Sex inside car

It’s a class time as we are listening lectures on ‘liberalisation’ ‘privatisation’ & ‘globalisation’ as my both boyfriends Anuj as well as Nikhil is in classroom,Anuj is eyeing on my boobs as it’s look like a pair of tennis ball on chest and I am in a black leggings with a tops covering my maximum of body.after this class as lunch hour started I walked out of classroom with my friends and Anuj walked away towards canteen as he asked me to follow.later on ,I walked inside college canteen alone as I can see Anuj sitting there with a cup of coffee and snacks ,I walked to him as I sits on chair in opposite direction,he asked…..

“how are you Swati?
(Swati)fine you have missed classes for days
(Anuj)yah was out of town for some work,rest classes are boring
(Swati)yes drink coffee first.”

As i got a cup of coffee and I am drinking it while Anuj is looking at me ,a 21 years gal with figure of 30-24-34 and sexy ass ,smooth and tight tits with nice looking face is thinking of days plan.after having coffee ,I put cup on table and ask him……..

“Anuj if you want to have fun with me ,I have to wait for you on bus stand
(Anuj)ok I will be there in my car soon.”

And he walked out from canteen as I followed him but in a different direction towards college main gate.walking slowly while thinking of my illicit relationship with two guys ,Anuj and Nikhil ,I am bit afraid if my lover Anuj comes to know about it but Nikhil have assured me of I reached near college bus stop ,I can see a red Zen car parked there and I moved inside as Anuj drove the car towards outer ring road.looking at me ,he asked……

“one thing I want to ask
(Swati)sure you may ask
(Anuj)what was your feelings after that day we enjoyed together
(Swati bit shy)Anuj I am in love with you but I can’t express the feelings after that meet
(Anuj smiled)come on baby ,express your feelings to me
(Swati)I got satisfaction at that time but after that ,I was feeling lonely on my bed
(Anuj) oh than how you made yourself happy
(Swati)just slept while thinking about you and our meet .”

As car moved inside green forest zone ,I am bit afraid but I make my mind to enjoy as my too many friends have lost their virginity with their lovers or boyfriends.anuj stopped the car as I came out of him and we both have a small bag as he hold my wrist and walked inside dense bushes.we both put our bags on grass as standing behind a large tree ,Anuj hold me in his arms and started kissing me as my hand is on his back.I am brushing my boobs on his chest ,as my lips is in his mouth ,he is rubbing my ass on leggings.slowly ,my tongue moved in his mouth as Anuj put his hand on my neck and started sucking my long I can taste his mouths saliva coming out of it in my mouth and my hand moved onto his bulge of penis as I started unzipping his jeans to make his cock nude after a while ,Anuj left my tongue as I have unzipped his jeans and I took out his semi erected penis ,it’s in my hand to massage and I am sure it will make his penis erected.anuj like an impatient lover ,pulled down his jeans and undies and I knelt in front of looking at him ,I hold his penis as I took out my tongue and started rubbing it’s glans on it.His long cock is thick as well as getting erection and I sucked it’s glans as blood started flowing in his penis from its testicles .later on ,his long cock is semi erected as I removed it’s skin and started licking it tongue is loving my lover’s dick as he is standing on I opened my mouth as I put his whole penis in my mouth and closed it to suck head is still as I am sucking his penis and my vagina got the itching as I started swinging my mouth fast to suck his penis.anuj have hold my hairs tightly as he started fucking my mouth with his hard penis and glans is hitting on my deep throat as I took out his penis from my mouth ,my tongue started rolling on it to taste it’s saliva of my mouth and after a while ,I sits on grass.

Anuj walked nudely towards a tree as I can see him urinating and I am bit horny as my dress is not comfortable for he sits near me ,he hold my boobs and started pressing it hard……..

“darling wear skirts for fun as it gives me chance to make love without risk .”

And I pulled down my leggings to my legs as I took it out and Anuj opened his bag as he took out a cane of beer but I snatched it from his hand………

“I will also drink it
(Anuj took other cane)sure my baby it will make you more horny.”

And I started drinking beer as it’s tastes bitter ,I am new to it but liting of cigarette changed the I am drinking beer while smoking cigarette ,as my lower parts are nude ,my panty have put my cunt safe but Anuj put his hand on my thigh as he is moving it toward my pelvic zone.anuj hand is on my panty as he throws his empty cane and I am drinking it slowely as my drinks is over ,he ask me to come inside we both are on back seat ,he switched on the A/C as I am sitting on seat with my legs wide and Anuj removed my panty as he is on my he put his nose on my vagina as he smelt it hard and than started rubbing his nose in between my labias.I am too hot as he kissed my vagina and than he started licking my vagina as my finger have widend the hole ,Anuj is rolling his tongue in my vagina.He is fucking my cunt fast as his tongue is tasting my vagina ,now he pushed his long finger in my vagina as he is fingering it with his hand on my screaming”oohh aahh Anuj lick my cunt fast ,I will cum soon.”

As his hand is on my breast to massage ,my fingers have widend its hole ,feeling horny I took out my tops and removed my brassiere as my cunt started be coming juicy.anuj is licking it as he is tasting it’s cum and I am nude infront of my lover as he licked the cum and now sitting on seat ,he made me knelt in his lap as his face is infront of my boobs ,he took right one in his mouth to suck while his one hand is on my ass ,my breasts maximum portion is in his mouth as he pushed his one finger in my cunt to fuck as he is fingering it fast ,his hard cock is just below my vagina ,I can have it right now to lose my virginity but I am waiting for Anuj took left breast in his mouth as he is sucking it wildly and I put my hand on his erected penis as I am rubbing it’s glans on my vaginal mouth ,I pushed his glans in my vagina as he left my breast……..

“darling ,will you lose your virginity now ?
(Swati)I am bit confused ,let me give a week to take decision on it.” As I am sitting near my lover ,I hold his dick and started masturbating it fastly as Anuj is pressing my breast hard ,I am feeling horny as well as hot after drinking beer and enjoying oral sex with Anuj.I am jerking his penis hard and fast as he is screaming in joy……

“oohh aahh Swati jerk it fast ,I will fuck you soon.”

As his penis ejaculated sperms out of it ,my hand is full of it and I am still masturbating it as his penis have last laugh .we both cleaned our sexual organs and put our dress as we both took rest for an hour and left home.

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