Lockdown sex with stranger met on Facebook – part 2

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Hie friends, How are you? I am back with my doctor experiences. I thank all the people who messaged me and showered their compliments in my previous stories. Please read my previous story to understand better and have a good flow. Lockdown sex with stranger met on Facebook

For those who are new, I am Dr Gautam, presently staying at Hyderabad. I am 6 feet in height and had a fit body. I am basically from Delhi, studied my medicine from Karnataka and presently doing my entrance exam preparation, so not working in any hospital and was staying at my sister’s home in Hyderabad.

As you can see, our naughty chats were going on very hotly on the hangouts. I was desperately waiting to meet her and fuck & I guess god heard my plea. Two days after, she told me that she wanted to meet me in person. She mentioned that she was going for shopping of groceries and we can meet and she mentioned a ‘More’ supermarket which was in my area itself. She asked me to meet me Friday afternoon. She gave me her phone number and asked me to reach the place at 11am. After I went there and called her, she started telling me her exact location. I was just looking at her from head to toe and she was dressed in a blue transparent saree. She was looking marvalleous in that dress with sleeve less low cut blouse which was revealing more than 50% of her boobs. I was lost in my thoughts after seeing her like that. She gave a tap on my shoulder to bring back my senses to real world. As we both were wearing masks, we didn’t see each other face. Then, we removed our masks to reveal each other. She was looking good with a good figure. Then, we were doing shopping and talking to each other. As it was near my house, I just came there by walking. We did our shopping and loaded the luggage into her car. As soon as we entered the car, I just kissed her on her cheeks. She was shocked. I then took her face and kissed on her lips. First she was trying to push me, but later on started getting heated up and enjoying the kiss. Then, she told me that she wanted to enjoy the real sex for long time. She asked me to accompany with her to her house and stay for few days. I immediately accepted this. She drove the car, first to my house. And after getting my clothes, she drove to her apartments, which were in nearby area. As I was accompanied by the resident, the watchman didn’t stop me.

As soon as we reached her house, we stated to kiss each other. But then, we realised it’s better to bath before enjoying our show.
After bathing, I dressed up and started searching for her.
She came from the kitchen with some juice and came back and she sat beside close to me on the same sofa. She then offered me the Badam milk. I was looking at her hand holding the milk and then shifted the gaze to her boobs.
Rekha: (Smiling at me) Gautam, have some patience.
Gautam: I have been waiting to see those boobs from the time I heard your figure. And it got escalated when I saw you in such sexy avatar. Now, I can’t wait anymore.

Rekha: First, complete this milk to get that milk.
But I kept the glass back on the table and pushed her on to the sofa. I started to remove her saree as soon as possible. I tore her blouse and bra to free her boobs from the locks. As soon as I saw them, I pounded on them. I started sucking her boobs just like hungry dogs got their meat. She was moaning with pain first, which was converted to pleasure in few minutes. I was sucking her boobs over the nipple. Then, I was biting her nipples followed by licking them till they are erect. I, then, continued sucking and licking her boobs completely. She was moaning in ecstasy. To make it more interesting, I started pouring the Badam milk which she brought over her boobs and started sucking the milk from her boobs. By this, she was really getting the feel of feeding a baby as I sucked her hard and dry. During all this, she was closing her eyes.
After all this, I moved to her face and asked her to open her eyes. As soon as she opened her eyes, I can see lots of romance in them. I was romancing with my eyes and hugged her tightly pressing her soft boobs on my chest. Then, I kissed her forehead and then her eyes and then and cheeks and finally I kissed her lips. While kissing, I started sucking her saliva from her mouth. She was excited with this intense kiss and was supporting me equally. Her lips were so soft which can be sucked and licked like Gulab Jamun. We, then, separated and were breathing heavily after a long intense kiss.

She escaped from me and started running towards the bedroom. I was following her trying to catch her. I was able to pin her to the wall. She was facing towards the wall and I was hugging her from behind. My hard cock was feeling inside her soft ass cheeks. I moved both my hands into her waist and then towards her boobs. I was pressing her boobs hardly and was kissing her neck. She was in immense love that she turned towards me.
I removed the remaining dress of her and made her completely nude. She was looking like a
goddess waiting to give me a boon. I lifted her in my hands and carried her to the bed. She started to undo my dress and kiss me every ever, in no time we both were just in our birth suits. Then, I made
her lie on the bed and I lied beside her. We were cuddling each other and again started to suck her boob one and play with the other, her nipples were getting hard and she was moaning to her peak.

Slowing kissing every inch of her body, I started moving down to her abdomen and then to her pussy. It was clean shaved and smelling erotic. I started licking her. She reached her orgasm within 10 minutes. In return, she came under me and took my cock in her hands. She started to keep my cock in between her boobs and pressed her boobs on it. I started to fuck her boobs and every time it was reaching her chin, she tried to lick it. I fucked her hot boobs for few minutes and shot my cum all over her face. She took it and licked completely.
She then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. After her magical licking, my dick started to harden. After it became hard, she just said one thing “Dengu nannu Gautam. Nenu dini kosam eppudu nincho yeduruchustunna. Na mugudu nannu sarriga chusukotaledu. Danni lopala pettu (Fuck me, Gautam. I am waiting for this for a long time. My husband is not taking care of me. I want you inside now)”. I took my cock near her pussy and
started to tease her by rub it against her pussy. She started to beg me “Please ra, nannu dengu. Ikka tattukoleka potunnanu. Inni rojulu nunchi lopala kalipotandi. Danni ne nellu toh tadipe (Please fuck
me dear. I am not able to bear it. It is burning inside since many days. Please off it with your water)”. When I was going to wear a condom, she said she wanted to enjoy me raw.

After lot of begging, I finally inserted my dick into her pussy just in one stroke. She let out a loud moan and closed her eyes with pain and pleasure. Then, I started to fuck her and was increasing my speed. She was moaning in pleasure. She was calling my name “Gautam, gautam, inka gattiga dengu (fuck me harder)”. I suddenly removed my dick when she was about to reach high. She immediately
opened her eyes and started shouting “Enduku ra teesesavu. Tvaraga petti dengu. Please ra nannu dengu (Why you took out at last moment. Insert it fastly and fuck me. Please dear, fuck me)”.
I asked her “Mari na lanja avvutava? Nenu cheppinattu vintava? Nenu eppudu ante appudu denginchukuntava? (Will you be my slut? Will you listen to my commands? Will you get fucked when and where I ask you?)” She replied immediately “Nenu ne toh matrame denginchukunta. Na
mugudu ni koda muttukonivvanu. Nenu jeevitantam ne lanja lagane batukuta. Uppudu nannu dengu ra. (I will only get fucked by you. I will not allow even my husband to touch my pussy. I will be your life long slut. Now, please fuck me)”.
Then, I fucked her hard till we both reached our orgasm. She asked me to leave the cum inside her pussy as she is on pills. Then, I came beside her. We laid there cuddling each other for some time and she was playing with my dick & I was playing with her boobs. We had 2 sessions before having lunch and 2 more till dinner. The whole night, we enjoyed like it’s last chance to fuck. I stayed in her house for few days and fucked her in every corner of her house. I even took her to the terrace and fucked her under naked sky.

The travel services resumed and her husband said that he has to stay in Kolkata for an year. So, he is coming to Hyderabad to take her to Kolkata.
The last two days, she took me out for an outing near outer ring road. There, we fucked inside the car. While moving on the highway, she was nude above. Her big boobs were visible and as windows were open, many trespassers enjoyed viewing her. She liked to expose.I fucked as if there was no tomorrow and making her a complete slut. As a sendoff gift, she gave her ass on the last day.Then, her husband
came back to Hyderabad and both flew to Kolkata.
Now, we are not in contact. But, I still miss her.

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Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts. Sex is a part of life, and who are unsatisfied can contact me. Don’t think as a ditch, but just think that the more u r satisfied, u can give more happiness to your family. Privacy guaranteed.

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