Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor – Part 2

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Hi Everyone myself Raj and a very big thanks thanks to everyone for your lovely emails and comments for my last story “Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor“. And I guess I replied to everyone and given my suggestion and shared my thoughts with them. if you still not read my first part story please read it now only and continue reading this one.

Coming back to story Dr Pooja aunty had given her best boobs fuck and make my cum after that She seen my sperms and cum and tasted it. And told you have very thick sperm Raj and your Sperms looks healthy and Pooja aunty asked can you donate your sperms for my clients? I was shocked after hearing about sprem donate. i just asked aunty first cure k**ney stones and she smiled and said yes I will cure it Raj don’t worry and went to washroom to wash cum. I was thinking and laying in bed, I was really confused what is going on but in other way I was tempted and not in a controlled suitation too after seeing Pooja aunty sexy figure. Pooja aunty was walking nude and I was stunned to see her beauty and she was coming near but my heart started to beat faster and faster, she was calm and she came near me and started to tease and pinch my cock saying. Why still cock is very soft and she started to k**ding me saying my figure don’t tempt you ha? But I said to aunty I was in tension and I asked her Aunty what’s going on and again asked about my kindney stone.. She started to laugh louder and said you fool for you there is no k**ney stone you are perfectly fine.. Stomach pain was just happened due to hotel foods.. By hearing this I was very happy and I came to sense she planned to get me to bed..

I just pulled her roughly near and stared to kiss and thank you aunty thank you so much she was screaming Raj slowly slowly.. But I just pull her to bed and in secs I was in top and I can see her face and her eyes were bright and saying I am yours. She was smiling and I said I love you aunty and she replied back I love you too Raj I slowly started to kiss and suck her lovely melons. She was moaning like haaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa ouchhhhh ohhhhhhh she was grabbing my cock and slowly started to stroke and asked in moan Raajjj Goooo downnnn. It’s waiting for youuuuuu.. I just kissed her belly and then her thighs, legs and finally I was infront of her lovely juicy pussy.. Pooja aunty pussy was completely shaved and shining like mango to me. It was ripen and her juices were flowing down with wet juices. She was complete wet her pussy aroma hits and makes me more comfortable to move on.. I just spread her legs wider and I stared to kiss her pussy and she was moaned hummmmmmmm I started to kiss tighter her pussy juices filled my lips and I stared to lick her with my tounge she was in heaven seems and I can hear her saying ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhha I just started to Fuck slowly with my tounge and her juices are flowing down.. It felt like I was eating a mango and I was just sucking that mango and enjoying bit by bit.. She was trying to say something and I understand that I was finally was about to enter her.. I was new and was never had sex.. I just took my cock near her pussy lips but I was trying but it was not sliding in… Pooja aunty smiled and hold my cock and guided inside. First try I just entered one inch and It was very tight.. My cock was struck..

Aunty opened my cock and put her saliva.. Works like oil to my cock then I started to push my 7 inch cock.. Finally it was inside her.. Ohhh feels so great and I just pushed hard she moaned ohhhhhhhhh. Then slowly I stared to do to and fro.. Started to fuck her.. She was moaning ohhhh Raj come on.. Deep deep deep and I was in rhythm and sliding my cock in and out. She was enjoying and I was in heaven with fucking my sweet aunty it was really quick I can feel I was about to cum..

I asked her I am cuming aunty.. She told open it.. Open it.. I slided my cock from her and she got up and I was standing and she puts get mouth and started to give blowjob… Ohhh I never had blow job in my life and I was totally lost my control and I was feeling I was In some paradise 1and she was sucking like ice cream with holding my balls and I just blasted my cum inside her mouth.. Ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh yes it was ohhhh she opened her mouth from my cock and started to drink my cum and got up and said congratulations you are now Man and given a wink smile.. We slept in bed and she told you have good stamina I love your cock and I love you but she asked as a doctor can you be sprem Donor? I have few clients who are really need of good sprems and could you help them in building there dreams?

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