Maami for me — the next phrase

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This is the continuation of maami for me introduction. Hi peeps this your apache guy from Chennai. New readers kindly read my first part to understand the whole true story.

One fine day after my chubby girl slept I started to feel her slowly, I tried to insert my hand to feel her armpit which was little hairy but the sweat and the smell was mesmerising that night was the first level for the next thing.

Next day I thought to do something else I slowly tried to remove the zip of the nighty but she woke up and I acted like I was sleeping and she put the zip on and slept, again the next day I removed the hook of the bra while she was sleeping and made her boobs free of it and tried to feel the boobs by removing the zip of the nighty again she woke up and I acted like sleeping and she wore the bra and slept but she was suspecting I was doing something.

We used to kiss and hug but i was trying to go to next level but she was withstanding to be in limits but I always wanted more and I wanna see and feel the boobs, I have seen in porn but wanted to feel and see the real heaven.. finally the day arrived😍, it was summer and the sun was soo hot that we can’t sleep with the dress on because it was sweating like hell and we didn have ac at that time and that night she asked me to keep a secret saying she is gonna sleep in inskirt by removing the nighty and I was hard on immediately and I was wishing myself luck. We locked the door and she changed her dress from nighty to inskirt looking gorgeous in the moon light through the window and we lied and I was shivering and excited at the same time..

She started to sleep and I was waiting her to be sound asleep and finally she slept, slowly I lifted her hand and went near her armpit and kissed the aroma was like kinky and immediate turn on.. I started to lick and taste her which was mesmerising and I could feel her trembling in sleep but was sound asleep..

I started to remove the knot of the inskirt slowly and wow finally I saw the heaven in moon light and I felt with my bare hands the nipples started to get erected and I started to squeeze the boobs which was pulpy and awesome I was playing with both boobs.. I got a crooked idea thought of switching on the light and see my half nude angel I did the same and she turned to the my side where I lie and switched off immediately and went to my place and lied like nothing happened, those babies were hanging and was calling me and I reached took the right boob into my mouth and left was in my hand playing. I was sucking like a baby and I was trying to take the whole boob in my mouth which was not possible because in was huge melon my melon🤣..

I was in the peak I was kissing and sucking and licking all over her passionately..I want to go down to see my glory hole so I kissed her tummy to make her shiver in her dreams and which made her shiver and she was getting awake so I don’t want to risk my intimacy romance. So I tied the inskirt and slept like nothing happened. But she would think in the morning was I so horny in my dream that I was so damn wet😋😋..

thank you peeps and comment me @ [email protected] whether u like it or not. Let me correct if I have mistakes. My next part will be maami for me– succeeding the glory hole.. please girls and aunty I am a softcore guy who likes to please and proceed slowly and romance is my moto because it leads to everyone and everywhere.. so u can trust me with your privacy.. contact me.. if u encourage me I have plenty to share with u guys..thanks a ton..

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