Frustrated Son

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I am Shuhab a 25-year-old, handsome man searching for a job and living with my mother. As I don’t have a permanent job I failed to Marry the girl I loved. Her family engaged her to a rich man and despite her opposition forced her to marry him. This incident effected me badly. My psychological state became so bad that I strated taking alcohol. I grieved my love and lived with her memories. I kissed her and hugged her and deffered fucking to the first night of marriage. It was frustrating to know that she now belonged to another man. Sometime I started crying and sometime throwing things to wall. My mother noticed my bad condition and tried to cool me down.

She was no ordinary woman. At that time she was 46 but beautiful. Her boobs were big, her ass full, her legs shaply and colour creamy. My father was working in another city and she was managing the house on her own. Our contact with father was through mobile phone mostly. He wanted me to come to his city for job but that was not acceptable to mom. She wanted me to live with her. I had a younger sister named Saher who got married last year. One day I was drunk But it was not strong, and a romantic song was played on TV. This led me to think about my beloved. I started crying and after sometime I fell asleep on my bed.

My mother came to check on me and her coming awakened me. Due to summer she was wearing a thin dress. What surprised me was absence of a bra. Her big white boob were pretty much visible. She was inside home so she was a bit bold. I saw her in such dresses in past but that day her the nipples looked more prominent then ever. She sat beside me on the bed and tried to convince me that in future I will not only get a better job but a better girl. She asked me to stop drinking as it is not good for my health. Mother put my head in her lap and rubbed my hairs. Her touch was very soothing but it made me uneasy as well. I found my head resting on her soft boobs. Part of my body was on her soft thighs. With one hand she was playing with my hair and with other she was wiping my chest hair. She perhaps wanted me to forget my lost love but I was not ready for that.

“Oh light of my eye, get up and Wash. Otherwise, Mama will get upset from you.” In affection she squeezed my cheeks. I found touch of her hands so erotic that I got a erection Spontaneously. I was with my head on her soft boobs and her pussy below my head. And I kept blowing my head in her boobs, holding her hands close to my cock too, in a spontaneous way, and I met her by saying,
“What is this mama? She was hard to forget but I forget her when you cuddle me close to you like that.”
“oh my love, I am with you. Now forget the world, and the girl who betrayed you for wealth.”
“OK but let me sleep now as I am tired.”
She saw my erect cock and brushed it lovingly. She said, “Now mama knows what troubling you. I know you play with yourself every night.”

To my horror she held my erect cock over the dress. I felt her fingers touching the head of cock. My cock was wetting my pajama with its pre-cum.
“Please mama, leave me alone” I requested
“No, you need some release.” She replied

She opened my Pajama and brought my cock out. The tip of it was red due to excitment. I was dumb with pleasure. Mother first rubbed and then started licking it. I heard her say “UMmmmmmmmmmmmm”

I remained in the intensity of excitement and went over the moon. I started playing with her boobs. I rubbed one of her nipple over her shirt. She flinched but let me continue rubbing. I said, “Mama, you fed me from those breasts when I was a baby. Let me suck them again.”

To my surprise she pulled her shirts up from the front and exposed both of her heavy boobs. I took one of her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. It was stiff and long.
“Ummmmmmmm Amma, Ahahah Ahhahahaha”
With one hand I mauled her other breast. Things were getting out of hand but my mother was feeling as horny as me. Her cunt was becoming very wet.

We changed our position and started kissing each other. No words were spoken but we dropped our dresses. I saw that she had a lot of hairs on her cunt.
The cunt looked spoiled but inviting. I saw many naked women in the sex magazines but never saw one naked in nature. I sucked her tongue and rubbed my fingers on her cunt. I heard her make sounds like, “Ahhhh, Ohhhh, ufffff”

I got up and hugged her and she burst with her sex juice in my hands. I threw her on bed and inserted my cock in her cunt. As full length of my cock got in she whimpered. “Aowoo Aowoo Yala woooo Ahhahahaha Ahhahahah” Her body began to tremble and she cried, “I am yours. I am yours.”

I put one her leg on my shoulder, and tried to enter more in her. It seemed like I have inserted my cock in a furnace. I have less experience than my mother, but she made me feel that I was in charge of her body. I kept pushing back and forth without stopping, and my mother’s pussy became more and more wet. I realized that I will not be able to stop the ejaculation any longer. And the semen slipped from my cock with the sweetest feeling and the most beautiful pleasure directly in my mother’s pussy, who was shivering as I ejaculated inside her pussy.

I did not get up from her body even after the ejaculation. I hugged her tightly, and felt her breath on my neck. The atmosphere was silent, but I started crying. She was surprised by this and said: “My child, I am sorry … Don’t weep please”
I said: “These are tears of joy mama .. No one had ever loved me like that.”

Again I cried hard. She took my head in her hands and messed my hair. She begged me to calm down. I kissed her more until I calmed down. Shortly afterwards I saw her get up and say “I will drink water and come back to you”

I got up and grabbed her immediately. “No, dont leave me pkease.” I pushed her to the wall, all of her body was touching mine, while I was behind her. I put my head to her ears, and said: I am not satisfied with you, my love, I still want you. I began kissing her neck and smelling her hair, and whisping in her ears: I want your ass! She said: From today I am all yours but my love, do not hurt me, as the hole in my ass is a virgin.

I did not answer her with my words but with kisses. I lifted her hair completely to the top and started kissing the back of her head and went down to her back, licking it and planting kisses and a bit of biting
I was feeling a little numb. She perhaps was not kissed from behind ever. It turned her on. I approached her anus to know how soft she was. I moved my hand fully sensing it and then I slapped her on the backside. She screamed and tried to get free but I stopped her by saying: Mama, you are my love, you are my love! Please open the gates of your heaven, my dear love?

To my delight she opened her hips with her hands. The appearance of her anus was beautiful, its color was pink, and I put my hands on her hands with which she was opening her buttocks and approached my face inside her buttocks. I began to get my tongue out and licked her hole and inserted my finger in her ass hole. She pained a little, but she was enjoying. I took quarter of an hour paving her bottom for me. I pushed her to the wall again but she said to me: Please I cannot stand.

I released her and she quickly got to bed. And she put her on the doggy style, when I saw her like this, I stood behind her and inserted my penis in her anus. I do not know whether it is my penis temperature or the heat of her buttocks, but this heat helped her a lot to avoid the feeling of pain, I pushed in more than half of my penis in her. I grabbed her boobs that were hanging in air. I pushed and filled her. I ejaculate in her bowls. I hugged her and kissed her a little, and then she said,
“Isn’t it reason enough for you to live by my side? And foget that bitch of yours.”

(From Arabic)

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