it was the perfect mixture of disbelief, horror, anger, and shame.

“What’s it look like dickwad, my woman wants a baby. I can’t rightly not give my woman what she wants, now can I?”

“That’s right my big hunky man. Give me a baby!” Cat said in an alluring voice, as she traced her nails down my chest.

I smiled, turning to look at her again. I lunged forward to kiss her again.

Karl stood in shock in the doorway. “But you’re her brother. She’s my wife. You can’t have a baby together!”

I broke the kiss with Cat, and glared at Karl. “She’s MY woman, and she get what she wants.” I grabbed my rampant prick and lined it up with her dripping hole without looking. “If my sister wants a baby, then she gets a baby!”

With those words I plunged in, still staring my brother-in-law in the eye. I buried my entire length into my sister in one stroke. She screamed out in, what I hoped was, pleasure, and Karl stared in shocked horror.

Looking away from our captive audience, I smiled at Cat. Now I knew it was pleasure she was feeling, as she smiled back at me. “That’s it Kurt. Give me a baby. Fill me with your potent seed. Do what this limp dick never could.”

Hearing my sister triggered the animal in me again. I pulled back until only the head was still in her steaming snatch, before driving back in hard. I set a blistering pace, and each time I bottomed out, Cat let out a grunt. As I pulled back she moaned.

The pleasure was indescribable. I’d experienced a few women in my life, but none compared to Cat. She was everything I could want in a woman. She wanted me for me, and I loved everything about her. Being able to cuckold her husband was just icing on the cake.

As I jackhammered into my sister, she held me close. I could feel her nails digging into my back.

“That’s it Kurt! Give it to me. Give it to me hard. I want it! I want you!” Cat panted out as I pounded her.

It didn’t take long for my pleasure to rise. I could feel my balls beginning to boil. “I’m close!”

Cat pushed me back slightly so she could look into my eyes. “Yes! Cum my Love. Cum in me.”

I glanced over at Karl who still stood in the doorway, unable to look away. With an angry growl, I drove home one last time, as I passed the point of no return. Staring Karl in the eye, I pumped my sister full of my potent seed. “She’s MINE. Never again will you touch her!”

As my cum painted Cat’s pussy, she screamed out, “I feel it–” She cut off as she went rigid below me. I could feel her pussy contracting, milking my cock for everything it could give.

Exhausted from the quick hard fuck, I slowly eased out of her dripping snatch. I lay down beside her, and pulled her into my arms. I gave Cat a quick, yet passionate kiss, before looking back at Karl.

Karl’s eyes were staring at Cat’s pussy, and following the trail of my spunk dripping down her ass.

“You did it! You actually fucked your sister!”

“I bread my woman. Now get the fuck out, and close the door behind you,” I ordered.

Karl looked up at Cat’s face, but then did as he was asked.

Catherine looked over at me. She glowed in a way which only a well fucked woman can have. “Gawd that was hot.”

I chuckled. “Not quite how I was thinking our first time would be, but yes, it was hot. I didn’t hurt you did I?”

She snuggled a little closer. “No, you didn’t hurt me. I might be tender for a while, but it was phenomenal. It was worth it.” She gave me a quick peck. “How did you think our first time would be?”

I smiled, and gave her a peck in return. “Well, less a fuck, and more a long slow lovemaking. It’s good to fuck once in a while, but I much prefer to draw it out, and make tender love. There’s just something about that man that brings out the animal in me.”

Cat traced designs on my chest with her nails. “I don’t mind so much when that animal comes out. It makes me so wet, thinking about you taking me from him.”

I growled, then kissed her passionately again. When we broke apart, there was a smile on her face.


I awoke the next morning at my usual time, but not how I usually do. I was alone in bed, and I could hear shouting coming from downstairs. I quickly grabbed a pair of shorts slipping them on, and rushed down.

“–I can’t believe you fucked your brother, Catherine! You’re my wife for God’s sake!”

As I stepped off the stairs, I was greeted by the sight of my sister standing in the middle of the living room, and Karl was in front of her. I guessed he was trying to intimidate her with his size. Though he was bigger than Catherine, it wasn’t by much.

“Not anymore! I want a divorce!”

It looked like Karl was going to hit her, as he raised his hand.

I reached out and grabbed his hand, twisting it behind his back, and pulling him away.

“Enough!” I gave him a push with the arm behind his back, and he stumbled in the direction of the door. “Get out!” I ordered. “Be back by three this afternoon. Don’t come back until then. If you do, you won’t like what happens.”

The broken man massaged his shoulder, as he glared at me. He tried to stare me down, but soon looked away in defeat. He grabbed his car keys, and without another word, left the house.

I felt Cat press herself against my back. “Thank you, Kurt.”

I turned, and wrapped my arms around her. “I love you, Cat. As soon as we can, we’ll be rid of him.”

We came together for a passionate kiss.

She broke the kiss. “Go wash up. I’ll get breakfast–”

Ding Dong

We both turned to look at the front door.

Cat stayed behind me with her hand on my shoulder, and we went to open the door.

A courier stood on the step. He looked down at the package then back up at us. “Mrs. Catherine Jaeger-Briggs?”

Cat stepped around me, pulling her robe tighter around herself. “Yes. That’s me.”

“Sign here please.” He said holding out the digital notepad.

She signed and accepted the package, thanking the man. We stepped back, closing the door.

“Who’s it from?” I asked.

“Mr. Wilder is all it says,” Cat replied, ripping open the package.

Three stacks of bills fell from the envelope.

“Oh. My Gawd!” Cat exclaimed, picking up the stacks of bills. “There’s thirty thousand dollars here.”

“Look there’s a note too,” I replied, seeing the page still in the envelope.

She pulled it out and read it out loud. “Dear Mrs. Jaeger-Briggs, Perhaps just Jaeger would be more appropriate. My name is Mr. Beverly George Wilder. I’ve had some dealings with your husband, most recently when I banished him from my establishments.

“I must regretfully say that the attack on your person was done by a person in my employ. I did not, however, order what he did to you. Had he survived the incident, I would have rectified that problem.”

Cat looked away from the page. She looked worried, but I nodded and silently urged her to continue reading.

“When your husband paid off his debts, he actually had more money than what was owed. Because of this, and the unwarranted attack on you, I am giving you the balance of what he had. I know money cannot remove that experience from your mind, but I hope it does help you out. Yours Truly, BGW.”

Cat walked away from me, still holding the page and money, and sat down on the sofa. I followed, sitting beside her.

“Are you okay, Cat?”

She looked over at me. “I– I guess so.” She looked down at the stacks of money in her hands. “I guess we don’t need to worry about money for a while.”

I chuckled. “Well, I don’t know about that. But like I said, I have a few things to research today, then if it all checks out, we’ll be set.”

She looked into my eyes again. She looked from one eye to the other. “You’re going to take care of me right? No matter what?”

I nodded and smiled, “No matter what.”

Her hand settled on her stomach, “Even if I’m pregnant with our incestious baby?”

I wrapped my arms around her, and hugged her tight. “Especially then. Cat, I’ve always loved you. But now my love for you has grown and changed. You are my woman. If you’d have me, my wife. I’ll do everything in my power to keep you and any and all of our children safe.”

She gave me a squeeze then released me. “Gawd I love you Kurt. Go wash up.”

I gave her a quick kiss, then did as I was told.


After having breakfast with Cat I dressed and headed out to conduct my research.

My first stop was the library. Once I collected all the information I could from there, I moved on to city hall. There, I found the names of a few people. I spent the first part of the afternoon calling those people. By two o’clock, I had the information I needed, and headed home.

“Find what you were looking for?” Cat asked, as I came through the door, half an hour later.

I smiled, running over to her, where she stood in the doorway to the kitchen. I picked her up, and pinned her to the doorframe. She moaned as I kissed her.

Pulling back so I could look into her face, I lowered her back to her feet. “Yes I did. I think we’re going to be fine.”

There was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it,” I said, leaving Cat to straighten her dress.

I opened the door to see four men in suits standing there. As I took them in, one man stood out. “Afternoon, Mr. Wilder. I didn’t expect to see you today.” I looked at one of the other men and continued, “And I didn’t expect to see you for another half hour, Karl.”

Bev smiled in response. “I’m afraid that’s my doing. May we come in?” Bev asked, indicating himself and Karl.”

I nodded, opening the door wide. The two goons stayed outside, standing on either side of the door.

“Kurt, what’s going on?” Cat asked, still in the kitchen doorway.

I introduced Bev and Cat, and we all took seats around the kitchen table. Cat brought us all drinks, and we settled in.

“Thank you for your generous gift this morning, Mr. Wilder,” Cat stated when she took her seat beside me.

“I’m glad it reached you,” He said with a smile.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, Mr. Wilder, but why are you here?” Cat asked.

He laughed. “I assure you Mrs. Jaeger, the–”

“Her last name is Jaeger-Briggs,” Karl cut him off.

The rest of us turned to glare at Karl, and he slunk back in his seat, looking as though he wished he stayed silent.

Bev turned back to Catherine, Mrs. Jaeger, the reason I’m here is to benefit you.”

I could see Cat was going to ask another question, but I reached over taking her hand, and gave it a squeeze. “He’s here awaiting my decision,” I answered Cat’s question.

Bev smiled, nodding his agreement. “Mr. Jaeger, you’ve had a busy morning. Looking up many things, talking to many people. I hope you found promising information.”

I looked at him, thinking about what he said.

“Okay, enough with the secrets!” Cat said, sounding annoyed. “What is going on?”

I heaved a sigh. “Mr. Bev Wilder has asked me to work for him. He’s asked me to be a hunting guide. And I think I’m going to accept his offer.”

Cat’s eyes went wide. “What! Why? What about us?”

I looked over at my sister, taking her hand in both of mine. “I’m accepting his offer because of us. He owns a hunting lodge up north. Somewhere away from the bulk of civilization. Somewhere, where no one knows us, or our relationship. Somewhere we can be together freely, and raise a family.”

As I spoke, Bev and Karl both watched us intently. Karl looked defeated, while Bev looked intrigued. Bev smiled wider hearing my plan.

Cat peered into my eyes, and I asked, “Cat. Will you come with me, be my wife?”

She smiled and nodded.

Bev looked between Cat and I. “May I then, be the first to offer you congratulations! You may not be able to wed legally, but love prevails.”

I looked over at the man. He still exuded evil, and I still held no doubt he could and would do despicable and evil things. I didn’t want to trust him, but I also felt I could trust him. I don’t know why he wanted to help us, and despite how evil I thought he was, I did know he could be a powerful ally.

Bev turned his attention to Karl. “Now, I suppose there is only one problem left.”

Cat and I also looked at the defeated man.

Cat cleared her throat. “Karl, there was a time that I loved you, but allowing those men to try and rape me showed me who you truly are. I am filing for divorce, and you are leaving, tonight.”

He simply nodded, not saying a thing. Without looking up, he stood and went upstairs, I assumed to pack.

Bev looked at me again, sticking out his hand. “Kurt, I’m glad you signed on with me. I’ll have some paperwork sent over you in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you finish your schooling. The money from this morning should cover the bills. When you graduate, we’ll look at getting you moved.” He looked at Cat and continued, “And Mrs. Jaeger, I’ll put you in touch with my lawyers. They’ll take care of Briggs for you.”

Finished his speech he stood, and we both stood as well.

“Why are you doing all this?” Cat asked.

Bev smiled and replied, “To make amends. To you and others. Not to mention, your beau is an interesting man.”

He gave a final smile and wave, and saw himself out.



Three years later.

Cat greeted me at the door as I headed for work; the same as she always has, ever since she first moved in with me. The only difference now is she held our son, and looked ready to pop out our second child.

“I’ll see you in a few days, Love,” I said leaning in kissing my sister soundly on the lips.

Turning to my son, I tickled his belly, eliciting a giggle from him. “And you, my boy, be good for Mommy.” With another giggle the two year old nodded and waved.

I turned back to Cat, and rubbed her belly. Crouching down, I whispered to her belly, “And you my unborn lovely, wait until after I get back to come out.”

Cat laughed, hearing me. She reached down, and pulled me back up. “Kurt, don’t take long. Take Bev out and kill a moose so you can come home.”

I gave her another kiss, then leaned in to whisper in the ear opposite our son. “I love you my Kitty Cat. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

She gave me a final kiss then I hefted my bag, and collected my rifle case. With one final look at my family I left the house and walked down the lane to where Bev Wilder sat waiting in his truck, decked out in hunting gear.

I tossed my gear in the back of the truck and climbed in. Bev smiled at me, and shook my hand. “As the guide, aren’t you supposed to pick me up?”

I chuckled, as he drove away.

“Maybe, but when you asked to pick me up, I do what the boss says.”

He laughs.

As we drive down the trail, I reflect back on my relationship with the casino owner. He still seems just as evil today, as he did the first time I met him, but he has always treated Cat and I well. Aside from Cat’s ex-husband, Bev is the only one to know the truth about our relationship. I am a little worried he’s holding it over our heads, but I suppose that’s the tradeoff. He gave me my dream job, and ultimately, all I have to do in return is live my life, and take him and his friends hunting.

Is working for Bev Wilder a gamble? Maybe, but I’m a better gambler than my ex-brother-in-law. I have a wife and family I love. I have my dream job, and couldn’t ask for more.

The end.


I hope you liked my story. Please rate and comment. I love hearing what everyone thinks. If you comment using your profile, I will try and reply to you via emailed feedback on your profiles.

Though there is LOTS of room in this story for a sequel, at this time I have no plans on writing one.

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