First floor aunty

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Hi All,

Myself Raj(27), I am new in writing story here.. This is a beginning of an incest with first floor aunt.
Let me get into the story, In Sept2019 myself and 2 of my friends migrated to Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. we got a 2BHK in ground floor, 1st floor, a small family of husband(45+), wife (35+) and their son (7th).. in 2nd floor old house owner and his wife.. old people rarely comes down to get something.

First floor aunty is the Queen of this story, When we migrating belonging to home.. he helped us for setting up things and helped us for showing market, and etc.. At first time she came to us for giving us coffee in a flask, i got stunned of her beauty.. she is short 5’3, seemed liked not much aged. should be 37-34-38 and lot more chubby. her main attraction is her booobs, is a mini tanker will make any manhood erect. Butt will make any man to jump on her. but her husband is completely opposite, not worth to discuss, clearly she was not been satisfied for long days..

Scenarios which helped us to make us close:

Usually my friends are in general timings they will go out to Ofz at 8pm and will return the same time.. her husband too the same.. She always wears saree or nighty at home. rarely salwars..

when wearing nighty she won’t be wearing any shawl. from day1 i started noticing her and started to eject. when she comes from 1st floor, at front side her boobbs will jump like anything. when return back , we can see middle cut between 2pumpkins.. any one will get erect, in the next min he will be in bathroom.

usually we park vehicle , outside of compound, one day it rained. in the rain i moved my vehicle inside the parking area and locked myself inside my home.. then she came, her husband bike was also drencing in rain, she tries to lift the vehicle, she couldn’t. there she called me for help.. she was wearing saree.. as it was raining heavily , she went to her home to get umbrella, unfortunately she got umbrella but she locked herself out of home.. then i went to lift the bike, she came with in rain with umbrella to cover me.. my god , she smells well she is very close to me, she had to come closer to me as it rains heavy.. i felt her body touch. my v left hand and her right hand is touching.. sometime boob too, it was strong and erect.. after lifting vehicle inside the parking, we were completely drenched. then she moved to 1st floor, i changed my dress but she couldn’t. i asked her to come to my home, she first hesitated then she came.. her saree moved assist and left side of blouse is visible well. her boob is poking out. i have given her a towel..i was forced to see her belly button.. side of breast..

Then we become like little closer, we started speaking when no one around between 9am – 1pm..

one day she called me to her home at nearly 11:30am we simply speaking, she was in saree and cleaning the floor with mob.. i got tempted and my tool had become erect after seeing her saree tucked in belly almost i could see her tigh, it’s heavy. but i waited for good chance, i also felt she is also waiting for it..

she moved to kitchen to clean i followed her. when cleaning her glass top stove , her finger got scratched and blood was flowing.. i took her and kept in the water. but blood flow didn’t stop. then i kept it in my mouth, she got shocked but she said nothing.i was sucking it for a while.. then i asked her to sit sofa.. i took first aid kit and i sat in ground. she bent a little i could see her clevage, wooow what a scene it is… slowly her pallu felt down.. i got shivered, she was thinking of to put it back or ask my help.. i caught her pallu, slowly kneel down and kissed her forehead.. she was shocked but said nothing.. then i went between her tighs and kissed her mouth.. she started to feel me. she said Raj I can feel you but this shouldn’t happening now i am losing myself .. . i asked her to open my mouth, initially she hesitated saying it’s wrong.. but opened when my hand started playing in the belly.. she started to Nissan hey breathe had become heavy.. slowly i went to neck to kiss. she kept on doing my name…i started to squeeze hey boobs… it’s bigg and heavy. she started to sound like haaaaaa.. aaaaah.. i got more erect..i asked her to touch my erected cock but she didn’t…

clock tick at 1pm.. it’s time for me to get ready for Ofz and her son to return back from school.. i asked her if we can continue ours… tomorrow.. she showed her smiling face …

but then on her hubby started staying at home due to lockdown.. i came to hometown.. Awaiting for a good session…

I am still a virgin, Any aunty, girls who would like to reach me and taste my virginity or simple for [email protected]

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