Lockdown sex with stranger met on Facebook

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Hie friends, How are you? I am Dr Gautam, presently staying at Hyderabad. I am 6 feet in height and had a fit body. I am basically from Delhi, studied my medicine from Karnataka and presently doing my entrance exam preparation, so not working in any hospital and was staying at my sister’s home in Hyderabad.

Today, I am going to share a story of mine, which happened during this lockdown. My sister and her husband went to her husband’s hometown for some relatives function. Then, this corona started in India and lockdown was imposed. My parents were in Delhi, my sister n husband at their hometown and I was alone in Hyderabad at their home. As I know how to cook, I asked my parents not to worry much. I was getting bored as everything was affected in lockdown. So, I was browsing the Facebook account and
was going through some pages and was seeing the comments. It was a travel group page, as I have a habit to travelling. I saw a peculiar comment which was by a lady, who was dull because of cancellation of a trip. I noticed her account and thought of trying my luck. I messaged her a message saying that we cant change what was going on throughout the country and you have to enjoy with your family at home. I was almost going to close my account, saw a reply in my inbox saying Hi.

I saw the message and replied hi. Her name was Rekha (name changed) but neither her profile pic nor any information was mentioned. Our
conversation moved in following way.
Rekha messaged ‘Hi, I know but my how can I enjoy being alone at home’ to which I replied ‘why so?’ She said ‘Her husband is almost on Business trips and she used to timepass with such travels. Now, her husband is struck in Kolkata’ to which I replied that I can understand. You don’t have to worry and can consider me her friend.’ She questioned me about my marital status to which I replied that I am a single doctor.

Rekha: Why are you not married till now?
Me: If you are ready, shall we? (Wink)
R: Oye, This is too much. We have just met and you started flirting.
M: Ohh, that means you want to know more about me before marriage. (Wink)
R: Hahahaha. You are so funny. May I ask you one thing??
M: yeah please ask.
R: Why many doctors are single??
M: True to say, most doctors are busy in studies that they don’t get time to engage and they are mostly interested in matured ladies. Looks like you have met many doctors? (Wink)
R: Hahaha. (Laughing)

Then we were talking about general things. Then, she started asking about my life. I just mentioned that I like friends with benefits. Not much interested in serious relationships. She asked why I was so interested in affairs rather than serious relationship. I replied that actually, i feel they are the
best. We can’t link every moment of our life with heart. If our heart is not happy, at least allow our body to enjoy its life. Life is too small to be depressed, missed or wasted. She complimented me for being too practical.

She was a 28 years old lady, married and have no children. And she was not having a happy married life. I consoled her and she was happy to have a friend. She was working as a HR in a private company. That day’s chat ended and next night, I messaged there asking about her office work.I said that ‘I can understand your boldness and determination in your words’. She asked me how I know it. I replied that ‘I m a doctor. I understand people on basis of psychology and I’m analyzing on what I know with your chats.’
She then asked me ‘what was my analysis regarding her?’ I replied that ‘she was a hard working lady who likes to be independent. She cares for children a lot. She is young and loves to be in present generation mindset. She is having a Boring life now. She loves adventures but with caution.’

R: Amazing (Big eyed smiley). I can say that you are an expert in chatting.
M: What do you think about me?
R: I am not an expert like you, but I feel that you are a nice and easy going guy without emotional attachment.
M: Thanks. Someone understands me too.
R: Ohh, Captured your wavelength.
M: Yeah, A perfect sync of frequency. I hope this may lead to long wavelengths. (Wink)
R: Biscuit. (This is local hyderabadi word for flirting)
M: Cream biscuits. I would love to enjoy the cream. (Wink)
R: Oye. This is too much.
I told that you are missing this naughtiness in your life. So, I was thinking of providing you with some. Then, there was no message from her. I was messaging her, but there was no reply. She then, came online after 1 day.
R: Sorry, my WiFi broke down.
M: I thought you were not talking because of my naughtiness.
R: No yaar, I am chatting with you because of your naughtiness. (Wink)
M: Ohhhh, If you dont mind, Can i ask you something? I just want to see how you looks in saree.
R: Hmm. Why do you want to see? Do you like sarees?
M: Because now it is worn by you. (wink)
R: You are very naughty. I can’t show you today because I m tired of house cleaning. I will show you tomorrow.
M: So, my darling is tired. Let me help you relieving your stress. I am an expert in massage.
R: Ohh, definitely. I will try once. But, for today, I will say Good night.

Next night, again we met on Facebook. We were chatting normal things. I started being romantic in my chats. She was saying that she was inside blanket as it was summer time. I replied romantically that best way to avoid heat is by removing every bit of cloth on our skin. She said that I am very horny and naughty guy who always talks such things. I replied that how can I be cold when a hot lady is infront of me.
My messages were as follow:
Just Imagine, you are being touched along the curvy part from the back. Your body is sweating due to summer and my cold blow of air on her neck. Imagine such a moment. I would like to make my fingers flow from tip of head, towards your nose and wetting your lips. And then, slightly touching your neck towards the valley, which is yet to be encountered. And just feel my cold fingers entering those closed hot cleavage. The boobs providing you the warmth are being touched by ice. My other hand would be working on your stomach. I will be playing with your navel.
Rekha was like Wowweee. She replied that I was making her hot.

I continued “And slowing rising above, my fingers would be pressing and squeezing your abdomen.
And my fingers above will be playing with your cleavage. And when both my hands will touch your boobs, then that will be the hottest moment to them. Rekha was messaging her moans.

I said that I would love to slowing massage her boob with my hands. I will be standing behind you and my hot breathe will be touching your neck. And my hands entering your blouse to touched your naked boobs. Now, my body would be fully glued from behind so that even air can’t pass
between us. And my hands would be resting on your hot boobs. With my fingers, I will be playing with your nipple. I will be placing your nipple between my two fingers and pressing them. I will make my other fingers press your boobs softly to make them more warmth.
I continued that my dick would be rising well enough to be embedded in your softly lovely ass. I will now turn you towards me and hug you tightly. My lips would be placed between your lips and i will suck your lips just as a juicy ice cream. My hard one would be touching your pussy and making it wet. My hands would be resting on your ass and would constantly press them to excite you more.

Rekha: Aaaaahhh, So nice, you are making me hot and wet.
Me: It’s just a trailer. The moment when your neck is being kissed, your boobs are being licked and sucked, your pussy might be missing the moment to enjoy, and your ass is being praised of its firmness. Do you want to enjoy all that?
R: Exactly, that’s what I need in life.
M: What is your figure dear?

She sends her pic without her face with her boob and curvy ass. I guessed it to be 34 26 34 which was correct. She was impressed by my reply. I complimented that she was so hot. The colour of her cleavage shows an estimate how fair her boobs are. And her nipples would be shining after being licked and sucked.
Just think, I’m pressing one of your boobs, and i m licking your other boob. I’m licking on whole boob except the brown part. Then, i slowly lick the brown part and atlast take your nipples in my mouth to suck, I will move my tongue on your hard nipples and make them feel the best sucking moment.

R: Hey Gautam, What are you doing? Please stop.
M: What happened, Rekha? Don’t you like your sexy 34 boobs getting attention which they need?
R: I like it but you are making me wilder.
M: I know that your sexy body too must be waiting for a long time to get satisfied. You were trying to hide it inside you. The more we stop, the more we will need it. Why don’t we say bye bye for
waiting. Getting a chance to make love with such a figure is what a real heaven.
R: Hmmm, but you have to wait.
M: I am waiting. The moment, you will be on me. Your lips are being sucked between mine. Your boobs crush against my chest. My dick will be stroking your pussy.

Our chat is going on, which opened my doors of heaven one day. I will post my second story, how I enjoyed the 34 26 34 figure of Rekha. Any girl, Bhabhi or Married lady interested in chatting, friendship or advice in or around Hyderabad and Delhi can contact [email protected]

Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts. Sex is a part of life, and who are unsatisfied can contact me. Don’t think as a ditch, but just think that the more u r satisfied, u can give more happiness to your family. Privacy guaranteed.

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