Stranger’s long cock:part-02

In last two weeks my sexual desires have been fulfilled but I took a wrong path for it as I got physical love with a stranger in his car.a 28-29 years guy with strong arms and wide chest have a nice tools as I got fucked in his car(read “stranger long cock).Rashid Sheikh and we both have exchanged our mobile numbers also ,as days come to talk to him ,my hubby Ankit left for official tour today morning as I am alone in my home while maid is cleaning the floor of I prepared two cup of coffee and walked to my dinning space as I took my mobile and called Rashid Sheikh…….

“Hi Rashid , Rima speaking here
(Rashid)how are you madam ?
(Rima)fine and you
(Rashid)nice ,have not got time to call me in two weeks
(Rima smiled)sorry Rashid,now I am free for two days ,my hubby is out of station
(Rashid) oh I see ,if you want than I will pick up after an hour
(Rima)ok I will be ready in an hour .”

As I have my coffee and than talked to my hubby while sitting on sofa ,I am waiting for my maid to complete her works ,after a while ,Zarina left my home as I locked the door and than moved to my bed I removed my gawn and panty ,going to have bath ,I am thinking about dress to wear as I opened the wardrobe and picked a black leggings with a pink crop walked inside washroom as my body have got the love of my hubby last night ,I have to clean my sexual I sits on floor as I opened the cascade and made my body wet ,now took body gels and started putting it on my sexy boobs to tummy and waist ,lastly uses it on my vagina to thighs and legs.while sitting on floor ,I put it on my back also as I rubbed it with my palms.lastly , opened the cascade and took bath as my body is clean ,I am still I took towel to rub it as I walked to my room nudely , standing infront of a large mirror ,I can see my sexy body and than put a black G string on my vagina with a push-up brassiere on my boobs ,now put leggings as well as crop-tops on my my sexy body is looking atractive ,as I walked to dinning space and took my breakfast first to have it.later on ,I took my purse as I can see lubricants , contraceptive pills and condoms in it.It’s 10:35 am as I am thinking to call Rashid ,but as I took my mobile ,it’s started ringing ,as I received it…….

“yes Rashid ,I am ready
(Rashid)ok wait for some time.”

And I put kyering on table as I put sandals on my legs,my nude legs are sexy as my tight leggings have made an clear cut image of my sexy ass with thighs,it’s a dress to cover your sexual organs as well as to give them view of its imagination.undoubtly,I am going on a wrong path again but Rima is a married lady of 26 years with sexual experience of 4 years with her hubby ,her physical appearance’s of 34-26-36 is seducive and lastly ,Rashid called me again……..

“Rima ,I am near your appartment’s gate .” As I left my home and locked the main door ,walking towards gate fastly ,I can see his black car standing on road side as I moved to it and looking inside it through window ,Rashid opened the door as I moved inside.while sitting on front seat with him as I have put my purse on lap and Rashid drove the he is looking at me,I asked……..

“Rashid where we are going now?
(Rashid smiled)towards airport as I have a farmhouse near it.” And I have mentally prepared myself for a physical love session with him ,as Rashid is looking smart in his dress ,his body is giving a nice fragrance of perfume.after 30 minutes of drive,car moved inside a farm house ,a large area with greenery and both left the car as two caretakers are standing I stand alone ,Rashid talked to them and than took me inside his house.Its a nice decorated dinning space as Rashid walked inside bedroom and I followed him ,now he asked…….”Rima ,there is some dress in wardrobe as attached washroom is here ,so have rest here .” I put my purse on bed as he walked out of room ,now I walked inside washroom and after refreshment ,came on bed to have I slept on it ,thinking about Rashid’s movement.later on ,Rashid came to me as he asked…..

“Rima darling now come in dinning space.” As I walked and both are sitting in closer position,I can see two glass and bottle of wine with soda and packet of cigarette on Rashid , started pouring wine in glasses as looking at him,I asked………

“Rashid ,I have never got the taste of wine
(Rashid)come on baby ,it’s a compliment for fun
(Rima)if beer is available here.”

But he gave me glass full of wine and soda ,as he is in Bermuda and vest only,I have not changed my dress.we started drinking wine and lit a cigarette to smoke,Rashid is drinking it fastly as I am slow while drinking his empty glass is on table ,he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it slowely.while drinking wine for first time ,I am feeling bit unconscious and horny also ,as Rashid put his other hand on my sexy boobs to my first drink is over ,I put my glass on table and now kissed his face ,as I put my hand on waist and pulled down my elastic leggings to my lower parts are nude ,Rashid took me in his arms as his lips are kissing my face to lips ,I have surrendered myself and than ,as he took my lips in his mouth to suck ,I put my hand on his waist and pulled it down . unexpected that his cock without undies and his long cock is in my hand,as our face are closer,I pushed my tongue in his mouth.rashid while sucking my tongue is moving his hand on my thighs and my hand have hold his penis as I am masturbating it mind is in control of red wine as I am feeling bold and shameless ,Rashid left my tongue as I can see his hand on my G hand have got his cock as I have hold it tightly and Rashid lifted my tops to neck as he took it out of my a sexy lady ,I am in my undergarments only as Rashid put his hand on my breast to massage it hard and I am screaming”oohh aahh uumm Rashid ,suck it.”

As he put his hand on my back and removed its strings , brassiere is out of my boobs and now Rashid took me in his lap as I am sitting with my legs wrapped on his he put his face on my breast as he took the front portion of my smooth boobs in mouth to suck.I am feeling horny as my mind is bit unconscious and Rashid is playing with my other boobs as I put my hand on waist and unhooked my G string.It’s a wine that have made me so horny that I removed my dress easily ,now nude on his lap as he took my other breast in his mouth to suck ,

“oohh aauucchh suck it hard you strong guy ,make me your sexual slave for two days and fuck me”

Rashid is rubbing my back as he is sucking my breast hardly and after a while ,he left my I left his lap and moved to his legs,his long cock is making me hot as I hold it and removed it’s skin,now put it’s glans on my nose and smelt it hard as Rashid is pressing my breast ,I started rubbing it’s glans on my lips as I am bit horny ,now kissed his 9-10 inches long and 3 inches thick cock with my lips,it’s longer and thicker than my hubby’s Ankit I opened my mouth and guided his 2/3 Rd cock in my mouth to suck,it’s glans is hitting my deep mouth is full of penis as I started moving my face up and down ,he is “oohh aahh you bitch ,suck it hard ,you whore aahhh.” And I am sucking his penis wildly as I love blow job ,”bigger the better” is my sex ethics but if it spends lot of times in my glory hole than I am well boobs are getting pressed as my mouth sucked his I took his penis out of my mouth as my tongue started rolling on it to lick it,it’s unnatural but satisfying as I am licking his glans upper face and again put his 1/2 cock in my mouth to I am moving my face fast ,my fingers is in his dense pubic hair,now my vagina is eager to swallow his long cock as he is shouting”oohh you whore ,chuso meri Jaan ,lund to do din tere liye hi hai ” and I took out his fully erected cock from my walked nudely to washroom as I sit on toilet pan while stretching my legs to pee and sexy voice is coming out as urination hitting the pan I washed my vagina with water as I am back in dinning space ,Rashid is putting wine in glasses as I sits near him……..

“Rashid ,no more drink for me ,I am fully drunk
(Rashid)oh my darling ,have a small pack and enjoy my penis in your vagina .”

As I lit a cigarette to smoke ,I took glass to drink wine ,feeling like a prostitute with Rashid ,I am fulfilling my desires ,now Rashid have his drinks fast as he is on my legs.
Rima have stretched her legs wider as his legs are on sofa and ass is on sofa’s corner.rashid looking at me ,put his lips on my labias as he is kissing it every fingers moved on it as I put labias wider and Rashid started licking my vagina with his tongue.He is a nice vagina eater as his long tongue is going fast in my smooth elasticity vagina and my hand have hold his hairs “oohh too many ants are moving in my cunt ,have you put it Rashid ,aahh lick it fast” and he is licking my vagina fast like a body is in sensation as I am feeling the sexual peak of pleasure,nothing more pleasurable than sex for a he is sucking my fleshy vagina ,I shouted”oohh aahh Rashid it’s over ,I will cum soon.” And vaginal juice made it wet as he licked it and walked away.
My body is too hot even in an A/C dinning space as I am sitting on sofa for my fuck ,my mobile started ringing as I can see my hubby’s number on screen……..

“Hi Ankit ,have you reached Pune
(Ankit)yes we friends are in cab ,going to hotel
(Rima)ok I will call you after a while.”

As I put my mobile and Rashid Sheikh is standing near me as I stood ,he turned my back and put my one leg on a chair as my upper portion have been leaned forward ,I am like a four legged animal,he is standing near my sexy ass ,as looking back at him ,I can see him holding his cock and pushing it in my cunt .now his cock is going inside my vagina as I am feeling on top of the world with his hard cock moving inside .later on ,Rashid hold my waist as he fucked me hard and I shouted louder”oohh Rashid ,it’s a tiny hole , so be slow while fucking.” But he started fucking me fast with power and my wet cunt is getting the hard tools it deserves as I started moving my ass mind is in control of wine as it have made me too wild and I am swinging my sexy bum fast to enhance our sexual his cock fucked my vagina for 4-5 minutes ,my vagina started drying as it’s firesh and I am begging for it’s cum…….

“oohh aahh you fucker ,now pour your cum in my cunt ” as he is holding my breast and while giving me hard fuck”oohh you whore ,enjoy my penis for sometime ” and after a great fuck session ,his penis have a last laugh in my vagina as it ejaculated sperms in side my cunt and later on ,I sucked his cock to drink it’s cum and taste it.we both are too exhausted……………..

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