Hot night with Chitti

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Fucking my chitti, was one of my fantasy come true she was hell hot and resembled pornstar alena corft. She is 34 and iam 24 her breast was 38 size. I used to visit my chitti home once in a while she liked me very much and used to greet me properly, she was a proper house wife.

Recently she had been suffering from family trouble from her law’s. She used to share her sad story to my mom. I was feeling pity, for her and at the same time i was felling horny about her once in a while. It once happened, i made a visit to her mom on behalf of my mom since she was not able to make to her home, that day she was with her kid and her hubby. She was wearing saree, it looked damn hot on her. I hid side until her hubby left home after he left i entered her home. She greeted me well, i was starring at her curves we had little chat and said her iam here on behalf of my mom, had drink and stood up to leave. She holded my hand and said “iam alone please stay for the day son” i happily agreed, i helped her with household works. It was evening, she insisted me to stay for the night since all her family were out for trip.

I hesitated to agree but i went along her request, i said her that i dont have anything to wear for the night, she gave her hubby’s lungi. We had dinner, and chatted, while she was saying about her bad life with her hubby, i was really sad and tried to console her and held her hand. She held my hand more tight, meanwhile i was bit hornier and my dick was raising slowly, she silently noticed my cock raising, she was bit hesitated to ask me but i said the truth “no chitti i feel hot when ever i see woman’s body parts”. she replied “oh so now you are hornier cause you have seen me” i put my head down in shame and nodded yes. She lifted my head up and said “my hubby had never seen me like this, he has not even getting horny about me” i was surprised by her statement, “iam sorry chitti” she was “its not a problem dear, i feel horny and happy for myself for a young man sighting at me”.

My dick was hardened by her chit chat, she saw the tent inside the lungi and said “cant you remove your undies and set it free” i neared her and said “chitti i did not wear any undies” she winked her eyes and said “naughty boy, (romba neram un tambi standing le iruka)you have a erection for a long time(10 min)” she added “i would have married you if i would have been younger” i understood what she needs but asked innocently “why so chitti ” she said “dont act innocent da, for what to have nice fun hhmm im unlucky to have a nice hubby” i was in the mood to grab her ass and pound her hard. i asked her “y not chitti i can help you instead of uncle”. I was really shocked about my statement, but my slut chitti was having a different mindset tonight. She neared me and i did so, she placed her hand on my erect cock over my lungi I felt my cock was furthur grown in size it was stiff “aahhhh, chitti its so nice” i moaned she started to rub my erect cock while saying “oh god wat it is made up of son, romba gatti ya strong ah iruku (its so hard like a rock and thick)” my erection was at its peak, we were unstable my cock was gaining more and more erection through her soft touch. she removed the lungi slowly and slid her soft tender hand inside the lungi and caught hold of my boner “aahhhh chitti” i moaned loudly, she rubbed my boner slowly, making me feel happy I used to masturbate using my hands but it was entirely different tonight I was unable to control I neared her and kissed on her lips.

She responded to my kiss so nicely she sat near me she removed the waist part of the lungi and saw my erect cock “son it is so well in size and nice shape, i..i had not seen something big and fat like this, its bigger and thicker than my hubby da” i asked her in innocent voice “do you like it chitti” she bit her lips and said “iniki ratri full enjoy tha” i was happy she liked my cock. “en pool ah aatu chitti(stroke my cock chitti)” i supplied she said ” my hubby did not tell me how to do” i held her hand and wrapped around my cock and made a up and down moment showed her how to fap a cock. She wrapped her one hand around my cock and retracted my penis skin forth and back, she was doing it slowly as if she is cooking a new meal. Chitti you are a good learner you have learnt how to fap “i was gradually moaning, while she held my head and bought hers near mine, and paused for a while i made my head lean forward and kissed on her lips.

She said, “even my stupid hubby did not tempt to kiss me, but you are wonderful son” and she too responded to my kiss, we were smooching softly while her hand was handjobbed my cock and tickling my balls. It went for a while i felt her hand made a small scratch on my chest, she removed my shirt button one by one slowly and rubbed my bare chest, fondling my nipples, we kissed again more madly. My hand pressed her boob over her blouse, “ahhh, mmm” she moaned, appidi ye pannu da chellam romba naal achi (please keep on doing it its been so long). few minutes and i stood up my chitti undressed me. I stood naked in front of her, she hugged me tightly we nearned our heads and our lips touched each others, we kissed madly I caught hold of her ass, and rubbed softly, slowly I lifted her in my arms and carried the room.

I placed her on the bed, i could sense her erect nipples could tear her blouse. “i will make it easy for you son” she said me and removed her saree i unhooked her blouse from behind, she had not wore bra. It was still sticking on to her nipples, she put it aside and turned facing me, “oh chitti your boobs are magnificent and beyond my imagination” it was bit saggy but firm her areolas were brown and nipples were dark brown. I pressed her boobs gently and sucked it nicely as if there is no 2moro she was rubbing over my head with her soft hands making me more hornier, i removed her saree fully only to be see her pussy. She had not wear any panty also, her pussy was covered with tiny little hair she had covered her face with her hands turning benind i removed it and said “its alright chitti i can understand your feeling, i will make you feel comfotable and put my hands on her shoulder and hugged her from behind she turned back and cried grieving her past. I consoled her and said “chitti your body is is much more than a tv actress” she gave a wicked smile and put her on the bed, and started my foreplay, she asked me “what are you doing there son” i did not utter a word i went to kitchen and came back with icecube in my mouth slowly licking her outer pussy “aaahhhh…aahhh’ she moaned. I played with her pussy with my tongue and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and licked her unexplored path. She was moaning like hell, we were getting hotter every moment, “aahhh, your tongue is so long dear please give me more of it” she cried in estacy, i was continuing with foreplay, she pushed my head towards her pussy indicating more. After 10 minutes she cummmed out her juices. It was like a never ending stream coming out of her pussy, i drank her juices “ahhh…son you have shown pleasure which my hubby did not do at all” i replied still there is more chitti. “It is my turn now” my chitti said slowly holding on to my boner “ahhh” I moaned, she took my cock head inside her mouth she gagged a bit. She adjusted her mouth and took my half penis inside her mouth and sucked my meat pole. She was a pro sucker gave me a best blowjob. I pushed my shaft gently inside her mouth making a momentum, it was time for real fun, my sexual urge was supposed to be fulfilled by a real pussy.

I came to missionary posture and took my dick to her pussy opening, i slowly rubbed my boner over her pussy lips “aahhh” she moaned i slowly inserted the dick head inside her cunt, damn it was tight, her pussy was not fucked for years after her first night, i gave my torso a gentle push 1/4 th of my cock went inside her “aaahhh..oohhhh…mmm…”romba sugama iruku kanna(its so pleasureable) she was a sex starved lady, i understood her lust feeling i withdrew my cock hardly an inch and gave another push to my cock this time my cock went freely through her vagina. “aahh un pool yenakulla romba perusa strong va iruku da kanna”(your cock is so long and strong inside me) i continued to give slowly in medium pace, while she was fulfilling her sexual desire, I was loving my chitti more than anyone, I penetrated slow and deep inside her cunt, now she had encircled her fat legs around my waist i understood that she is ready to take more, i gave a strong push to her glory hole my entire thick and long penis went inside her. “oohhh..aamaa…hhhaaaaa” she moaned, i placed my mouth over hers to stop moan, she caught hold of my neck and smooched passionately, we shared a long kiss while i was pounding her vagina with full length of my meatpole 10 minutes straight, she dug her hands over my back. we broke the kiss, she was panting heavily and we both were sweating badly, her boobs were glittering in dim light with her sweat. “inu kuthu kanna nalla kuthu kanna ratri fulla kuthu kanna, un chitti ye nalla kuthu kanna”(keep pounding me the whole night dear) after 5 minutes my chitti cummed while my cock was inside her, i kept my shaft steady and turned her to doggy style and started to penetrate her moderately.

“aahhh,appidi tha.. nalla kuthu yen purusha una partu yepidi othu thalluno nu learn pannanu”(i want my hubby to watch you and learn how to fuck) we were having nice sex in the dim light, i saw her hubby photo and thought he is unable to give pleasure to his wife she tried to hold my ass and pull it towards her cunt, i could see her hanging boobs and caught hold of it “ahh…yen mulla ya nalla pudichi ammuku kanna, en purusha ammukule”(please press my boobs hard dear my hubby did’nt) i pressed it nicely, it made me more hornier my dick was in full length and i pinned her down raising her ass upward and rammed it properly. “aahhh..aahhh..mmm….yenaku varudu kanna” she said and cummed again, it came out of her hole like a volcano fountain and hit the walls, making big patches on bed sheet and walls. i understood that she was exhausted, i laid on the bed while she fell on my chest like a dead she was rubbing my cock thoroughly “you are really amazing in the bed kanna, I would love to get fucked forever” I was happy and i asked her “is it enough chitti?” she grasped for breath and continued “innu oru round kanna please” i was very happy when my chitti asked me please. I said as you wish chitti, I smooched her we were really loving each other, she insisted me to sleep, instead she came to cowgirl posture, i adjusted my cock inside her pussy, while she sat on it slowly.

“aaahhhh…..mmm..” she moaned at beginning and started to hump herself over my cock she did penetrated her vagina over my cock, her boobs were bouncing up and down, i relaxed myself while my chitti was over my big boner, i was pressing her boobs and stimulated her vagina with my fingers, she had cummed n number of times over the night. “your hand is making wonders” she complimented me 10 minutes later she did reverse cowgirl and we stood up I fucked her in half doggy style kising her shoulder, neck ears, eyes massaging her back she was aroused and tired at same time after 15 minutes i stood up straight and put her ass facing my cock upside and penetrated her holding her ass like a bull 10 minutes straight and now was my time to cum “naanu cum panna pore chitti” (im gonna cum) i said “Yen kudhi ulla cum pannu kanna”(cum inside my pussy dear) she said i put her in missionary increased my pace and within seconds i drained my seeds inside her pussy walls. It was so much that it came overflow and came out of her vagina, making a big thick patches on the bed which was mixed with her own cum. she with drew my cock, my cum was still flowing from my cock, she sat back and tasted my cum. I stood on the bed facing the ceiling “un kita romba sperms iruku kanna, inu varudu, yen purusha sperms vida inu gatti and inipa ah iruku”(you have more sperms its more than my hubby its so thick and tastier). We fell on the bed she fell on my chest, we had sweated badly i asked her opinion “ippo yepidi fell pandre chitti”(how do you feel now) she was happy and satisfied she rubbed my head and kissed on my forehead and said “I love you kanna un chitti ku suguthe katune yen purusha yenaku suguthe katale, 10 minutes ulla cum pannita, ava pool baby size undu tha nalla size ah iruku”(you have shown me pleasure with your good size meatpole which my hubby did not show with his baby size dick he used to cum in 10 minutes).

While she was kissing me i was hornier and within 5 minutes my cock made a slaute standing straight, with my veins visible clearly she said me looking at my erect cock “unaku semma power iruku kanna, inu un pool nikkidu, en purusha pool en first night le endirichi nikkale”(you have good power, your cock had stood erect but my hubby’s did not take a stand in first night) she got a measurement tape and measured my cock “super size pa undu”(you have a nice size). We moved to bathroom and had a cold shower, she stroked my dick while i cleaned her pussy, we were naled the whole night we had our dinner.

We had sex in bathroom, hall, kitchen,balcony in different positions.
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