Aunt barb: The Topless Dancer

This writing is to illustrate that because adult family members have a sexual attraction for each other, it does not mean either person has problems or labeled as abnormal. This activity goes on for real in all walks of life: upper class, mid and lower class families. Here is my such family story that I hope is worth your reading time.

Barbara (aka Barb) is my aunt born in 1944. I was born in 1968. Barb only had one child–my cousin Debra (Deb) born in 1966. My aunt has been married three times, divorced three times. The first hubby (Deb’s father) was a prick. The other two cheated on Barb and I cannot understand why. This lady has always been a knockout, built stacked with large natural 38DDD tits. Barb has always been my favorite aunt, Deb my favorite cousin. Growing up, all three of us were close. My aunt has always been a very loving lady who loves her family dearly.

Sometime during the 1970s, Barb became a fully nude topless bar dancer in an effort to generate more increased earnings to take care of herself and Debra. This was kept private from family, except Deb who knew all this by the time she was 14. Barb did this for about eight years and ended such when she was like 38 or so.

I remember going on a vacation trip with these two ladies and Barb’s boyfriend/fuckmate. I was in my teen years and for the first time began to notice the looks of my aunt and cousin. For whatever reason, it became Barb that gained my attention. Due to her large breasts, most of the time she went braless and that was noticed.

Deb and I grew into adulthood. Deb became a topless dancer herself later on after divorcing and raising two kids. It was not until well into my adult years that I entertained thoughts of Barb after she divorced for the second time. By then she sported a large breast tattoo, that could be plainly seen when wearing other than a full pullover top. Other ink designs consisted of a long vertical leg tattoo, ankle tats, an upper shoulder and lower mid-back design

. Those were the “public” designs. There were private designs: (side of hip, front of hip, one each inside thigh next to her pussy). Many family members found the tattoos to be tasteless. I did not. It became my effort to let Barb know I like what she has. While Barb did this to promote herself as an attractive topless dancer, she also obtained the body art for her own well being. This made her feel younger, more self confidence, powerful and showed she is strong, creative and artistic. It took me an additional 15 years beyond to let her know how I felt about her looks because I was too nervous and shy.

That delay cost me years of private enjoyment with her. Due to relocating to an other region of the country and not being around my aunt & cousin, the fireworks had to wait until Barb was in her early 60s! The wait was worth it though.

That will be covered in part II.

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