Virgin Collage girl

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My girlfriend and I had done with breaking virginity to each other while we were in junior college. Though both of us got into different colleges later, we continued our relationship. We would have sex frequently, albeit secretly.

By the time I was in the third year of my college, our relationship had started to get strained. We had already had so much sex with each other that both of us lost our desire to do it at every chance.

It was around this time that a bunch of our old schoolmates planned to get back together for a day. Nothing fancy, just meeting up for lunch some weekend. My girlfriend and I were both there. The whole thing was fun and all but not really relevant to the story.

What is relevant, though, is that I got close to Sania. We were classmates and okay friends, but not really that close. I had become more outgoing in my years in college, and she found it a pleasant change. I hadn’t really seen her much in anything other than the school uniform.

She was really thin, and her well-fitting clothes exposed her magnificent figure. This was the first time that I looked at her like that. I never knew that she had such great curves. Her tight clothes also showcased a pair of tight buns on her chest, disproving my earlier assumption that she was flat.

For a while, I sat there, fantasizing squeezing her boobs. They were smaller than my girlfriend’s but would fit in my hands perfectly. But on her tiny frame, even that pair looked big and only made her look sexier.

That night I texted Sania in the pretext of sharing the photos we took that day, and we went on to talk regularly. She would occasionally bring up things about relationships.

One day I confided in her that I was going to end it. She was genuinely nice about it and inquired if I was feeling alright. After that, she went on to ask why I wanted to end it, and I sidestepped it, stating compatibility issues as the reason.

“It’s easy for you since you live in a hostel,” Sania said sometime later. “We day scholars can’t build up a relationship without our parents getting wind of it.”

“Not always,” I replied, “It depends on your parents.”

“Yeah, my parents are kinda nosy.”

“I doubt that would stop you.”

She sent a few smileys to that answer and went offline. A while later, she was back with a text, “Well, I once told a guy that I had a huge crush on him. But he rejected me. I don’t know what would’ve happened if it had worked out.”

“Rejected you?” I was genuinely shocked (and also relieved), “He must’ve been crazy to let someone like you go.”

Another bunch of smileys and then she changed the topic. And we went on with our usual conversations.

Meanwhile, my relationship with my girlfriend had reached a point where we used to just meet for sex. On the weekends that I was in my hometown, I started ghosting my girlfriend at other times. However, she was in town too and started to hang out with Sania.

Once while hanging out, she asked me how far I had gone with my girlfriend. I was a little taken aback on being asked this in person. I knew that I had to choose my answer carefully. Sania wasn’t just some slutty girl, and I was sure that my chances with her would depend on what answer I gave.

I gave a half-lie and said that we had kissed a couple of times but never went beyond that. Then she went on to ask why we never did it and if I weren’t curious. I replied that I wanted to but never got a chance. She seemed satisfied with the answer and didn’t pursue it any further.

I was afraid that I had screwed up my chances with her, but that changed quickly when she texted me that night. She came straight to the point and told me that she wanted to experience sex but did not want to get into a relationship with me.

Her suggestion was that we satisfy our curiosity with each other secretly. I, of course, agreed almost instantly. My semester ended soon after that, and I came back home for the holidays. She still had some more classes at the time.

One day, she bunked class, and we met up as usual, but this time with a different purpose. Since it was a working day, her parents were not at home, and we went over to her place. Both our hearts were racing, and we went straight to her bedroom.

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