Couple swapping with older couple in internet

Couple swapping with older couple in internet

I am 27 yrs old working in IT industry my wife 25. We are married for last 5 years. Our sex life was exciting initially. But started getting bored slowly.

We watch different types of porn movies including group and cuckold and lit of stories. we both decide to try something exciting. So we did try to find out couple who are ready for couples swap searching in the internet.

After long search we found a couple ready for swap. The couple was 45 and 41 years old. The guy was dark and heavy with bald head and the lady priya was fair with big ass and decent structure.

We invited them to our house on a good day. Had dinner then moved to the bedroom with large king size bed. The plan was our wife will sit on our lap and the husband remove their blouse and saree in front of other couple. Now my wife fair boobs are visible. I was massaging it. Looking at it he also exposed his wife large fair boobs. Unlike my wife she was too shy.

Then i removed petticoat and panty of my wife. He also made his wife nude her face was red in shy. I pushed my wife to him and pulled his wife with me.

The dark heavy man of 45 hugged my cute nude wife anu tight and kissed mouth she came down and sucking the big dick. I grabbed the fair big ass of priya and sucked boobs and made her to suck my dick initially she was shy then sucked like bitch. He was fucking anu like a machine. I did priya from behind in a doggy style then eat her fleshy pussy.

We did for 3 rounds that night then got exhausted. Now we found few more couple have fun once in a month thanks to the internet.

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