Happily made my husband cuckold – part 2

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Hello sexy readers down there
A big thanks to all of you who read and took time to appreciate me through your mails. Sorry if I was not able to reply any of you. So here pinning down the second part of my sexual journey.

For readers who don’t know me please read the first part at Happily made my husband cuckold .

After my husband entered the house we didn’t stop our act but yet fucked in doggy position on the sofa in main hall. My husband vijay was slowly peeping out to have a view of me fucking like a bitch. I can see him peeping and I made heavy moans and started talking dirty. Ummmm raajjj fuck meee ssss push it hard with more speed. Mmmm fuck me haaard. I can see vijay sobbing and I was really happy that I made him know my value. Raj fucked me in doggy position for another 15 minutes and he collapsed. We slept on each other on the sofa only and relaxed cuddling each other. I was on the bottom and he was on top of me with his big black cobra sized dick still inside me. We kissed each other on lips cheeks and on forehead. I wanted to have another orgasm badly. He made me feel the real pleasure after soo long a time. To make vijay more angry I asked him to get out of the bedroom and raj lifted me with his hands, still his dick inside my pussy and we both together jumped on the bed.
I purposefully kept the bedroom door open to make vijay have a clear view of how I was getting fucked. Vijay moved on to center hall sat on the sofa where we fucked for 2 hours and was pretending like he was not peeping at us. Meanwhile raaj took some parachute coconut oil and applied to his dick. I asked him why he was doing. He simply closed my mouth with his hands and told me slowly in my ears that he is going to fuck my ass and take my virginity. I was hell scared. He has such a hard and thick penis which doesn’t fit even in a voluptuous women ass. I denied saying please don’t fuck me in my ass. He felt bad about my decision and moved aside without fucking my pussy. I asked him to please fuck me in my pussy.

Raj: I will fuck your pussy only if you allow me to fuck your ass. Please allow me to fuck you ass. Im still a virgin in ass fucking.
Sanjana: I was soo turned on that I cant wait to get my pussy fucked. Having no other option I told his that only 1 round in ass.
He accepted and took some oil on his pointing finger and middle finger and inserted both his fingers in my virgin ass. My ass hole is very small in girth to take it. He tried to push it , but it was nit able to enter. He tried for almost 2 minutes and then on a final note gave a big hard push . aaahhhh raaj remove it please please remove it I cant bear the pain. He was not even able to take it out. He tried but failed. I felt my skin on ass tearing. He stayed there in a stiff position. Soon I was able to adapt to the situation and I signaled him to enter me. He applied more oil on his dick and my ass as well. With slow push he was able to make movements in my ass. He fucked me slowly and I was enjoying it. I didn’t knew till date that even my ass hole can give me pleasure. He entered almost 4 inches of his dick. He was humping me slowly and I was moaning closing my eyes ummm fuck raaj my raja fuck me. Meanwhile when he was fucking me hard in my ass I made a big fart and some of my shit was poured on his penis. it may seem disgusting but this is exactly what I did. He didn’t mind and was smiling and pulled his dick out of my ass. His penis is full of shit and we both went to bathroom together and I cleaned his shit dripping penis and he cleaned my ass.

I was in so much pleasure that I was not able to stop farting. Haha . Now after cleaning he sat on the commode and I went and sat on top of his dick and I started riding on him. He was having a 4 pack body with heavy muscles and nice check. I kept riding him and kissing and sucking his body. Within 10 minutes I cummed on his penis and I collapsed on him. He told lets go now as he had to attend business meeting in the evening. I had no stamina to walk. So I asked him to lift me and take me to the hall. When we were entering the hall my ex husband vijay was sniffing my cum on the sofa. I laughed a lot in myself and seeing both of us he silently entered the bedroom.
It was 6pm by then, raj had to leave to office as he is working in IT sector. He said he will be back early in the morning and will leave the same day afternoon. I was not happy for his early departure. I want him to stay for a longer period and fuck me daily and make me cum. He got ready and his cab arrived and before he left he smooched me for 10 minutes and pressed my 36 sized boobs and left bidding bye. This was the most happiest day of my life I felt and slept nude till 11 pm in the night.

I opened my eyes and started walking nude into the kitchen to find something to eat. While I was moving through the hall to the kitchen I saw vijay sleeping on the sofa with my panty on his nose and masturbating. I don’t know how long will he able to hold but I kept viewing it and enjoying myself how I made him a real cuckold. I felt as if a stranger is stealing my panty and sniffing it. I even felt wet in my pussy seeing him sniff my panties. I interrupted him by hitting slowly on his head and asked what was he doing with my panty. He felt scared and told sorry and handed over my panty. I can see his dick getting erect seeing me nude. he then asked sanjana its been 1 month I fucked you. I want to really have sex with you. Please allow me to fuck you one last time. I also felt sorry for him. I melted on his begging. I thought let me allow him as he is fulfilling all my wishes these days. So I told you are my slave and I will allow you to fuck me only when I want and that too you had to buy me whatever I ask for. He simply nodded. Before allowing to fuck me I asked him to first order me a pizza to eat as im hungry. By the time pizza arrived I went and took a nice bath and came out. He was waiting for me with the pizza on the master bed. I told him that from now I will guide you how to fuck me . if you don’t do it as I say I wont allow you to fuck me. He kept nodding his head in acceptance.

Not I sat on the bed and leaned towards the north side of the bed, spread my legs and started eating pizza. He was looking me with lust. I now told him to lick my pussy till I ask him to stop. He obeyed and started licking the outer walls of my pussy. ummm I was enjoying pizza and oral sex together. He was licking me till his saliva ends. Ummm he entered his tongue in my pussy and he was eating my cum . I was on the verge of completing my pizza and I pour some ketchup on the last piece and put it on my vagina and asked him to eat. He did it and while he was eating I poured the remaining ketchup on my vagina and some on my ass too and asked him to lick. He did it nice and he made me wet. He cleaned my ass with his tongue and he was waiting for my signal to penetrate me. I then told him enough sucking my pussy, come and fuck me. He was already oozing his precum and he came on top of me and fucked me. Again its only 10 minutes of fuck. But I was happy today fucking my friend raaj and we both slept together.

We are not yet separated but yet we can say we are friends with benefits.
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